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Story of the Wolseley creation

The beautiful history of the iconic British car brand Wolseley is one that passionate motorists, vintage car enthusiasts and affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65 can all appreciate. Founded in 1927 by Vickers, Wolseley combined comfort, prestige and luxury in its vehicles. With a stylish and innovative design, the cars were bursting with character and style, made in Sheffield, England. Wolseley developed highly advanced technological features that saw its cars boasting the first ever automatic distributor-timer and thermostatically operated ventilation system. Initially, the cars ran on the small but robust four-cylinder engine, and then underwent a transition in 1936 when it was adjoined with a six cylinder power unit. It would later become a leading supplier to the German army during the Second World War, where it supplied the staff cars in great numbers. The brand also conquered the international automotive racing circuits, participating in some of the most prestigious events of the period. In 1929, three Wolseley Hornets gained first, second and third at the German Grand Prix. Even its twelve-cylinder version achieved a remarkable 185 kilometers an hour. From 1941, Wolseley abandoned the construction of its iconic luxury-premium cars, and they were sadly missed to the extent that, three decades later, there was still sufficient interest to Motoring News’ ‘1967 Classics’, comparing them favorably to other classics among the likes of Bugatti and Midget-MG. The 'Classic Playboys' often opted for the trendier and more modern mini-moke in the Seventies, but it was not unusual to come across an early model of a Wolseley in city streets. Subsequently, buyers of the last Wolseley 18/85 cars from the late chsis series saw their mode of transport become the fashion icon of the era - the very definition of modernity for those on the cutting edge. Today, Wolseley is still alive in the hearts of people that have a profound appreciation for classic motoring and vintage cars. The successful rebirth of several car companies across Europe, such as Jaguar, MG Rover and Aston Martin, serves as an example of people’s passion for reconnecting with the past - and now even Wolseley has been rediscovered by enthusiasts around the world. The true legacy of the iconic English car brand lives on and no doubt will be admired for many generations to come.

Story of the Wolseley models

Wolseley has a long and storied history of producing some of the most iconic and beloved luxury vehicles across the centuries. From the classic "Hornett" of the 1930s to the modern "Admiral" of just a few years ago, Wolseley has an extensive heritage that diehard vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport fans and affluent adults pining for the finer things in life all adore. Beginning with the infamous "Swallow Saloon" of the 1930s, Wolseley has consistently stood apart from the norm with its inventive styling, sturdy build, and timeless approach to luxury vehicles. The Swallow Saloon had a six-cylinder engine capable of speeds up to 100mph, making it an instant classic among drivers looking for both power and elegance on the open roads of England. A few years later, the classic "7/24 Saloon" emerged onto the scene, driven by an enchanting design and technology boasting a four-cylinder engine and side windows with winding gear. This model became popular among fine car drivers because of its unique construction, great deal of power, and lightweight body. Fast forward to the 1950s, when the only true roadster capable of hitting top speeds of 125mph, the famous "Hornett," came to the playing field with a vengeance. This stunning vehicle had a contemporary seven-cylinder engine, double overhead cam, and two twinZenith carbs under the bonnet. It drew in many drivers to the sport of luxury driving, becoming a celebrated icon among vintage car enthusiasts all over the world. In more modern times, the sleek and alluring "Admiral" struts straight into the lands of exclusive motoring clubs and country clubs, demonstrating newfound flair and finesse on street-smart style. Its front engine V6 boasts a full 182 horsepower, sealed with a classy chrome finish for a cutting-edge look for the modern executive. From the delicate yet powerful Swallow Saloon to the timeless and sophisticated Hornett to the terrifically stylish Admiral, Wolseley continues to prove its worth in the luxury car world with effortless grace. Whether you’re a vintage car enthusiast, motorsport fan, or just looking to add a touch of class to your life, Wolseley has the answer.

Story of the Wolseley in motorsport

Wolseley Motors has a storied history in the world of motorsport, from its humble beginnings at the dawn of the 20th century to its continued presence on the world stage today. The company’s presence on the track began in 1902 with the victory of a Wolseley Voiturette, driven by Reginald May, in the Isle of Man mountain circuit race around the famous Snaefell course. This win marked the first of many successes on the track and off for the Wolverhampton-based car company. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the company continued to make its presence felt in automotive competitions around the world. Their drivers piloted 4/44s, 8s, 10/23 and numerous other models across the roads of Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and even Australia. Wolseley was the most popular choice for many racing drivers during this era, especially for grand prix racing. In 1935, in fact, Del Russell drove a Wolseley Hornet M Minor open tourer to a win at the prestigious Alpine Cup in Andorra. Following the Second World War, however, the company’s commitment to motorsport dropped sharply. The company focused more on the development of their cars by producing updated and fuel-efficient models specifically designed for the post-war marketplace. By the early 1960s, however, the Wolseley Company’s attitude towards racing had been revitalized and the brand’s fan base had grown significantly. During this time, their cars were among the popular choices in touring car championships, especially in British events like the British Saloon Car Club Championship and Daily Mirror Rallydown championship. During the mid-1970s, the popular Hornet M Minor model was also used prominently by teams taking part in the British Rally Championship series. In more modern times, through the 1990s and 2000s, the Wolseley brand's commitment to motorsport continued, though not on the same level as in prior decades. However, the marque was still used in several smaller-scale racing events in Europe, particularly for historic marques such as the popular endurance race series covering famous iconic classic cars. Whatever their current presence in motorsport may be, one thing is certain: Wolseley Motors has long proved their commitment to the thrilling and fast-paced world of motorsport despite the ebbs and flows of the brand’s popularity. For car enthusiasts and sports aficionados everywhere, the Wolseley’s presence on the track is an enduring reminder of the company’s dedication to the exciting world of competitive racing. Whether you’re a fan of vintage model cars or a motorsport enthusiast of more modern times – or just an affluent 35- to 65-year-old looking to experience the thrill of motorsport – there’s always something invigorating and inspiring about a legendary company like Wolseley taking part in such a stimulating and historic form of racing.

Anecdotes about Wolseley

When it comes to stories of classic cars, few stand out as much as that of the Wolseley. Founded on the same day that Britain declared war on Germany in 1914, this car manufacturer from Birmingham became quickly renowned for pioneering success in both motorsport and engineering. The driving force behind the Wolseley brand was Herbert Austin, a man whose ambition saw him rise from a humble engineer to leading the whole of the British motor industry. He and his team created iconic cars that became symbols of the postwar recovery in Britain and overseas, capturing the imagination of generations of classic car enthusiasts. It was the 1919 Wolseley 8hp which arguably signified the start of the car's legendary status, albeit an age before Wolseley cars were known for motorsport success. Offering greater strength and performance than its rivals, the car soon established a place as the marque of choice for first class executives and affluent customers. To celebrate their success, Austin opened the Longbridge factory in 1929, a state-of-the-art site made up of 380 acres of modern production lines. Here he strove to make the business of car manufacturing simpler, paving the way for the modern era of sports cars and motorsport achievements. It was at the Geneva Motor Show in January 1955 that enthusiasts met the iconic Wolseley 1500, heralding a golden age of large family Wolseleys as well as that of the company as a whole. Despite then-controversial approaches like front-wheel drive, the 1500 went on to become one of the bestsellers in the group and marked a shift in online enthusiasts, with drivers bearing the Wolseley badge across Europe. The company’s history is also dominated by its motorsport success, with two legendary tours de force in particular. Exclusively designed and manufactured for motor racing, the Mark II 15/50 made its official debut at the Lemans 24-hour race in 1923 and went on to reach a top speed of 92 mph. Thanks to experienced racers like Eric Winterbottom, it went on to become an international sensation and a darling of vintage car rallies since. In 1959, then Wolseley models featured in the Monte Carlo rally with good results. At the wheel of their cars were master rally drivers like Peter Harper and Timo Makinen, with the first attributed to his spectacular debut to motor racing, piloting an Austin A55 followed by a Wolseley 15/60. Still regarded as one of the most remarkable achievements of all time, Makinen took the championship three times running and continued to take part in the Monte Carlo rally for a further eleven years. Even today, as the new range of MG-branded and electric Wolselleys are gaining acclaim from fans, that earlier gentlemans car still hold a special place in the motorsports and vintage car enthusiasts. Wolseley has a rich and passionate history that unites generations of classic car fans and has the distinction of being highlighted for motosport success many times over. It has a faithful following the world over and still remains a benchmark for excellence when it comes to engineering and performance in all types of conditions. Whether starting an exciting motorsport tradition or crafting the perfect family cars: Wolseley just keeps on delighting it fans - now and forever.

Which Wolseley for which budget?

Which Wolseley for a low budget?

If you’re looking for affordable vintage elegance with modern performance, the Wolseley cars should be high on your list. Originally manufactured from 1895 to 1975, a Wolseley can offer you classic style and aerodynamic engineering without breaking the bank. Since then, these vehicles have become increasingly popular with racing teams, collectors, and ordinary drivers. Whether you’re a motorsport enthusiast or you just want to make an impression as you cruise the streets, a Wolseley is a timeless investment in style and class. Thanks to special engineering elements like the oval radiator grille and the double stepped rear window which ensures a sleek shape, Wolseley Cars are perfect for those who know or want to learn about the history of vintage cars. Even the historic paint colours will remind you of a time of genuine passion and craftsmanship: creamy reds, royal blues or toulouse grill. Not only is the design stylish, its great handling makes it a joy to drive. You can thank Wolseley for the chassis structure and steering design which have contributed to modern racer’s handling capabilities. No matter where you’re driving, you can expect a smooth ride and enough headroom for even the tall people. Just like any vintage car, the value of a Wolseley can range from a few hundred pounds to thousands to tens of thousands, depending on many factors like the year, make and model quality. But generally speaking, they are typically cheaper than their contemporary competitors, meaning you don’t have to be overly wealthy to drive one. Whether you’re a passionate classic car collector or a motorsport enthusiast looking for a low budget option, the Wolseley cars are a great choice for those with a taste for silent refinement and classic style. Whether you’re taking a Sunday afternoon’s drive around town or joining a vintage world tour, this car will make sure your ride is a journey to remember.

Which Wolseley for a medium budget?

For passionate vintage enthusiasts on the hunt for the perfect car within a medium budget, the Wolseley can make for an excellent choice. Not only is this iconic British brand renowned for its style and practicality, it can also be a reliable transportation solution that fits nicely into most budgets. Now that the company has been resurrected from near extinction, lovers of classic cars have a chance to experience the Wolseley brand in all its glory. From luxury saloons to more affordable yet effective sports cars, the company has models in every category to determine the best choice for any individual's needs. The Wolseley is Best Known for its Luxurious yet Affordable Saloons The Wolseley badge has been making a comeback with sleek and sophisticated saloons with a lot of range to satisfy the driver's needs. Boasting the same classic styling as the originals, the latest Wolseley models are fitted with more advanced equipment than those available on their classic counterparts. These include computerised driver assistance systems such as Autonomous Cruise Control and Parking Assist, plus power steering, Bluetooth, automatic headlights and much more. While naturally enhanced fuel efficiency are also definite highlight, the iconic Wolseley 4/44 model packs a remarkable V8 power plant. With its bold and boxy design, this fantastic vehicle represents the perfect combination of powerful and luxurious engineering. Other Motorsports Options for the Enthusiast For motorsport enthusiasts there are the classic Wolseley Six and HP models featuring powerful and responsive engines. The 6/99 offers great potential with a smooth shifting four-speed manual gear box, while the convertible version offers exuberant levels of enjoyment on long winding country roads. The perfect partner for the enthusiast when participating in vintage or classic car shows is the High Performance (HP) range of vehicles. The Wolseley Hornet Special is a sporty two-seater ride that has wonderful acceleration and excellent take-off performance. And the Striking 16/85 model couples turbocharged V8 power and racier suspension with more luxurious comfort amenities. Affordable Luxury for Affordable Dreams For those who are looking to have an affordable luxury but with great features, the Wolseley range of vehicles delivers. The 16/85 range features sensible luxury and as such, are ideal for professionals looking for a great driveway luxury without breaking bank. Other options include the 16/60 saloon Coupe which provides comfort orientated interior space with great performance. With beautiful exterior styling and advanced safety features, the vehicles in this range offers reliable comfort individually. Since its resurrection pursuant, Wolseley has ensure that they have a model for every possible need within the medium budget. You can now expect a solid car and generous warranty, plus quality engineering second to none from even the most affordable model ranges. For the newly converted (or lifelong lover) of vintage cars, this is an excellent choice when looking for an impressive medium budget car. Not only is Wolseley a reliable British brand, it also offers a lot of luxury, practicality, and potential for enjoyment too. Uppermost in its customers heart-of-hearts, the cars now line up as one of the best values in British motor engineering today.

Which Wolseley for a high budget?

The British-manufacturer Wolseley cars have long been hailed by vintage car and motorsport enthusiasts as a symbol of quality engineering and boosted performance. While the company has changed hands over the years, those looking to snag a high-performance Wolseley still have a number of options in their arsenal. To truly bring the feeling of luxury and power into their lives, those 35-year-old and older with some funding to spare can have access to some of the most iconic and desirable cars on the market. One of the best classic high-performance Wolseley models available is the 6/90. The 6/90 was designed as the ultimate long distances regular family car of the era, and with its monster eight-cylinder engine; this machine is a classic that commands attention. With power delivered through the flexible, three-speed manual transmission and backed up by adjustable suspension, topped off with an exquisite interior experience, the 6/90 marked a highnote in Wolseley's renowned history. For a real classic though, the Wolseley Hornet Special is an incredibely important car in history. Initially developed in the early 1930s, the Hornet was designed for speed and, suffice to say, packed a real punch. Boasting a four-cylinder engine that displaces almost fourteen00cc and provides performance with ample torque, the Wolseley Hornet is a sensational ride that lures vintage car lovers from every corner. If one is able to service the car with accuracy, the Hornet Special proves to be one of Wolseley’s most reliable cars, unlike the other cars of the era. Finally, the Wolseley Saloon 8 is the most luxurious car that Wolseley has ever made. With its eight-cylinder engine, slightly over two-litre displacement combined with a three-speed manual transmission, the Saloon 8 provides a unforgettable driving experience for appreciators of vintage vehicles. Featuring many exclusive trims along with incredible comfort, the Wolseley Saloon 8 features as a crown jewel among vintage cars and a top choice to anyone looking to get their hands on a Wolseley with a generous budget. For a once-in-a-lifetime driving experience, vintage car lovers have a slew of Wolseley gems available at-the-ready. Those 35-year-olders and up have the ability to take a piece of Wolseley history, with cars such as the 6/90, Hornet Special and Saloon 8 all being key-players in the world of fine automotive engineering, robust performance and first-class comfort. For adrenaline junkies ready to drop a considerable cost on classic cars, Wolseley is sure to offer the perfect dream car to make their motoring dreams come true.

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