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Story of the Volkswagen creation

Volkswagen has been designing, engineering and producing cars since 1937, making it one of the oldest and most beloved car brands in the world. With its humble starts in Wolfsburg, Germany, the brand has quickly become one of the most popular and recognizable vehicle manufacturers around, spread all around the world. The Volkswagen story begins much further back than 1937, though – Albert Ageso’s "Auto Union", the combination of four motor vehicle manufacturers, was established in 1932. This was crucial in allowing Volkswagen to become the globally renowned car manufacturer it is today, as they provided the funds that enabled Volkswagen’s precursor, the “Gesellschaft Zum Bau von Motorfahrzeugen” (Society for the Construction of Motor Vehicles Ltd), to develop the ‘KdF-Wagen’ to meet the demands of a post-war automotive industry. Following the successful death of one of the Ausfuhrung 1 prototypes of the ‘Beetle car', the KdF-Wagen was popularized by a successful media campaign orchestrated by the Nazi government upon Hitler’s personal recommendation. Fast forward a couple of decades, and the Beetle grew to become an iconic status symbol; a re-imaged symbol for flower power in the sixties, post-war upheaval of the seventies, and an ever-present feature on suburban roads around the world. Volkswagen has come a long way since the small beginnings in Germany. In 1997, the company took its love affair with motorsport to a professional level, introducing the first-ever WRC (World Rally Cars). In March of the same year, they announced the VW Golf TFSI engine, the world’s first direct injection petrol engine that utilized turbocharging technology. Today Volkswagen is renowned for the production of stylish, comfortable and reliable vehicles; their cars won an array of awards for classic models such as the iconic Volkswagen Golf and Beetle, as well as more modern and practical every-day vehicles. The brand boasts a wide variety of models geared towards affluent drivers between the ages of 35 and 65, in search of a reliable vintage car. Enthusiasts of vintage cars and motorsport can also take pleasure in the assortment of limited-edition models offered by Volkswagens, such as the 'R' line cars featuring sophisticated turbocharging systems and advanced suspension kits, designed and engineered with perfection. In its nearly 80-year history, Volkswagen has evolved from a small-scale vehicle manufacturer to one of the most popular car brands around the world. Admired and appreciated by motor vehicle junkies, owned and relied on by sedan drivers, and overseen and motivated by a chief executive with a passion for car engineering, Volkswagen continues to innovate and strives to create vehicles that appeal to driving enthusiasts, young adults, and anyone around the world. Today, the Volkswagen brand stands for laid-back style, timeless design and performance.

Story of the Volkswagen models

Volkswagen has long been a leader in the motoring industry, and their diverse range of iconic models has reached iconic status with collectors throughout the world. While many of their latest designs are incredibly modern, there's so much to love about the vintage models from their roots. To satisfy those passionate about vintage Volkswagens, here are some of the most iconic releases from throughout the decades – from sedans to family cars and sporty coupes. The Volkswagen Beetle – First released in 1938, this iconic little car is one of the most recognizable and beloved models in history. Its lightweight frame, rounded compact frame, and air-cooled rear engine stance, mean it’s been a favorite among city dwellers looking to get around in style. The Volkswagen Type 2 – The van and cab styles of this versatile vehicle was a staple among weekend warriors and commercial haulers alike when it was first released in 1950. Its robust handling, adjustable driving seat, removable windows and interior space, have made it one of the most sought after models for road trippers of all ages. The Volkswagen Polo – Easily the design abrevated by all generations, since it was first released in 1975, this Polo is far from diminutive, with a spacious interior, upgraded connectivity and multi-core power unit.B Having been around for four decades, the Polo retains its retro-inspired charm and is adored for its agility and design. The Volkswagen Golf – When Volkswagen wanted to showcase their distictly refined edge, they released Golf in 1974. This first-of its-kind hatchback pushed the boundaries of the potential for car design and quickly established itself as a winner on the market. From the introduction of lightweight materials to the power injection, this model cemented itself as an auto enthusiast favorite. It’s no wonder that these classic cars have stood the test of time and been cherished by generations of car aficionados. Collectors looking for vintage Volkswagen models should prioritize these iconic models, which have been staples in the motor industry for decades.

Story of the Volkswagen in motorsport

Volkswagen, being one of the most iconic car brands to ever come out of Germany, has a profound motorsport history. Generations of car enthusiasts and motorsport fans alike have been inspired by the captivating designs of Volkswagen's classic and modern jewels alike. The Volkswagen Bug, an iconic car first released in 1938, is responsible for launching Volkswagen's legacy in motorsport. As the car quickly became a hit, drivers and car enthusiasts quickly wanted to upgrade their cars to take part in races. This led to the development of the Post War favorite, the Type 1 Axel Käfer, and subsequently the Volkswagen Beetle Cup. Twice-a-year, Volkswagen Beetle drivers from coast to coast in Germany coalesce at the Auto-Werk Hessisch Camendorf for an exhilarating tour of nostalgia: the Volkswagen Historische Beetle Rennen (Historic Beetle Racing). Throughout the 1980s and up until recently, Volkswagen has continued to be a dominant force in motorsports and rallying — from Formula 2 to Rally-X, even tackling the legendary Dakar Rally. The Volkswagen far and accessibly exceeding overperformance expectations — thanks in great part to the perseverance of some of the world’s best race car developers. Not to mention the advances in Volkswagen’s engineering, such as an accurately centering steering wheel, complete torque control solutions, optimized acceleration control and even synchronized shift transfers. These innovations have made it possible for Volkswagen to become a veteran competitor in several motorsports events, from Touring to Endurance and F1, to name a few. At its core, the Volkswagen brand prides itself on being passionate, inspiring and unified — its long-standing motorsport tradition speaks volume to these values. Above all, Volkswagen takes on risks and advances in racing technology are the driving force behind their success, which shines through in vintage car fans, affluent people between 35 and 65 years old, and motorsport fans alike. Volkswagen has a rich motorsport history, and for that, its fans will be forever grateful.

Anecdotes about Volkswagen

When it comes to classic vehicles, even those who are not avid car enthusiasts will recognize and remember Volkswagen. Founded in 1937 in Germany, Volkswagen has become a timeless classic that still captures the imagination of automakers across the globe. From the time-honored Beetle to the stylish T1 van, and of course the iconic VW Bus, history has been made behind the wheel of a Volkswagen. With a rich history and captivating anecdotes, storytelling about the Volkswagen brand is always sure to draw attention. One of the earliest success stories for the Volkswagen brand came in the form of the original Beetle, also known as the Type 1. During the late-1930s, the German automaker sought to create an affordable car for the masses which had style and a fierce spirit to match. A modern-day classic was created in the Beetle thanks to the hardworking minds at Volkswagen. It soon became a symbol of automotive excellence and took the world by storm. The streamlined design was improved and updated over time, but it is still widely considered an iconic creation of the automotive industry. The unique charm of the VW Bus also stands out when it comes to the VW legacy. From the original Westfalia camper to the modern Transporter, the bus is nothing short of captivating. Originally dubbed the Type 2 transporter, it quickly found its place in the automotive industry with its hardworking attitude and eye-catching style. The van was primarily used as a utilitarian vehicle, as its durability and multifunctional features were its most noteworthy attributes. Through the years, Volkswagen has created many amazing vehicles which had both style and technology and stood out of the competition. Whether it is racing on the track or everyday commuting, Volkswagen vehicles have shown that they can handle it all. The GTI series, inspired by the Mk1, ushered in a new era for the Volkswagen brand and signaled that performance was here to stay. Whether it is stories passed through the generations of car aficionados, or award-winning photographs of unique cars, the VW brand has endured through the ages. Its glory days may be behind it, but Volkswagen continues to create cars that capture the hearts and imaginations of drivers of all ages. Its stories may not have the same significance as they once did, but its legacy remains ever present.

Which Volkswagen for which budget?

Which Volkswagen for a low budget?

Are you hungry for a great chrome item to feast your eyes on? Are you a vintage car or motorsport enthusiast, with an eye for low budget gems? Whether you're looking to buy or just flaunt your knowledge, Volkswagen could be the perfect fit for your ride - barging out money yet mighty in force! Volkswagen may have been the brand that took Europe by storm in the late 1930s, but a lot has been done to further popuarized the brand since then. Producing the world’s most beloved and widely produced vehicle - the infamous and beloved Beetle - Volkswagen was first recognized for making reliable and affordable cars for the everyday Joe. Through a series of developments, the company would revolutionize the industry, lasting through upheavals and improving various manufacturing standards. For those considering a low budget car that packs a bit of punch, Volkswagen continues to amaze enthusiasts with a series of inexpensive yet high quality cars. For instance, Volkswagen's 1950's "Starting Beetle" is a great option for those looking for a reliable classic car that you’ll be sure to get your money's worth. While most models will undoubtedly appreciate with age, the starting point is guaranteed to impress. Strutting up the vintage road with the old-school classic exterior, you’ll never look back with the warm knowledge that you paid a fraction of the price compared to its competitors! No matter how you choose to spin it, fans can rejoice in knowing that there’s a plethora of inexpensive Volkswagen cars available on the market. A smooth classic roadster such as the Volkswagen Transporter 610 brings an affordable, chic ride, swirled with period-correct features, market leading reliable reparability and backed with an experienced team of engineers that patented the original classic parts to keep your purchase in honed condition. Not to mention Volkswagen’s infamous Golf and Rabbit makes for a perfect daily driver that you can handle and depend on for the long haul. Already known for its practicality and enduring quality, Not to mention, you can buy one for under $2,000. Who could say no? And if racing is more of your niche Westfalia still offers you classic golf and rallies for the competitive enthusiast. When it comes to vintage German machinery, you don’t have to break the bank to become the owner of these blessing. With some bargain-hunting and an eye for the exclusive yet alternative, Volkswagen is your choice in the world of low budget classics. Passionate minds will always find classic cars aficionados, proper maintenance and standard spare parts for a value purchase unlike any other. Volkswagen made this journey easier for all. Embark now!

Which Volkswagen for a medium budget?

Volkswagen is a strong automotive brand that builds cars that offer both high performance and affordability. For those in the market for one, there are plenty of models to choose from in Volkswagen’s current lineup, all of which offer something unique and exciting. If you have a medium budget, then there are several fantastic Volkswagen cars that fit your category. If you’re in the market for a sporty hatchback that’s fun to drive and laden with tech, then you can’t go wrong with the Volkswagen Golf. With a range of engines depending on model, all providing excellent fuel economy, the Volkswagen Golf is perfect for passionate drivers of any age or budget. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the dependable interior and premium features, such as alloy wheels, adaptive cruise control, and Apple CarPlay®. If you prefer an SUV, then you should look no further than the Volkswagen Tiguan. Appealing to everything from sports fans to families to urban dwellers, the Volkswagen Tiguan features an impressive cargo space and a variety of tech and safety features to keep occupants safe. Plus, with its capable AWD powertrain option, you’ll never be left behind on the roads, no matter the terrain. Perhaps you’ve already considered the Jetta sedan, which is undoubtedly the VW staple. With recently redesigned lines and styling, the Volkswagen Jetta boasts a trendier option than ever. Enjoy crisp handling, seating for five, and available driver assistance features. If you have a medium budget and are looking for a reliable, yet stylish family sedan, then the Jetta is a great alternative. If vintage cars are your thing, then why not indulge in the Volkswagen Golf GTI? Perfect for those who value classic styling but appreciate modern performance, the Golf GTI is a prime pick for car enthusiasts. From its 2.0-Liter turbocharged engine to offer thrilling acceleration to its charming design, this is one Volkswagen you won't want to pass up. There’s something special about every Volkswagen vehicle, and you can find a model that suits your budget and lifestyle. With wonderful options ranging from the dependable and practical to the track-ready vehicles that are ready to race, Volkswagen provides a great range for burning up the city streets or blazing your own trail. So whatever your passion, a Volkswagen car can help you explore it to the fullest.

Which Volkswagen for a high budget?

Are you ready to cruise in a Volkswagen car of your dreams? If so, you don't have to look any further. Volkswagen has been making exceptional vehicles for wealthy motor enthusiasts for decades with a level of craftsmanship second to none. Since its humble beginnings, Volkswagen has reached new heights never before seen in the automotive world. Volkswagen's most elite models offer breathtaking performance, effortless luxury, and highly sought after features. From statuesque classics such as the Karmann Ghia to modern marvels such as the Phaeton, these vehicles are sure to turn heads and provide you with peerless ride quality for the roads. Originally an attempt by Ferdinand Porsche, Volkswagen was officially launched in 1945 and, while initially seen as a vehicle designed to be affordable, is now firmly established among the higher echelons of luxurious automobiles thanks to its stylish heritage seen in such classic vehicles as the Beetle and the Type 3. Now setting its sights firmly on the luxury market, Volkswagen has a variety of exclusive vehicles to choose from. All with the distinct German style synonymous with such cars. New cars such as the Phaeton, Touareg, and Atlas have been carefully designed and engineered to adhere to the highest standards through the use of advanced technologies yet they have all retained the Volkswagen identity. Of course, for those who prefer tradition, rest assured, there are still plenty of opportunities to acquire classic Volkswagen cars. From originating in Wolfsburg to current owners, there are always a selection of older classics available all ready to be restored and given a second lease of life. Thanks to its combination of adrenaline-pumping performance, effortless luxury, and classic style, taking a Volkswagen car home is gaining an ever-growing number of fans. So whether you are an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport, or just admire the feel of exclusive European goodness, this brand has something for everyone with the means to acquire one.

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