Luxury and style redefined with the Vanden-Plas: explore the vintage classic from the past and find the perfect car for your collection.

Story of the Vanden-Plas creation

The British-based luxury car manufacturer, Vanden-Plas, is one of the oldest car makers in Europe. Established in The Netherlands in 1904, it gradually moved to the UK in 1910, where it grew and helped shape the luxury automotive landscape. The company’s early success was thanks to their use of the Silver Ghost engine, one of the most powerful motors ever designed at the time. But beyond the engineering and mechanics they strived to develop, what set the Vanden-Plas cars apart was their emphasis on quality craftsmanship. This meant taking great care of the finishes, offering a wide range of possible customizations to satisfy every customer need and a focus on every detail possible. As a result, the Vanden-Plas cars became synonymous with luxury for the wealthiest members of society, becoming a symbol of wealth and prestige. Today, Vanden-Plase is still firmly committed to the same ethos, producing a range of bespoke cars with a strong emphasis on luxury. As well as traditional saloon cars, Vanden-Plas are one of few manufacturers creating vintage racing cars for those passionate about motorsport, adding another layer of appeal to their range. Thanks to their rich heritage and fine craftsmanship, Vanden-Plas vehicles have since become highly desired collectors’ items. In fact, some of their vintage models have even been made part of special exhibitions and events around the world, giving visibility to their fine work to generations of car enthusiasts, both young and old. The legacy Vanden-Plas has left on the automotive world is a rich one, providing a long history filled with details, figures and facts that have shaped the brand to become what it is today. The company’s passion for luxury and craftsmanship is exhibited in all of its current vehicles, making them the perfect choice for affluent individuals between 35 and 65 years old and vintage car enthusiasts alike.

Story of the Vanden-Plas models

Vanden Plas is an iconic British-owned carmaker renowned for producing premium, luxurious sports cars. From the 1950s to today, the carmaker's models have embodied sophisticated style, powerful engines and cutting-edge technology. Now, decades after the introduction of its exotic models, Vanden Plas still stands for extraordinary design and performance. One of the oldest models is the Vanden Plas Princess 3-Litre. Produced from 1958 to 1968, this elegant, four-door saloon featured a sublimely crafted E-type independent rear suspension, a compressed air braking system and front-wheel drive. Its power, thanks to the 1961 engine enhancements, produced 132 brake horsepower and respectable top-end speed of more than 100 mph. The Princess 3-Litre is truly a salute to luxury, and still makes a statement today. The Vanden Plas 2200 pairs luxury with racy design. With production beginning in 1968, this two-door saloon offered a magnificently low silhouette, a de Dion rear axle, as well as rack and pinion steering, giving it a razor-sharp handling feel. With the 1970 engine enhancements, the 2200 model boasted 95 horsepower, reaching a top speed of nearly 90 mph. The 2200 remains a must-have of the classic, vintage car scene. The Vanden Plas 5, a four-door saloon, debuted in 1973 and was akin to an automotive trophy; its prestigious and luxurious design was truly exemplary of modern technology. Applied with a twin carburettor engine, the 5 could sprint from 0-60 mph in only 13.2 seconds and gave a top speed of 105 mph. It featured an independent front suspension and offered impeccable comfort. With solid construction and undeniable performance, the Vanden Plas 5 still endures the test of time today. The Vanden Plas Automobile Company has transcended generations with its stunning models, inspired performance, and luxurious trappings. Each vehicle uniquely demonstrates why they have long been admired by driving and motorsport enthusiasts as well as those from more affluent backgrounds – each bearing a passionate testament to the unforgettable British-craftsmanship of this beloved company and its iconic automobiles. No collection of vintage cars can be complete without the esteemed Vanden Plas models.

Story of the Vanden-Plas in motorsport

Vanden-Plas is a car brand with a long and storied history in the motorsport arena, from endurance races and rallies to single-seater competition. The brand was first established as Vanden Plas & Cie. Light Carriage Manufacturers in 1870 in Belgium and is now a manufacturer of luxury vehicles. This history of motorsport success and excellence began in 1901, when the Vanden-Plas name was entered in the Paris-Berlin race. Orthat Herman Jeanneteau driving a 24HP Vanden-Plas entered the race and achieved an excellent second place finish, narrowly being beaten by the Italian powerhouse Alfa Romeo. This excellent result set the wheels in motion and for the following seven decades and more, the Vanden Plas marque would be firmly associated with motor races and rallies with a rich heritage of wins. In 1922, Michel de Thore won the Paris–Val-de-Marne race at the wheel of an Auto Cycle Union (ACU) Vanden-Plas, and the following year a Vanden-Plas first won the European Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps with Maurice Gee completing the 1000 km event in just three hours and forty-six minutes. This streak of victories seemed unstoppable, with the marque winning races and rallies right through into the 1930s. Vanden-Plas returned to motorsport competition in 2001 with a sixth place finish in the 24 hour race at La Sarthe, piloted by champion driver Andy Wallace. The 21st century saw the brand going from strength-to-strength in a number of racing series, particularly at the elite Le Mans Series and 24 Hours of Le Mans event throwing down their challenge at the pinnacle of motorsport. Vanden-Plas has established a rich history of championship wins and landmark moments, instantly recognizable on the race track and on the roads of Europe. Marveling over the V-P’s long and storied motorsport past is an almost spiritual experience for auto enthusiasts, making it a must-see for any vintage car, motorsport and vintage racing enthusiast in particular. Affluent members of society between 35 and 65 have also long been fans of the Vanden-Plas, appreciating its features and craftsmanship, something which is mirrored in every aspect of their racing heritage. Vanden-Plas' motorsport pedigree combined with a passion for craftsmanship has set the brand's vehicles apart from the rest of the industry for generations. By providing the perfect blend of performance, comfort, luxury and style into every vehicle they make, services Vanden-Plas offers for racecars and road cars alike, as well as excellent parts and service have brought Vanden-Plas enviable international reach and a devoted following. The Vanden-Plas story of success in the motorsport arena is truly unparalleled and it is clear to see why the brand enjoys such broad and devoted respect amongst vintage car and motorsport aficionados all over the world. The legend of Vanden-Plas is set to continue being written for many years to come and get even more brighter with the next generation of car enthusiasts.

Anecdotes about Vanden-Plas

‌ The iconic British car maker Vanden-Plas has been a pioneering force in the world of motoring for more than a century. Founded in 1910 by Charles and Edmond VandenPlas, the company has a long history of racing success as well as the manufacture of some of the finest luxury cars ever created. For motorsport fans, the Vanden Plas racing cars are truly legendary. Starting from humble beginnings, this legendary team won their first race in 1912. Over the following decades they would compete in a range of racing series, including Formula One, Le Mans, and the International Sports Car Grand Prix, and went on to develop some of the most iconic vehicles in motorsports history. With more than 20 wins in various disciplines, the team is probably best remembered for their unique and powerful cars in the 1960s, seen in series such as the British Saloon and Rallycross Championships. Some of the most iconic vehicles produced by Vanden Plas are their luxury saloon cars. Recognizable for their attractive lines and elegance, these models made a huge impact on the automotive industry when they were first released. From the luxuriously appointed Vanden Plas Princess 4 Litre R, launched in 1958, to the 4.5 Litre R saloon from 1968, each vehicle begged to be driven with flair, practically forcing their drivers to be its apex champion. Perhaps one of the strongest attributes of Vanden Plas cars is their reputation for solid engineering and rugged construction. Thanks to the combination of design quality, attention to detail and uncompromising quality, the company's cars still have a special place in the hearts of many enthusiasts. It is particularly true for old timers, who have first-hand experience of these wonderful models. Vanden Plas was not without its shares of adversity too, and the company faced a number of difficult times during its centurylong history. From closure in 1975, to periods of financial hardship in the 1980s, and more recently a change in ownership in 2008. Despite these struggles, the spirit of Vanden Plas endured, and the company continues to inspire many passionate car fans today with its rich, exhilarating history of classic cars and motorsport. Whether you are passionate about classic cars, wealthy and seeking the most luxurious car of your dreams, or simply an enthusiast of vintage motorsport, Vanden Plas will undoubtedly captivate you with its incredible legacy of racing achievements, heritage-inspired designs as well as its passion for luxuriously appointed automobiles. A perfect combination of engineering and craftsmanship that will last for many more years to come!

Which Vanden-Plas for which budget?

Which Vanden-Plas for a low budget?

If you are passionate about art deco automotive, vintage cars, and motorsport then the Vanden-Plas classics offer one of the most sought after classics around. With a limited budget you can gain access to the cherished British and continental cars from the heritage-laden brand. The Vanden-Plas is renowned for its superbly crafted build, luxurious interiors, and delightful semi-custom and limited edition models. Produced in significant numbers for commercials and pre-war use, the Vanden-Plas is known for its timeless styling and storied driving experience. The motorsport pedigree runs deep too; classic Vanden-Plas race cars having competed at Brooklands and Silverstone throughout the 1930s. One of the marque's best-known models is the extravagant "Rally Imp", produced between 1951 and 1953 by Vanden-Plas. Based off the 1953 Imp engine - a three-cylinder two-stroke - the prototypes achieved hugely impressive acceleration for the time: reaching 60 mph in under 20 seconds. Those wanting to get their hands on the most powerful version of the ‘Stratos’ series (99 mph )had to be prepared to pay in the order of £448 - making it a probable purchase for those who could afford such prices. If a classic the public envision when thinking of the marque, then their 4-liter Princess and the six-cylinder Princess R Sports are no less desirable. Given away as factory examples to the Harrod's Jockey Club in the 1950s, the Princess range was as desirable as you can get, owing to its luxurious cabin, smooth ride, and signature chrome accents. The well-crafted versions of these cars from the 1940s, 50s and 60s are being sought after by the most well-connected of collectors. In these modern times, a number of collectors appreciate the romance and history of the Vanden-Plas. Although available in a great number of variation, their scarcity means they often change hands for high prices. Still, buying a Vanden-Plas classic is far from expensive if you know where to look, meaning that avid motorsport, car, and vintage enthusiasts alike can gain access to a model that inspires as much today as the day it first rolled off the production line.

Which Vanden-Plas for a medium budget?

It's time to put your eye for detail and passion for classic cars to the test. Discover the illustrious Victorian cars of Vanden Plas – cars that have combined classic style with reliability, elegance, and unparalleled performance and innovation – without breaking the bank! From touches of luxury to raw power and eye-catching design, the classic vehicles of Vanden Plas have been a driving force of automotive industry for more than a hundred years. Three key factors when considering restoration and preservation of Vanden Plas cars are affordability, availability, and acceptable condition; and, for this combination, the best option is the Vanden Plas 1500. This coveted car of the Victorian era is the perfect medium budget purchase. It boasts a powerful four-cylinder engine, delivering a maximum power of 88 bhp to propel its 1557 kg frame to faster speeds. Drivers who combine the accessibility, strength, and beauty of the Vanden Plas 1500 are surely sure to appreciate its impressive handling. In spite of its slender, lightweight frame, the Vanden Plas 1500 is no weakling – it's an efficient beast of the roads, built for durability and motoring perfection. In fact, these cars are renowned for their ability to absorb bumps and set off into action with little vibration at the wheels. And the classic look resonates with a level of prestige. In fact, the sheer aesthetics of the car make this a perfect purchase for those looking for a car that embodied mid-century modern. Yet, arguably, the Vanden Plas 1500's greatest feature is its affordability. The restoration of these classic cars isn't intensely challenging nor is it particularly expensive; and, by investing in a Vanden Plas 1500, you'll be be able to combine your love of art, style, and engine-building into one perfect package. An unadulterated classic that's equally comfortable to take on a country drive or out on the open road due to their responsiveness and trademark liveliness. In conclusion, for those looking to get their hands into some classic car that mixes aesthetics, affordability, classic style, and performance at its peak, the Vanden Plas 1500 is the ideal option. Playing between affordability while still embodying all of power, speed, and performance of classic cars – the Vanden Plas 1500 is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too. With a perfect sense of luxury and design, you’ll be sure to turn heads with this fine piece of tribute to the era of classic cars.

Which Vanden-Plas for a high budget?

Vanden Plas is an iconic car brand which has been cherished by enthusiasts for generations, and rightfully so. From vintage models made in the 1950s, to modern sports luxury, the Vanden Plas name carries a level of reputation and charm that is simply unmatched. With a high budget, one can obtain an unforgettable car of superior quality to be the envy of any motorsport aficionado. Each and every Vanden Plas is an art form made with automotive precision, embodying the spirit of ambition. Whether it’s the classic look of a Pre-War Royal or the contemporary elegance of the modern 4 Litre R, any Vanden Plas will guarantee a pleasurable driving experience when one is out for a joy ride. The meticulous feats of engineering is like an ode to the vintage design left behind. Not simply style, but also cutting-edge technology provides a luxurious interior with the finest wood, leather, and high-quality components. Those between the ages of 35 and 65, especially wealthy ones, not only have the supreme opportunity to own a timeless Vanden Plas, but to the inner circle movement and legacy that comes with it. Rolling around in their luxury marvel, an adults’ version of a toy car, they can confidently project a message of class and admiration. With a perfectly engineered automobile, for high-end prices, the Vanden Plas car will shift your expectations to a higher level of passion, elegance, and absolute control. For the Vanden Plas motorheads out there, possessing an exquisite automobile for a luxurious price is worth every penny and can offer memories that last a lifetime. Every Vanden Plas has a story, and you could be the next owner to gracefully nurture and love your sundae on wheels. What is your story?

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