Vintage aesthetics reinvented. The classic Troller car features retro styling, modern performance and unique off-road capabilities.

Story of the Troller creation

As one of the most iconic car brands of the 20th century, the story of Troller is one of innovation and ambition. Established in 1932 in Brazil, Troller Motor Company began as a small-scale manufacturer of military vehicles, including jeeps and light trucks, thanks to the vision and commitment of its founder, Manuel Ramos. Though the company grew steadily over the following decade, World War II created an even greater demand for the military vehicles Troller produced and driving it onto the world stage. Indeed, Troller's reputation for strong, powerful vehicles for extreme situations endured, and the company won military contracts across Europe until the end of the war. Post-WWII, Troller experienced rapid commercial success as it continued to build on its military credentials. It released the T4, a 2.2-litre turbo diesel, heavy-duty off-roader, largely focused on the large-scale agricultural, industrial and military transport sectors. The first commercial version of the T4 was designed with an open cabin, however with some customisation buyers could choose an enclosed version, a move which symbolised Troller's commitment to developing and customising its commercial portfolio for the needs of its consumers. The T4 led the way for the wave of all-terrain vehicles that followed and was one of the first to bring legislation allowing light commercial vehicles in rural areas, further expanding Troller's growing reputation as the preferred choice for off-road enthusiasts and those working in remote locations. Riding on the wave of its success, in 1998 Troller once again broke new ground by introducing the legendary Troller T4X, Brazil's first production 4x4 SUV - marking the company's entry into the leisure market. Not surprisingly, this new four-wheel drive earned a cult following, with fans citing its user-friendly design and stability on the roughest roads. Troller continued to stay one step ahead of the competition, developing and introducing motor-sports ready models of its iconic 4x4 vehicles as well as a series of luxury SUVs designed primarily for affluent consumers. The demand for Troller cars in the global market incentivised the introduction of a range of high-end and sporty additions such as the Troller Neon and the Troller Viking - vehicles that pushed the limits and trajectory of the Troller story forward, leaving an even greater dust-trail and impression than its predecessors. Today, Troller marches forward with renewed vigour, as the quality and passion that's kept Troller at the top for over 80 years is as palpable and vibrant as ever. Its cars have travelled and endured the windy back roads of India, the mosquito-filled swamps of the South American jungle, and the hot sand of Australian deserts; its fans cite its cars' unmatched toughness, durability and performance even in the toughest conditions. As an example of automotive design, quality and grit, Troller's story may not end with recognition as the classic luxury marque, but at its heart, the story of Troller is a passionate celebration of ingenuity and passion. It's a calibre of history that drives its fans to keep pushing the limits, daringly pitting their vehicles against the harshest off-road conditions - and it's an outlook enshrined within the hearts of those that craft and admire Troller's modern vehicles, both old and new.

Story of the Troller models

Troller is a car brand that has been around for decades, quickly winning the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. It is a Brazilian carmaker, previously affiliated to Ford Motor Company. Despite being full of magic and excitement, its history dates back to the 1930s, when it slowly started putting its mark on the history of vintage cars and motorsport. This car manufacturer has a rich and varied background, producing several well-known classic models of automobiles, such as the classic 4x4 Troller T4, Made In Brazil Jeep, the versatile Troller Trx38, the race-winning Troller T4 Turbo and many more. Each of these models offers its own special savour in terms of performance and originality. The Troller T4 applied innovations such as direct injection, technical suspension and state-of-the-art equipment to off-road vehicles, creating revolutionary 4x4s that are widely celebrated for their performance. The Trx38, on the other hand, is a model with stellar track results, capable of becoming stars in races around the world. The aesthetics of Troller models are simply stunning and the quality of their materials and worksmanship are highly sought after, be it on off-road vehicles or in rallies. Their cars appeal to a wide variety of enthusiast demographics, including affluent people between 35 and 65 years old. Throughout the years, the constantly evolving brand has showcased impressive engineering choices, building on previous experiences and continually searching for ways to go further. The commitment to making history despite technological developments of today makes the Troller brand continue to be the gold paragon among fans of classic vehicles and motorsport. Whether you are looking for a capable off-roader, uncompromising speed and power, technological advances or resplendent aesthetic quality, the Troller brand has a timeless classic model for everyone, guaranteeing an extraordinary classic car experience. If you are passionate vintage cars, let yourself be filled with awe and admiration and check out the incredible range of Troller models for your personal classic adventure!

Story of the Troller in motorsport

Troller is a Brazilian car manufacturer building some of the most iconic vehicles to ever perform and race in motorsport activities. Founded in 1895, Troller is the oldest and longest running car brand in Brazil. From the beginning, the company has been not only dedicated to automotive design and innovation, but also participating in off-road racing and the development of motorsport vehicles. Because of its stringent approach to design and engineering, Troller has left an extensive inheritance in the motorsport world, which is why the brand is still so iconic and celebrated in Brazil. In the age of pioneering off-road racing, Troller’s vehicles set several records, often achieving victories in tough and extreme racing competitions. The Troller T4 offers the perfect example of these amazing feats, being the first in the world to win two consecutive races from Europe to Africa and back, in the infamous and tough Rally of the Pharaohs of 1972, and the Sahara-Panopie Rally of 1973, achieving a world record that had not been broken until 1988. But the brand was also the innovator and creator of the first series-production off-road available in the market for everyone. The Troller T4 was first presented in 1980 and set the trend for all the competition that followed. This incredible machine was light yet incredibly powerful, and it’s known to be one of the most sought after models by collectors in the country. During its 36-year production, it won more than 27 off-road championships in Brazil, making it the most successful model in the company’s history. The motorsport successes of Troller surpass the frontiers of time and, until today, the brand continues to create the most innovative and high-performance off-road and motorsport vehicles in the market. Troller combines passion and innovation into beautiful machines that offer motor aficionados worldwide a piece of a greater story full of discovery and exploration. Troller guarantees an unforgettable experience to passionate lovers of motorsport, offering reliable and power-packed vehicles, not to mention extraordinary design and features that make it one of the most reliable and durable car makers to ever exist. If you’re a vintage motorsport enthusiast, a collector, somebody looking for a reliable and deep-rooted partner for exploration or if you’re just after quality cars coming from an iconic and passionate name like Troller, then hurry and don’t miss the chance to get one of these collector’s items. With Troller, you can expect a unique and exquisite experience packed with advanced technology, the strength of a brand with an astounding legacy, and a lifetime guarantee of quality.

Anecdotes about Troller

Troller, the beloved Brazilian car brand that has been thrilling audiences since 1941. Founded by Marcelo Troller, an industrialist passionate about pioneering adaptive car designs for extreme conditions, the company quickly began to do what very few had done before: capitalize on the stories its off-roading vehicles created! From secretive missions, to superstar racing drivers, Troller has remained consistently passionate about pushing the boundaries of automation and engineering in the challenging environment of off-road racing. Some of these more juicy tales and anecdotes of passionate bygone days include: 1. The Story of F1 Outlaw: infamous F1 driver Toby Wolfe attempted an illegal rally raid in 1974, driving a Troller through the rugged landscape of Brazil. With only one spare tire, Wolfe challenged narco traffickers to a race, which he unfortunately lost. 2. The Lost Tire War: another wild story from 1973 saw two teams of Troller drivers competing against each other during a ruthless battle for every available spare tire they could get their hands on. Captured on film, the rare footage was unfortunately never released publicly. 3. The Mysterious Troller Affair: it's rumored that during the 1978 Daytona Championship, a submerged Troller was discovered beneath the waters off Florida. Nobody knows who was at the wheel, but some believe it was driven by a secret unit of Brazil's armed forces! These are just a few of so many stories around the vintage car brand, and for many more adrenaline-filled tales of Troller, you'd need to connect with one of their brightest aficionados. Whether you’re a motorsport enthusiast or just an off-roading adventurer looking for vintage thrills, Troller's long legacy of passion and innovation will certainly make any adventure an absolutely unique one.

Which Troller for which budget?

Which Troller for a low budget?

If you are an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport or affluent people between 35 and 65 years old, there is one car that you should pay attention to: Troller. This Brazilian auto maker was created by the pioneering engineer and innovator Amós Godoy in 1939. Despite its humble beginnings, this car has continued to grow in popularity and international acclaim. Troller is a great car for those who are looking for a reliable but affordable car that does not take up a lot of financial commitment. Its impressive engine power and powerful four-wheel drive make it the perfect vehicle for driving over all kinds of terrain. Its low running costs and fuel economy make this car both economical and durable. With Troller, you get a strong and reliable vehicle whilst keeping your monthly payments within your budget. The Troller story is one of classic endurance and rugged performance, designed to endure and tackle the toughest terrain. The car is built with only the highest quality components, using high-strength materials that provide excellent protection against corrosion and wear. In addition, the car is available with interior accessories specially designed for enhanced user comfort and increased performance. It features unique trim and exterior design elements, offering style and substance to match all types of budgets and preferences. By choosing a Troller, you are also guaranteed innovation. The latest engineering advances make sure that this car performs to its fullest, with technology that is designed to optimize power and fuel economy with every drive. The Troller’s 4x4 system provides powerful acceleration and off-road capabilities that give you the ultimate control over whatever terrain life throws your way. The allure of Troller is undeniable if you have an appreciation for classic styling and the power of modern engineering advances. Its affordability and unmatched reliability will have you smiling all the way to the finish line. For those who are truly passionate about cars and motorsport, the Troller is an excellent vehicle to consider. No matter what your passion is, you can be sure that a Troller will offer you the perfect combination of style, substance, power, and performance, all for an incredibly low budget.

Which Troller for a medium budget?

Are you ready to take your car search to the next level? If you are looking for an affordable yet durable and dependable automative solution that is perfect for vintage car, motorsport, and enthusiast alike - Troller is the way to go! Troller offers robust and quality vehicles designed to cater to a variety of driving styles and budgets. With more than 50 years of in manufacturing experience, the manufacturer's vehicles are the perfect combination of performance and efficiency, while also being sensitive to your wallet. Experience the thrill and nostalgia of vintage cars powered by modern technology! The Troller selection includes cars, trucks, jeeps and more, as well as upgrades suited to the individual needs and preferences of each customer. They also offer eco-friendly options, low operating costs and tax incentives - helping customers to get the most from their investment and live a greener lifestyle. It is also worth noting that the average cost of maintenance for a Troller vehicle is inversely proportional to the price of the car itself, making it even more attractive for those interested in saving money. Whether you are looking for a classic car to enter in rally racing, an economical four-wheel-drive for weekend outings, or a luxury one for those daily commutes, a Troller automative will cater to your enthusiasms and driving needs. Safety is also a priority with Troller. Standard features in any model include protected seating and cabin, night sight LED lamps, and dual braking systems. Troller also enforces an intuitive handling and responsive performance - offering the driver secure speeds and a heads up during long distance journeys with its dynamic pattern of steering control. Troller's selection of vintage cars is certain to trigger passionate memories in drivers between 35 and 65 years old, even more so if they consider themselves a motorsport enthusiast. With its classic design inspired by the ideals of luxury and impeccable craftsmanship, Troller stands for iconic performance that really is the way forward. When it comes to shopping for cars at a mid range budget, Troller is the place to look. With variety, affordability, safety, and attention to detail - one cannot choose otherwise.

Which Troller for a high budget?

Troller cars are the pinnacle of motorsport excellence. Perfectly engineered, these cars harken back to the glory days of open-wheel racing, bringing with them a look and feel that make heads turn and avid racing and luxury aficionados swoon. When it comes to choosing the perfect Troller, the well-heeled, discerning buyer need look no further than the lavish, exclusive range available exclusively at select dealerships around the world. These cars go from 0 to 60 in blink-of-an-eye times, making them even more appealing to those looking for a thrilling performance ride. But they are more than just a status symbol and a performance vehicle; they also offer luxury extras that will not be found in even the most opulent vehicles elsewhere. With leather seating and hand-crafted wood dashboards, these cars appear as if they were taken directly out of an art deco museum. Beyond the top-of-the-line interior amenities, the exterior of these masterpieces are equally impressive. Wind tunnel tested and designed to look as if an expert artisan has put a great deal of passion into their design, these cars boast a streamlined yet muscular profile that will stand out from the rest of the pack. Whether it’s the version with the flashy metallic paint or one finished in a sleek matte black, the look will draw native attention no matter where it goes. The engines behind them are no less impressive. Incredibly powerful and finely tuned, they churn out multiple hundreds of ponies while offering smooth and confident rides. The suspension systems are designed to keep the car firmly on the ground no matter what type of terrain it finds itself on, while the advanced braking systems ensure hassle-free braking. For those who want something truly unique and special, there’s no better choice than the Troller. Available at an exclusive high price, these cars are made exclusively for those willing to invest in the ultimate driving experience. Whether you plan to proudly show off your ride in the latest show car event or simply use it to leisurely explore new roads and highways, you will be enjoying an object of passion unique only to select few.

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