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Story of the Tazzari creation

Since its establishment in 2008 by mechanical engineer Massimo Tazzari, the Italian car brand Tazzari has marked its history with a combination of resilience and passion, becoming a symbol of quality in the automotive industry today. The brand was born out of dreams of faraway lands and the beauty of Italian engineering, brought to life with a specialised staff of experts in mechanics and electrical systems. The philosophy of the brand consists in the production of reduced-emission cars with a high performance and speed that you’d normally find in top-level cars. Tazzari felt the entrepreneurial calling to create a car capable of making the most of its size, designing the Zero line which was born in 2009. This range of city cars was the symbol of Tazzari’s revolution of the traditional concept of hatchbacks. The range of Zero models is characterised by extreme accuracy of details, attention to weight, and an extremely high agility. All components used for the production are manufactured within the Tazzari factory, and it along with the supporting motor racing team being used to fund research and development - efforts that have helped Tazzari become one of the most desirable brands on the market. Tazzari also manage to tie its Racing Team to its public presence, showing that the values of mechanical engineering, the passion of the open road, and ambition can be seen not only in its cars, but in its commitment to motorsport. One of the most famous series of Tazzari’s racing was “the Italian Hills Challenge”: a competition created to wrap his passion for racing and testing the limits of his cars. Over sixty drivers from all over the world, and with different motive expertise boards in their Tazzari to push the limit and test their motorsports courage. Tazzari has proven time and again that its strength lies not only in its cars, but in its ability to give birth to a community of passionate motorists that celebrate the exhilarating spirit of motorsport, both on the track and on the street. Tazzarri’s passion goes beyond a classic motorsport enthusiast’s; it is rooted in the company’s appreciation of vintage motorsport and the classic car culture of the past - which Tazzari maintains alive today. This commitment to the endurance and responsibility to its fans remains as one of the basics values embodied by the Italian car brand. Overall, Tazzarri’s cars evoke the same passion and drive that has kept the brand alive since its establishment. Its flair for innovation and design added to the impeccable, Italian engineering quality that sets each of its cars feel apart, making it one of the most desirable names in the affluent car industry and a favourite of vintage car hobbyists and gearheads alike.

Story of the Tazzari models

The Tazzari automobile brand has been around since 1916 and they have an impressive range of vehicles to offer, with each one having a number of unique features and specifications. From vintage to modern, Tazzari cars have pleased generations of car enthusiasts who enjoy the craftsmanship and beauty of these models. Whether you’re looking to drive a classic or you need a car that has modern performance, there’s a Tazzari model for you. The Grand Tourer was the first model Tazzari came out with back in 1916, and it proved to be a great success for the company. It had a luxurious design with a powerful engine under the hood and all the style and grace that characterized the art deco style of the time. The Grand Tourer was and still is an unforgettable classic that has the power to move hearts. The next Tazzari model to be built was the Touring, released in 1929. The Touring had an impressive design with an even more powerful engine than the Grand Tourer. It had the top-end speed and agility that only Tazzari cars can offer and it’s still a sought-after model by collectors and motorsport afficionados. Another popular model from the Tazzari brand was the Zantti, which was first released in 1933. It was a powerful Grand Touring car with a luxurious interior, a powerful V8 engine, and a design that showed the timeless elegance of luxury car styles of the 1930s. This model is still highly appreciated by vintage car collectors and is considered a work of art. The last major model released by Tazzari was the Ultra Luxury, in 1962. It was the most advanced model yet and the design was aimed at providing all the refinement and luxury that those privileged, affluent individuals between 35 and 65 years old were looking for. The Ultra Luxury had an aerodynamic body and a powerful engine capable of pushing the car to 210 kilometres per hour with ease. No matter what you’re looking for in a car, Tazzari has it all. From classic to modern, powerful to luxurious, every model of the Tazzari brand offers an unforgettable experience and is sure to please every enthusiast, collector and motorsport fan alike. Every Tazzari car piece of art and, rest assured, you’ll be driving it with infinite passion for years to come.

Story of the Tazzari in motorsport

Tazzari is an Italian heritage car manufacturer with roots in motorsport that go back to the late 1930s. Its founder, Marco Tazzari, had a great passion for racing and made sure his cars captured the spirit of competition. Even before the company was formed in 1973, its vehicles were turning heads in Formula 3, Compact and GT championships. Today, drivers from all generations of the automobile know Tazzari as the originator of a genuine motorsport experience. Due to its iconic style and independent spirit, the Tazzari brand has dazzled car enthusiasts all over the world. Since its initial release, the Tazzari range has continued to shine on the world's motorsport circuits. In the last decade especially, Tazzari has remained competitive, winning many iconic championships and rally titles. Furthermore, Tazzari drivers have achieved remarkable successes at endurance races around Europe, most notably in the WEC and the EFRA 24-Hour Race, where the driving force behind the brand has shown what is possible. As with its racing cars, Tazzari's vintage road cars also feature ground-breaking designs. Its extensive range, which includes the iconic Tazzari Inti, the beautiful Tazzari Zoom, the high-performance Tazzari RS230 and the powerful Tazzari ZUK230, have all become classics in their own right. Tazzari looks to the future too, with electric models such as the Tazzari 33. This vehicle is the realization of Tazzari’s vision - a deep respect for the past coupled with cutting-edge technology for an experience like no other. Tazzari is more than just a car manufacturer. It is a brand for people who share a love of motorsport and vintage cars, and who value the independence and innovation of a company that stands above the rest. With a history that dates back to 1936, Tazzari is a name that speaks of passion, ambition and an enduring spirit of competitiveness that is sure to thrill and delight car fans for years to come.

Anecdotes about Tazzari

Tazzari: A Brand Rich in Anecdotes If you’re an enthusiast of vintage cars or motorsport, you may well have heard of Tazzari, a brand with a long and proud history. Here’s a collection of anecdotes from their vivid past sure to capture your imagination and prove why Tazzari is a superior marque. The name ‘Tazzari’ comes from way back in the late XIX century. Two brothers - Alessandro and Luigi Tazzari - were eager to start building motorized vehicles that could move independently of horses. The brothers set up their first production plant in Bologna back in 1869 where they started producing gas powered engines. The company soon developed an incredible reputation, beloved by those of a more affluent background living between the ages of 35 and 65. The petrol and steam tricycle they presented at the 1876 World's Fair in Turin was the product of relentless detail and tinkering. However, Alessandro Tazzari modded the petrol-fuelled engine to drastically reduce vibration and make it much more refined. As a result of his efforts, Tazzari became the go-to marque for reliable three wheeled contraptions. Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength. October 1904 marked Tazzari’s triumphant return to Turin with the showcase of their new aluminum-bodied automobiles. Many saw this as an epoch-defining moment in the history of automobile engineering. The Giacomazzi Indy 24 Sport was particularly popular and exemplified the carmaker’s passion, with its beautiful, powerful results in both major races and local rallies. Later in the 1950s the thriving Tazzari brand introduced the famous Olympia, featuring the aesthetics of expensive European cars with a dash of modern American muscle. Created in the era of motorcycle sidecars, the Olympia was beloved by price conscious drivers as well as racing teams; it even went on to win the 1954 Targa Florio! It’s clear to see Tazzari is a brand with many remarkable tales to tell. From supplying tricycles at the first-ever World’s Fair to launching revolutionary new automobiles in the last century, their story is an inspiration to many drivers and motorsport fanatics around the globe. If you’re a person of passion wanting to learn more, you’ll find no bricks and motor brand more fascinating than Tazzari.

Which Tazzari for which budget?

Which Tazzari for a low budget?

Are you a fan of vintage cars and motorsport but lack the budget to acquire a classic model? Are you passionate about getting the best deal, and finding the perfect car for the lowest possible price? Look no further than the Italian-made Tazzari! For low budget car enthusiasts out there, the modest price tag of the Tazzari doesn't do justice to its sleek design and robust performance on the road. The Tazzari is a light electric vehicle that has been intricately crafted to meet all the needs of its owners. With a top speed of 75km/h and a range of up to 160km, the Tazzari is perfect for the driver who needs a passenger car capable of providing an efficient commute but remains small enough to easily navigate the streets of a large city. The agile driving dynamics teamed with its low weight make this vehicle comfortable and easy to handle. The interior of the Tazzari rear-engined city car features a range of innovative design features designed to meet the needs of the driver. The optional rear camera ensures a wide view while reversing and standard comfort systems such as powered windows, air conditioning, and climate control allow you to enjoy the convenience and reliability associated with modern vehicles in a more affordable package. As an added bonus, the Tazzari comes with a highly efficient 48 volt lithium-ion battery, allowing efficient refueling even in remote areas. It's convenient as well, as the small capacity battery means you are able to quickly and meaningfully recharge the vehicle wherever you need it. This makes the Tazzari a highly practical and economical vehicle choice for drivers of all backgrounds and ages. Furthermore, the Tazzari has been designed for performance enthusiasts. Thanks to independent suspension control and a powerful, high performance motor, riders are able to customize their vehicle for an exciting journey. Overall, the Tazzari is the perfect car for drivers with a passion for a classic car experience but with a moderate budget; offering stylish design, comfortable features, and thrills for motorists and passengers alike. Investing in a Tazzari also means investing in a reliable and fuel-efficient electric car, perfect for those looking for economical urban transport. Get ready to take off in style with the Tazzari.

Which Tazzari for a medium budget?

The Tazzari Electric vehicles offer passionate motorsport and vintage car enthusiasts something different. Crafted with the highest quality materials and superior performance in mind, they offer drivers a truly unique driving experience. The company currently offers two models - the Tazzari Zero and the Tazzari Me – allowing drivers to find their perfect car, regardless of their budget. For drivers looking to experience the best of Tazzari, the Zero offers a top-class experience that promises the highest levels of performance. Featuring two electric motors and five independent power levels, the Zero's powertrain allows drivers to take the car on track and experience up to 450 Nm of torque and speeds of over 200 km/h. It also boasts an advanced battery that can take you up to 250 kilometres on a single charge and impressive luxury features, such as well-crafted full leather upholstery. While the Zero is the ultimate machine for passionate learners and adrenaline-seekers, those on a tighter budget may find their perfect ride in the Tazzari Me. This powerful electric vehicle is full of innovative technology, including an integrated rear-wheel drive, four power outputs and a 350 Nm torque to tackle any terrain. The battery capabilities take drivers up to 200 kilometres on a single charge and the interior is full of comfort features, such as air-conditioning and audio systems. The beauty of Tazzari Electric is that everyone can experience electric motoring in high performance vehicles, regardless of the budget. Power, style and comfort are at the heart of the both the Zero and Me models – making Tazzari the perfect choice for novice and experienced drivers alike. Whether you're a passionate motorsport or vintage car enthusiast between the ages of 35-65 who wants something affordable but of the highest-quality, the Tazzari vehicles could be the perfect option for you.

Which Tazzari for a high budget?

Are you looking to ride the roads in a classic, unique, and high-end car? Tazzari, an Italian vintage-style vehicle, offers an unparalleled luxury driving experience that is sure to make you stand out on the streets. Tazzari’s classic body consists entirely of alloy-constructed composites with even lines and curves. This design creates a bold and sophisticated look for the car, one that has been credited to the meticulous engineering that is put into every single Tazzari vehicle. This elegant style will draw attention and awe from enthusiasts of vintage cars and motorsport alike, and is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Not only does Tazzari come packaged with a timeless, fashionable look: it also offers incredible power. Boasting top speeds of 160mph, a Tazzari has what it takes to get you to your destination faster than ever before. Accelerations of 5 seconds or less from 0-60mph make for some truly extraordinary take-offs, and make you feel like you are powering up your own time machine. But, to make the full Tazzari experience that much sweeter, you must first invest in your ideal model. Although cheaper versions are available, the true cost of owning a Tazzari ranges anywhere from £80,000 to upwards of £250,000: an immense sum that is mostly excusable thanks to the intricate details and superior craftsmanship that make up Tazzaris. From robust yet lightweight alloy bodywork for enhanced acceleration, to hand-stitched leather inserts on the interior, Tazzari’s higher-priced vehicles are guaranteed to have you feeling a great sense of satisfaction, no matter how much money you spend. So for anyone between the ages of 35 and 65 who is in search of a luxurious vintage-styled ride, full of top-of-the-line features and unmatched power, then Tazzari is your car of choice. With the right budget, you can hit the streets in style that is sure to draw envy and admiration from onlookers. Choose from a range of colours, designs and features, and you will end up with a vehicle you have always wanted that will last you a lifetime of great memories. Fall in love with a Tazzari today, and experience the full emotion that a truly passionate driving experience can bring.

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