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Story of the Sunbeam creation

The Sunbeam car brand holds a particularly special place in the long and storied history of motoring. Founded in the UK, in 1899, Sunbeam was the brainchild of John Marston who, by creating the world’s first all-steel motorcar, had opened the door to luxury and high-end cars. Before production began on these cars, Marston, who had partnered with Parisian high-performance coachbuilder Malerco, launched a line of high-end bicycles in 1887. This quickly popularized the Sunbeam brand, and once cars became available, its reputation among both luxury buyers and motorsport enthusiasts alike proceeded to skyrocket. Come the early 1900s, and Sunbeam Motors vehicles were winning races like the Isle of Man’s famous 'Gordon Bennett Cup'. Showcasing their power and performance, the cars went on to win further victories across the world, entering multiple hill climbs and rallies with impressive results. This gave the brand a widening appeal - soon vintage car collectors, the wealthy and the affluent affluent alike were interested in owning an exquisite piece of automotive engineering. Over the 20th century, Sunbeam Cars continued to evolve and race (making motorsport history in the process); becoming well-known for their consistent performance, luxurious appointments, and period styling. As a brand, Sunbeam Motors captivated the public’s imagination both on the racetrack and in production form - a tradition that holds true today. Whether we look to the company’s immersive contribution to motorsport; their innovative approach to the development and engineering of the car; or simply their devoted fan base among vintage car collectors, the Sunbeam car brand exists as a valued and respected cornerstone of any conversation concerning the development of motoring. With a distinctive presence still felt right up to this day, Sunbeam Motors - representing elegance, innovation and racing heritage - continues to be reserved for a passionate and discerning audience.

Story of the Sunbeam models

Sunbeam, a British car manufacturing brand founded in 1887, has a long and storied history of producing top-of-the-line vehicles. Though the company closed its doors in 1977, the remaining Sunbeam models have gone down in history as some of the most beloved cars ever. Whether you’re a fan of vintage cars, motorsport, or just a lover of classic cars in general, Sunbeam has something delightful to offer. For a reliable, dependable car with loads of impressive features, look no further than the Sunbeam Alpine. It was the first Roadster from the manufacturer, with a lightweight body and solid suspension. Under the hood you’ll find a 4-cylinder alloy engine with twin Strombergs for optimum power. Though its power output wasn’t too impressive, the Alpine had plenty of performance appeal. It helped driver Ken Miles to win the Monte Carlo Rally three times. For something a bit more exotic, try out the Sunbeam Tiger. It was developed with the help of American automotive legend, Carroll Shelby. This two-seater roadster was powered by a Ford V8 engine that gave it impressive performance. Though its place in automotive folklore was initially cemented due to the power alone, its nimble handling capabilities and responsive steering are what helped the Tiger to truly stand out. If a sedan is more your style, why not go for the Sunbeam Rapier? It was beloved by British audiences and even achieved fame in a James Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Powered by a 4-cylinder engine, the Rapier had attained a degree of popularity prior to its appearance in the movie. But in the months after Bond’s outing, the Rapier truly proved its capabilities as a reliable and capable car. Finally, for those looking for an open joyride, the Sunbeam Imp offers a unique solution. Its tiny, fiberglass body gives it an incredible degree of agility with a 1-liter engine that still delivers plenty of power. The Imp was beloved by drivers for its simple and practical design, which meant owners were more than happy to embark on any adventure. No matter what age, gender, or passion inspires your love of cars, Sunbeam delivers great vehicles that are sure to please. From sporty Roadsters and classic sedans, to thrilling rally cars and funky compacts, the legacy of Sunbeam is happy to share the automotive enthusiasm of the past with its new generation of drivers. Whether you’re the type to just turn the key and get in the driver’s seat, or a lover of all things vintage, Sunbeam has the perfect car for you. So, if you’re passionate about vintage vehicles, motorsport, or simply fancy yourself a classic car collector, you can do no better than to check out the most beloved vehicles of the Sunbeam brand. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

Story of the Sunbeam in motorsport

Sunbeam has been a leader in the field of motorsport since its first recorded competition in 1895, when the Sunbeam Motor Carriage Company competed in a hillclimb competition at Kinnoull Hill, Scotland. Born from solid and reliable engineering, Sunbeam's commitment to competition has been evident since the company's very inception; with record-breaking runs, podium finishes, racing victories, and championship titles, the Sunbeam name has earned its place in motorsport history. The history of Sunbeam in racing from then to now is rich with endeavor and success, from the early days of endurance trial events and road-based competitions, to the ultra-competitive atmosphere of contemporary motorsport involving Formula One and Endurance Racing. Throughout the years, Sunbeam vehicles (and those using Sunbeam components) have used their combination of robust engineering and thrilling power to scale local roads and world-renowned circuits alike in the most exciting quest for the checkered flag. In the late 1930s, Sunbeam made its first foray into the world of Grand Prix Racing with the introduction of the Sunbeam Maserati. Designed by Karl Abarth (ex-Ferrari) and sporting a 4.5-litre engine, this legendary sports car showed impressive performance and ended up winning second place at the iconic Tripoli Grand Prix. Sunbeam then went on to dominate the Isle of Man TT in 1935 with its Sunbeam 350HP car ‘Blue Bird III’, previously piloted by Sir Malcolm Campbell, setting a lap record of 108.93 mph. This strong performance was repeated in 1938, when the Sunbeam Tiger engine, piloted by Harold Nock, reached a blinding 140 mph on Ards circuit in Northern Ireland - setting a 15-mile track record that would not be broken for 61 years. Around the same time, the Sunbeam Talbot 2.5-litre 110 was the talk of the British empire with its victory in the arduous two-day RAC rally. Sunbeam vehicles surged in popularity and became a rallying staple in the decades to follow, entering every RAC Rally event from 1947 and continuing to rouse public imagination with performances and advancements. This passion for racing was only reinvigorated with the merger with Rootes group and the launch of the Imp: a light, fast, and powerful car that proved popular in off-track races in the late 1960s and early 70s. Its agility, catchy design, and bustling engine earned the car a nickname often used by journalists - “The firecracker from Coventry” - and further helped it to stand more than half a century later. Very few companies can say they’ve have consistently enforced their presence in motorsport for nearly a century: Sunbeam is one of those brands. With often less-than-ideal ratios between budget and performance, Sunbeam has proven time and time again that excellent engineering, when accompanied with the right attitude, can always elevate you above and beyond the competition. For vintage car, motorsport and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old who have the passion for excellence and inspiring engineering, few names have left (and currently leave) the race pastures and auction houses in such awe as Sunbeam. These moments of brilliance and unique technology combined with a true, contagious passion for creating excitement prove that Sunbeam is a name worth bearing in mind for any motor enthusiast.

Anecdotes about Sunbeam

The storied history of Sunbeam Motorcars is something of a legend among vintage enthusiast and motorsport lovers alike. Four-wheeled Sunbeams date back to the early 1900s but the era of legendary racing started with the 1920 acquisition of Hillman-Coatalen by Hugo Frazer-Nash and for the first time commercial vehicles began taking on motor racers. In 1923, The Sunbeam Motor Car Company of Wolverhampton, England, released the Sunbeam 'Tiger' - a sporty version of their famous 11.9 HP touring car. This ‘Tiger’ created an unprecedented success story for Sunbeam. Early models raced at Brooklands, such as the 1926 14HP, put out 60bhp thanks to the ‘Grey Wolf’ racing engine - this motor was designed to BMW’s specifications but was bought up by outside investors before it saw completion. It soon became obvious that Sunbeam had hit something special when their 1923 'Tiger' race car won the 1926 Grand Prix des Frontieres race at Chimay, driven by well-known drivers Captain Clive Gallop and 'Major Henry Segrave'. It’s also significant as a vehicle that was production-based: 'Major' Segrave drove a 650cc supercharged twin-cam, six-cylinder version of the production 11/40 horsepower Sunbeam. In 1927, the even faster - and first supercharged - Super Sports engine was released, which put out a jaw-dropping 85bhp and pushed the 'Tiger' to 134.17mph on a Test Hill run. This engine was the first ever British one to top the 100mph mark. Sunbeam only continued to improve in the racing arena, achieving an impressive win at the 1928 Le Mans 24 hour race with their 80bhp 5 litre Super Sports, a car that not only won but set the fastest lap time in the process. The Sunbeam brand certainly earned a reputation as a leading authority in motorsport, upwards from the mid-1920’s they built themselves a looming presence on racetracks across Europe. The jaw-dropping capabilities of the supercharged Tiger created a strong competitive identity for the female-led 'it' marque. The Sunbeam connection remains strong with nostalgia-causing montages of beautiful vintage sports cars. Onlookers at race meetings throughout the 1920s were in awe when these sleek beasts roared by either on two or four wheels with drivers in goggled helmets at sharp angles over the track. It’s no wonder why affluent car enthusiasts of middle to older age categories between 35 and 65 remember Sunbeam so fondly and would love to hear about the brand’s amazing anecdotes and stories. The Sunbeam Motor Company had a vision to always bring maximum performance and exciting design to their cars. And with their notable racing achievements, the Sunbeam brand became forever etched in history. From supercharged Cubs and Tigers, to Segrave kicking-off the motor racing world with his legendary Bonneville feat and victory in the 1926 racing at Chimay, the Sunbeam tales have long been the stuff of legends – and now you know more about it.

Which Sunbeam for which budget?

Which Sunbeam for a low budget?

Are you a motorsport enthusiast looking for an affordable vintage car? The Sunbeam offers you a chance to build your own classic car that will bring you the enjoyment of owning something special. Founded in the early 20th century and based in both the United Kingdom and Germany, Sunbeam quickly made a name for itself for producing lightweight, reliable, and easy to service cars. With classic shapes and attention to detail, Sunbeam vehicles had developed a respected reputation with much of the European car-buying public. Sunbeam cars were perfect for both racing and getting from A to B in comfort and style. The Sunbeam range of cars is expansive, offering something for everyone no matter what your budget. For those who enjoy a fixer-upper project, Sunbeam offers vintage and classic cars with antiquated mechanisms that need some work, yet provide a slight thrill of transforming a derelict vehicle into a stylish, powerful classic. The vehicles in Sunaway's lineup are nostalgically entertaining and range from the mid 1930s right up to models produced in the 1970s. To complete the fully classic experience, their vintage 2-door Coupés, beautifully curved saloons, and sleek drop-top convertibles often come equipped with small-capacity 1000 cc engines and rear-wheel drive. The Sunbeam range also features mid-range vehicles fit for the motorsport enthusiasts among us. The Alpine model, in particular, is well suited to rally and track performances. Used Alpine models are easier to come by slightly used or at a discounted cost, making them attractive to those committed to their love of the sport in more ways than one. No matter the budget, there's a project car out there for extraordinary value. Whether you're looking for the perfect classic project car or the opportunity to become a motorsports enthusiast on a budget, the Sunbeam range of options offers affordability and the ability to purchase something both meaningful and special. Live your dream of a classic car without breaking the bank – the Sunbeam range of vehicles is calling out your name.

Which Sunbeam for a medium budget?

When it comes to classic cars there is no more quintessential British covetousness than the Sunbeam vintage car family. From the category-defining Alpine roadster which epitomized 50's sport fun, and captured the spirit of the tarmac as it swept round Silverstone and Broadspeed corner at Brands Hatch - through the quickly grown jungle-green 20's Tiger sports race car, and all the way to the luxurious 40's Talbot-Lago Light 15 saloons - Sunbeam cars have a wide array of models and styles to please any keen vintage cars collector or motorsport-lover. Whether you are looking to add to your personal collection or start from scratch with a full-scale renovation, with mid-budget vehicles such as the classic Rapier series and higher-end motorcycles like the race-bred Manx, the Sunbeam selection of cars will feel right at home in any garage seeking true luxury and performance. Each model has its own individual body shape, renowned engine power and modern racing style or vintage character to suit you perfectly. With a passionate fan base drawing testimonials of love and enthusiasm for all its machines from BMW 507 E-type converts and original vintage handbooks, to concours originality and auction prices from luxury classic car sites like Coys and Bonhams – the Sunbeam car range continues to collect admirers during more than 100 years. Whether you are collector looking to restore a Mk1 or J2 chassis, a home restorer fixing up something a little bit tatty or an aficionado coming from the classic car racing scene – the mid-budget Sunbeam car collection is the perfect fit for anyone aged from 35 to 65 years old with a penchant for motorsport authenticity. With beautifully made classic cars ranging from the magical Talbot Lago T26 and Rapier H120 to the inimitable Tiger racing car, the Sunbeam collection is open for any passionate car enthusiast seeking legendary models from the golden era of British cars manufacturing.

Which Sunbeam for a high budget?

Are you ready to enjoy a luxurious and vintage car that will make people envious? Sunbeam cars are some of the finest and most beautiful cars you can find on the market, and they can come with the highest of budgets. The Sunbeam car company dates back to 1895, making it one of the oldest vehicles manufacturers in the world - and that's something special! The classic Sunbeam Talbot, produced as early as 1910, is a great example of beautiful vintage styling, potency and reliability that left a lasting impact in the motorsport arena with its luxury, innovative features and performance. Sunbeam cars have been popular among enthusiasts of vintage cars, collectors, and motorsport professionals alike, favoured for their top-notch craftsmanship and luxurious experience. Not to mention the enormous impression they left on the entertainment industry; movies and events such as the London Grand-Arabia Rally showcased these fantastic pieces of machinery. The modern Sunbeam car is no less extraordinary than the classic versions; the latest versions rolling out of the factory boast both classic and modern design with an undeniable international repute. Every Sunbeam car comes with enormous attention to detail that even the most experienced designers will certainly benefit from. The elaborate grille of the Sunbeam's signature Phantom V limousine still carries the maker's signature aftermarket aesthetic; the detailed dashboard of the Sunbeam Alpine Roadster provides a luxurious feel and advanced modern technology — along with classic British engineering. And with almost cruise control-like experience along with safety features makes this vintage car feel bleeding edge. Today's models are powered by sophisticated multi-valve turbocharged engines, giving the cars an incredible potency that makes them a seemingly unstoppable force. The powerful 2.5L V6 used in contemporary versions create 395hp and brutal 375Nm torque on certain models, and that’s enough for most people who seek an incredible driving experience. If you’re shopping for a luxurious, high-end car with a strong motorsport background -- look no further, as Sunbeam cars are the perfect choice for you. The best possible combination of classic styling accompanied by up-to-date technology, advanced safety and performance features - make a Sunbeam car the perfect companion for the gentlemen and ladies of fine tastes who love classic elegance and vintage motorsports. Connoisseurs of fine styling, performance and classic embodiment, consider a Sunbeam car to live up to your desires. Whether you are a passionate of vintage cars, a motorsport enthusiast, or a high-style affluent person between 35 and 65, an incredible Sunbeam car could be just right right up your alley. Turn heads and feel the powerful exhilaration of the Sunbeam innovatively modern driving experience.

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