Discover the classic Dutch masterpiece: the Spyker! Experience a unique piece of automotive history with a vintage motor car built for luxury & style.

Story of the Spyker creation

In the early 1900s, Dutch automaker Spyker was producing some of the world's most technologicaly advanced and luxurious vehicles. Founded in 1880 by two brothers, Jakob and Hendrik-Jan Spijker, Spyker began producing automobiles in 1899 and quickly gained traction for their rich-in-horsepower and impeccably-crafted luxury models. Spyker vehicles were always intended for the most affluent buyers, as the bar to entry for the luxury automaker had been set incredibly high. Spyker automobiles featured the latest state-of-the-art technology and their 6-cylinder cars won several early road races and endurance trials. Most notably, Spyker secured a victory when the Prince of Hohenlohe raced in the 1901 Paris Vincennes - Saint Cloud road race and a commanding first, second, and third place when the Peking-Paris race took place in 1907. Spyker maintained a presence in motorsport and won several races in competitions such as the 1908 and 1909 Targa Florio as well as the 1907 Russian Race in St. Petersburg. During this period, the company became well-known for not only their automotive prowess, but their production of planes, blimps, and armoured cars. The Dutch brand was paving the way for the future and their success ultimately made Holland a roaring international auto contender. In terms of auto design, Spyker brought unique flavor, style, and accents to the market unlike any other automaker of the day. Their vehicles featured classic lines, sleek shapes, intricate mechanical components, and refined aesthetics that were impossible to rival. Of course, Spyker’s flagship C4 and C8 24/80HP models remain some of the most iconic and sought after cars in the pre-World War 1 era. Spyker’s incredible saga unfortunately did not last forever, as the struggling automaker hit the 1952 bankruptcy after decades of rigorous competition with the German and Italian automotive ventures. But despite the rise and fall, the Dutch marque Spyker carried an unmistakable air of utmost prestige and superior technology that still draws the attention of vintage car enthusiasts and motorsport amateurs alike.

Story of the Spyker models

Spyker is a luxury car brand whose vehicles have long been revered as the perfect blend of performance, style, and modern technology. Over the decades, the Dutch manufacturer has created a range of some of the most iconic and sought-after automobiles in the world, and many aficionados of vintage cars and motorsports can’t get enough of them. Here’s a look at some of the most sought-after Spyker models for luxury-loving, affluent drivers between 35 and 65 years old. One of the most distinctive Spyker features is its distinctly appealing design, which is attributed to its Dutch roots. The elegant and tasteful silhouettes crafted by the craftsmen at Spyker are comfortable, with plenty of customizable features for displaying their owners’ style and personality. Among their most popular models, the D12 Peking-to-Paris SUV features a 6.2-litre V12 engine, all-wheel-drive, and a seven-speed quick-shift automatic transmission system, making it perfect for a weekend getaway. The interior is decked out in luxurious leather and silk, while its all-wheel steering provides unparalleled drivability. The Spyker C8 Laviolette combines the latest in cutting-edge performance and eco-friendly design with a classic, unique, and tasteful aesthetic, crafted using lightweight aluminium and carbon fiber. This sporty coupe can reach up to 201 mph and offers a V8 engine producing an impressive 525 HP. With an opulent cabin, a six-speed manual transmission, and 19” wheels, the C8 Laviolette ticks the boxes of both sports car enthusiasts and style-minded drivers. Another timeless model from Spyker is the Spyder C8, which comes with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions and a mighty 4.2-litre V8 engine. With its classic curves, aerodynamically carved rims, and sophisticated interior, this model is a sure-fire head-turner wherever it goes. Spyker’s C12 Zagato may just be the perfect choice for luxury-minded drivers. It comes with a 362HP 7.0 mono-block V12 engine, an ABS-assisted six-speed manual transmission, and a full leather interior, giving you the ultimate driving experience. Topped off with 19” wheels and a handcrafted styling, you can be sure that this timeless classic is the perfect vehicle for passionate luxury car fans. The Spyker D12 is another example of Spyker’s awe-inspiring design and uncompromising engineering, with a turbo-charged V12 engine, a six-speed synchronized transmission, and four-wheel drive. This all-weather vehicle also has a sleek glass roof and convertible top, perfect for sunnier trips. Finally, the Spyker S7 is a truly spectacular piece of motoring history. Packing an astounding 1,008HP V8 engine, all-wheel drive, and ceramic brakes, the S7 is a real powerhouse of a sports car. Finished with 18’’ wheels and a full carbon fiber body, the S7 is a mix of raw power, sophisticated design, and iconic style. At the end of the day, Spyker cars stand out as true masterspieces of design, graceful lines, and powerful drivability of the past, present and future. No matter what requirement you have, Spyker has a design that will suit your lifestyle and your desire to own the very best in luxury. No matter which model you choose, you can be sure it will leave your glowing with passion and satisfaction.

Story of the Spyker in motorsport

Spyker is a car brand with a long and illustrious motorsport history, having been producers of highly sought-after classic cars designed to perform and thrill on the tracks of the world. From the Apeldoorn Spyker of 1903 to the award-winning Spyker C8 of 2011, Spyker never stops pushing the envelope when it comes to creating some of the most solid and beloved vehicles in the world. Since 1903, Spyker has established itself as one of the premier motorsports brands with iconic victories at some of the most legendary races in Europe, including the Les 24 Heures of Spa, the Circuit des Ardennes and the Eiffelrennen. As far back as 1904, Spyker was committed to the pursuit of high-performance and excellence. In 1911, Spijlers won the Coupe des Voitures Legeres class race in Dieppe, signalling its emergence as a force to be reckoned with in the motorsport world. Spykers' engineers and designers have always kept the brand at the forefront of technology and innovation. Throughout the decades, the cars have been tweaked for exceptional performance, and many of them have achieved legendary status amongst vintage car enthusiasts - like the ever-iconic Spyker C4 of the early 20th century. From Charles Rolls’ Spyker 60 of 1909 used for the Original Eifelrennen to more recent models like the long-nosed Spyker 2000, Spyker has a long record of impressive performance on multiple tracks. For a brand already admired and sought after by motorsports enthusiasts, Spyker has made enormous strides in the 21st century to expand its role in multiple forms of motorsport. Its relationship with Audi Sport in the DTM provided the perfect opportunity to showcase its latest and greatest race cars. The result? A limited edition Spyker C8 Spyder that won the 2006 24 Hours of Le Mans! Undoubtedly, the influence of Spyker motorsport can be felt from the tracks of Europe to the plains of America and beyond. Widely considered a prized breed amongst car collectors, Spyker cars have established a legacy as some of the most iconic muscle cars ever made. It is this combination of cutting-edge design, outstanding performance, and family achievements that make Spyker one of today's most respected names in motorsport worldwide. From its beginnings in the very early 20th century to present day, Spyker has consistently forged ahead and achieved new milestones across the globe, showcasing its celebrated excellence and passionate precision in every bit of its vehicles. Add to that a growing number of fans attracted by its superb engineering and modern styling, and Spyker 's story is as thrilling as its cars – a must for vintage car lifestyle and motorsport enthusiasts alike.

Anecdotes about Spyker

The name Spyker has been synonymous with luxury and extravagance for well over a century. Founded in 1880 – fifteen years before the beginnings of the combustion engine – this Dutch legend has taken one of the oldest automotive creations and transformed it into the embodiment of creative design, engineering, and uncompromising quality that it’s recognized for around the world today. While so much of the automotive world has been focussed on electric and hybrid technologies for the past decade, Spyker remains a unique voice; made by nonconformists, for nonconformists. To truly understand the story behind Spyker, we need to take a journey down memory lane. Across a swathe of glamorous sports cars, legendary racing victories, and incredible feats of engineering prowess, it’s a story bursting to be told. The Spyker story starts all the way back in 1898. That year saw the founders Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker travel to London to pitch their first automotive creation to a select group of ambassadors and dignitaries – the modern Spyker racer. A milestone in mechanical design, it represented an exciting new way to get around that immediately gained the attention of the wealthy and elite alike. Inspiring what would become a century of legendary designs from the company, the original appearance provides us with a timeless insight into the ethos and ambition of the brand. More successes followed and in 1903, Spyker launched the world’s first ever four-wheel drive car. Although it was never a commercial assuccess, it’s demonstration of Spyker’s passion for pushing the boundaries of what a car could achieve started with this project. Further innovations came with the Auto Bibendum in 1908. A showcase of the finest leather trimmings, art-deco radiators, and chrome plating, it was the latest in luxury auto design and a must for the discerning purchaser at the time. It was this love for motorsport that eventually saw Spyker get involved in racing in the 1920’s. Having won all of the events participated, in 1924 Spyker released their first ever performance car: The SV Race Tourer. It’s revolutionary 200 hp V8 engine produced over 5.6 liters of pure power, making it one of the fastest cars available at the time. High performance anthems persisted in the 1930s too as continued improvements meant the car was able to travel up to 170mph, beating the previously held record for a production vehicle. This rich motorsports heritage persisted well into the 90s too. This included partnering with the famous F1 team, Noble Racing while also claiming a new world speed record at an astonishing 317mph! Fast-forward to the present day and the Spyker brand is still as ambitious as ever. Advances in engine types, greater focus on environmental footprint, and modern aerodynamic shapes now define this distinguished marque, branding it an icon within the world of automotive excellence. The Spyker story is so much more than a score of achievements in engineering, motorsport victory, and luxurious designs, it’s a story of nonconformist design – of a company unafraid to push the boundaries of what a car should, or could be. With its exclusive marketplace of enthusiasts in motorsports, vintage automobiles, and pockets of the world’s wealthy noblemen, Spyker is a timeless marvel that deserves exploring. It’s why so many people today are passionate about the brand – a sentiment that resounds among Spyker fans the entire world over.

Which Spyker for which budget?

Which Spyker for a low budget?

Are you passionate about vintage cars and the Dutch auto-makers? Want to make a great investment without spending a great deal of money? Then Spyker cars are just what you need. Spyker cars have become the go-to choice for anyone looking for a vintage and luxurious experience with motorsport abilities. Founded in 1899 by two Dutch brothers, Spyker cars trace their origins back over a century to Zeewolde, Netherlands. From the start, they affiliated themselves in the world's vision as creators of cars designed for the affluent and exclusivity for distinguished individuals. The brand is renown for its grand and exotic designs, custom interior and exterior detailing, and near perfect performance. Spyker cars are an icon of grandeur motorsport. But you don't have to break the bank to own a Spyker car today. There are plenty of models that can be acquired for a low budget and are still impeccable in performance. These vintage beauties include the early 20th-century C8 Spyder, the Arctic Spywagen carriage racer from the winter of 1904-05, the 1948 Aurora Spyder which was one of the world's first supercars, the C12 Spyder designed for 2008 Geneva Motor Show, and the all-new C8 Preliator. These classic cars have all the flamboyance and aura of their more expensive, upper-end counterparts while giving motorists the feel of classic luxury at a fraction of the price. Enthusiasts of Spyker cars that don't want to break into their savings can feel like they have made a smart investment. With the amazing art, design, and craftsmanship Spykers have become one of the most interesting and beautiful examples of historic racing cars. So, if you're passionate about vintage cars and want to experience a great level of motorsport sophistication, this low-cost classic will give you the feel of the finer things in life.

Which Spyker for a medium budget?

For lovers of vintage cars and motorsport, who are searching for a vehicle with a luxurious twist but don’t want to break the budget, Spyker might just be the answer. Established in 1900, Spyker is an iconic, Dutch maker of hand-crafted performance cars that revel in both art and technology. Capturing the hearts and minds of the affluent, Spyker’s daring approach is combined with craftsmanship for a statement that is unparalleled. Throughout Spyker’s history their cars have been sought-after by connoisseurs, designed to boldy reflect their maker’s ambition by creating vehicles that are as passionate as they are exquisite. For fans of Spyker cars, there are a range of cars ready for purchase for a medium budget. There’s the 1990 Spyker C8 Laviolette, an original beauty featuring supple leather and state-of-the-art tech. Vivid and captivating, this mid-engined, all-aluminium sports car is an elegant choice oozing sophistication found only with Spyker. Decorated with unique touches such as air inlets embedded in the cabin, as well as a shifter inspired by a transmission in WWI aircraft—this car's design also incorporated materials from the aeronautic industry. Those in search of everyday practicality, yet still a feel for the mogul lifestyle, may find the 2009 Spyker C8 Aileron more so their cup of tea. Featuring an Audi-sourced 4.2L V8 produced 420hp and a 5-speed automatic transmission, this enthusiast’s companion was a testament to Spyker’s ability to house ground-breaking engineering and remarkable scenery within a single chassis. Onlookers will be instantly met with curb appeal—witnessing Spyker’s bold extravagance for the new world they inhabit. The beauty, grace, passion, retro aesthetics and unique character of the Spyker range definitely offer something to an elite market for those seeking only the best of experiences when they sit behind the wheel. So, if within your budget you want to make a statement, whether you’re purchasing vintage or would never look beyond the latest model, Spyker is the easy choice.

Which Spyker for a high budget?

For those passionate about vintage cars, motorsport, and high performance vehicles, Spyker offers a range of cars that delight enthusiasts across the world who have a high budget. Founded in 1880 by two Dutchmen, Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker, Spyker has a long and illustrious legacy of innovation and performance. With Spyker, you can expect gentlemanly muscle that delivers power with precision and finesse. Right from the start, Spyker was a unique hybrid between racing and the automotive world, offering never before seen powertrain designs and efficiency gains. In terms of luxury, Spyker are also unrivaled, featuring interior leathers, woods and metals that provide both warmth and opulence. Spyker cars are more than just beautiful specimens that thrill the purists; the brand also boasts a vast range of options when it comes to customization. Interiors can be accessorized with any of Spyker's arresting, handcrafted materials. From 18-way power seats and the best audio technologies to exquisite, eye-catching styling and aerodynamic body kits, you have the freedom to choose what suites your personal taste the most. The outside of the cars are just as sophisticated and luxurious as the interiors. In true Spyker fashion, every model incorporates modern tech and cutting-edge designs, gracing the loveliest roads and automotive shows around the globe. Plus, all Spyker cars instantly grab attention. In terms of performance, Spyker has set the highest benchmark. All machines in the range offer lightning-fast kilometres per hour times and unparalleled levels of precision for a truly superior driving experience. Spyker cars come with powerful engine options, from six and eight-cylinder engines, as well as turbocharged engines that can take any enthusiast to detailed roads at the speed of lightening. For the driver craving a car with a wow factor, having a Spyker sure delivers. Whether it's the high performance Ealia or the luxurious and striking Tijl, driving a Spyker car makes a statement about your style and love for classic cars. With Spyker, enthusiasts over 35 with a high budget have the chance of getting their hands on a truly classic ride that is reliable, fast and amazingly beautiful to look at.

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