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Story of the Salmson creation

From the elegant 1920s models to the stylish '40s classics, the Salmson brand has always been an important part of automobile history. Founded in France by Emile Salmson, its iconic marque has since become a favorite of enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport and affluent people the world over. First produced in the late 19th century by Salmson's engineering and engine-building firm, the company has grown over the past 120 years to become one of the most imitated and revered car brands around. The first model, the S4E introduced in 1921, was designed by a team of engineer's at Salmson, and it became a model for later models on account of its superior craftsmanship and style. By the late 1920s and 30's, the Salmson Company had produced an impressive range of vehicles, from the sublime S4E to the luxurious S4M Coupe Sport and Salmson S4 SM Roadster. Not only these models set a new standard in elegance, but their reliability and performance made them a favorite among motoring aficionados. The 1940s saw another milestone for the Salmson Company, when the company chose to focus on creating more affordable vehicles that could be enjoyed by enthusiasts of all ages. This was followed by the 1948 introduction of the ZB series of slightly lowered saloons and coupes – a design that is still admired today. The 1950s saw further technological advances, such as the launch of the first Salmson models with four-speed gearboxes and front disc brakes, as well as the new GS Super-Luxe sports saloon. Further developments in the 1960s included the GT300, which was Salmson's first model with anti-lock brakes, and the XB variation of the popular range. By then, the Salmson brand had become an iconic presence around the world, with demand for the modern cars reaching celebrity status and the vintage models enjoying a special position among those who love classic and luxurious cars. From the SS30 Rally exhibited in a Motor Show to the first French Grand Prix held in 1895, the Salmson there was always at the centre of the latest trends and innovations. Today, the marque continues to impress and inspire with its classic style and up-to-date features. Many of Salmson's earlier models can still be seen on road-trips, and the new and ever-advancing cars remain icon of sleek racing, street-style cruising and luxurious sports. For the classic car enthusiast, or those searching for automotive elegance, the Salmson remains an essential choice.

Story of the Salmson models

Salmson is well-known in the vintage car world for their high-performance and great looks, and any enthusiast of antique vehicles would know when one of their luxuriously designed Yet Powerful models pass their way. While primarily known for their production of racing cars; Salmson – founded in 1890 – have produced some stunning road going models over the years as well as many popularly successful commercial and military vehicles. The Salmson GS (Grand Sport) was first introduced in 1925, a beautifully crafted 2 seater Tourer boasting a 70HP engine and thanks to impressive acceleration, allowed drivers to outrun rival models along the racing circuits of the day. Characterized by their enclosed cabin that is both modern and eye-catching, the GS was actively a part of the competition scene in Europe, Europe’s then-greatest national event was ‘L’ Alpine and covered 6,325km from the United Kingdom to Bucharest in Romania and teammates Contalabene and Rubinete finished 10th at the 1933 race afterwinning the smaller 750cc class prior in 1931. Another remarkable Salmson offering is the RL series. One of their most iconic models, the RL debuted in 1936 and was fitted with an 18hp engine and Rolls-Royce-derived 4-speed gearbox. Strikingly beautiful with its 'boat-tail' rear, the RL was so successful that it was upgraded, andbecame the HL in 1937 and featured an up-rated 25hp engine and larger chassis. Turret-mounted spare wheel, trumpets-horn and a luggage boot were all hallmark features of the new and improved RL. During WW2, Salmson also produced the ‘Train Electrique’ - electric powered trains – built with 25mm cannons and powered by a petrol electric drivetrain, they famously ran on electric rails across the boarders of France, Belgium and Germany somewhat ironically during the same period a well-known French pilot Andre Boillot was driving his Salmson Grand Sport powered by a 2-litre supercharged engine as a homage of to the model’s racing credentials. The luxurious Side Valve Salmson D1 is another true head-turner first released in 1928 with 50HP engine, 4-speed gearbox and a wheelbase of 275 cm, many coveted accessories such as the Cambridge six ‘H’ seats and electric starter added to the chic look of the timeless classic. It became a favorable go-to for affluent French middle-class families who sought the trendiness and style uniqueness of the popular model. A rare find in 2020(under $100,000 at auction), collectors of vintage cars, motorsports aficionados and enthusiasts of Salmson’s rich history appreciate their easy to drive chassis and unprecedented charm. Today-owned by Hong-Kong based Kumar Group, Salmson not only preserves their remarkable heritage, they continuously improve and release upgraded models of the beloved classics that shocked the world in events such as L’Alpine 1935 and caught the attention of many powerful and affluent individuals, who still appreciate and drive the captivating works of art to this very day. Salmson’s remarkable history, beautiful designs and long-running novelty is what makes them so fascinating, and champions of vintage, affluent drivers aged 35 to 65 have wholeheartedly embraced the captivating allure of these imposing and luxurious machines. Staying true to its history, the allure of owning a vintage Salmson is an experience that no motor-fan should overlook.

Story of the Salmson in motorsport

The history of Salmson in motorsport is one of daring, passion, and grit. Between the 1920s and 1960s, the car brand was one of the most represented on track, competing in events around the world. Founded in France in 1920 as part of the larger Société des Moteurs Salmson motor manufacturing company, the cars are easily recognizable for their distinctive design and have attracted a large following among vintage car enthusiasts as a result of their competitive prowess and incredible team spirit. In its first year, the racing team participated in the 1921 French Grand Prix Modena Circuit, and performed admirably for a first-year team with 2 podium places and 5th and 8th places overall in the race. The French Grand Prix was confident in the capabilities of the Salmson racing team, and raised their expectations for the following year. From the successes of the Modena Circuit, Salmson continued to compete in the French Grand Prix in the following year, the 1922 Toujour Perrem, and also participated in the Indianapolis 500. The driver for this event, 1924 Indianapolis 500 winner Tony Gulick, competed on a SPA23 paired with an 8.1L SOHC engine that took him to an impressive fourth place finish. This was the first time that a French racing driver had competed in the prestigious race. Salmson had their greatest successes in the 1930s and 1940s, where they won their second and third place in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1935 and 1939. These grand achievements had its moments with great drivers such as Louis Chiron and Achille Varzi fromand Jean-Pierre Wimille in 1935. Jean-Pierre met Louis during the race and took a liking to him, which led to his joining his team at a later date, this meeting played a role in helping Jean-Pierre join Salmson. Jean-Pierre had great success with the car in the French Grand Prix, breaking the track record with the legendary and technically superior 5208C model in 1937, driving the car to victory in the race and to a place in history. In the 1950s, Salmsons joined a number of events in the world of motorsports, including the Mille Miglia, 12 hours of Sebring, and the 24 hours of Spa. In these events, they were just as competitive as they were in the 1950s with vehicles like the spider S45 Sport Coupe scoring finishes in the top 10. Salmsons passionate devotion to motorsports was ultimately crowned with one of its greatest achievements in the 1966 24 hour car race at Spa-Francorchamps circuit. With its driver trio, Jacques Cocquerez, Christian Goethals and Sim Dallas, Salmson prepared a prototype Grand Sport that took sixth out of the entered cars. This is the result of a long, incredible journey that was full of passion, commitment, ambition and the will to always perform better. While it is uncertain how long the racing legacy of this brand will shape the French tour de force of motorsports, it is clear that the brand will always occupy a special place in motorsport history with its impressive racing records, engaging competitions and passionate devotion to the car. Popular to this day among vintage car lovers, motorsport enthusiasts and affluent people between 35 and 65, the Salmson brand continues to shine in its time-honored spirit of excellence.

Anecdotes about Salmson

Since 1911, Salmson has been a beloved and iconic car brand renowned for its elegance, craftsmanship and power, with a long list of stories and anecdotes that echo this history. From the 1930 Grand Prix, over three decades of racing excellence with the celebrated S4 in the 1950s and 60s, to the now mythical S7 Coupé built for an ambitious record in Le Mans in the early 70s, Salmson has long enchanted the world with tales of unparalleled success. This legendary French automaker began in France with the engineer Émile Salmson. An early innovator, Salmson opened his business in Chatou and began producing parts mainly for aircrafts, coffeemakers, buses, and military vehicles during World War I. Later, he decided to expand his company and started building motorcars. The first Salmson car was introduced in 1921 with the Type A. It was followed by the Type B two years later. Both models were equipped with a 2,400cc engine that provided 118bhp and a top speed of 90 mph. Salmson proudly carried the torch in motorsport, starting with the Nations Cup race at Brooklands in the late 30s. The brand’s first major success came in 1954, when Charles De Tornaco secured a second-place finish in the 1000 Km of Paris, driving a Salmson 2Dh. Following this, the brand went on to achieve several more successes in circuits such as Hockenheim and the Sebring 12 Hours, establishing Salmson as one of the most successful racing teams of its time. Another remarkable achievement came in 1971, when Salmson decided to build the S7 coupé in order to break the land-speed and endurance-distance records at Le Mans. At the time, it was the most expensive and powerful sports car to roll off the production line at Salmson’s factory. It was equipped with a 7,002cc engine that generated 570bhp, resulting in an impressive maximum speed of 231 mph and an impressive third-place finish in its category at Le Mans. Today, Salmson remains a beloved classic among vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport aficionados and people of discerning taste, here and around the world. The brand’s long history of success and exquisite craftsmanship gives it an undeniable charm that resonates with its fans and will continue to do so for many years to come. Salmson’s engaging stories and anecdotes that echo each stage of this history are just one of the reasons why these incredible machines will always be loved and appreciated.

Which Salmson for which budget?

Which Salmson for a low budget?

Lo and behold the affordability and legendary chic of Salmson cars—it’s like stepping into the time machine to a bygone era! For enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport and affluent people between 35 and 65, nothing says classic style like this French automotive icon. Whether looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, or to simply ride in classic car refined glory, Salmsons cars can offer up a magnificent entree into the realm of established chic for an extremely (well) affordable price. Ask any owner of a Salmson car and they will tell you that the smiles per gallon increase exponentially with this classic French marvel. From the convertible Sedan 1921 SIW to the supercharged post-war Grand Prix race cars, the Salmson legacy of power and precision will have any connoisseur of classic cars drooling. The motorcycle-like Salmson built its early reputation on quality craftsmanship, and today the Salmson name is synonymous with exceptional engineering. The idea for the iconic five-spoke car wheel rims, which can be seen on cars the world over, was supplied by the Salmson in 1925 – solidifying its name among the greats. Originally popular amongst pilots and the bonne vivants of early European society, this delightful classic is highly sought after even today. Boasting dynamic parts that have aged with rare beauty and confidence, the Salmson continues to provide speed, splendor, and safety at an incredibly low price but you better snap one up fast! So seat yourself inside the majesty of a venerable Salmson and discover what so many passionate vintage car enthuisiasts already know – the Salmson will always serve up an economical and luxurious ride!

Which Salmson for a medium budget?

At the fraction of the price of a classic sports car, the Salmson offers drivers a chance to own and inspire from a vintage motor-racing quality car. Founded in 1922, pioneers of the French automobile manufacturing industry, the Salmson team developed two decades of exciting cars. While the brand is often overshadowed by other bigger car manufacturers, it is no less impressive with its attention to detail, reliability and sportsmanship. Drivers who are passionate about vintage motor-racing should take a closer look at the Salmson, which provides a thoroughly enjoyable driving experience. The car has been engineered to precision, typified not only in the powerful engine but also in the dynamics and comfort of the cars. For motorsport enthusiasts, the Salmson seats provide great comfort and remain snug even on the long journeys. It is possible to purchase original Salmson spares and vintage cars in decent condition can usually be found with a medium budget. The car is ideal for regular weekend use, and due to its remarkable robustness it has remained popular for repair and restoration projects. The Salmson also has many appealing components to it, allowing drivers to modify the car to meet their demands. From custom aerials to vintage motoring style wheels, drivers can experience the Salmson range in a different, more personalized way. The car is also a great item for affluent individuals as its timeless styling allows owners to enjoy a classic while paying less than for a competitive sports car. The Salmson really is the car for those seeking a classic with all the expected mod cons. It makes a great choice for those who love vintage motoring and enjoy driving a stylish car. With a range and service to match, and for a medium budget, the Salmson promises a classic experience.

Which Salmson for a high budget?

Grand and Captivating: The Salmson: The High-End Vintage Motorsports Vehicle Few cars capture the luxurious appeal of vintage motorsports in the present day like the Salmson. Among the most sought-after cars by premium car aficionados for its exceptional luxury and robust engine performance, the Salmson has earned itself a distinguished name amongst vintage motorsports vehicles. Built by electrical engineer and aviation pioneer Emile Salmson, the initial cars presented in this iconic series first showcased their robust power over the imagination in 1920. From its inception, the Salmson has been distinguished to have a powerful overhead-valve cylinder engine supported by a three-speed selector underneath, all of which worked within frame constructions from steel and aluminum alloy material body. Since its 1920 debut, and through constant innovation, the Salmson has developed into a car that showcases exemplary performance, and among motorists, functions as an object of high-end design. Its contemporary modifications see its engines having either overhead cam or four cylinders opposed in style and exhaust valves and wonderful fabric bodies, often designed by specialist carrozzeria or French companies like Labourdette. Those interested in the Salmson can acquire some of the highest-end vintage cars on the market, thanks to its robust processes around its customer service. Services like an uncompressive warranty period of around one year, roadside assistance, a dedicated team of mechanics, and website-supported customer contact options showcase the affluent and stylish appeals of the Salmson's constructions. Such features agree with Salmson's noble mission of producing elegant and out of this world machines capable of enduring the test of time over and again. For those vintage motorsports enthusiasts between 35 and 65 years of age who desire a timelessly fashionable vehicle suitable for their budget, the Salmson is delicate combination of high performance without losing its bout of total elegance. With its great customer service and timeless enthralling design, owning the Salmson means owning a piece of French excellence. For its passionate admirers, the Salmson remains an impressive showcase of the make-grind world and an ultimate master piece of automotive art.

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