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Story of the Saleen creation

With passion and attention to detail, allow me to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the history of Saleen, a luxury American automotive brand with a wide appeal among vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport fans, and affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65. Established in 1983 by Steve Saleen and Sue Saleen, Saleen Automotive Inc. initiated its racing roots under the name "Saleen Performance Parts" supplying racing modifications for Mustangs. It all began with a 1983 Ford Mustang GT, a vision of an all-American sports car with race car heritage, and Saleen's dream to create a high-performance, street legal mass-production machine. Over the years, Saleen grew in popularity with racers and everyday drivers alike. They added to the Mustang and then expanded to other makes and models including the Porsche 911 and Dodge Viper. As time progressed they began to design and produce entire vehicles such as the S7 supercar and the highly acclaimed Saleen Mustang which became the poster car for the brand. Since Saleen's establishment, their vehicles have won several different awards and achieved some astonishing results considering the relative limited resources they had to start. The Saleen Mustang has been the frequent winner of drag races against its competition such as the Fireball. Saleen vehicles also achieved some high rankings in autocross events, and even some of the biggest car shows such as Hot n’ Hour and Power Tour have acknowledged their accomplishments. The success of the brand has only risen throughout the years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Saleen recently released its new SS model, the fastest version of Ford’s Escape line, and has begun production of complete vehicles using their own electric power train systems, a move that seemingly departs from their motor heritage. In their ongoing efforts to stay ahead of the competition, Saleen has shown that their ambition and fervor for innovation remain unabated. Saleen has earned their cult classic status amongst discerning car enthusiasts and it is this passion for automotive engineering that continues to fuel their drive to stay ahead of the pack. A dedication to the values of motorsport that started with steve and sue continues to this day and regardless off where the journey leads them Saleen remains the driving force behind car enthusiasm loved by countless now and in the future.

Story of the Saleen models

Saleen is a globally recognized American car brand that dates back over 30 years. Over the decades, Saleen has created some of the most spectacular cars in the world and appeals to enthusiasts, vintage car buffs, motorsport-lovers and affluent people of all ages. Whether it be a vintage Salen supercar, a modern production car or a track-prepped race car, there’s no denying the potent power and passionate performance that a Saleen car guarantees. Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most renowned models of this incredible car brand. First up, the S7. Introduced in 2000, the S7 has been timelessly crafted to perfection, both inside and out. It starts off at around half a million dollars and its carbon fibre body, Alcoa 6061-T6 aerospace aluminium frame and lavish modern design is something else! The S7 has way more than just amazing looks – its 7.0 litre naturally aspirated V8 churns out long lasting, pure power. In addition, its spacious, well-designed cockpit provides an enjoyable and comfortable driving experience, a feature that unites Saleen owners from all around the world. Next, the S302 Black Label. Although not as intimidating or as expensive as the S7, the Black Label definitely isn’t short of power either. Much like the S7, the Black Label has the same V8, but provided with a gigantic aluminum hood scoop, which boosts the car’s performance and makes it easier to cool down the engine on hot days. It’s perfect for everyday use, track days and touring exotic countries alike. As fantastic as it sounds, the Black Label contains one gadget you won’t find anywhere else; the power slot distributor. This unique component modifies the V8 to provide nearly 600bhp whenever you please. Lastly, the S351 is a force to be reckoned with. Under its massive V8 engine lies Saleen’s own extruded aluminium coil-over suspension, 40% stiffer than the standard Mustang’s. As if that doesn’t amaze enough, the S351’s aerodynamics produce over 400 lbs of downforce at top speeds – a trait that you won’t find anywhere else. Ultimately, the passion of Saleen cars speaks for itself; it’s among one of the oldest and most respected car makers in the United States. Its spirit and penchant for quality construction will keep us all praising the work of its talented engineers for years to come. Whether it’s its matchless style, supreme power or just plain enthusiasm, Saleen vehicles will undoubtedly leave you in awe.

Story of the Saleen in motorsport

Since the late 1980’s, Saleen has been a leader in many facets of the motorsport scene. Founded by Steve Saleen and his ambition to foster cars with fresh ideas and performance-driven designs, the company has remained an enduring name in the world of automotive enthusiasts. The story of Saleen began in 1984, when Steve Saleen left an established auto racing career to pursue a passion more focused on car culture. What he created was an amalgam of street smarts and pure racing spirit: the Ford Mustang-based Saleen Mustang SSC. In the spirit of building cars that went beyond the checkbook, Steve Saleen quickly modified existing Ford S550 Mustangs into an SCCA-approved race car, making it the first Sport Compact Car model registered and roadway-legal in the United States. Even before production of the production-run Saleen Mustang began, the thrill of victory was already in the air for both the Saleen family and its die-hard supporters. In 1985, Saleen was awarded a Special Recognition Engineering Achievement Award from Ford Motor Company based on his achievements in motorsport and design. His commitment to producing the fastest pony car available turned heads at the Daytona 500 that same year, where Saleen-sponsored drivers, Brett Bodine and Roush Racing racer, Todd Bodine, became the first Mustang-bodied race team to complete the grueling competition. Not content to stay on the sidelines, Saleen and his team created the SSC Thunderbird, which he entered in the 1986-87 International Race of Champions (IROC) series. Of the 9 races that year, the SSC Thunderbird finished 8 of them, taking 3rd place in the overall standings. This legacy of endurance continued through the years, solidifying Saleen's reputation for crafting robust cars that could endure the most punishing courses. Today, the dedicated heritage of Saleen continues to push forward in the realm of racing and design. At SEMA, the world's largest aftermarket automotive event, Saleen still regularly showcases their latest developments in high-performance engines, aerodynamics, and suspension technology. From custom-built cars to production-run models, each model puts into evidence extraordinary results with regards to performance and building a glamorous and confident brand identity. These values of luxury and speed have made the Saleen brand, a popular one amongst motorsport enthusiasts, car collectors, and affluent people alike. With a legacy steeped in racing history and ambitious engineering, it's easy to see why Saleen still embodies the purest form of automotive passion in the modern automotive landscape.

Anecdotes about Saleen

The American automotive company Saleen has a long and varied history full of exciting and eccentric anecdotes. Established in 1983 by Steve Saleen, who gained much acclaim in the motorsport world, Saleen created some of the most striking and powerful high-performance cars of its time. For auto enthusiasts, Saleen is an iconic name synonymous with quality engineering and unique aesthetic. One of the most celebrated Saleen creations is the Saleen S7, an American-made supercar first launched in 2000. And while the styling and engineering of the S7 was remarkable, the backstory of its initial launch is even more noteworthy. Innovative and ambitious, Steve Saleen created the extravagantly styled S7 to to showcase a new level of engineering and design, with no expense spared in its pursuit of maximum performance. It seemed to bridge the performance gap between sporty, customizable Mustang muscle cars and a worldclass exotic supercar. Steve Saleen put everything into it, and such was his enthusiasm and passion that he used the S7 to set the fastest time for an American car ever to be circulation on the famed Nürburgring race track's Nordschleife circuit. The S7 made quite a splash when it was introduced. Equipped with a purpose-built aluminum chassis and an alloy aluminum body, its 550 horses under the hood allowed it to race from 0 to 60 mph in just over three seconds. In addition to Its impressive power, the Saleen S7 was just as impressive for its continuous development and expansion in the face of relentless competition. Despite the economic downturn of 2009, which put an end to new S7 production, enthusiasts around the world continue to marvel at how the S7 brought 'supercar' performance levels to the lifespan of domestic production vehicles. It was and continues to be an incredible and extraordinary success story, a true testament to the will and ambition of the late Steve Saleen. Any car lover, motorsport enthusiast, or collector in their late thirties to mid-sixties with an eye for quality engineering and an appreciation of striking aesthetics will likely be drawn to the unique history, powerful engineering, and passionate story of Saleen. With any luck, its fascinating anecdotes, continued legacy of innovation, and unbeatable passion will only be increased by time. Without a doubt, Saleen will continue to prove itself as a pioneer in the automotive world.

Which Saleen for which budget?

Which Saleen for a low budget?

Finding affordable classic cars can be a challenge, and when you find one, it chances there likely won't be a wide range of models and makes available. However, with Saleen, enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsports, and affluent drivers can acquire a classic classic at an affordable price. From Los Angeles to London, Saleen has been producing cars for generations. The iconic American racing brand has an ever-growing selection of sleek models, from the classic Saleen S7 to the eye-catching Cropster. Each of these models can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of other esteemed vintage vehicles. Founded in 1983 by Steve Saleen, the company began racing domestic series in the 1980s, rapidly gaining recognition among the speed fanatics. Today, Saleen continues to produce performance-oriented cars and upgrades to its existing models. Many of these vehicles boast eye-catching and unique aesthetics, distinguishing them from other classic cars. In addition to having a great selection of cars, Saleen also provides care of their vehicles to ensure they continue to impress for generations. From engines to suspensions, brakes, steering systems and transmissions, all components are kept in check for optimum performance. In addition, Saleen also has some of the most passionate mechanics and restorers in the scene – many of whom have been around since the company's conception. When it comes to financials, Saleen vehicles are surprisingly available to the masses. Some models come with price tags of around £30,000 but most models can be found for much less. It also doesn't hurt that Saleen offers a comprehensive line of services to meet any driver's budget, no matter if you are looking to purchase your dream car or just make a few aesthetic tweaks. From collectors to newly minted enthusiasts, Saleen provides an exciting range of vehicles for people passionate about classic cars. Drivers will be passionate about everything from high-end engines to luxurious launches, which puts ownership of a Saleen excitingly close. Don't let the allure of other vintage cars distract you – Saleen's value and luxury can't be denied.

Which Saleen for a medium budget?

The Saleen is one of the most iconic classic cars produced, a symbol of passion and automotive luxury. Born as a division of Ford Motors in 1985, Saleen Automotive quickly rose in prominence thanks to the quality design and engineering of two of their chief designers, Steve Saleen and Paul Wilkins. The design of the cars radiates a sophisticated performance personality. In addition to being a prestigious vehicle, the authentic Saleen car has a bold and powerful presence that elevates them to a remarkable level – one which has captivated car (and racing) enthusiasts for decades. The Saleen is considered a valuable and superior automotive investment for affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65. The cars have a long history of dominating the race track, and present vintage car lovers with exceptional opportunities to acquire an authentic Saleen for a relatively reasonable or medium-range budget. To give an in-depth look into the world of Saleen Motors, we can look to their 1985 launch year. It was the time when the first generation of Saleen classic cars, also nicknamed the “Fox-body” – took the automobile world by storm. It gained popularity very quickly because of its characteristic aerodynamic body style and remarkable performance capability on the race track. With its limited production run, it can be a highly sought-after collectible for enthusiasts. The late 1980s version of Saleen cars featured Twin-turbos and all-wheel drivesignatures that embodied ultimate engineering and design excellence. Oftentimes these classic cars withstood countless upgrades, with upgraded suspension, upgraded thrusters, reinforced chassis, and much more – showcasing a standard that pushed the industry boundaries. After years of offering the classic Saleen model, the cars were eventually outfitted with superior engines and more innovative designs to mark over 20 years of the Saleen revolution. Those who appreciate affordable yet superior variants of classic cars can now gain access to a Saleen package for a truly medium budget. A wealth of enthusiasts take advantates of this financial opportunity, and purchase the celebrity style – classic sophistication embodied within thrilling on-track abilities that the legendary Saleen superior automotive experience embodies. Saleen automobiles – both rare and vintage -- continue to be revered by collectors and experienced drivers alike. If you’re a passionate car lover looking to upgrade your collection by investing in a prestigious classic car, look no further than the iconic Saleen lineup for immense value and remarkable driving experience. It presents a great opportunity for those seeking to gain access to an extraordinary vehicle they can be proud to own, at a price that fits any medium budget.

Which Saleen for a high budget?

Nothing compares to the sleek lines and powerful engine of a Saleen car. No matter if it’s a vintage, modern or modified version; Saleen stands out from the crowd with their go beyond imaginative engineering and unique style. Saleen vehicles offer exclusive, cutting-edge performance to the luxury sports car market, catering not only to automated driving, but the thrill of the drive itself. For the discerning enthusiast of vintage luxury vehicles, nothing showcases the power and beauty of Saleen cars quite like the iconic S7, Saleen’s flagship vehicle famously based on the unique bonded aluminum chassis and a hand-crafted, aluminum-body for optimal aerodynamics. With its combination of brute power, unique arrangement of curvatures and American craftsmanship, the S7 is a powerful statement of lifestyle and ambitions. For the motorsport fan, the Saleen GT500 is a vastly impressive track car, built to dominate the road course with its blisteringly fast yet surprisingly controlled power delivery. With its big brakes, bullet-proof transmission, and adjustable height and wheelbase, this car will push any driver to its full potential. Iconic rally racing livery options include the classic blue and white livery that made this car famous, as well as many contemporary graphical offerings befitting this modern classic. If you are looking for something a bit more contemporary, then the flagship Saleen S1 is the ideal choice for luxury performance. This supercar offers the latest ultra-performance features, including an incredibly powerful 6.4 liter V8 engine, a Variable Geometry Suspension system and sophisticated aerodynamics to ensure dynamic stability and optimized levels of downforce. Naturally, these are only a few of your many options. To have the full-spectrum of luxury performance that only the Saleen Cars can offer, there is a wide range of signature styles and suite availabilities that cater to any driver’s needs and preferences. With each of the cars available at different budgets to cater to anything from luxury performance enthusiasts to wealthy collectors, Saleen makes every aspect of the luxury performance lifestyle approachable. Whatever your tastes or assumptions may be about luxury performance driving, Saleen has something for you. With its dedication to iconic style, comfortable usability and innovative technology, every ingredient of a beautiful car experience is in a Saleen car. Whether you have a penchant for vintage elegance or sculpted lines and roaring peformance, Saleen Cars are the ideal statement of style and power.

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