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Story of the Rossion creation

The Car Brand Rossion: History of a Passionate Journey Since the early 1990s, Rossion has been creating some of the most technically advanced and stylish vehicles for enthusiasts of vintage cars and motorsport. Founded by Steve Saleen, Rossion's premium vehicles have been sought after by affluent individuals between 35-65 years old who love the look of exotic cars. By providing an exclusive selection of supercars and signature style, Rossion has gained an iconic status that continues to grow. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Rossion was born out of Saleen’s vision of producing performance vehicles to rival top-tier supercars. After unveiling the modestly-sized Mustang S281 at the 1997 SEMA show, the brand gained an international following quickly. Now, with each model year, new design features and exceptional technical sophistication can be found on even their most basic cars. Pursuit of perfection has driven Rossion for the last two-and-a-half decades. Soon after Saleen received his first patent for superchargers in 1998, he began producing the world's first convertible supercar - the 2002 Rossion Q1. A dream machine for both European auto enthusiasts and motoring journalists alike, the Q1’s soon-to-be iconic combination of performance and luxury helped propell the company to greater heights and recognition. In 2008, Rossion took its first steps towards expanding into other markets by establishing a German subsidiary. From there, the brand branched out further with their first major offering in Europe. The 2011 Noble M500 was a fitting tribute to their American background and raced on the Continent with the German VLN Championship. As a way tostay at the forefront of automotive performance and design, Rossion continues to produce vehicles with well-crafted experiential driving characteristics. Throughout the years, Rossion has positioned itself within the automotive industry as a trailblazer in technology & innovation and style. Their detailed designs capture the essence of style & performance, as each creation clearly speaks to its painstaking craft. Rossion’s commitment to creating an amazing experience for both their performance and their luxury customers, through technological advances and exquisite detailing, helps guarantee that their vehicles remain the envy of the automotive world. No matter what size Rossion vehicle you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting luxurious aesthetics and elite performance capabilities. From the Q1 convertible to the M900 coupe, Rossion takes your journey to the next level. With over 25 years of successful car-concery and design under their belt, Rossion continues to pave the way for owners to enjoy a passionate ride through life.

Story of the Rossion models

Rossion is a brand that has a rich and distinguished history in the world of sport and vintage vehicles. Established in San Francisco in 2008, Rossion has achieved an incredible legacy through their unification of modern and classic design principles resulting in iconic driving machines. Renowned for their exciting lineup of performance cars, Rossion has a range of beautiful models to choose from across various decades. Here are some of the most well-known Rossion models and their most noteworthy features. The Rossion Q1: This model, presented in 2009, is widely regarded as the fastest street legal production car under US DOT standards. It has a stunning, exotic design with a distinctive carbon fiber body and two impressive Garrett turbocharged engines. It boasts an impressive 0-60 mph performance and a top speed in excess of 190 mph. The Rossion Noble M400: The Noble M400 was first released in 2006 and features an all-aluminum body over a chassis that includes suspension design from the Colin McRae Evolution VI rally car. It is light and incredibly powerful, offering a 0-60 mph time of around 3.5 seconds. The Rossion S4S: This model, released in 2010, is incredibly diverse in its level of customization. It represents the perfect combination of power and luxury, featuring an Austrian tuner engine boosted to nearly 800 horsepower and covers up to 680 miles per tank. This model comes with options such as full leather interior, alloy wheels, and upgraded brakes and suspension. The Rossion S7: Unveiled in 2011, the S7 is an impressive model with thundering performance thanks to a 7.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that pushes out an amazing 900 horsepower. This car is considered one of the most extreme and capable high-performance cars on the market, with 0-60 mph times of under three seconds and a top speed of 230 mph. To experience the Rossion brand's inimitable spirit and undeniable performance, there is truly no substitute. Each of the models listed here combine years of craftsmanship, unrivaled technical excellence, and above all, a passionate approach to automotive design. Whether you're a classic car enthusiast, a motorsport connoisseur, or an affluent enthusiast aged between 35 and 65, they each provide the perfect expression of automotive art in their own way.

Story of the Rossion in motorsport

Motorsport has long been inextricably linked to the car brand Rossion and its illustrious history. Rossion vehicles have competed, and won, in a wide range of prestigious automotive racing series spanning two decades. Telltale tales have long circled around Rossion’s association with motorsport success, which dates back to the early 2000s with its S1 model in open-wheels race series. Rossion went on to achieve unprecedented success at racing venues around the world, earning them the accolades of fans, the motorsport media and their peers. Throughout their racing endeavors, Rossion cars continually achieved exceptional performance and collected impressive championship wins, firmly placing the brand as one of the greatest contenders in the racing industry. The brand's ascent to becoming a true racing competitor was set into motion following their introduction into the trophy class at the 2001 24 Hours of Le Mans. Since then, their passion and pursuit of racing perfection has seen models such as the S2, S3 and S9 enter into renowned and established automotive series including the American Le Mans Series, Super V8 Racing Series and the FIA GT3 World Championship. Rossion was also instrumental in pioneering the development of the endurance racing engine, with a turbocharged aluminum V8 for use in the S3 ‘Sergei’ being the first in Russia to incorporate these features, and lead to the subsequent bespoke 7.4-liter engine used in the S9. In 2018, Rossion's motorsport ascension from strong competitor to outright champion was further cemented in its GT3 specialist series appearances around the world. Notably, its entry in the Spanish GT5 Championship saw Rossionachieve period domination of Round 6, with drivers taking 1st, 6th and 10th place. Throughout its motorsport heritage, Rossion has been a consistent contributor in the development of ground-breaking racing technology across its various series appearances. Maintaining that passion and commitment to compression and mixing larger engines has enabled Rossion to retain its supreme racing pedigree and reputable standing within motorsport circles. Rossion’s history of motor racing is deeply rooted, and its expertise is renowned for pioneering World-class engineering and components. Catering to an affluent audience between 35 and 65 years old, the brand continues to provide a uniquely passionate and viscerally satisfying driving experience but nowhere is this more evident than on the racetrack. With each generation of Rossion models equipped with advanced aerodynamics and race-ready gearboxes, it is no surprise that Rossion is still considered a formidable contender in modern vintage automotive races and events.

Anecdotes about Rossion

Rossion Cars: A Passion-Fueled Brand with a Rich Anecdotal Legacy Anyone who holds a soft spot in their hearts for vintage cars, motorsport, and luxurious engineering from the perspective of mobility ought to have heard of Rossion. This classic car brand, founded in 2008, is renowned worldwide for its production of extremely speedy cars that have a very unique appearance. But aside from their performance on-road, the Rossion brand has grown its fanbase over the years with its multitude of anecdotes that paints a larger narrative of what Rossion is all about – the passion of driving to your heart's content, your way. So, let’s take a look at the Rossion story and reminisce on some of its historical highlights. For its first year of production, Rossion provided its unique sports car to only fifteen drivers, primarily entrepreneurs and collectors in the Seattle area. All the cars were exact replicas of the Noble M600 chassis, the modified and supercharged V6 version of the Nissan GT-R. They were sold for $160,000 each and proved to be significantly impressive on the road. In 2011, Rossion unveiled their second-generation car, the Rossion Q1. This luxury car combined the Noble M600’s chassis with a modified aerodynamic design. It was the fastest production car ever made and proved that Rossion was serious in their pursuit of high performance. Less than a year after introducing the Q1, Rossion presented the Q1 EV, a fully electric version of the Q1. It was a major milestone to be achieved by the brand, and was proudly hailed as the first electric sports car released with a full half-second quicker zero to 60 time than the M600. Many EEV car-lovers commended Rossion’s breakthrough long before Tesla made its foray into the luxury electric car market. By 2015, the company had over four hundred customers from five continents with their then current model, the Atom.. This boutique-level metal body car was sold with both petrol and electric engines to meet the needs of every kind of customer. The Atom showcased Rossion’s continued pursuit of creating high performance, luxury cars. Since 2016, Rossion has remained mostly in the headlines for developing the RP-1, a track-only supercar that was made famous in McLaren’s documentary, The Great Escape - The Return. This car can reach a whopping top speed of over 190mph after 30 seconds of incredible acceleration. Finally, for 2019, Rossion debuted another memorable type of vehicle: the 10-speed Special Servicing Program – the 10SSP, a three-year tenant and track-support program for its customers. This initiative further positioned Rossion as a classic and historic luxury brand and established a sense of ease and comfort that would truly appeal to affluent customers aged 35 to 65. Rossion Cars has truly established itself as a unforgettable name in the world of vintage cars. For any fan of motorsports or the luxury experience of driving a classic vehicle to the edge of its performance envelope, Rossion is the brand to trust. Get behind the wheel of a Rossion and experience the passion-fueled anecdotal legacy for yourself.

Which Rossion for which budget?

Which Rossion for a low budget?

Are you an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport, and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old looking for an affordable ride? Rossion Motors has the ride for you! Founded in 2006, Rossion prides itself on creating generations of high-performance vehicles that demonstrate good quality and control without sacrificing style. With a Rossion, you can expect superior agility combined with an aggressive design and a luxurious interior. At Rossion Motors, their goal is to provide customers with an enjoyable driving experience every time. From their latest flagship model, the Rossion Q1, to the iconic and beloved Rapide, Rossion Records offers plenty of rides to accommodate different styles and needs. The Rossion Q1 is the perfect car for those on a tight budget. This model, named "The Uncommom Super Car of Middle Class People", provides a powerful and reliable engine, as well as a comfortable interior with luxuries such as dual climate control, navigation, power everything, and aluminum alloy wheels. Its rear-drive chassis ensures precision driving and responsiveness while a 2.0-liter inline-four engine powers the ride. If you're after something a bit more unique, look no further than the Rossion R660. This revolutionary model from Rossion boasts a racing exhaust system and lightweight forged wheels all while providing superior performance from its 390HP, mid-mounted engine. The R660 also has special paint options, upgradable suspension, and numerous aerodynamics upgrades to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you're chasing speed, or just appreciate luxurious classic cars with a modern twist, the Rossion Motors lineup offers a ride for everyone. With fast performance, eye-catching designs, and comfortable interiors, Rossion Motors lets you find the car of your dreams at an affordable price. Reach out to them today and start enjoying your new ride!

Which Rossion for a medium budget?

Do you own a classic car and are tired of overpriced, underperforming garage relics? Then introducing Rossion: the perfect combination of classic and modern, delivered in a luxurious, adrenaline-inducing package. With origins stemming from South Africa, the Rossion marque is considered to be an iconic symbol of luxury, power and sophistication. Founded in 2003, Rossion have created a collection of beautifully sculpted vehicles — handcrafted by expert craftsmen in stunning detail. They are a truly unique experience for both keen classic car enthusiasts and motorsport fans alike. Proudly boasting an enviable list of award-winning accolades, Rossion has established themselves as one of the leading names for premium vehicles for mid-range budgets. Their models combine traditional touches of classic motoring with modern exhilaration and performance. Our focus is to bring you an assurance of quality, safety and dependability. From the moment you step in to your Rossion, you will be experiencing a unique driving sensation that combines thrilling performance, pleasure, and evidence of engine superiority. Experience our precision engineering, quality grace, and cutting-edge technology. This luxury driving experience doesn't need to break the bank. Within a mid-range budget, you can get creative and customize your ideal Rossion with features such as upgraded packages, leather seats, performance accessories, and more. With limited-edition models that cannot be acquired anywhere else, Rossion offers a unique driving experience that looks to fuel your passion with pure joy. Our company prides itself on providing an intimate driving experience that can leave you feeling empowered and excited. The Rossion marque offers drivers a truly unique and invigorating experience – it was created for a new breed of classic car enthusiasts; whether it be style, performance, safety, or affordability – Rossion promises you that your leading choice should never be ordinary. Are you looking for a classic car that encompasses the passion of motorsport? Are you seeking adrenaline, performance, grace, and affluence with every bend and corner? Then explore your extravagance with Rossion – driving with power, precision and style. We look forward to hearing your story and being part of it.

Which Rossion for a high budget?

Finding yourself looking to rev up your passion in vintage cars? You won’t have to look any further than the exclusive and luxurious Rossion. Perfect for those who want to hit the road with style and class, prestigious American sports car maker Rossion stands behind their cars with a commitment to excellence. Whether you’re an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsports, or a wealthy 35 to 65 year old looking for the perfect roadster, Rossion offers multiple models to give you that perfect hint of classic style. Think gourmet-level classic design paired with the latest in modern technology: all sourced from top-of-the-line parts for a smooth and luxurious ride, all available for the high-budget driver. The Rossion Q1 is one of the most notable models, boasting an lightweight exoskeleton constructed of aerospace-grade steel and diamond plate steel. Comfort and design are equally important in the Q1, with sporty leather seating and high-end Lusso leather, carbon fiber, and Italian suede throughout. Adaptive air suspension allows superior handling and driver control, while a 383 cubic inch V8 LS1 gives maximum power — perfect for the everyday drive and the occasional visit to the racetrack. Then there’s the Rossion Noble. For those wanting to show off, the Noble has a handcrafted and beautifully detailed interior. Along with luxury heating and custom stereos, it features RS-spec Recaro racing seats and the signature Noble grille. Powered by a Supra straight-six engine, it’s just as quick and comfortable as the Q1, and with a manual 6-speed optional transmission, it often appeals to those who want a Sport mode with full exhilaration and full control. For the nostalgic, Rossion has a classic: the Relic R2. Built for those wanting a taste of the past, the R2 combines retro styling options with modern creature comforts. This car is lightweight and, to get the most out of its performance, features adjustable traction control. Horsepower is no issue either — with a 416cubic inch V8 engine providing sideways G-force whenever it’s needed. There’s also Bluetooth and A/C controls for the passenger’s ultimate ease and comfort. Choose Rossion for your luxury car needs, and you’ll be assured the highest quality car craftsmanship and performance available. So no matter your preference of vintage cars, motorsports, or sheer luxury, Rossion reigns supreme when it comes to quality and performance. With prices that vary for all three models, money won’t be an object for the power and elegance you will find in these cars. Explore the avenues of vintage style — without the vintage pitfalls — with Rossion. Drive off with the beautiful performance and classic elegance only Rossion can offer and make luxury look easy.

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