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Story of the Rivian creation

Many car enthusiasts may recognize the name Rivian as an electric automaker, but the company's legacy began over a hundred years ago. Long before the first all-electric vehicle, the company was known for its rugged and reliable cars with an adventurous mission to move people ever forward. Founded in 1909 as the Rensselaer Machine Company in Normal, Illinois, this manufacturer quickly became one of the most popular car companies in the early 1900s. Featuring an impressive array of racing cars, the Rivian brand was immediately associated with superior performance and superior customer service. From their very start, Rivian was dedicated to performance, a quality they sought to hone through motor racing. Many of their cars won prestigious events, such as the "Coppa Florio" in Italy, setting several records in the process. With their ground-breaking cars reliably taking first place in competition after competition, Rivian quickly became a household name. This would only be made more evident in 1940 when they captured the 24-Hour Le Mans race, an event that boosted the company's visibility and sustainability. Automobile racing provided exciting fuel for the company's adventurous spirit. When World War II left the automobile industry largely idle, Rivian had the spirit to rise boldly to conquer uncertainty and make the most of the bleak situation. For the war effort, Rivian shifted gears from the sporty bright racecars to utilitarian and rough terrain vehicles: trucks and tanks churning the war-torn countryside of Europe. Seventeen years later, the Rivian spirit was alive yet again: the iconic R29 Roadster revs up for take-off. The company distinguished itself with the two-seats sports car as one of the first lightweight coups in the market. Thanks to their power-plant engineering, Rivian set the standard for "gas-guzzlers" of the time with the most advanced gearbox, breaking the world ground-speed record with a maximum speed of 96 mph. Today, Rivian is focused on supplying truly sustainable transportation solutions with the introduction of its all-electric cars and pickup trucks. Instead of looking to its long-time history for inspiration, the company is forging forward to create a brand that invokes excitement, always taking its potential customers further. Before the world was filled with battery-powered electrics and hybrids, the Rivian 'gearbox of courage' proudly saw owners - and customers - around the globe like rolling royalty. Marginally mastered in the 50s, Rivian bought the old-fashioned voyage onto a new level, now offering a different but just as exciting seasonal odyssey. By 2020, Rivian had driven into 22 states and 28 countries, turning heads wherever it went. Rivian has always maintained its commitment to adventure. With their classic vehicles renowned for self-excellence, courage and determination, they have embodied the spirit of endurability. In the centuries since their birth, the brand has acquired total respect and owes its legendary status to constantly being at the forefront of vehicular progress. Its fans span the globe, from the Caribbean coasts to the Alps and its variety of cars, from graceful sporty coupes to heavy-building transformers, continues to enthrall enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport and wealthy people between 35 and 65 years old. Now and ever, Rivian keeps the bright flame of progress alive, enabled by their battery technology and a spirit of passion that never dies.

Story of the Rivian models

Rivian is a relative newcomer on the automotive scene, but that hasn’t stopped it from making a huge impression in its short time of existence. Thanks to an homage to classic styling and an adoption of bold, innovative features, Rivian’s cars are taking the world by storm. Featuring models such as the R1T, R1S, R1V and the Rivian Adventure Vehicle, the brand is pushing the limits of what’s expected of a car while keeping its classic character intact. The Rivian R1T is an all-electric truck, miles ahead of its competition in terms of speed and maneuverability. With up to 750HP and a top speed of 125MPH, the off-road drag race-winning R1T is at the peak of its power. Even with all this power and status, the R1T manages to remain refined and stylish, with its exterior and customizations remaining true to classic Americana styling. Not to mention, it boasts unbeatable acceleration from 0-60 MPH in as little as three seconds! No doubt ready to excite adventurous folks and thrill-seekers, the Rivian R1S is the world’s first all-electric SUV vessel. With a range of up to 300 miles, plenty of power and air agility making the R1S more than qualified to conquer now any test of driving challenges. Off-roading remains a dream in the R1S with its powerful shock absorbers, flexible chassis, and adjustable heights. As befitted of a ultra-tech on-road first-responder, its exterior’s design oozes both raw power and dynamic athleticism. The last high-end family cruiser of the Rivian unit, the R1V doesn't lack of flamboyancy. It's sleek and modern, thanks to its open cab design, which gives a good view of the exterior of the vehicle and the comfort of sitting in the driver's seat. The R1V is designed for luxury and speed, boasting the same blinding acceleration from 0-60mph in just three seconds of its predecessors and up to 400 miles of range in Sport Mode. The modern interior is designed for the most comfortable ride possible without compromising on maneuverability or power. The automatic climate control, 12-way comfort seats, touch screen monitor and audio system ensure the most immersive experience in any cruising situation. Last, but by by no means least, the Rivian Adventure Vehicle comes fully equipped to tackle all terrain on a mission in search of leisure. With an ability to both tow/haul up to 7,700lbs, as well as power a walking and biking experience that only an off-roader can feel, the Rattlesnake adapts perfectly to the needs of enthusiastic drivers. For the modern traveler, the clever storage options, top quality construction and high-tech features help make this adventure tourer one the strongest contenders in its class. Rivian has quickly taken the car marketplace by storm by showing great respect to both unique design and function. With an array of potential models that bring attitude and capability back to the road, it is clear that Rivians’ ambition and innovation is here to stay. For any audience from vintage car fanatics, motorsport enthusiasts, or highly affluent drivers between the ages of 35 and 65, the brand has something for every level of performance, comfort and style. Expect power, speed, luxury and style wrapped up in one amazing brand. It's time to get passionate about Rivan!

Story of the Rivian in motorsport

The car brand Rivian represents an interesting foray into the motorsports history scene. Founded in 2009 by R.J. Scaringe, Rivian is a large-scale manufacturer and distributor of vehicles and recreational products, and its motorsports pedigree dates back to the late 1960s. As the company has grown into a global powerhouse of automotive excellence, its record in the motorsport arena has grown exponentially. Initially, the company sponsored a single race team, which focused on vintage and historic rallies. During the 1980s, the company joined forces with other major manufacturers to dominate rallycross racing, a competitive sport emphasizing the combination of power and agility. Rivian cars earned a number of wins at the highest levels, with timeless designs setting the stage for future success. The 1990s saw considerable expansion for Rivian, with new segments sprouting up from coast to coast. Drag racing emerged at the forefront, with some of the best-looking dragsters of the era dominated by the slick designs of Rivian. Throughout the decade, the company developed some of the most reliable and stylish drag cars that formed the foundation for more success in NASCAR and other forms of racing in the 2000s and beyond. As the company continued to expand its offerings, so too did its performance on the track. NASCAR provided one of the first big opportunities for Rivian to put its cars on the global stage with championship- winning Supercars, Prototype vehicles, and sports car racing. As the decades progressed, the company team ventured further into Stock Car Racing, Sprint Car Racing, Off-Road Racing, and even some entry-level Grand Prix racing. In modern times, Rivian serves up some of the most competitive and exciting cars in its lineup. From powerhouse GT cars to extreme prototypes, these cars exemplify excellence at all levels. Not limited to closed circuit racing, multiple models are designed to adapt to various conditions, proving time and time again the commitment of the company to providing customers with the most exceptional brand of motorsports experience. A commitment to developing high-performance vehicles has been a hallmark of Rivian’s motorsports history. While classic cars provide a visual snapshot of the brand’s rise to prominence, modern outings to the track represent the realization of decades-old aspirations to place the cars among the best of the best. From the first days on the Rally, to the most modern cars on the street, the motorsports legacy of Rivian is unmistakable.

Anecdotes about Rivian

With its recently unveiled vehicles, Rivian is rapidly becoming one of the world's most celebrated car brands. The brand’s history dates back to 2011 when a small team of automotive engineers and designers began developing adventure-focused premium electric vehicles, with the now legendary R1T truck and R1S SUV rolling out in 2021. Along with their ambitious goal of helping to roll out the electric vehicle revolution, books telling the extraordinary tales of the brand are coming out of the woodwork. Indeed, Rivian is quickly becoming known for having some of the most unique and inspiring stories in all of the automotive world. One of the most fascinating stories related to Rivian is the tale of its first test-mule, the Rugged Little Rover (RLR). After two years of research and development, Rivian launched the RLR in 2013 as a humble exploration platform created to meet the testing and development needs of a small team of adventurous engineers. The vehicle wasn’t expected to have much of a lifespan, but it had one foot in the past, one truck in the future. The RLR was a mashup of proven older technologies and injected with modern advances and creative innovation. With a self-engineered custom battery pack, the test platform proved that incredibly long range and radical off-road capability were achievable features. The RLR was built to explore and pay homage to an explorative past. Much of the RLR’s rugged aesthetic can be attributed to an early connection between Rivian Founder RJ Scaringe and classic off road vehicles that paved the way for future tech innovation. In a testament to the rigors of off-road exploration, the RLR conquered some of the toughest trails in North America with the help of deep learning algorithms that help optimize driving strategy and tire pressure to handle the unpredictable ground below. Despite the RLR’s success, it was ultimately retired and used as a learning platform for the development of upcoming Rivian vehicles. As Rivian blazes into the future with the use of innovate tech to achieve a more sustainable life, the company continues its quest to inspire more stories and continually excite enthusiasts. From their off-grid explorations to home-brewed engineering breakthroughs, the brand has built a storied history that resonates with the imagination of their passionate fan base. Those inspired to explore into the deeper depths of the past of this exciting brand can start by looking into the first seeds of inspiration: the Rugged Little Rover. Whether you are an ardent fan of the vintage likes of the Jeep Wrangler, a motorsport addict following the latest tech breakthroughs, or simply an enthusiast of innovative life, the evolution of the Rivian story enables us to peek into the future with anticipation and experience a true revolution in automotive engineering. An orderly contribution to the electrification of the automotive world, Rivian’s unique stories are sure to have audiences over 35 enthralled and affluent audiences between the ages of 35 and 65 feeling inspired. So, join in on the electrifying liberation of the car experience and delve into the stories that make the Rivian brand legendary!

Which Rivian for which budget?

Which Rivian for a low budget?

Are you passionate about vintage cars, motorsport, and technology? Rivian cars could be a perfect pick for you if you’re looking for an affordable car that packs a punch. Rivian cars have been developed by some of the most brilliant engineers and innovators in the industry, providing the perfect match of performance and luxury. Introducing the Rivian brand of electric cars! Rivian is a revolutionary company that brings together a passionate design with an avant-garde approach to modern automobile engineering. The company’s lineup of cars includes two distinct models—the R1T Pickup and the R1S SUV—which claim to be “like no other vehicle on the road.” Rivian R1T Pickup takes an innovative approach to design, combining vintage styling with cutting-edge tech that ensures an efficient ride. This pickup comes equipped with a powerful electric motor offering 8000 Nm of torque, with up to 520 miles of range. Rivian equipped their pickup with a towing capacity of 11,000 lbs and 0 to 60 mph acceleration in just 3.0 seconds! The R1S SUV, on the other hand, features an electric dual motor system for up to 400 miles of range, and 75 kWh or 100 kWh batteries enabling a 5 second 0 to 60 mph speed. Both cars equipped with a Quad-Motor All-Wheel-Drive system for an ultimate grip in all terrains and conditions. For those passionate about motorsport, the vehicles’ company has developed a special vehicle exclusive called the “R1.” It’s powered by a revolutionary steer-by-wire system and a triple-motor torque-vectoring set up. The impressive performance is complemented by the sleek appearance, with the 10.5” touchscreen display, Quad-Interior Design, and Coach-Door Access System. Make no mistake though, these cars weren’t just developed by brilliant engineers. A generously sized team of experts including racing professionals, international professionals, infrastructure support, and software developers have worked endlessly to bring these vehicles to life. The company’s mission extends beyond pushing vehicles to the edge of modern technology. Apart from focusing on the performance of the vehicle, Rivian attempts to emphasize sustainability & eco-friendly materials as much as possible. The R1S interior is made using polymers and wood sourced from sustainable forests. Of course, having vehicles built and designed by brilliant experts, handling luxurious features and powerful performance come with certain costs. Opening the door to luxury Rivian cars, however, doesn’t require extravagant bank accounts. Thanks to the expense minimization techniques adopted at Rivian, an affluent person between the ages of 35 and 65 can acquire a Rivian car at very reasonable prices. In summary, the Rivian brand offers cars for those passionate about vintage cars, motorsports, and technology that offer an impressive combination of balance, power, and efficiency which could be acquired for low budgets.

Which Rivian for a medium budget?

Are you searching for a classic yet modern car that will not break the bank? Then the Rivian cars have arrived to fulfill all of your needs. Rivian cars offer a combination of fantastic performance, intuitive functionality, and timeless style at an affordable price! These cars have been designed with great attention to detail, balancing classic, vintage design with modern engineering, crafting a car you'll love to ride. Whether you're an aficionado of vintage cars, a motorsports enthusiast, or a person of comfortable means, there's something for everyone in the Rivian lineup. The Rivian RT1, their first model, is a stylish and distinctive all-electric car whose sporty stance puts other EVs to shame.This vehicle boasts an excellent range and has remarkable agility, stability, power and torque. It is sure to become the go-to vehicle for affordable luxury-segment performance houses. For daily urban use, the Rivian SUV rolls a nice ride with exceptional capacity. Its interior is both practical and comfortable, and offers plenty of leg room for occupants, while providing excellent loading volume for cargo. Whether you’re driving in the city or taking a long road-trip, you’ll appreciate Rivian’s luxurious touches, low noise levels, and superior capacity. In the Rivian R1T, Rivian shows that pickup trucks too can be a desirable ride for the eco-awareness. The R1T shows what almost a century of progress can make do a once mundane vehicle, blending an earthy design sensibility with an array of futuristic features. This pickup truck allows you to transport important cargoes faster and safer, while also granting the driver and passengers ultra-comfortable journeys and a safer surrounding. No matter what type of vehicle you’re in the market for, the Rivian lineup will offer something for you. Plus, you get the added bonus of being able to feel good about your purchase knowing that there's a zero-emissions electric option currently on the market. So, why settle for something average when you can get something exceptional - and save money in the process? Come and experience the drive of Rivian, and get ready to feel the passion.

Which Rivian for a high budget?

Premiering in the summer of 2020, Rivian is the hottest new electric truck and SUV on the market that is already turning heads and being described as a dream come true for car enthusiasts. With extreme capability, zero emissions, intuitive design, and rugged good looks, the Rivian packs a punch that is sure to compete with the best of the best. Designed with a vintage edge and modern-day performance, it’s a car that dreams are made of. For those with the budget to purchase a Rivian, they are sure to own something truly special. Not only does it look downright awesome, but with up to 1,000 horsepower and an estimated 0-60 time of as little as three seconds, this vehicle is one of the most powerful and agile on the market. That’s right – this beast isn’t just a luxury vehicle, but it also packs an impressive punch on the track. That means you can take your car from the streets to the track without missing a beat. And why not expect the same in quality and design quality? The attention to detail on the Rivian is simply breathtaking, with everything from the exterior to the interior crafted with utmost precision and refinement. Rivian’s stands out amongst a crowded field of SUVs and pickups by not only boasting a multitude of performance and design features, but also leading the pack in safety. Carefully crafted safety systems, including several standard and optional technologies, ensure that no matter the situation, everyone’s safety is top of mind. That goes for both the driver and passengers of the Rivian - even those in the third row. The Rivian is truly an incredible vehicle, perfect for car enthusiasts of all ages, but especially those along “the upper echelon of society,” such as vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport aficionados, and those with a high budget. This vehicle is sure to tantalize the most passionate of gearheads with luxury, performance, and beautiful design. The perfect combination of power, finesse, and style, the Rivian makes a fantastic choice for any car lover looking for their dream ride.

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