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Story of the Renault creation

Renault has a long and illustrious history in the world of cars, motorsport, and luxury vehicles. Originally formed in 1899, its founder, Louis Renault, initially specialized in manufacturing farm gear and taxicabs. In 1902, he revealed his ambitious goal of constructing a car that could reach the speed of 20 km/h, and in 1903 the famous Renault Voiture Taxis hit the market, quickly becoming an integral part of everyday public transport in Paris. Renault's success continued throughout the next few decades, powered by its partnership with pioneer "Big Three" employees, Marcel Carnet and Victor Fantomal, who produced bicycles, trailers, and buggies to adventure-hungry 1930s thrills seekers. However, it was the Renault 4CV of 1946 which provided Renault with its designation as the first producer of family cars in France. Off the track, Renault was revolutionizing the industry with the introduction of its 4-door compact saloon, affectionately known as the Frégate, in 1951; touted as the first European automobile to have a unitary body construction. Keen to maintain their success, the launch of the evergreen Renault "4" in 1961, the biggest car manufactured by the company up to that point, only solidified the progress of Renault in the car world. Thanks to innovative engineering, Renault established a formidable presence in motorsport. Eight Le Mans successes between 1921 and 1979 defined the course of this enterprise, in addition to countless Formula 1 triumphs. From Fernando Alonso's thrilling wins to the exciting Tigre G: Renault has continued to move from strength to strength in the grand prix circuit. This reputation of innovation followed Renault into the 21st century. So far, the firm has tested and implemented numerous cutting-edge designs and pathways in the industry. From the Renault Twizy Portable Car in 2017, the Renault Zoe Line All-Electric Vehicle that same year, to the intricate autonomous driving circuit, Gazelles Concept of 2019, the company is constantly pushing for daring new heights in the automobile domain. Above all else, Renault has distinguished itself as a quality car maker with an inspirational heritage, providing both recreational and commercial services across generations. Its emphasis on luxurious, high-performance vehicles drives die-hard motorsport addicts, vintage vehicle fans, affluent citizens, professionals and innovators alike, towards their coveted dreams. With its plans to lead a sustainable and technological revolution at the forefront of their pursuits, Renault stands as a brand that will never succumb to the law of obsolescence.

Story of the Renault models

Throughout its long and remarkable history, Renault has produced some of the most beloved models of cars in the world, many of which have proven to be timeless classics adored by enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport, and an affluent generation between the ages of 35 and 65. From its early days in 1898 as a small-time producer of electric vehicles, the Renault brand has blossomed into the renowned auto powerhouse we know and love today. Here are just a few of the iconic Renault models that helped shape the automotive industry as we know it. The Renault Juvaquatre was the first car produced under the newly founded Renault brand after their series of success as a manufacturer of electric vehicles. The striking small vehicle put Renault on the map of great small car manufacturers and served to bring French auto engineering to the global market. Though produced in post-World War II France, the Renault Juvaquatre was surprisingly advanced for its time, offering amenities such as hydraulic brakes, electric engine parameters, and a unique flat chassis. Demand and popularity for the Juvaquatre was high and it was a global success, and was replaced with the still popular Renault 4CV in 1946. The Renault 4CV was an adept small family vehicle that served as the perfect steppingstone between the vintage and modern eras of automotive engineering. Alongside the Juvaquatre, the 4CV was Renault’s first production vehicle to feature mass-produced hydro-pneumatic suspension systems and advanced mechanical components, making it a luxury accessible to the mainstream and a popular family option for many. Though only sold until 1961, the model much loved by enthusiasts, and remains highly respected among vintage Renault owners. Perhaps one of Renault’s most renowned models of all time is the Renault 5 Turbo, the pinnacle of small performance vehicles. Produced between 1980 and 1986, the R5 Turbo redefined the category, pushing the limits of modern performance engineering in a sporty four-door sedan. It featured a turbocharged engine, a unique chassis design, four-wheel drive, and a hydraulic suspension system, making it a front-runner among hot hatch automobiles. This passionate petrol-engined pocket rocket was highly sought after in its time, and is remembered fondly by this day by motorsport enthusiasts. Last, but certainly not least, deserves a mention in any retrospective of Renault’s car models would be the Renault Espace. Believed to be the first purpose-built multi-purpose vehicle on the market and invented by The French designer Matra, the Renault Espace was an innovative and revolutionary vehicle for its time. It featured a sleek monospace design with a retracted power steering wheel and adjustable seating, designed especially for families. Coming from a background in aircraft engineering, Matra was able to bring an aerodynamic design elements to everyday automotive, making the practical Espace a car to be respected and admired. The model’s popularity only grew, leading Renault to become a brand synonymous with practicality and design. Renault’s years of making cars certainly haven’t left us short of iconic models that make us dream. From the generational Juvaquatre to the petrol-thirsty 5 Turbo, there’s no doubt these popular cars will remain among us for future generations of enthusiasts. With their luxurious, innovative, and passionate models engineered over the decades, Renault has indisputably gone above and beyond offering the automotive industry its most unforgettable cars.

Story of the Renault in motorsport

Renault is a revered name in the classic automotive world and motorsport, having produced some of the most iconic vehicles in the history of the respective industries. From the famed Twingo to the R4 rally car, Renault has left an indelible mark with millions of respected enthusiasts throughout the world. Since 1899, when the first Renault vehicle, the Renault Voiturette, was introduced to the market, Renault has continually pushed the envelope on performance, style, and innovation. Off the track, Renault produced some of the most luxurious vehicles of their day, combining superior craftsmanship with leading-edge technology. On the track, however, Renault quickly gained a reputation as a giant in endurance racing, racking up dozens of victories in the late 1930s and onward, going head-to-head with renowned teams such as Alfa Romeo and Mercedes Benz in the grueling Le Mans practice races. No discussion of Renault’s motorsport history would be complete without mentioning their strategies for success, particularly in Formula One racing and Rally events. On multiple occasions, Renault has taken risks with their design goals, pushing the envelope to dominate the competition. As the first team to introduce technological advances such as turbocharged engines and traction control, Renault quickly established themselves as the ‘cheetahs’ of the racing circuit, always at the front of the pack and capable of superb cornering speed. Not content to sacrifice innovation for speed, Renault also showcased their engineering prowess in the Rally race discipline, creating winning designs that have since become renowned. One key example of this would be the R4 Groupe B Rally car. Originally created in the 1970s, the R4 was specifically designed to capitalize on its lightweight construction, as well as its precise fitting of extra equipment specifically developed for extreme off-road efficiency. The vehicle was a major success, winning its second World Rally event and going on to dominate the discipline for some years thereafter. To cap off the incredible history of motorsport success, sponsorship from the team came in the form of both technological advancements and improved aerodynamic performance. Notable Renault sponsors of the era included British sports car company Enfield as well as Beta Ray Ray, a virtual reality research company who worked extensively on first-person racing simulations. Renault’s involvement in motorsport is an integral part of the company’s DNA, and their legendary vehicles remain unparalleled in their ability to inspire both hardcore motorsport professionals and novices alike. It is this combination of affordability, quality craftsmanship, and electrifying performance that makes Renault the beloved brand they are today, with a satisfied worldwide customer base that ranges from affluent 35 to 65 year olds to vintage car aficionados. With their name being synonymous with performance and the good life, Renault remains a leader in motorsport and auto design -- a force to be reckoned with on the track and a true standard of excellence in the classic car market.

Anecdotes about Renault

Renault has been a proud part of the automotive landscape for over a century – developing popular models like the 4CV ("Quatre Chevaux," in French) and the R8 Gordini, plus sturdy and reliable trucks and vans. Behind this solid history of so many cars, however, exists an even more fascinating array of stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. In 1905, Renault launched the Voiturette Type A, a tiny, two-six cylinder car that amazed audiences with its speed. Dubbed ‘Le Filingues’ by the locals of Puiseux-en-France, the car had an engine that allowed it to exceed the normal speed of the horse-drawn coaches and wagons that normally traveled the roads. It was such an impressive model that Pope Pius XI himself wanted one painted white and gold, which it was then called 'the Popemobile'. Renault also effectively “invented” the modern day performance car when its owner, Louis Renault, entered his Type AK into a 1900 Paris-Stuttgart race. Although placing second in the race, its performance during the entire race was labeled as “exceptional” and demonstrated that with a tuned motor and gear ratios, remarkable results could be achieved. But there's also the remarkable story of Renault 45, a mid-size saloon remembered by many roadside mechanics for its prized reliability and dependability. This car was substantially improved based on the success of the Renault 14, with an entirely new platform and engine. This model was named “45” – a nod to the 45 horsepower engine inside. But the model was also technically named "RN 45" after birth month and year of the eldest Renault brother. Like any good brand story, Renault’s has its fair share of tragedy. In its 52nd year, Renault suffered one of its worst hit – quitting international motor racing in any form and abandoning the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans. After winning the competition a number of times, completing 26 attempts, it was forced to leave due to a series of unexpected health issues with then-CEO Georges Besse – choosing to concentrate its resources on car sales and design instead. Renault has been producing high-class cars ever since, not just for car enthusiasts but for an admired performance vehicle segment that embodies its core vintage soul. It continues to inspire the passions of a huge number of car collectors and motorsport fans – making a strong case for why it should be remembered and hailed as one of the premier car makers of today. As Renault continues to innovate and create amazing cars, its amazing stories will live long into the future.

Which Renault for which budget?

Which Renault for a low budget?

If you're on a limited budget but still longing to live the thrill of driving the most iconic cars from French manufactury Renault, then you've come to the right place! Renault has been collecting top-notch fame and acclaim in the automobile industry since 1898, when the Renault brothers Louis, Marcel and Fernand originated this fabulous brand. Throughout the years, these legendary autos are adored and celebrated, providing a fan base of both young and old admirers that span all and any budget. As of today, Renault continues to pioneer popular models full of prestige oriented features, ensuring that every driver enjoys the best of full comfort without compromising on style. Now, bearing all this in mind, staying within a cheap budget doesn't have to mean missing out on opportunity! In fact, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on a sought-after Renault without spending too much money. From second-hand to leasing deals, there are lots of ways to obtain a Renault car at an affordable price. Take the Renault Mégane RS trophy as an example. The RS is Renault's flagship sports car and a favourite of many a motorsport enthusiast. You can find multiple near-new models for modest prices compared to the buying price when it first came onto the market. The Mégane comes with an 277bhp 2.0-litre turbo, a launch control system and loads of high-grade components. For an enthusiasts with an eye on vintage classics, it's a great buy. If however you would rather hit the open road in an affordable classic model, the Renault 4 is a magnificent choice. Manufactured between 1961 and 1992, this mini car is considered a symbol of freedom, thriftiness, and practicality, with second-hand versions now highly sought after by collectors. The kids in the family can also test the classic driving experience, as this "grandma-era" car requires no possessing license compared to its modern cousins, making it a great choice for some family fun. So, if you're seeking a bargain Renault without breaking the bank, and don't mind broadening your automotive horizon, there are plenty of opportunities to explore. For a passionate enthusiast looking to acquire a beautiful piece of Renault heritage without hurting their pocket, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking for a modern sports edition, a vintage classic or just a car to try your hand at the open road: the Renault catalog has something for all. Now get ready to hit the streets in style, without jeopardizing your budget.

Which Renault for a medium budget?

If you love vintage cars, chasing motorsports and/or are looking for a reliable, affordable and reliable vehicle, then look no further than Renault. Whether you are an enthusiast between the ages of 35 and 65 with money to spend, Renault provides unmatched performance from an unbeatable price in comparison to its numerous competitors. Whether you're looking for a sedan, SUV, or sports car, Renault offers a plethora of options to choose from. Starting with the classic Altica hatchback, to the ultra-luxury Grand Scenic, to their sports car range like the Clio Sport, the Megane Sport, or the electric sports car, the Twizy Sport, you're guaranteed to find a model that fits your lifestyle. For more ample comforts, there's the Koleos and Arkana which come with class-leading space, technology, and a complete package of advanced safety features. For those looking to go on a short jaunt to country or coastal roads, the Kadjar and Captur are perfect for adventure seekers. And if you want greener options, the Zoe Hatch and electric Kangoo are the perfect electric options. No matter which Renault car you choose, you can rest assured that you're investing in a car with a pedigree and reputation for excellence and memorable performance. It doesn't matter if you're a budget-conscious consumer who's looking for a part-time option like the Captur, or an open-top aficionado looking for the Clio, Renault offers the choice, performance, convenience, and reliability that surpasses its competitors in every angle. It's no wonder why Renault stands as one of the leading car models available for medium budget buyers today.

Which Renault for a high budget?

Renault cars are simply spectacular – they look bold, offer amazing innovative technology, keep you safe on the road and are truly the epitome of stylish engineering. For those looking to purchase a car with no compromises, Renault offers some of the most luxurious and high-end models on the road. With an extensive range of powerful engines and awe-inspiring exterior designs, you are sure to find the perfect level of exclusivity and performance for your dream car. Whether you are an avid motorsport lover, a fan of historic vehicles or simply need a car that can brag about unparalleled luxury standards, a high-budget Renault is definitely the perfect choice. From the muscular sports cars to the refined Grand Touring models, each car offers superb performance, a remarkably smooth drive and luxurious interior details. From the stunning Renault Sport Spider to the refined and sleek Grand Touring models, you can rely on these vehicles to keep you captivated and make an everlasting impression. Although the style of Renault vehicles usually strikes awe in enthusiasts, they also contain a variety of innovative technological features. From the advanced safety packages to the high-end infotainment systems, everything is designed to keep you connected and secure while on the road. You can take absolute pleasure in the ease of use offered by the intuitive infotainment systems, along with the excellent comfort delivered by comfortable seating upholstery and refined details. A car enthusiast can also be assured they will get a superior driving experience due to Renault’s advanced technology. Each car is equipped with performance-oriented powertrains to be sure you reach great podiums for reliable power and driving pleasure. The innovative multicaracter powertrain design, for example, enables torque-vectoring to ensure a safe and fun-filled driving experience. A Renault vehicle with a high budget can be the perfect opportunity to unleash the passionate admirer in you – it gives you access to delightful design inspirations, efficient technology, luxury features, amazing power capabilities and great distinction on the roads. Whether it is your primary care, a play toy or a symbolic expression of success, these cars will drive you to victory in style.

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