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Story of the Reliant creation

For Car Enthusiasts and Motorsports Fans Alike: A History of Reliant The British name, Reliant, is a beloved and iconic brand among car enthusiasts throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Founded in 1935, Reliant Motor Company quickly established itself as one of the leading British manufacturers of affordable family cars and sports cars. Reliant went on to become renowned for its innovative yet lightweight designs, which set it apart from the competition. For over six decades the Reliant marque was synonymous with reliability, refinement, and economy— from the earliest models through the gorgeous Italianate three-wheelers to the comfortable and luxurious saloons made up until the demise of the company in 2002. The success of Reliant’s early models, such as the reliable and economical Reliant Regal Van, allowed the brand to flourish and, by World War II, the War Office deemed Reliant vehicles suitable for use. This provided a sound endorsement of both the Reliant brand’s quality and reliability. In the 50s, Reliant diversified into the luxurious side of the market with the release of their two-litre saloon. This impressive, modern classic car was built in a striking Italianate style, taking inspiration from contemporary Ferrari and Alfa Romeo cars of the time. This paved the way for a period of new car launches, reaffirming the Reliant brand’s glamour and sophistication. Reliant achieved global success in the early 70s with the Scimitar GTE (Grand Touring Estate) Powered by a Ford Essex V four-cylinder 2.5 litre engine and featuring a wood-veneer interior, it quickly became one of England’s most iconic cars and, coupled with its motorsport notoriety, is avidly sought after by passionate car fans and wealthy collectors worldwide. Perhaps the most flamboyant car launch of the Reliant motor marquee was theRebel. An attractive 'bustle-back' two-seater sports car, it was plush and quietly imposing concurrently and drew curious admirers to the showroom floors. In 1975, Reliant signed a production contract with Taiwanese manufacturer Sanjin Motor Company which saw the continuation of Reliant models and an important expansion in the East Asian market. The most famous of these models being the luxurious and reliable Robin, described as being “solidly constructed with an excellent ride” Despite a period of unprecedented success, the company met with financial hardship in the late 1980s, entered receivership and eventually wound down production in 2002 – closing the doors of a marque that had, for over sixty years, instilled an air of enthusiasm, enthusiasm and invention into British Politics.reliant This is the timeless legacy of Reliant: creative, luxurious,, trends-setting, and rich in prestige. Such appeal has never been lost on car enthusiasts and vintage motorsport fans, wealthy and elegant connoisseurs looking for the ultimate in responsive and stylish investments, and car aficionados seeking a unique 'British classic' which define a period of automotive invigoration and timeless attainability. For those passionate about vintage cars, motorsport, and affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65, Reliant is the embodiment of passion, endurance, style, and escape.

Story of the Reliant models

For many car enthusiasts, especially of the vintage variety, nothing quite says nostalgia like the thought of the Reliant car brand. Founded in 1935 by the Utt family, the Reliant company has a long and storied past that dates back over eighty years. Throughout the 20th century, the company built a variety of iconic cars, ranging from small two-door city cars to larger family-sized, four-door saloons. Over the brand’s lifespan, these models were marketed very differently, proving that there was something for everyone in the Reliant range. The earliest Reliant models were the Robin and Kitten; small, two-door cars with six-inch wheels, 11–13 horsepower engines and chaise-longue style rear upholstery. Designed to be Light, narrow and reasonably priced vehicles, they proved extremely popular with city-dwellers and students with limited budgets. It was the larger family cars, however, that catapulted the Reliant brand. The three-wheeled Reliant Regal was a four-door saloon that began rolling off the production line in 1953. Larger, more powerful and longer than their predecessors and incredibly economical to run, the Regal quickly rose to fame and became one of the most economical cars of the era. The success of the Regal prompted Reliant to adapt and improve their four-door saloon with the introduction of the Reliant Supervan in 1967. Featuring a lusty, twelve-inch wheelbase, 800cc engine and a brand-new fibreglass body, the Supervan was a luxurious, affordable and powerful car. Far from the delicate, fragile city cars of the thirties, this was a formidable and stylish family saloon. While Reliant dabbled in other types of vehicles over the years, their main focus has always been on their four-door saloons, and their latest model, the Reliant Gloriana, wonderfully continues that tradition. A flamboyant high-octane saloon, the Gloriana comes equipped with a roomy interior, powerful 1.6 turbocharged engine and sleek Italian styling. A sleek performance car with distinct touches sure to draw attention to the passionate car enthusiast, the Gloriana is sure to turn heads as happily as it roared up the motorway. With the variety and innovation that has characterised Reliant over the decades, it is no wonder why enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport, or simply those looking for a stylish and reliable family car have always had an eye on the Reliant brand. Building on their legacy and long history, the Reliant Gloriana promises to captivate even the most affluent drivers between the ages of 35 and 65.

Story of the Reliant in motorsport

The heart-throbbing thrill of the motorsport experience has been synonymous with the car brand Reliant ever since it started making a name for itself nearly a hundred years ago. Founded in 1935 by the Hawthorn brothers, the three-wheeler vehicle company was renowned for creating vehicles with revolutionary design and performance for its time, stretching the boundaries far beyond what their competitors could. Although Reliant mainly specialized in commercial vehicles such as delivery vans, the brand quickly adopted the culture of motorsport with passion. Since the company’s incarnation, Reliant has had numerous memorable moments in motorsports. Their racers achieved great success with the Reliant Sabre, one of the first racing cars to come from the brand. The iconic Sabre came close in winning some of the most prestigious motorsports events of the era by setting lap records in tracks across Europe and even broadcast on the BBC with its national presence. It demonstrated to executive motorists that a smooth ride on a three-wheeler could still be powerful, too. Reliant didn't stop there, they also achieved much of their reputation through stock racing and endurance rallying with the introduction of the twin-engined Scimitar GTE. This car was used in rallying tournaments including the East African Safari and the Marathon Rally, two of the toughest in Europe. After performing so well at these barbaric races, the Scimitar GTE became thoroughly iconic and one of the thriving reasons why Reliant became so popular. Celebrity drivers also had an influence on Reliant motorsport. Not only did they test out the vehicles themselves with their reputations featured widely across mainstream media, but they also encouraged others to get involved in Reliant motorsport. Mike Hawthorn is one such example; a Formula 1 driver on the BBC's headline news and winner of the F1 World Championship in 1958, Hawthorn was the first British world champion, leaving extensive marks on the racing world. More recently, the brand still has a presence in motorsport. They feature prominently in historic 3 wheeler car races, where they display cars that demonstrate how much progress and performance have come across a 95-year journey. Enthusiasts, motorists, and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old can experience this unique history in exciting ways right from the heart of motorsport – Reliant.

Anecdotes about Reliant

Reliant cars are renowned for their fascinating stories and histories. The brand, for over four decades, has left a trail of exceptional anecdotes. From its vehicles powering record-setting land speed attempts to star appearances in popular films, there’s no shortage of tales to explore. Reliant, initially known as The Reliant Motor Company, was founded in 1935 as a specialist fiberglass chassis manufacturer. Its earliest models, the Regent and Robin, quickly cemented its reputation as a capable motor manufacturer. In 1965, the Scimitar GTE was the first Reliant to feature on television, appearing in the Inspector Tightfoostring Mysteries. The 4-seater sports car featured a Ford V6 3-litre engine and fiberglass body. During its production timeline, the reliable engines found an incredible application. In 1981, British cartoon character Wallace, who was famous for driving around in his infamous ‘three-wheeled precarious contraption’, became an investor in Reliant. The character, acting in his role as chairman of the company, brought the Sabre sports car to life. The unique design and powerplant gave the car the ability to break many speed records in the decades to come. The 1970s was a hotbed of technological innovation and Reliant cars were at the forefront. In 1978, the Robin DR1 set a record-breaking attempt to circumnavigate the world. The 1,820 mile journey took 42 hours and the Reliant’s diesel engine and incredible handling amazed all who spectated. In addition to its successes, Reliant's cars also have an illustrious list of celebrity appearances. Perhaps the most recognizable is its appearance in Back to the Future. The stainless-steel DeLorean in the blockbuster movie was a hybrid product of the Scimitar GT and the classic 1931 Ford Model A. The film inspired a generation of young drivers to build their own versions of the car with a modified 3-wheeled Reliant Robin along for the ride. Insatiable enthusiasm for the brand continued into the 1990s, but as production costs and competition increased, demand dropped. Now, the carmakers have ceased operations and the Reliant brand ceases to exist. Nonetheless, its achievements will live on through the nostalgia of vintage car enthusiasts and cultural citations in popular films. Today, older models of Reliant are still around and owners passionately drive around enjoying the strong engines and thrilling ride experience. Reliant cars are truly a part of classic car history and ooze nostalgia for a time well past. For those of an affluent background between 35 and 65, with a passion for motorsport and vintage cars, these anecdotes from Reliant will ring true resonantly.

Which Reliant for which budget?

Which Reliant for a low budget?

If you're looking to get behind the wheel of a classic vehicle that won't set you back financially, then look no further than the classic cars produced by Reliant. From the massive trucks of the 1960s to the stylish coupés of the 1980s, these vehicles exhibit fun styles, design, and cost efficiency. The Reliant brand can trace its roots back to World War II when the company’s original factory was open in Tamworth, England. Although the original factory was being used to support the war effort, the Reliant brand soon began production in its capacity as a vehicle manufacturer producing different kinds of vehicles from three-wheeled cars to massive commercial trucks. Whether you’re an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport or seeking an alternative to mass-produced modern vehicles; a Reliant is an attractive package. These cars have proven to endure both on- and off-road circuits, with titles held in championships such as rallying and hillclimbing during the 70s and 80s. Even today, fortunes are made and lost in the vintage racing Reliant competition often seen in classic events. The availability of cheap Reliant cars is another factor that helps make them such an attractive option. The lower-tier models from the vans to the Robina estates have traditionally been very affordable; cheap enough to use as weekend drivers while sorting out the problems which come with any classic car's maintenance. Many renowned celebrities from Steve McQueen to Ester Rantzen have owned and driven the classic conversion by Reliants. Viennese designer Erich Bachem played an important role in the brand’s development. His ingenious bodies and designs inspired by Italian classics have inspired others and won various awards in Germany and around the world. From factory stock cars to highly modified models, this legacy remains today proudly kept alive by modern engineers who are passionate about the Reliant model. So with that in mind, if you’re a car enthusiast planning on Classics, are looking for a more affordable technology or establishing an entry into the scene of vintage motor racing, then a Reliant might be just what you are looking for. When it comes to fuel economy, classic styling esthetics, affordability, and low-maintenance parts, Reliant is without a doubt a contender for anyone seeking a classic, vintage car on a budget.

Which Reliant for a medium budget?

The Reliant car is perfect for the enthusiast collector or the casual vintage car enthusiast who is looking to purchase an intriguing and unique car for a medium budget. These cars offer excellent value, and are perfect for the automotive enthusiast, motorsport fan, or just a lover of well-built classic autos. Despite not being well known to the normal public, they definitely have a great following among true gearheads. The Reliant Motor Company has been producing cars since 1935, and the range of Reliant cars have had a steady presence over the years, from the 1960s to the 2000s. The mainline vehicle offering included the classic 3-wheel Reliant Robin, which was one of the most recognizable vehicles in Britain, as well as the Reliant Kitten, which offered the same three-wheeled experience but with the added advantage of a four-cylinder engine. The influence of the Reliant range of cars is wide-reaching – even today’s popular sports cars can trace their roots back to the Reliant. If you’re looking for a reliable second-hand Reliant car for your mid-budget, there are numerous options available. Reliants are often found listed in classified ads, but the select vehicles still in circulation are usually stored in top-notch conditions and should come with lot of remaining service life. Reliants come in three main types: the Robin, the Kitten, and the Fox. All feature robust and reliable engines and transmissions, but fuel efficiency is not their strong suits. The standard Reliant Robin is the most popular among the three, being the most iconic Reliant. It’s also the easiest to find - they’re iconic enough to still occasionally pop up at auction sites as well as local car dealers. It also usually comes in a more affordable price bracket. The Kitten, on the other hand, will typically be a sportier model with slightly improved performance. It’s also comparatively more reliable and easier to maintain, though it won’t have the same outstanding personality of the Robin. The final Reliant option worth considering is the Fox. Originally released in 1985, they’ve since been modernized and re-released, with improved ride quality. These updated models feature slightly more powerful engines, with power modified to improve fuel efficiency and ecological friendliness. With its forward-thinking strategy during the oil crisis of the late '70s, the Reliant Company demonstrated exceptional foresight and awareness. The Reliant Fox is therefore a perfect avenue for the vintage car lover who prizes exemplary vehicle history and modern engineering performance. Ultimately, whether you opt for the Robin, Kitten, or Fox, you can expect an original Reliant style and an affordability that gives you enough money to ferment its rich history and buy parts to customize the way you like - and maybe even enough remaining money to go on an excellent road trip in your new Reliant. Make sure to always inspect the car prior to purchase to ensure it is a perfect fit for your needs. What ever you decide to get, you'll surely have an awesome Reliant experience!

Which Reliant for a high budget?

Reliant Cars: An Utterly Luxurious and Unique Driving Experience for the Affluent For the truly affluent, simply buying something special is not enough; they want to experience a luxurious driving experience akin to nothing else available out there. If you really want to enjoy classic motoring, you need to go for one of the cars produced by Reliant. Reliant may not be one of the biggest names in the auto industry, but this classic brand has been producing high-quality automobiles for over 70 years. Not only are their vehicles aesthetically pleasing, but their design also ensures maximum performance and refinement. Reliant cars possess a unique combination of luxurious charm and the highest-level modern technology to suit the most discerning of buyers. If you are looking for the highest level of excitement and exclusivity, the Reliant Rotary is the automobile for you. These exquisite sports cars boast strong composite chassis, classic styling, and well-refined engineering. With one of these gems under your control, you can enjoy the ultimate driving experience with supreme ease and comfort. With over 50 variants, you can be sure to find the one that best suits your tastes. Another Reliant car worth considering for a high budget buyer is the Sabre GTR. This four-door family car combines classic craftsmanship and a modern look to provide a truly luxurious driving experience. It is piloted by a powerful single cylinder 800cc, four-speed gearbox engine that can give you the performance of a much bigger vehicle – giving you superior handling and improved gas mileage as well. For vintage auto enthusiasts, the Reliant Regal is a perfect choice. This four-seater car has a unique 'Monte-Carlo' style body shape with a front engine, rear-wheel-drive design – boasting a classic look, quality build, and superior performance. The Regal is by-far one of the most comfortable cars of its type, with plenty of room for four adults and enough bags for that well-deserved family vacation. If you are shopping on a high budget and looking for a distinctive and unique driving experience, you owe it to yourself to check out the cars produced by Reliant. With their classic craftsmanship and modern technology, they offer the perfect chance to experience the luxurious charm of vintage motoring. Whether you need a car for the family, one that can confidently show its muscle, or a sporty gem for the weekend adventures, you can be certain that Reliant will have the perfect car just for you.

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