Vintage and classic cars fans, explore the beloved Ram: the classic vehicle with the charm of the past!

Story of the Ram creation

For almost 100 years, the beloved automotive brand of Ram has been at the pinnacle of excellence. Not only did the American-born maker of both classic luxury cars and capable world-class off-roaders become synonymous with timeless design and power-packed performance, but its standout reputation among motoring enthusiasts has only grown hand-in-hand with the generations. In the early days of the brand, the Ram brand was largely associated with rugged work vehicles and larger, robust gas-guzzling offerings. It wasn’t until the introduction of the timelessly designed Ram 1500 in 1994, however, that the Ram brand finally reached mainstream circles. The first big step into the modern era came with the groundbreaking 1995 Ram as the world’s first light-duty pickup with rear-wheel disc brakes. And by the early 2000s, the bold, aerodynamic design of the next generation Ford Ram was revolutionizing the industry while setting new industry standards in terms of performance and safety. Since that initial paradigm shift, Ram has not only remained the go-to brand for those in search of a truly indulgent pick-up truck, but also a favorite among motoring fanatics and automotive lifestyle followers. Even today, Ram continues to be a constyant source of both fashion-conscious vehicles, cutting-edge technological offerings, and impressive suspension systems. The combination of robust power, along with an endurance-dedicated body, has kept ram alive in fields of motorsport. Such vehicles has provided an invigorating answer to the question of farmers, tradesmen and luxury car purchasers alike. Components such as the corrosion-resistant alloy steel frames, along with an array of drive-assist technologies satisfy those searching for an aspirational off-roading experience, with unexpected practicality. As an original brand offering evocative styling and outstanding outputs, Ram has provided the perfect escape for luxury car admirers and affluent individuals between 35 and 65. Boasting two its most legendary vehicles-the Ram 2500 and the Ram 1500-the brand’s steadfast commitment to quality and power make it the go-to choice for both classic car and state-of-the-art dream car fans. The allure of Ram lies not only in its passionate devotion to engineering excellence and eye-catching displays of opulence, but also in its unmatched ability to seamlessly integrate with and reinvent the needs of each generation. With almost a century of upscale engineering to celebrate and more in-vogue performance vehicles on the horizon, the brilliantly storied Ram brand—and the cars that carry that name—is sure to remain an enduring passion for years to come.

Story of the Ram models

When it comes to iconic car models, few names are as prominent or beloved as that of the revered Ram. One of the most known, sought-after and desired car brands in the world, Ram offers exceptional models that life long adoration, admiration and respect. Throughout its history, Ram has continually crafted remarkable cars that capture the hearts of classic automobile aficionados, viral motorsporting fanatics and affluent car enthusiasts alike. This article seeks to review the extensive and impressive catalogue Ram has produced over years, discussing the substantial scope of amazing features, advanced mechanics, exquisite style, and remarkable performance that ram cars have come to be renowned for. We take a passionate look into the most desirable models in Ram's superb selection, such as the Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 models, as well as the mighty Ram SRT-10 and Rebel 1500. Ram 1500 The Ram 1500 stands as one of the most classic models that Ram offers and is certainly the most popular Ram pickup truck model of all time. It has been billed as "The toughness you want, with the capability you need" and is sure to impress with its power, great looks and strong design. Having earned the accolade of Motor Trend's 2109 Truck of the Year, the Ram 1500 embodies strength and durability as well as its great capability and efficient power landscape. An ideal car for both highway drivers and off-road adventurers alike, the Ram 1500 will provide classic style, advanced mechanics and great performance beginning to end. Ram 2500 A construct built for sheer strength and perfection, the Ram 2500 does not disappoint those seeking power and capability. For nearly two decades, the Ram 2500 has been considered one of the sturdiest and strongest heavy-duty truck models one could find in the market, performing exceptionally no matter the load. This model's mite and muscle has been coupled with advanced technologies such as the legendary Cummins Turbo Diesel engine, part of the extensive engine option this stunning model provides its owners. Ram 3500 If you're seeking a powerhouse, the Ram 3500 does not fail to deliver. A higher-end model of Ram's line of trucks, the 3500 hauls massive cargo and substantial power, no matter the conditions. Access the highest towing capacity possible with ram at 37,100 pounds, coupled with remarkable payload and power. Alongside its legendary diesel engine, the Ram 3500 won the Heavy Duty Truck of the Year 2019 and provides truck drivers with strength, capability and extreme versatility as they demand. Ram SRT-10 The SRT-10 brought the muscle-car movement back to Ram with a vengeance. This juggernaut rumbles incredibly with a standard 8.3 liter Viper V10 engine and it is perfect for high-powered racing with a top amped speed of 154 mph. Every feature of the interior reflects the best of Ram's technology, offering the ultimate driving experience for sophisticated drivers in search for the perfect ride. Rebel 1500 If you're looking for an edgy off-road machine loaded with the latest technology, look no further than the Ram 1500 Rebel. Boasting a striking current look, the Ram 1500 Rebel offers a remarkable presence that echoes true strength and power. Its offroad kit offers all-terrain performance powerhouse no terrain can resist, as well as comfortable interior, tastefully designed to give you the perfect ride on any terrain. Whether you're heading to the rocky hills, the sea shore or a muddy meadow, the Ram 1500 Rebel is an sophisticated and advanced way to take you anywhere. The result is that no matter the kind of enthusiast you are, Ram has a model that will suit your unique needs perfectly. Each model exudes the perfect combination of robust craftsmanship, classic look and cutting-edge performance. Ram is an undisputed and beloved muse of classic autonomous enthusiasts, vibrant motorsport freaks and affluent individuals situated in the 35- and- 65 age range, offering them years of immersive riding pleasure and memorable experiences.

Story of the Ram in motorsport

As one of the most storied and beloved car brands in the world of motorsport, Ram has weaved its way into the annals of both culture and performance from the day of its inception. From pioneering advancements in engineering and design from its humble beginnings to becoming a classic hallmark on the track and off, let’s take a look at the celebrated history of the Ram motorsport heritage - a rich tapestry of sounds, sights, and speed. Ram’s motor racing adventure started as a background in the 1920s, when a passionate Italian aristocrat and businessman by the name of Antonio Lago breathed life into the brand with the release of their first vehicles in Turin. But it was the heyday of the 1930s and beyond that saw the Ram logo really begin to take center stage. Throughout the 1930s, Ram vehicles won races across Europe and America, picking up superb victories at some of the mostimportant events on the motorsport calendar. In 1931, Tazio Nuvolari secured a fairy-tale result at the New England 300, beating legendary manufacturer Mercedes-Benz with his Ram 1500. The mid-1930s saw some of the most memorable achievements for the Italian brand, as Giovanni Battista Guidotti drove a battered Ram P3 round the famous Banked Ring of Monza to become the only privateer entry in history to win the event. The race successes continued as the prospect of war loomed, as drivers Behra, Varzi gandmore drove the likes of the vehicle 750 S and Trau Vialle to unbeatable results all around Europe - the epitome of efficiency and performance. It was, unfortunately, Ram’s run at the 24 Hours of Le Mans that would prove to be its most poignant moment in motorsport. With car number 28 ahead by a full lap and at an unbeatable lead, the driver Attilio Marinonipassed away from a heart attack. With regular co-driver Giovanni Lurani unable to finish the remaining two hours alone, the Ram 417 driven by Bacchell failed to win the race and the game was retired for the 1938 event. Remarkably, the name returned for the 1987 Le Mans race with the use of the RAM Honda V6 engine. This enabled French team DAM PH Racing Prototype to sign for a class victory right up to 1989, almost 30 years after the driver sad demise of Attilio Marrt Zoni. From winning continental championships in the US and Europe to providing the platform and experience necessary for renowned drivers such as Graham Hill, Emerson Fittipaldi, and Mario Andretti to ready for success - the Ram motorsport legacy is alive and well even across the racing circuits of today. Whether it’s a vintage or modern vehicle, the long and winding history of Rams motorsports has provided some of the most memorable experiences ever seen in motorsport, captivating loyal followers and new audiences generation after generation. Suffice to say, the Ram motorsports offering remains as competitive and incredible as ever.

Anecdotes about Ram

When you think of Ram, you just don't think of a regular, run-of-the-mill vehicle—you think of a legacy steeped in power, triumph, and adventure. Founded in 1909, Ram has plied their trade in powertrains, innovations, and ultimately, amazing stories. As the years have gone on, it's become apparent that Ram is much, much more than just another car—a glowing symbol of hard work and determination, backed by an impassioned family legacy. Ram has always had a toe-hold in motorsports—after all, it was their zest and ambition to win that kept them so far ahead of the competition. However, their debut to global motoring didn’t actually happen until the 1901 Paris-Bordeaux race, or what would become known as the Grande Course Automobile. Here, the world first witnessed a Ram founded on design-forward philosophy, and they pursued their vision with every measure imaginable. From their lightweight construction, efficient engines, and astute control systems, Ram vehicles were hot-rod lightning in a box—ready for all the trials automotive excitement could throw. Yet despite the bright finishes, acclaim, and enthusiasm of the motorsport circuit, Ram’s greatest success began to become even clearer—in long-distance touring. Pre-war efforts such as Alphonse Benoist in a 1912 “lightweight type” 50HP race car commanded attention from people far and wide. From the Himalayas to the Sahara, Benoist’s unprecedented journey leveraged the extraordinary mechanical potential of that facility, something that would become a benchmark of Ram’s global proliferation—a staying testament that since day one, their footprint of quality engineering quietly sailed on around the planet with ease. Much later, Ram entered terrain-dominating competition—and especially in their inimitable brawn-swinging style—and followed it up with special-edition trucks, and for a new generation, the reinstated Ram “Cummins” brand. Placed in the mechanical stable of a new cult-favorite, history once again was given the sort of bona-fide street-cred required to send enthusiasts ga-ga. More than ever, the high-horsepower reputation was fully embraced, and eventually there were turbo-charged followers of the Ram, and a return to the brands name spread from new yaw straps put in place. Today, the Ram brand is more synonymous with strength and power than ever, offering an array of vehicles from ight-weight cars to hefty vans and light trucks, and above all, a legacy-steeped reverence for the grace and ambition of the automotive arts. The Ram mark also keeps its original commitment to competition and fitness for duty, and while it's been refined a few times throughout its illustrious tenure, it continues to live up to its name each and every year. With 110 exhilarating years behind it, the Ram legend carries on, and in the very same original driver's seat that personifies the truth of a vibrant automaking spirit so passionately alive and ready today.

Which Ram for which budget?

Which Ram for a low budget?

Are you on the hunt for a classic car, but your budget won’t stretch to a vintage Ferrari Testarossa? Don’t worry--a used Ram car may have what you need and can still be purchased at a reasonable price. With an illustrious history keeping up with the best of them, Ram car models have calmed legions of fans throughout the decades. From early models such as the 1950s Diesel Royal to more contemporary options such as the El Toro, the Ram models of yesteryear remain relevant and available today. Whether you’re looking for a vintage classic to restore or a robust car for everyday use, you can be sure to find a suitable model at a bargain price. Vintage car enthusiasts can find an enduring quality in Ram models, given their robust frames and simple elegance. Though older models lack the sophistication of more modern machines, a lovingly worked-on classic affords more satisfaction than many luxury cars. With the right tools and know-how, a used and battered Ram car can become every bit as luxurious as the modern dream machines of today. The passionate motorsport crowd will find thrills and experiences at the wheel of a Ram as well, with a range of events suited to classic and modern machines. From ad-hoc amateur rally-racing to mark Car Challenge tours, Ram car models can easily keep up with their grandchildren in all the right places. Finding the exact model to suit your needs is an enjoyable journey in itself. Affluent people aged between 35-65 years old can also be proud owners of a classic Ram car, as this invaluable steed has a place in history superseded by few of its peers. Commanding both presence and confidence, owning a used Ram model is a great way to pay homage to this landmark brand. There may still be an untapped potential for great classics amongst the modern market, and there is no better place to look than the quality that Ram cars can offer. With vehicles available for sale at every price point, finding the perfect vehicle to fit your budget and fulfill your dreams is as easy as a click away; you could soon be the proud owner of your own little Ram car piece of heaven.

Which Ram for a medium budget?

Take the wheel of the RAM and transport yourself to the open roads of the 50s and 60s. Rediscover the thrill of those times with a car full of vintage modernity, a daring combination of age-old stats and updated engineering. The Ram - a two seater coupe power-packed performance and luxurious amenities - is a perennial favorite among vintage car enthusiasts, motorsports and high society. Drive and live the dream with its vibrant throbbing 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine delivering up to 357 horsepower and 394 lb-ft of torque. Every rev amplifies its performance offering, driving you levels of adrenaline without boundaries. Dress up the terrain or soften the rough edges for a peaceful ride; the five-link coil suspension configuration and clever springs keep it well-balanced and grounded on almost all terrains. Cruise on open roads with its modern fuel-saving design while optimal stability control keeps you safe and abreast of the frequent checks. Not everything is under the hood. Its robust aluminum body, with gracefully shaped headlights, a signature tailfin and blindingly bright trimming colors, scream classic elegance as you speed past the competition. Internal space doesn't immerse; comfortably fit a few of your closest family and lifelong friends in its enormous cabin, despite its sporty design. A selection of leather trim options offers a touch of elegance; connected seating snugly fit to body contour leaves you free and free from quarreling. Dive into a spectacular multimedia experience. An 8.4 "infotainment system puts you in control. Sync it to your personal gadgets on the go. Its sharp 360-degree cameras help you circumnavigate with composure. The Uconnect system is available on a 7" or up to an 8.4" display complete with media, podcasts and navigation to maximize your driving aesthetic. Not to mention its nine Alpine speakers and booming subwoofer for clarity in sound. The RAM is the fitting alternative to fits all your medium-budget requirements. Whether you're seeking comfort, performance or luxury in your driving experience, the RAM offers it in neat; a quintessentially powerful car, perfect for the powerful people. Harness the greatness, feel the power, and show off in absolute style - the Ram is the modern vintage masterpiece.

Which Ram for a high budget?

If you are an avid lover of classic automobiles and want to invest in something beautifully timeless and luxurious, the Ram is an ideal choice. With its distinctive look, high-power engine and comfortable leather interior, the Ram is perfect for those who enjoy the best of both worlds - the blend of classic style and modern luxury. First of all, the Ram is the perfect choice if you’re into vintage cars. The Ram has a classic design, with rounded curves and glossy chrome parts. This makes it look both old-fashioned and modern at the same time - excellent for those among us who want to bring a touch of nostalgia into our lives. Under the hood, the power-behind-the-wheel of the Ram is as impressive as its nostalgic exterior. With a V8 engine, plus the option for a 6.4-liter or 7.3-liter turbodiesel, the Ram offers high power performance. If you’re looking for a car with the grunt to back up its luxurious appearance, then the Ram is an excellent choice. On top of the excellent driving performance of the Ram, there’s the added benefit of a supremely comfortable interior. With optional ten-way power leather-trimmed seats, the Ram offers a satisfactory experience for those who want luxury and sophistication. The full-featured audio system and refined climate control are well equipped to guarantee an unforgettable journey. If motorsport is your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Ram is a great choice here too. As the Ram can be equipped with the option of a performance exhaust system, lowering springs, off-road tow hooks and 3.3-liter V6 engine, the vehicle has been designed to bring the best out of its horsepower even in the most challenging situations. Whether you prefer the asphalt strip or the difficult off-roads, the Ram will not leave you disappointed. The luxury and performance offered by the Ram comes at a price – literally. The Ram is a high-end automobile, and costs around $50,000 to purchase one in impeccable condition. Of course, if you want the latest option or a fully customised interior and exterior, you can expect to pay even more. However, for affluent people who want a car that stands out in style and performance, the Ram is competitively priced and worth the splurge. In conclusion, if you want a classic car with the performance and capabilities of a modern luxury vehicle, then the Ram is a great choice. With a look that will get you double takes and jaw drops, plus more than enough power under the hood to satisfy even the most spirited driver, the Ram is the car of choice for lovers of vintage cars, motorsport, and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old.

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