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Story of the Radical creation

Radical Sportscars is a company that produces high-performance British race and sports cars, founded in 1997 by amateur racers Phil Abbott and Mick Hyde. Initially producing one-make race series cars, they reacted to an increasing demand for track day cars by launching the SR3 model in 2001, which continues to be a successful model. In 2004, they released the SR8, a completely street-legal model capable of reaching a remarkable top speed of 240 mph. Radical's story of success and innovation started a few decades earlier, in 1979, when biologist Phil Abbott became determined to build his own race car from his home garage. Starting from a Mazda 24, he managed to create a fully custom-made car, the RA-2. Phil's experiments had caught the attention of motor racing enthusiasts and he soon partnered with car designer Mick Hyde and opened a race engineering business. Phil and Mick have since become renowned for creating advanced and highly competitive cars, garnering many racing successes in the process and setting new world speed records at Brands Hatch with the Radical SRU from 1993. Over the years, Radical transformed from a small business into a multi-million pound enterprise, managing to sell 2,500 SR3s to Europe, the Americas and Asia. The success of the Radical brand is owed in no small part to its appeal to the affluent clients between 35 and 65 who were Audi or Porsche owners, or those seeking an everyday track day car. From the rapid prototypes to the incredible power train design and lightweight technology, Radical's successes on track, street and in rally terrains can only be accredited to the passionate and daring approach it has always taken. Today, Radical Sportscars continues to be among the finest automotive engineering products and is still appreciated by vintage car and motorsport enthusiasts around the world.

Story of the Radical models

The iconic Radical Sportscars, founded in 1997 in Peterborough, UK, has been pushing the boundaries of motorsports and ultra-high performance cars for decades now. It all began with the creation of the Radical Duo, two models that were intended for both road and track use: the Radical SR3 and the Radical SR1. The Radical SR3, unveiled at the London Autosport International Show in 1998, was the first of the track-optimized Radical models, designed to be agile and fast on the straights and corners. The SR3 was powered by a 1396cc Renesis inline-4 engine with a 77kW power output, allowing for top speeds of around 134mph (216km/h). With a spacious cockpit and ergonomic controls, the SR3 was admired by petrolheads and racers alike for its safety features, lightweight construction and easy handling. The Radical SR1, initially released in 2002, was influenced heavily by the SR3, but with a heavier and less powerful engine, ranging from 1.6 L to 1.8 L. In 2009, Radical reintroduced the SR1, replacing the latter's conventional engine with a 868cc, 360° rotary engine, increasing its power output to 125kW and providing it with surprisingly strong off-the-line acceleration. With its tightly wound double-wishbone suspension, the SR1 quickly became one of the top choices for amateurs with a passion for motorsport. The Radical RXC came five years later, with a 3.7L V6 from a Ford Mustang pumping out a whopping 444 bhp, allowing for top speeds of 200mph. The RXC featured a carbon composite body and a tremendous amount of grip, grace and simplicity, as well as extremely precise steering, allowing for smooth and rapid cornering. Its unique and hugely aerodynamic design, combined with its heavily efficient braking system, proved the RXC to be a true marvel of engineering. The Radical RXC Turbo 500 took it several steps further, by introducing a hefty two-litre EcoBoost engine offering 500 bhp of on-tap power alongside an ultralightweight yet rigid chassis engineered to offer unparalleled stability at high speeds. This latest breed of Radical sharpness also included an extensive amount of weight-saving parts and a five-link rear suspension providing you with one of the most exciting motor experiences to date. When it comes to performance interwoven with serious handling and luxurious trimmings, few offerings match the ethos of Radical Sportscars. From the sonorous growl of the SR1 to the serious power of the RXC and RXC Turbo 500, these pioneering British-built machines have won hearts and minds in motorsport and fast car shows around the world. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a passionate enthusiast, Radical Sportscars offer an unrivaled experience to every comer.

Story of the Radical in motorsport

Radical is a British car industry leader in the motorsport arena – a name that carries enough street cred to bring about thrills and adrenaline for any auto enthusiast with a passion for racing. Through the history of the company, Radical has been dedicated to creating breathtaking track-prepared machines and providing its drivers with an unparalleled seat-of-the-pants driving experience on the circuit. Since its humble beginnings just over two decades ago, Radical has grown to become the engine behind some of the most famous series and remarkable racing feats. The brand further cemented its iconic status in motorsports history when the Radicals of Henri Pescarolo and Jean-Christophe Boullion took the overall victory at the 2004 24 Hours of Le Mans. Countless drivers have cut their teeth with the company in public and professional events, carving their own paths toward motor racing glory with the brand’s renowned power and handling. While endurance racing is great fun for Radical enthusiasts, sprint racing has been the hallmark of Radicals since its establishment. The brand has been involved in some of the most breathtaking sprint adrenaline events in the world, from short-track sprints, to road autocross events and dedicated touring car series. Beyond the glitz and glamour of motorsport series, the Radical is the weapon of choice for the more serious competitor who wants advanced engineering, phenomenal acceleration, and uncompromising durability. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, a driver who desires adventure within the controlled environment of a race track or a weekend warrior seeking open-road thrills, Radical has been engineered to offer a touger, faster, and safer performance that will bond man and machine and create lifetime memories. From 21st century achievements to classic connections, the story of Radical paints an inspiring picture that carries the thrill of motorsports and a firm belief that human challenges can still emerge triumphant. Radical has succeeded in creating a legacy rooted in what seems like impossible odds, and encouraging a network of passionate supporters who’ve been involved in the sport since the 1990s and are still active today, proving why Radical is at the top when it comes to motorsports excellence.

Anecdotes about Radical

Radical cars have been a part of automotive history for more than 25 years. And just when you think you know it all - there's always something new to discover. Whether it's a rare classic or the latest state-of-the-art piece of engineering, there's something a bit "Radical" in every car they build. It's this sense of exploration and innovation that has attracted a loyal following of enthusiasts over the years. From humble beginnings, to becoming a regular fixture on the race tracks of the world, the story of Radical cars is a patchwork of passion, dedication and remarkable engineering. On this journey of discovery, we take a look at the history, some interesting anecdotes and uncover the unique culture behind every Radical. It all began in 1989, when established RAF aeronautical engineer/designer first conceived the idea of using the very latest technologies available in the motor industry. It was a bold move, and the automotive world was certainly not ready (or prepared) for what was about to evolve: Radical. Although there was certainly apprehension, what followed would change the face of motorsport forever. Known popularly as the “Rascal Car,” the first two-seater designed by Radical was engineered to handle small hills and cliffs that normal cars can't face. An innovative design which used lightweight composite components allowed the featherweight car to gather speed quickly and yet remain surprisingly durable and safe. It is often described as the "go anywhere" car, and rightly so given its extraordinary off-road capabilities. Today, Radical still continues to inspire the car culture as a leader in motorsport regions all-around the world. Their unique designs embody a blend of off-road excitement and street-style swagger. And the factory body-style kits they produced over the years have also gained a cult following. Behind each Radical car the passionate team at Radical creates a culture that makes them truly unique. From the fiercely independent, engineering-driven principles, to their openminded outlook on car design innovation and customization, Radical has distinguished itself as an automotive brand that stands out from the rest. This passion and dedication ultimately shines through when fans of the brand hit the tracks and continue to defy gravity. But beyond their technical prowess, Radical has won the hearts of fans of racing thrill rides all over the planet. Their history of remarkable engineering has earned them an iconic status amongst not only experienced drivers, but also those just starting out from scratch. Whether you’re straddling the roads or the historic racing circuits, there’s no doubt that you’ll have the time of your life in a Radical car. For car fans and enthusiasts between ages 35 and 65 who enjoy vintage cars, this modern-day motorsport marvel offers a truly unique experience. Since the first production model was designed more than two decades ago, the name 'Radical' has become synonymous with performance, safety, and reliability. It’s no wonder that today they continue to be a regular part of the racing circuit - a brand that continues to represent the spirit of motorsport and a passion for Porsche design. Find out for yourself the incredible stories and anecdotes that come with every Radical. Go out in their latest cutting-edge vehicles or their rare and unique classics and be part of an experience that takes vintage car sensibility, style, passion, and performance to the next level. Experience the brand that turns any race or track day into a thrill ride that you’ll never forget. Welcome to the world of Radical.

Which Radical for which budget?

Which Radical for a low budget?

Are you looking for an affordable way to own and enjoy the ultimate driving experience? Look no further than Radical cars – an innovative UK-based motorsport and engineering company dedicated to creating lightweight performance cars for purists. Radical has a long history of producing some of the world's most sought-after performance vehicles. With decades of experience in crafting high-performance racing technology, the manufacturer is renowned for producing high quality cars that are capable of reaching admirable speeds and handling sharp turns with ease. From the RXC Coupé to the SR1 road-legal track car, Radical produces fast but affordable cars designed with modern-day technology and uncompromising safety in mind. Owning a Radical car is truly a pleasure. Offering both transverse-engined and in-line-engined vehicles with a choice of either a 5-speed manual or paddle operated semi-automatic gear system, Radical cars guarantee an exhilarating ride with a sound and accurate drive. Even the entry-level models come with functions such as traction control, tracking systems, digital data-logging, adjustable dual-position dampers and E-mark performance tyres to ensure maximum control while driving. Drivers looking for the ultimate thrill will be delighted to learn about the SR3 RSX model, which boasts variable traction control, a 2.0L Ford-based high-performance engine and semi-automatic paddle-shift transmission. This powerful model produces 300 bhp, reaches a top speed of 165 mph, 2.8 G in cornering, and 0-60 mph in just 3.3 seconds. No matter what your budget may be, Radical cars provide excellent value for money and plenty of opportunity for fine-tuning. With superior build quality and safety, huge amounts of grip and power as standard, these British-made performance machines are perfect for experienced and aspiring drivers alike. Becoming the owner of a Radical car says a lot about your ambition and discerning taste - especially if you can get it for a low budget! With remarkable engineering and craftsmanship, you'll be sure to get your money's worth when investing in a Radical.

Which Radical for a medium budget?

Buying a Radical in a medium budget can be a dream come true for those who fancy cars with a few generations already under their belt. Whether you consider yourself an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport, or someone with an affluent lifestyle looking for an investment, you'll find that a Radical can be the one to add to your collection and make your weekends much more exciting. Radicals have been an integral part of the motorsport community for decades, evolving in styles, designs and performing abilities that today complement the demands of passionate drivers. With an optimized design and fabricated with aerospace-grade lightweight materials, you will undoubtedly find the car that matches your needs and expectations. The cost, however, while considerably more cute than other styles and brands, can range from affordable to expensive depending on the model and the features you look for buying a Radical. Few can compete in terms of experiencing top speeds and feeling the adrenaline rush of going through tight curves, while still keeping a medium budget core. For an average budget, you'll be able to find editions of this classic car brand and be sure of its performance on the race track or the street. The design and core essence of these vehicles remain the same regardless of the model, with adjustments on their size, engine, technologies, and safety features. Purchasing a Radical in a medium budget will be more or less a humble, yet powerful edition of the legendary epitome of motorsport, assuring you of reliability and proof of ownership for an extended period of time. Whether you look for exhibition, taking part in historical motor racing events, or enjoying mechanic challenges, a Radical might just be the automotive companion you need. You will certainly get loads of satisfaction with something made exclusively from the ground up for the most passionate drivers. Fulfill the dream of adding one of these cars to your collection and enjoy seeing this legendary vehicle adorning your garage with a medium budget tag price. Start your racing journey now and make your day-to-day life and weekends much more of an exciting experience!

Which Radical for a high budget?

When it comes to high-end cars that are of great historical significance, the Radical should be high on the list. Not only does its sleek body and precision engineering defy the usual 'rules', but its driving performance is exhilarating. Since 1989, Radical has been creating fast track cars that have respected, resoundingly, their 'Mission to Produce the Fastest Track Cars in the World'. Hardly surprising then that their limited edition models are coveted by enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport and those who can afford to splurge on the best of the best. The Radical constructed vehicles feature the kind of technology that allows drivers to encounter the ultimate car-driving experience. Finely tuned engines provide speed and muscle, whilst advanced dynamic systems assure perfect handling during cornering. With aerospace technologies being incorporated the braking system too packs experience and immense power. In 2019 the brand released its fastest ever model, the 840bhp SR9. And with over 20 models to choose from across six categories, these modern cars encompass a range that can suit any style and taste. It is an exciting prospect for any driver, regardless of experience. Owning a Radical is not just an illusion, it is a beyond special experience. One enhanced with sheer exhilaration and immense pride. It doesn’t matter what budget you can afford either, because whatever your pocket allows, this vehicle will provide you with the ultimate thrills, pushing the boundaries of speed limits. Whether you are looking for an aftermarket car for race days or a reliable ride for your day-to-day drives, you can count on a Radical to handle all you throws at it. Passionate and powerful, this is the one of finest vehicles money can buy. Few other cars can rival it for innovation, performance or power.

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