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Story of the Qoros creation

The car brand Qoros is an exciting success story in the vehicles industry. Established in 2007, Qoros is an automobile manufacturer based in China which specialize in creating luxury cars and SUVs of varying styles and sizes. Qoros’ rise to prominence was quick and incredibly successful. Within a year of they forming, they had established themselves as a widely-recognized brand, gaining a cult following among Chinese customers who appreciated their strong luxurious designs and reliable performance. The styling of Qoros vehicles have often been described as exquisite and energetic, and their cars featured top-level innovations that few other brands could match. Their expertise in motorsport was undeniable, as they won an impressive 11 championships over the course of their history. This is an extremely impressive achievement given that the brand was still relatively new. They focused heavily on racing-focused approaches to product development and this combination of luxury design and engineering skills is what cemented their place at the top of the list for many passionate motorsport and vintage car enthusiasts. The team employed visionary designers, mechanics and automobile engineers to bring to life their unique models. An example of this was their pioneering of Europe’s 'Connected Services Platform', which was released in 2013, before slowly rolling out to other parts of the world. A rich development of in-car technologies followed, which included access to roadside assistance, 3D navigation, infotainment systems, accessible app services and cloud storage capabilities. Since their inception in 2007, the Chinese brand have captured the imagination of both Chinese and European markets, and have received a flurry of awards, recognitions and industry endorsements. Qoros offers an reasonably priced vehicle range that is reliable, luxurious and professionally engineered. With the Qoros brand, their command of the car market continues and they look to a bright future amongst the ranks of other luxury and high performance car makers. The Qoros brand carries with it a strong heart and a great spirit that embodies the passion of automotive enthusiasts regardless of generation. From a single start-up in China just thirteen years ago, to being an icon for many 35-65-year-olds across two continents, and boasting some of the most innovative vehicles currently on the market, the brand continue to bring excitement, fascination and quality to the automotive sector.

Story of the Qoros models

Qoros has established itself as a leader of modern luxurious vehicles in the international markets. Car enthusiasts that appreciate vintage models while also embracing cutting-edge innovative technology will love the Qoros models. With featured designs such as bold lines and contemporary accents, Qoros integrates luxury with efficiency in all its cars. Let’s explore some of the most renowned models of this brand to find the perfect vehicle for you. The Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid, released in 2017, is the brand's first plug-in hybrid car. This vehicle combines an internal combustion engine and electric power to ensure the most efficient performance. It includes a smooth 8-speed automatic transmission and a 7-inch multimedia system, making long drives enjoyable. It has achieved a fine composition of aesthetics and utility, as its exterior includes an impressive grille that efficiently cools its engine and a tailgate for luxury and convenience. The stylish Qoros GQ5 was released in 2016 and boasts a daring and confident design. Illuminated LED lighting brightens its textured grille and allows it to easily stand out on the roads. Boasting advanced driving enjoyability, the GQ5 allows you vast control over the car’s environment with advanced air conditioning and heated seats. Furthermore, a spacious interior and enhanced premium cloth material deliver both luxury and comfort to the feel. Recently released in 2018, the Qoros 5 QL is a remarkable crossover SUV with undeniable athleticism. It has a powerful powertrain with a parallel electric motor and transmission that provide an strong and responsive performance. Comfort and safety are fundamental with the 5 QL as its air suspension system gives a smooth and comfortable ride, while it’s electric parking system lessen the urge to worry about parking. What is more, innovative features provide the driver with the best driving experiences and most convenient environment. The luxury and comfort of the Qoros 3 City and Sport Coupé can never be neglected. Its aerodynamic interior design and navigation capabilities provide the sophisticated atmosphere all drivers strive for. Moreover, the sport coupé edition increases the power of the engines that gives a full enjoyment to typical owners of this coupe. Its elegant exterior, implemented with 6-speed automatic transmission, drives the overall aesthetic elegance to greater heights. Being a brand intended for affluent people between 35 and 65 years old, owning a Qoros car is more than mere owning a vehicle; it is a sign of superiority. Whether you are a classic car enthusiast, a motorsport connoisseur or simply an admirer of contemporary designs, you will definitely find the most suitable option amongst their produced range of vehicles. Begin your journey to luxury today, with Qoros.

Story of the Qoros in motorsport

Since its start in 2013, the Chinese auto manufacturer Qoros have attracted the attention of the international automotive market, thanks to their fantastic range of stylish, affordable, and technologically advanced cars. The biggest undiscovered secret of Qoros is their involvement in numerous global motorsport initiatives over the past few years, forging an illustrious and exciting history in the heart of the competition. It all started two years after the launch of the brand, in 2015, when Qoros signed a deal with Gryazin Racing, that quickly advanced to participate in the Russian Rally Championship Series. Even with limited financial and technological resources, it managed to surpass seasonal racetrack expectations and participate in 24 events, forming an impressive and memorable history as a fearless newcomer in the world of motorsport. A turning point came in 2016 when the brand became the official partner of Team Panizov Motorsport and an associate member of the Touring Car Racing Europe (TCR). For the next four consecutive years, the partnership bore substantial dividends with two overall titles, plus 13 individual wins at the TCR Eastern Europe and five overall titles at the Tomark Cup, including four individual victories at the Tomark Slovakian Racing Series. During that highly productive four-year period, Qoros also managed to stand out in the Blancpain GT series, dubbed “The World’s Premier GT3 Championship.” With the association of their racing team, leaded by White Mykola, the brand reached a double-digit podium records, around 31 individual championships, and two overall leaderships. That record of success and commitment to motorsport activities enabled Qoros to join the best drivers, teams, and constructors of the 2020 WTCR (World Touring Car Cup) and ingrain itself in a 30-year long legacy of global racing success. From 2015 until 2020, Qoros has experienced a remarkable worldwide motorsport journey. With almost 30 individual drivers in their roster from at least 11 different countries, the brand has had substantial visibility within the international stage. The range of diversity and excellence they brought to the tracks is, indeed, a source of inspiration, both for those passionate fans of vintage cars and motorsport devotees, as well as for those aspiring contemporary entrepreneurs or affluent car afficionados between 35 and 65 years old. Thanks to their capacity and tenacity to bravely venture against powerful resistance in an everchanging environment, Qoros have earned itself a special spot in the car industry history.

Anecdotes about Qoros

For those passionate about motorsport, vintage cars, and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old, this article will be an intriguing reflection on the amazing anecdotes behind car company, Qoros. Qoros is a Chinese-Israeli car brand with a promising future. Founded in 2011, the company produces vehicles with a focus on technical innovation, safety as well as a top-notch driving environment. Thanks to this well-defined target demographic, they have managed to craft a loyal fan base in the international car industry. Going back to its roots, one of the most amazing stories surrounding Qoros construction is the precise method of manufacture that they employ. Each component of the Qoros vehicles is put together by a team of both Israel-based and European engineers with over 20 years of knowledge and experience devoted to making vehicles that are not just reliable but also combine the highest aesthetic standards. To ensure top-notch design, their cars are tested at the Ra’anana Test Track by experienced drivers and are quality checked in the Minsk plant. This meticulous building process led iconic car designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro to even state that the “quality and safety of the Qoros vehicles is impressive. Today, Qoros is unique in that it releases both electric and petrol-based vehicles; No matter the variant, every car comes with its signature metal-made body and a variety of technological devices. For example, the latest version of the Qoros 3 City Hatchback is equipped with advanced connectivity for the urban driver. Features like connecting to the in-car audio system from a smartphone, enlarged touch screens, a variety of space-saving storage solutions, and an advanced parking assist system make for a convenient and seamless experience. The Qoros 3 compact saloon also great technological advancement in its segment providing value beyond price. Some of the saloon's cutting edge features include a three-spoke multifunction steer wheel, Push-to-Start button, and a Rear Camera Monitor System to ensure user safety. To the enthusiasm of fans across the world, Qoros is now producing vehicles for the race track incredible vehicles with cutting-edge performance. For instance, the Qoros 5 hatchback is designed to reach speeds of 233 km/hr and is rated as one of the fastest and safest modern race cars. All these features have mainly been due to the innovative developments of Qoros engineers who work hard to ensure that each car is not only provided heightened performance but also taking safety into utmost consideration. Qoros might be a relatively new brand, but it is fair to say that the brand has become increasingly popular in the international car market thanks to the success of its models. Not only have their cars symbolized exceptional technology, but also are success embodiment of how a product of precision engineering should be achieved.

Which Qoros for which budget?

Which Qoros for a low budget?

Are you an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport, or maybe an affluent adult seeking the perfect affordable car? Do you want something unique, edgy and packed with features? The Qoros 3 of the Chinese-Israeli joint venture Qoros Automotive might just be the car for you. Built by Chery Automotive, the parent company of Qoros, the 3 was unveiled in April 2014. Since then, a bevy of technological improvements has been made month by month to the car which is now one of the best available for a low budget. The Qoros 3 offers a stylish, modern look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. The look has been crafted with the European setting in mind, so you can rest assured you'll be driving a car with a sleek and contemporary design. It comes with either a four-cylinder or a 3-cylinder engine and boasts a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, for smooth, seamless transitions between gears. It also features a host of safety features such as ABS, Electronic Stability Programme, and adjustable Front, Side and Rear ESP. The interior of the Qoros 3 is just as impressive as the exterior. It features an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system that incorporates a digital radio, 6 speaker set, as well as a 5-inch instrument panel and an advanced heads-up digital display. Other features inside include a moonroof, height-adjustable passenger seats, leather and fabric Upholstery, as well as dual-zone climate control with air conditioning. The Qoros 3 also comes with a bonus: Its B-Sure collision-avoidance system. This enables real-time storage and tracking of your driving performance, so you can get better acceleration and cornering. There are a number of members of the Qoros family of vehicles to choose from, so whatever your needs and budget, there will be something for you. The Qoros 3 provides a host of extras, and its sleek design and modern interior make it a car that catches the eye. So, if you're looking for an affordable vehicle with a robust performance and modern features, the Qoros 3 may be the perfect option.

Which Qoros for a medium budget?

For those looking for something that marries quality and affordability, it’s hard to do better than the cars from Chinese manufacturer Qoros. Whether you're an avid fan of vintage cars, a motorsport enthusiast, or an affluent individual between the age of 35 and 65 looking for quality on a budget, the Qoros cars offer motor-heads everywhere an experience that packs both hefty performance and long lasting excellence. Boasting high tech features, striking designs, and maximum convenience, the cars from this manufacturer keep you in the lap of luxury. Each car produces a commanding presence on the street, exhibiting dynamic and pleasantly retro curves—they’ll bring out the passionate classic truck lover in everyone - no matter which model you choose. Qoros cars are designed for performance and quality, from their incredibly plush interior fabrics to their app-enabled controlling interfaces. The external surfaces boast a sleek aerodynamic look complete with trapezoidal air intakes and sharp dart-like LED headlights. On top of that, they offer funky dual color schemes with some models even rocking glossy black roofing for a modern look that’s made for the modern era. Then there’s the engine, which is a simply spectacular piece of engineering. A turbocharged, 1.5-liter inline-four setup makes for the base model. Performance wise, the acceleration is flawless and the transmission is snappy, shifting through the gears with ease and allowing drivers to get the optimum from each ride. Qoros cars can be found online and at select used car dealerships, and while they're designed and made with luxury in mind, they're often still available at reasonable prices. Crafted with care, they're automobiles that will keep you content for years—making them an easy choice for motorsport enthusiast or vintage-lovers on a budget. Affluent shoppers that are between 35 and 65 years old should give these cars special consideration given their amazing value propotion. What more could you want from your next car?

Which Qoros for a high budget?

Vintage automobile enthusiasts, motorsport fanatics and those with a substantial budget know that a Qoros car is the ultimate prize for a discriminating driver. The question of which is the best Qoros car for those who have a higher budget to work with is one that is answered with authority here. The Qoros lineup is lauded for its combination of power and sophistication. This year, the GQ3 topline model is the ultimate choice for the discriminating driver. This luxury saloon is the flagship of the Qoros lineup, sporting a 2.4 liter turbocharged engine and sporting exterior lines closer to that of a premium sedan than a racecar, making for a car that is both powerful and fashionable. For those who crave the classic experience, the Qoros 3 is the right choice. An engine that is powerful enough to make a statement yet still quiet enough to make for an easy ride is complemented by a design inspired by classic Italian-style performance cars with familiar diamond grille and sleek body lines. As if the exhilarating ride weren’t enough, the interior is upholstered with imported leather seats that add classic styling and provide a luxurious feel for those long drives. Of course, for those with the budget, the luxury edition Qoros 6 Deluxe is the way to go. This car pumps levels of power, performance and luxury like no other. It features a 5-liter V-8 engine paired with a meticulous cubic configuration to keep the weight down while maximizing comfort and maneuverability. An advanced gearbox system and power shifting allows drivers to shift gears quickly and maintain top performance. Inside, luxury appointments like leather interiors, memory foam seats and built in sound system makes the 6 Deluxe the ultimate premium vehicle. No matter what your budget, tastes or interests, Qoros has a car that can fulfill your needs. Choose among the range of available cars for a ride of sophistication, power and luxury.

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