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Story of the Peugeot creation

The timeless sophistication of the Peugeot brand stretches back to the late 19th century, when Emile Peugeot decided to leave the family grain milling business to pursue a career in the bike industry. In 1882, he unveiled a revolutionary approach to steel bicycle frames, an achievement that established the Peugeot brand’s long-standing commitment to innovation and quality. When Emile’s nephew Armand took the helm of the business in 1890, he began to focus on producing cars. Under his guidance, the Peugeot L76 became the brand’s first car in 1891, rewarded with a gold medal at the 1894 Paris-Rouen competition. This marked the beginning of Peugeot’s passion for motorsport, a beat the company has been pounding ever since. Further developing the car production in the early 1900’s, Armand pushed Peugeot towards the modern motor industry with the introduction of the legendary Type 15 in 1912. Its unmistakable design was only matched by the sheer performance of its innovative engine, an engineering accomplishment for its time. Peugeot then continued on its streak of groundbreaking innovations with the launch of ingenious technologies, from the infinitely adjustable shock absorbers in 1913 to the first diesel-powered production car in 1936. Car racing quickly emerged as a key driver of the Peugeot’s success in the early 20th century and, while the brand saw many track triumphs, the one defining moment would come in 1984, when the iconic Peugeot 205T16 scored a stunning win in the gruelling Paris-Dakar Rally. The thrilling history of the Peugeot brand is nothing short of inspirational, attesting a passion for cars that has seen success across the world and all types of racing events. With over 125 years of experience, the Peugeot runs fueled by loyal, long-time customers, so many of which are vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport aficionados and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old. This tradition of excellence has resulted in new features that redefine the driving experience in 2020, the Peugeot emblem the perfect example of inspired design and elegance.

Story of the Peugeot models

Peugeot has an illustrious history of producing cars of unparalleled distinction. From vintage classics to the latest motorsport precision machines, the French manufacturer has a long line of exciting and iconic models that have stood the test of time. Iconic cars like the 203, the 404 and the 205 GTI, to name a few, continue to capture the imagination of motorists of all ages. In this article, we're going to have a look at some of Peugeot's greatest cars, focusing on the most renowned models that have been driving enthusiasts wild since the 1960s. We’ll cover their technical specifications, driving characteristics and some of the exciting events they took part in. We'll also make sure to look at the stories behind these remarkable vehicles, and their prime spots in the world of classic cars. The Peugeot 203 is undoubtedly one of the brand's most famous models. This car typifies the virtues of French quality, combining a smooth mechanical performance with a stylish exterior that still looks the part today. Thanks to its low unladen weight, lightness on the pedals and highly precise handling, the 203 is still a favourite among lovers of vintage cars. Plus, if you're after something that really stands out, the 203 Cabriolet was the perfect car for you. There's no doubt that this classic French gem will be remembered and celebrated for years to come. The Peugeot 404 was another French classic that set the bar for performance motoring during the early 60s. This innovative saloon car packed a punch beneath the bonnet thanks to the improved six-cylinder engine, upgraded brakes and terrific handling. It proved to be extremely popular with motorsport fans, offering high performance in a reliable frame. As a testament to its robust and capable design, the 404 even took part in the Monte Carlo Rally and other major racing events. What's more, the aerodynamic shape of the 404 helped reduce drag and optimise stability in the bends. Finally, the Peugeot 205 GTI – another remarkable fan favourite over the years – is synonymous with high driving pleasure. Utilising the 1.6-litre engine, the 205 GTI truly took the motoring world by storm, becoming the first mass-produced 'hot hatch'. An unbeatable combination of power, style and economy made this vehicle perfect for a day out in the sun. Combined with classy looks on the exterior and a customisable interior, the 205 GTI frequently relied on its driving dynamics to deliver an unforgettable experience. When it comes down to it, Peugeot’s cars are a testament to French automobile excellence, developing a strong dedication for automotive excellence for over 200 years. Even if it means taking a journey into the past, the vintage Peugeot range of cars doesn't fail to provide engaging automotive entertainment – perfect for ambitious car enthusiasts and motorsport devoted people alike. If there's one thing that's certain, it's that the Peugeot 203, 404 and 205 GTI have influenced the world of cars in some way or another, and will continue to fascinate and inspire generations of young and likely affluent people between 35 and 65 years old.

Story of the Peugeot in motorsport

The automotive industry and motorsport has not only been a source of inspiration for enthusiasts but also a creating bloc for some of the most envied car brands in the world. Among them, the French brand Peugeot stands out due to more than 120 years of motorsport success that began during the first recorded long distance motor race in 1894. Peugeot, founded in 1895, has been part of the automotive landscape since its very beginnings. After designing the world’s first all-steel car in 1895, the Peugeot family decided to bring the vehicle to the world’s greatest motoring events. They soon set up their own dedicated racing team, using some of the most talented French drivers such as Jules Salomon. Under the guidance of the Peugeot Auto Club, their vehicles achieved numerous motorsport wins during the early 20th century. One of the largest successes came in 1901 when they won the Marseilles- Nice race three times in a row with René Coty behind the wheel of an advanced and light Peugeot car. Motorsport success for Peugeot continued beyond the start of the 2010s. From 2014, the famous French manufacturer made a grand return to the motorsport scene when they announced their return to championship level in the Rally-Cross discipline. Peugeot partnered with the Hansen brothers to enter the FIA World Rallyplex Championship and won three consecutive championships between 2014 and 2016. Using the loud sounds of his Peugeot 1998 208 WRX Supercar, the talented Grand Prix driver Sébastien Loeb set a new world record for a course at Montalegre in 2017, leading from start to finish with a dominating performance. The results of which have been among the greatest ever seen in motorsport. Loeb continued to fight for the wins in 2014’s Rallycross World Championship as well, winning four of the six championship races and finishing in second place at the re-designed Gymkhana in Lohéac in 2019 and 2020. The passionate, historic motorsport connection between the legendary Peugeot brand and its enthusiastic French drivers remains a great source of inspiration for car racing fans around the world. Many dedicated fans of vintage cars, motorsport and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old will enjoy this rich connection and appreciate the lengths the people behind the famous French brand have gone to demonstrate their willingness to take on the world’s toughest automotive challenges.

Anecdotes about Peugeot

The car brand Peugeot has a strong legacy of which many anecdotes can be detailed. For more than two centuries, passionate drivers have put the Peugeot brand to the test on motor racing tracks and in major sports events, which has resulted in some of the greatest achievements being made. From their innovative L45 Experimental two-seat car in 1925 that set the record of exceeding speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, to the more modern 206 T16 that won the World Rally Championship in 1985, Peugeot has proven its capability as a reliable brand that can adapt to any type of terrain and weather conditions. Another fascinating anecdote about Peugeot is its dominance in the French Le Mans 24 Hour Race - the oldest endurance race in the world. Peugeot managed to win the equivalent of the overall victory 23 times, making it the most successful car at this elite event. The combination of great engineering and passionate and experienced drivers were the major factors for Peugeot's tremendous success. Throughout the years, Peugeot has also established itself as one of France’s oldest and most renowned car brands. Enthusiasts of vintage vehicles will love the classic models that Peugeot has been producing through the years, such as the Peugeot 402 “Darl’mat”, the Peugeot 301 “Simoun” and the Peugeot Type 68”Napoleon 1er”. Each vehicle has unique stories and is still remembered today as a symbol of French engineering excellence. Peugeot certainly is a force to reckon with when it comes to automobiles. From their feats in motorsports events, their production of classic cars, and most importantly their contribution to the automobile industry, Peugeot continues to be an iconic and aspirational brand for people between 35 and 65 years old, who appreciate the art of motor racing and the opportunity to own a beautiful classic vehicle. The classic Peugeot car is definitely a dream-car to many.

Which Peugeot for which budget?

Which Peugeot for a low budget?

Autumn leaves, a warm breeze, and the low rumble of a classic Peugeot. If you are an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport or just looking for a vehicle that offers a great value within a low budget, the Peugeot is the car for you. Peugeot, established in 1810, has been manufacturing cars for over 200 years now and is still producing today, offering an extensive range of power, style, and comfort for motorists all around the world, with a Peugeot to suit every kind of budget. Whether indulging in the extravagant models with plenty of luxury features and supreme performance or attending to a more modest weight grant with character and power – Peugeot always delivers. No model more so emphasizes Peugeot’s commitment to using both function and design for a pleasant driving experience than the models marketed for their cost-effectiveness. Peugeot focus on getting the basics right with clever and streamlined technology used up to recent standards. Offering a quiet cabin and comfortable seating with well-calculated effects, pequeots within the tight budget achieve new heights in which form and function work jointly. Peugeot’s practical, all-flush sensibilities, rest thus on cars of various good calibers that, suitably mechanically-minded, can nullify costs while enriching drivability. Whether you’re looking for a fantastic first-time purchase or your compact second vehicle, Peugeot offers the standard dependability and reliability you’re likely on the lookout for. Likewise, for motorsport, a vintage Peugeot proves the perfect setpiece - a timeless classic from a bygone era. When set in the right hands with Peugeot’s range of marvelous convertible releases and powerful engines, you will accomplish dazzling results without exploding the pocketbook. Peugeot being one of the oldest yet most forward-looking car companies regularly battling yet revolutionizing the low-budget auto market. To experience the notorious French automaker’s best kept secret, have a look at the vehicles navigating the bumpy roads of Paris – a safe bet for anyone willing to invest in desirable Peugeot products. It’s easy to see why the Peugeot has been around for so long and continues to be France's most cherished motorcar brand. Peugeot's members of the larger, 35-65 crowd looking for value-oriented cheap options are bound to gravitate toward these practical, safe yet passionate vehicles in support of the well-rooted marque. With models like the Peugeot 108, 206 and 306, becoming a Peugeot aficionado without spending a fortune is no less than possible.

Which Peugeot for a medium budget?

Passionate about vintage cars, motorsport and luxurious performance? Then you should look no further than the sublime Peugeot range! Offering an eclectic selection of classic models from the 1910–1970 period, the Peugeot marque is an enduring symbol of style and sophistication that fills the hearts and minds of classic motor enthusiasts around the world. Meanwhile, its more modern models include masterpieces such as the 308 GTI and the purpose-built 208 R5 rally car. The appeal of the Peugeot brand lies within its range of models, diverse prices and decades of experience. Whether you’re looking for a car suitable to use every day, a weekend plaything, or a collector’s item — the timeless Peugeot range will offer you something special. Indeed, you don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire a vintage model, as many can be picked up for less than £10,000. Peugeot’s innovative technologies, advanced engineering, and motorsport skill renders their products influence automotive trends at all levels — from the trade to the everyday lover of classic cars. If you’re looking for classic styling, agile handling, or timeless runabout, the Peugeot range is unlikely to disappoint. What is more, Peugeot’s conscientiously catalogued engineering is undeniable, and a testament to their commitment to the continued progression of the automotive sector. From 1946 to the present day, Peugeot has been responsible for the manufacturing of some of the world’s most iconic vehicles, from the classic but still ubiquitous 205, to the first production SUV, the 306 XSi. Regardless of models, factors, or your individual tastes, the Peugeot range is comprehensive, and there’s certainly something waiting for those in the market for a car purchased with a medium budget. Thanks to its decades of experience, Peugeot has plenty of models to offer the contemporary automotive enthusiast that steers clear of excessive modern technology and the ongoing debate between eco-friendly power and petrol prowess. And if you’re passionate about motorsport you’ll be delighted with what the Peugeot range can offer those between the ages of 35–65 with a medium budget. At the end of the day, Peugeot vehicles provide an elegant reminder of the good that classic automakers have done to shape the future of motorsport. Whether it’s the perennial style of the classic Peugeot 205, or the reliability and fuel economy of the more modern 308 GTi, collectors around the globe are spoiled for choice with the diverse selection available from the classic British automotive marque. With modifications to older models, or splashing out in hope of catching a pristine classic car, a Peugeot model - new or classic - is worth the investment.

Which Peugeot for a high budget?

Peugeot cars are among the most impressive and cherished of all vintage vehicles. Their unique style, sophisticated technology, and robust engineering have established them as a lasting icon of quality for generations of motoring enthusiasts. For those seeking a car of renowned excellence and prestige, a Peugeot is the perfect choice. If you have the budget to acquire a higher budget Peugeot, you won’t be disappointed. Whether you are a passionate motorsport enthusiast or merely a lover of vintage style, Peugeot cars deliver excitement and exhilaration as no other proposition can. Renowned for their power, dynamics, and safety, Peugeots offer extraordinary performances as well as comfort and class. Passion was the driving force behind the greatest Peugeots, and their magnificent design is a testament to the commitment of the brand. As a result, these high performance cars have always been in great demand from affluent car lovers who appreciate their refined radiance more than ever. The craftsmanship of Peugeot engineers is like no other in the industry. Models such as the 908 RC, 307 WRC, and 405 T16 GTi are just some of the impressive models that have been crafted to perfection to create a dream car. These 1st-class vehicles come with an impeccable level of performance, handling, and quality that every driver can appreciate. Many argue that Peugeots become even more renowned as the years go by- thanks to the esteemed car ownership clubs, quality motorsport events and promising auction prices for pre-owned models. Thus, climbing aboard a Peugeot can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Be it a supercar, luxury saloon, or any model available with a high budget; the results will be nothing less than breathtaking. Its sophisticated engineering, captivating design, and initial zest all come together to create a vehicle of extraordinary beauty. So, not only will owning a Peugeot grant you with professional results on the race track or in a competitive car show, but your purchase will also remain a treasured holding for the years that follow. If you have the passion and the budget to own one, go ahead and take the plunge- you won’t be disappointed!

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