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Story of the Panhard creation

For centuries, cars have been playing a huge role in the way people experience and understand the world, and Panhard has a long standing and incredibly success story as one of the most renowned car brands in the world. Founded by René Panhard and Émile Levassor in 1887, Panhard originally grew out of their bicycle customization workshop. Its extensive reputation began in the early twentieth century, when Panhard vehicles participated in five of the first six Paris to Bordeaux Races. In 1915, the first of many Panhard successes came from the Grand Prix de l'Automobile Club de France which Panhard won with their race car Type X19. On two separate occasions, the Panhard racing team took out the prestigious 24-hour race at Le Mans; one in 1924 and one in 1929. Both of these victories were achieved at the time when Panhard was producing automobiles that were a fraction of the length of current cars, around five-meters long. Subsequently, in the 1920s and '30s, the commercial success of the automobile exploded and Panhard began to focus on producing international world-class designed automobiles to a luxury standard of legitimacy. The Panhard Dyna made use of Grégoire’s and Michelotti’s enigmatic styling that was significant in the very early '50s and if looks could kill the Dyna-Z would have the word lethal associated with it. It was a no compromise design with a sharp perspective on behavior and design. As famous for its ease, road performance, and versatility as much as it was for its technological bravery, the Dyane was a master of inspiration and logic all at the same time. In the above-mentioned setting, as the success of the automobile evolved, Panhard responded in kind by developing some of the greatest designs on the international stage. The appeal combined the mark of an avid driver and the panache of motorist with a passionate and precision accuracy attitude, providing an elite alternative to traditional motorcars and an iconic designation of vintage elegance. Today, diehard drivers and enthusiasts are enjoying the power and handling of Panhard vehicles and striving to rebuild this renowned brand that its original founders, René Panhard and Émile Levassor, so courageously created in the nineteenth century. Panhard symbolizes the journey to industry feats of skill and is renewing passionate drivers with unlimited capabilities of invention and possibility. Total acceleration control and profiled performance agreements make the modern Panhard attractive to the affluent vintage car, motorsport, and affluent 35 to 65 year-old audiences. Finally, the Panhard is considered an unrivaled automobile that has a proven success on the international stage, cementing its status in the history of technology and design as an unstoppable class of excellence. The Panhards passion and precision have given the car no endurance limit, never surrendering to external forces, promising more fun in the car to come.

Story of the Panhard models

The venerable French car brand Panhard has been producing classic cars for over a century. From the early days of the Panhard et Levassor range in 1890, through the halcyon days of the Panhard Dynamic known for its advanced technology and stylish design, Panhard's rich automotive heritage shines through each classic model. Eager classic car aficionados should waste no time exploring the wondrous engineering brilliance behind the Panhard Dyna Junior, considered among the most beautiful cars of the 1950s and the fabled Movic. This two-seater convertible was seen as the spiritual successor of the glorious Dynamic and remains today one of the most sought after collectible vehicles. For lovers of vintage motorsports, the nimble and durable Panhard 24 CT was introduced in 1967 as a potential entry for races such as Le Mans. It’s agile chassis was partly made of a super lightweight aluminum and titanium material making this Panhard model a dream driver on the track. If a classic car aficionado is looking to invest in a piece of automotive history that maintains its collectible value and proves to be a worthy drive, then they should look no further than the iconic 1953 Panhard Dyna X-83. This luxurious avant-garde was subject to countless mechanical and design innovations, making it a dream ride for any motor enthusiast. For the affluent car collector, the Panhard PL 17 is one of the rarest cars produced in the 50s. Its refined leather interiors and stylish aluminium body proved popular for high-end collectors, and the vehicle remains a sixties and seventies classic even to this day. Among Panhard’s vintage cars, which have gone from luxury vehicles available to the upper classes to collector veterans that any individual can buy and appreciate, the manufacturer represents a true classic. For this reason, Panhard cars never fail to inspire a passionate reaction from cars lovers of all ages.

Story of the Panhard in motorsport

The storied history of automaker Panhard stands as a testement to the spirit and hard work of French craftsmanship on wheels. Founded in 1887 as Panhard et Levassor, the company supplied engines and stood apart for their unique approach to craftmanship: renagade engineering, producing some of the first cars with engines in the front and forward drive, and pioneering features from gear shift columns to four-wheel brakes. For an unusually long period, the company and its devoted fans produced breathtaking custom models. As the 20th century dawned, Panhard galvanized itself when it first began arriving, and subsequently succeeding, on motorsports circuits, daring to seek honor against stiff international competition. Demonstrating their spirit and determination, the company achieved solid results at premier global events like the French Grand Prix and classic races like the Mille Miglia in Italy. With their innovative knack for seeking breakthrough technology, the brand routinely achieved success. With the emergence of the postwar era, the very world of motorsports changed rapidly, but through the subsequent decades, Panhard maintained their competitive position time and again, winning races such as the Tour of France Cycle Cars and creating groundbreaking custom cars for hot rodders and drag racers. Classics such as the Dyna X of 1959 remain memorable examples of Panhard's capabilities, while the rallying series of Paris-Senegal-Paris enabled Panhard make yet another grand entrance into international competition. Indeed, this legendary brand continues to exemplify innovation and skill since a merger with another renowned French automaker, Citroen, giving the brand access to groundbreaking, advanced technologies and resources. Even today, Panhard enjoys its status as a household name in custom car communities, rich in motorsports tradition and elegant automotive designs. Whether a vintage car enthusiast, a motorsport fan, or looking for one-of-a-kind automative luxury, the passionate history behind clear. Car of Panhard helps give a glimpse to the comprehensive legacy this iconic brand offers as well as the bevy of delights it still provides, another tribute to the relentless expertise of the French craftsmanship embodied in its name.

Anecdotes about Panhard

For centuries, the car brand Panhard has been delighting the world with iconic looks, invincible motors and anecdotes fit for the most passionate motorsport aficionados. Few carmakers have achieved such greatness and this narrative strives to unearth the tales of their quixotic journey through time. Panhard is most renowned for the production of lightweight off-road vehicles that dispensed with much of the weighty insignia associated with the car platforms designed by their luxury competitors. A range popularly referred to as ‘Lightweight Performance Machines’, they heralded the spirit of performance in Panhard’s early years and was an indicator of the heights to which Panhard would later soar. One of Panhard’s major breakthroughs, which obliterated previous records set in terms of performance, came with the invention of an innovative four-cylinder engine. Originally produced for commercial and industry purposes, the engine, due to its potency, was immediately rolled out for further uses which saw astonishing time trials with the eventual Panhard record-breaking 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. This powerhouse under the hood captured the imagination of a generation and finalized the brand’s status as world-leader in speed and performance. But Panhard’s greatest successes have nearly always been due to technical development. For its most noteworthy accomplishments, Panhard turned attention to mass-market models with the launch of the Dynamic, which gained tremendous popularity in Europe and was also one of the first cars to be exported to the USA, a testament to the car brand’s remarkable success on an international scale and continues to captivate collectors of vintage cars today. Surpassing many of the technological miracles of the era, such as the accompanying rotating bezel instrument that allowed drivers to monitor the car’s rpm, speed and travels, this type of innovation reveals why Panhard quickly emerged as one of the most successful and classic car manufacturers of its time. Moreover, in terms of style, the vintage Panhard-made cars can only be found in the most exclusive and affluent circles. Even today, these timelessly chic and stylish cars continue to attract the high-end buyers between the ages of 35 and 65 who intends to own a one-of-a-kind vehicle which represent a link with the past as well as an eye-catching addition to any vehicle collection. No wonder then that Panhard’s inspired creations has charmed the world in a remarkable century-long story worthy of any motorsport-enthusiast. One look at a Panhard model, and we can be certain to take a peak at one of the most impressive instances of automotive’s past.

Which Panhard for which budget?

Which Panhard for a low budget?

Do you dream of owning a classic car but don’t want to spend a fortune? Look no further than the Panhard range of vintage cars! Built in France, these historically significant vehicles offer streamlined styling, mechanical robustness, and practical performance on a budget. The history of the Panhard name dates back to the 1880s when motorcycle designer, Rene Panhard, used a Daimler gas engine for the powerplant on his design. After a successful run with two-wheelers, he joined Emile Levassor and the two set out to design and construct a four-wheeled car. In 1891, the duo made their debut at the World's Automobile Exposition and the rest is history! The Panhard range continued to grow and its various models played a significant role in motorsport - notably the 24-Hour race in 1895. Joining this illustrious pedigree comes the range of functional yet handsomely designed models for modest budgets. All of these cars feature dynamic styling, efficient engines, and robust mechanicals – making them a favorite of racing fans and automobile enthusiasts around the world. For vintage car lovers, the Panhard range is particularly noteworthy. Vehicles such as the 1924 Panhard Dynamic, 1935 Panhard Dyna X and 1954 Panhard PL 17 are both aesthetically desirable and mechanically reliable. These Panhards provide the ideal base for those looking to get the most out of their investment, helping them restore a piece of French motoring history with minimal effort. For those more interested in the road, the Panhard range has consistently provided cars of extraordinary quality for an affordable price. From sports cars such as the 1979 Pl17 to more practical family cars, such as the 1990s PM10, these cars provide reliable, sleek, and efficient motoring. For affluent people between 35 and 65 years old seeking something unique, the Panhard range offers the ideal combination of nostalgic appeal, demanding performance, and budget-friendly pricing. Whether you’re looking to restore a classic gem or invest in a vehicle of unique design, the Panhard range has a car to suit your needs; proudly presenting the legacy of French motoring in modern times.

Which Panhard for a medium budget?

When it comes to cars to acquire for a medium budget, having a passion for vintage cars and motorsport, Panhard is definitely a sound choice. Focusing chiefly on luxury sedans since 1950 and producing some of the most iconic French cars of the 20th century, Panhard was one of the most renowned automobile manufacturers. Renowned for cars such as the Dyna Junior, Dyna X, 24 BT and the renowned Dyna Z, Panhard vehicles offer amazing degree of quality, strength, and functionality. At the forefront of motorsport technology in the 1950s and early 1960s, Panhard competed and advanced rallying and track events in cars such as the Panhard Junior Sport and the high performance PZ8. Their vehicles also won numerous awards from France such as the Coupe des Alpes and their involvement in the Macau Grand Prix and Ronde Cevenole Rally. Panhards are still held in high regards, with some of their models in fact now very sought after and in excellent condition. With a vintage and unique aesthetic, they represent a package of extraordinary design and high-end performance from the mid to late 50s era. As the number of these cars has declined significantly with time, owning a classic Panhard car is very special. Beyond their beauty on the exterior, performance on the road is truly superior. Owning a Panhard means owning a vehicle capable of dynamic acceleration and soaring speeds that rivals its 100 hp output. The light and maneuverable cars, when coupled with their relatively easy handling plus incredible comfort make it a great entry level vehicle for experienced drivers as well. The availability of modern, restored Panhards which tend to stay within a medium budget, make these cars an intriguing choice for enthusiastic devotees of vintage cars and motorsport or people wanting to take a step into the vintage car market. With many online resources available for restoration or spares, Panhards are accessible for aficionados all over the world. In conclusion, Panhard cars for a medium budget are nothing short of impressive. With superb vintage designs, advanced motorsport technology, remarkable performance and reliable availability, it’s no surprise that Panhard vehicles remain one of the most iconic automobiles the automotive industry as ever seen.

Which Panhard for a high budget?

Panhard has a long and varied history, standing as one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers. Founded in Paris, France in 1887 by René Panhard and Émile Levassor, the company went on to produce more than 40,000 cars from the early 20th century to the end of production in 1967. For vintage car enthusiasts, Panhard vehicles represent an opportunity to experience true automotive heritage through the acquisition of one of these classic vehicles. The design and craftsmanship of the early Panhard cars – often referred to as “The Pioneering Years” – feature some of the most innovative engineering developments of the time. Characterised by streamlined gothic styling kits, long wheelbases and highly durable modern alloys, these cars stood as among the most innovative creations of the period. As Panhard developed, further refinements allowed the company to produce cars with the power and performance of some of the most luxurious and capable vehicles of the time. The Panhard 24 BT was the company’s most iconic car, producing a maximum speed of 72km/h and boasting a reputation for a smooth ride. Its most innovative feature was the three-speed gearbox and central differential, allowing drivers to maintain a perfect balance across speed and terrain. For motorsport aficionados and those aiming for an authentic racing experience, these cars remain an ideal option. For those with the required financial means, investing in a Panhard can be a truly rewarding experience. Not only do these vehicles represent an outstanding investment opportunity due to their increasingly scarce numbers, but they grant access to a part of the history of the motor car. Not to mention the more practical advantage of owning a classic piece – with maintenance and spare parts being more readily available outside of modern repair tools and workshops. The prospect of owning a classic Panhard vehicle can be an exciting and passionate endeavour; but one which deserves careful consideration. Deciding on a Panhard model will involve factoring in potential purchasing costs, the likely ongoing costs of ownership, vehicle service requirements, and whether your specific needs align with the vehicle’s maximum performance including speeds and engine power. All this means that choosing the perfect Panhard vehicle for you will require some dedicated research and very occasionally, the help of an experienced car specialist. Now, these classic cars are becoming increasingly rare, and privileged access can often give advantages. One may instead opt for a restored or a part-restored classic Panhard vehicle and fix what needs fixing while receiving an extraordinary style and high performance. For small business owners, those wishing to display a Panhard car for business purposes, or similarly for those with ambitions to drive their classic Panhard on special occasions, the sheer class and nostalgia associated with these vintage cars will create an unforgettable and unique experience. For those who have ever dreamed of driving a classic Panhard car, the search for that ideal car for a high budget can be a long and inspiring journey. From original vehicles to restored models, choosing the right classic Panhard should involve detailed research and an unequivocal amount of passion.

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