Vintage Opel cars: a classic selection of models from 1900 - 1980. Find the perfect Opel for your collection.

Story of the Opel creation

The automobile manufacturer Opel has been producing reliable, affordable and innovative motoring solutions since 1862. Once a small, family-run business operating from Rüsselsheim, Germany, Opel quickly grew to become one of the world’s most prominent car brands. The company’s founding story is one of ambition and success—founded by Adam Opel, a skilled and hardworking locksmith who opened his own shop in 1862—Opel quickly established itself as a first-choice provider amongst Germany’s artisan and working-class market. With a focus on agile manufacturing, Opel quickly overtook rivals in the nascent German automotive market, producing a variety of cars and light commercial vehicles. When native German production was completely halted during World War I, the company nearly collapsed. However, after several years of post-war re-tooling in 1926, Opel bounced back in a big way. With new finance secured, the brand introduced several new models and climbed to the forefront of the German auto industry once again—and began producing iconic models such as the Kadett and family-SUV models such as the Manta. Although Opel has changed ownership and consequently direction several times throughout its history, the company’s core commitments to innovation and creativity have fared it 'well over the years. With domestic-built versions of the Astra, Corsa, Insignia and Grandland X, Opel remains a firm staple of Europe’s car-market, providing reliable solutions for everyone from motor sport enthusiasts to affluent middle-aged people. Today, Opel is a subsidiary of the PSA Group, partnering with French marque Peugeot to produce excellent cars full of innovative features. Both stylish and reliable, the combination of sophistication and practicality is a hallmark of the brand’s legacy and unyielding commitment to delivering quality driving experiences. For all vintage and modern-day car-lovers, Opel is the perfect mix of old-world charm and cutting-edge design. Dedicated to experts and casual drivers alike, Opel branded cars have earned a place in the hearts of many motor-minded individuals the world over—affirming the company’s mission and outstanding commitment to building world-class cars of the highest caliber.

Story of the Opel models

Opel has long been a force to be reckoned with in the automotive world, offering an impressive range of classic models that combine style, performance, and durability. From the vintage Manta to the current Astra, Opel vehicles have always been renowned for their excellent handling and adaptability, making them a popular choice for the most discerning car owner. The Opel Manta stands out as a particularly popular vintage option for car enthusiasts, with its iconic boxy shape and classic 4-cylinder engine that offered exceptional performance back in the 1970s and 1980s. Featuring a distinct wedge shape and a traditional front-engine design, the Manta had established itself as an essential member of the decade’s car fleet and as a timeless classic for vintage fans. The Opel Ascona was an entry-level model released in the late 70s, incorporating the newer 2.0-liter or 4-speed S-Tronic engine with fuel-injection technology. This model boasted excellent performance and reliability, making it a staple choice among those seeking out a well-priced, reliable and practical family car. Additional features of the Ascona included groundbreaking onboard computers, superior interior room compared to its competitors, and overall gorgeous design aesthetics - one that hasn’t been matched by any other model in its segment since. Another vintage favorite is The Opel Commodore, which provided drivers with impressive agility and handling due to its high-quality alloy wheels and superior suspension setup. The Commodore was a popular choice for those engaged in motorsports due its sheer power and torque, enabling drivers to reach a top speed of 180 km/h. Despite its marque name, the Commodore was available with a relatively affordable entry price, making it an accessible option for any driver - a fact which has solidified it as one of the best-loved cars in the Opel collection. In more recent decades, The Opel Astra has been a dependable addition to the auto-market, known especially for its efficient power capabilities and safety ratings. Boasting the latest in automotive technology, the Astra is equipped with an array of modern features ranging from lane-keep assist to an improved infotainment system. Aside from boasting a striking exterior, the Astra’s interior also offers a comfortable and well-designed touch, with a more luxurious feel to make any driver feel more in control. Overall, from the first-ever Manta to the more modern Astra, the Opel marque has established itself as an undeniable source of both classic style and advanced practicality, making it a reliable option for anyone seeking out a reliable car experience filled with the passionate energy that defines a vintage-style ride. It is no wonder, then, that the name Opel has been synonymous with automotive excellence and is celebrated by car aficionados and motorsport enthusiasts in equal measure.

Story of the Opel in motorsport

For over a century, Opel has been one of the most influential names in motorsport, a leader in creativity and innovation in the automotive world. From the golden age of Opel's contributions to motorsport in the early 1900s to the modern race day performances, the rich history of this legendary car company is filled with unforgettable races, bold engineering feats and inspiring figures. Opel's involvement in motorsport began in 1904, when the company entered its first major international race, the Prince Henry Trial. Over the next two decades, Opel achieved great success in endurance and single-seater racing, with cars like the 16/40 hp Vanderbilt Racer, the Rüsselsheim 5-Litre and the ZVRS, gracing the world’s racetracks. Opel drivers often pushed the limits of speed in these early races, setting new records and performing daring stunts, making Opel the team to watch on race day. Opel’s legacy continued throughout the 1940s with magnificent cars like the Mühl von Mülheim Special and the P400, which featured Superchargers more advanced than anything else in its class. Later, the Kadett D was a revolutionary car, boasting 4-wheel drive and aerodynamics years ahead of its time. Its success on track led to almost total domination of the European Rally Championship; the Kadett D’s regular appearances in the winner’s circle and on the podium gave Opel the perfect showcase of its exceptional engineering skills. Another of Opel’s legendary race cars, the Vauxhall Omega, dominated the 1990s BTCC. Its sleek silhouette and aggressive performance made it a favourite among motorsport fans and a mainstay in Vauxhall’s post-war racing line-up. In 1995, it won an amazing 17 out of 23 races and remains a benchmark for touring cars to this day. At a time when motorsport is increasingly dominated by teams and large conglomerates, Opel’s unwavering commitment to performance and engineering quality remains a testament to its roots in motorsport. To this day, Opel's passionate racing heritage brings fans and collectors from around the world to celebrate this legendary car company's amazing accomplishments and enjoy the thrill of the race. Whether you’re an enthusiastic vintage car lover or an affluent motorsport enthusiast, Opel's century-long contribution to the world of motorsport is a constant source of pride and admiration.

Anecdotes about Opel

Opel has an incredibly lengthy and exciting history rooted in its formative years, steeped in the backdrop of pioneering automotive technology, speed trials and intriguing anecdotes. In 1863, Adam Opel opened the first modern, mechanised sewing factory in Germany, eventually developing a mass-production system and becoming a leader in the production of treadle machines and bicycles. Meanwhile, his sons focused on modernizing traditional coachbuilding—enabling them to realise the stunning variety of magnificent horseless carriages they did. Still, dreams of achieving success did not stop there. The sons strove for victory through speed, breaking sanctioned power and endurance records at every turn under all kinds of terrain, from deserts to mountains and challenging voyages; triumphs that still have automotive lovers around the world in fits of awe and admiration. Aroused by these feats, and driven by the Opel Brothers' successful endurance records, motorsport enthusiasts were hooked. Competitive ideas and innovations in the form of breakthrough engineering for performance engines started to come alive, influencing the creation of lightweight racing vehicles which were as competitive upon circuit as they were upon city streets. Over the ensuing years, Opel capitalised on its heritage of quality manufacturing and technical progress, launching a great number of successful car models in different markets. Years later, Opel models remain at the forefront of engineering design through high performance GTs and new-age SUVs and hatches. In conclusion, driving an Opel vehicle means being at the helm of a grand legacy of excellence, sophistication and racing-inspired innovation, all of which are built upon years of trial and tribulation, with a passion for pushing boundaries. From groundbreaking speed records to iconic cars, the name Opel has a way of inspiring a sense of confidence, luxe, sophistication and elegance. If you share this enthusiasm, consider joining in the legacy and get behind the wheel of your first Opel today.

Which Opel for which budget?

Which Opel for a low budget?

Are you looking to acquire a low budget car that offers the classical style, superior engineering and performance capabilities? Look no further than Opel! Opel has a rich history of building historic motor racing cars and were the first car company to ever have multiple wins at the European Grand Prix. Featuring classic design aspects such as chrome details, intricate body styles, ergonomic cockpit and driving positions, the cars of Opel are appreciated by vintage car enthusiasts as well as those that appreciate a superior quality and unparalleled style. Many of the cars that make up the Opel line are afforable, offering precision engineering and performance capabilities that often surpass other models that cost significantly more. The Opel Corsa, for example, is a reliable automobile that provides a sporty yet comfortable feel, capable of taking on winding roads around the country and no matter what the terrain. The Opel Astra is a spirited vehicle offering sporty handling and plenty of power under the hood. This hatchback is suitable for driving in all conditions and is ideal for city tight confines. The Insignia, from the prestigious Opel line, was spotted by affluent people between 35 and 65 years old for its awe inspiring design and practical sensibilities. The blend of honeycomb grilles, eyebrow headlights and deep front scoops make for a powerful and hypnotic impression. This luxury midsize sedan is a faithful companion, offering both performance and style at a fraction of the cost of other cars in its class. Opel's vehicles also excel when it comes to safety features, with the Astra and Insignia boasting a five-star safety rating from the European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). The cars are equipped with several collision-avoiding features such as Continuous Anti-Collision, Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward Collision Assist. If you are searching for style, comfort and performance all at an accessible cost, then Opel is the right choice for you. The extensive range of cars available from the renowned manufacturer, guaranteeing drivers complete satisfaction. Let yourself be taken over by the divine perfection and overwhelming performance capabilities found in a classic Opel car, truly the optimum vehicle for enjoying yourself while staying within budget.

Which Opel for a medium budget?

Opel has always been synonymous with excellence and pioneering design when it comes to the automotive industry. Since its inception in the late 1890s, the German manufacturer has steadily been producing cars that balance style, comfort, performance, and budget together. For serious automotive connoisseurs who want the luxury of a vintage Opel without having to empty their bank accounts, the production line of vehicles span from the modest Adam, Karl, and Corsa, to the stylish, bold Insignia and Grandland X, meaning almost everyone can find a car that fits their needs and wants. A budget purchase of a vintage Opel is always a good investment and a good choice. Their classic silhouettes, exquisite, timeless details, and reliable and powerful motors are guaranteed to turn heads and garner admiration wherever you may choose to drive them. Some of the most iconic models include the Opel GT, the Admiral, and the Kapitan, but there are many more that have been painstakingly crafted by the ingenious minds of Opel's engineers over a century ago. When it comes to vintage Opel cars, high quality components have been used throughout the production history of the German manufacturer. Featuring reliable engines, sturdy structure, and pioneering aesthetics, the goal of combining state of the art technology with timeless design remains unchanged for decades. From powerful modern vehicles, to time-honored classic designs, from practical family cars, to sleek sport coupe looks, whatever the preference, Opel offers something to please everyone. Whichever vintage Opel is chosen from the list of options, it will surely, without a doubt, become one of your most treasured possessions, standing as an incredible example of perfect engineering and rugged lines fused together into one remarkable specimen. Whether you are a passionate enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport, or just want something beautiful and reliable on a budget, buying a vintage Opel is the way to go. From fast Tourers, to posh Coupes, each type of vehicle will reward its owners with a unique driving experience. Buy a surprise for yourself or gift an aspiring petrolhead with a vintage Opel – you won’t regret it.

Which Opel for a high budget?

Opel cars hold a long history of superb performance and elegance, becoming a prized possession among motorsport enthusiasts and vintage car collectors alike. Since the company’s beginnings over a hundred years ago, they have become well-regarded names in both the car and wider motorsport racing world. Acclaimed for their exceptional design, performance, and features, even today Opel cars remains a dominant force in the luxury car market. Opel cars continue to be sought-after treasures due to their sleek styling and cutting-edge features, allowing any car enthusiast to turn their automobile passion into a reality. From the signature performance of a vintage Opel Manta to a modern-day, luxury-packed Crossland X, these cars offer everything affluent buyers with a high budget could want. Under $20,000, you can find a 2007 Astra Classic or 2018 GSi, both of which make great examples of the performance and aesthetic elegance associated with cars from this acclaimed brand. Speeding ahead to the higher end of the luxury market, buyers over the age of 35 can find Opel cars for a budget over $50,000 that offer elite performance with an attention to stylish details. Take, for example, the Opel Insignia Grand Sport — offering 320hp and potent sports-style handling complete with an F1-inpsired eight-speed sports gearbox. That’s without mentioning its modern aesthetic, built with cutting-edge technology in both parts and performance. It’s no secret that Opel cars are some of the most luxurious and standout vehicles in the luxury car market. Whether you’re looking for a economical family car or something with a little more pizzazz, there is an array of premier Opel cars you could consider — no matter what your budget. Whether you want a vintage sports car or a modern day luxury sedan, there is something special from Opel that will suit anyone’s specifications and desires. With their commanding performance and relentless development, they truly embody the beauty and passion that has come to represent this brand.

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