Feel the wind on your face on board of a luxurious and classic Noble car: A collector's item from the golden era of automobile engineering.

Story of the Noble creation

When the world thinks of the quintessential British sports car, the name Noble invariably comes to mind. Founded in 1999 by Lee Noble, Noble has since established itself as one of the most respected, beloved, and sophisticated car brands in the world with their powerful and lightweight handcrafted cars. Noble’s success can be traced back to its first car, the M10. Boasting a powerful engine and an innovative aerodynamic design, the M10 was an instant hit among luxury car enthusiasts and earned the brand enormous buzz. Unsurprisingly, the M10 significantly outperformed similarly-sized cars from the competition and set the precedent for the future speedy, reliable no-nonsense cars that define Noble to this day. That said, the M10 was just the beginning for the automotive marvel that is Noble. Following its release, the company went on to develop a slew of renowned models including the M12, the M400 and the M500, as well as, of course, its flagship supercar, the M600. Despite being significantly more powerful and expensive than anything that Noble had released before, the M600 was another instant hit — and justifiably so — proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Noble cars were leagues ahead of the competition when it came to performance and craftsmanship. Since then, Noble has continued to showcase a commitment to precision engineering with their subsequent releases like the M20, the Levorg, and the Evo. Training their attention to the finer details of their vehicle’s designs and engines, Noble responds to the needs of motorists who are looking for reliable cars that perform as well as they look. And as much as Noble has continued to impress with its contemporary releases, its older car models have also earned enduring respect and connoisseurship among vintage car collectors around the globe. From confident collectors in Astin Martin to vintage racers, Noble’s older models have appeared in collections and races across the world, showing just how timeless and well-constructed their cars are. Excitement and innovation have been themes throughout the Noble brand's twenty plus year journey and with upcoming releases like the Estoril and the Zenganne on the horizon, Noble promises to continue to remain a leader in the luxury and motorsports industries. for car enthusiasts with a passion for speed, performance, and beauty, Noble is sure to remain an attractive option for years to come.

Story of the Noble models

When it comes to luxury cars, Noble has proven time and time again that it's a brand worth paying attention to. Famed for their exquisite detailing and superb craftsmanship, Noble's cars elicit sensations of joy and pride - and it's no wonder that their legendary models are some of the most sought-after classics around the world. The Noble M400, released in 2004, is amongst the most esteemed models of all, featuring a 3.0 litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine and whopping 435 BHP. Its lightweight combination of carbon fibre and lightweight stainless steel chassis makes it a true delight to drive formula, and has spurred on many Grand Prix drivers to buying the M400 for their own private drives. The Noble 8Th is another model favoured by drivers worldwide, this particular machine highlights Noble's excellence in engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. Featuring a 3.2 litre turbocharged Honda engine, its power and design come together to guarantee driving ecstasy, with plenty of razzmatazz that won't fail to turn heads on the track. Then there's the Noble M12 GTO-3, dubbed the 2008 Sports Car of the Year by Top Gear and Fifth Gear. Boasting 450 BHP along with a lightweight steel frame, this race car model uses a double wishbone suspension, allowing it to create fast and accurate cornering that's sure to grab plenty of attention. The Superiority of Noble remains unsurpassed and it's no wonder why these models have graced tracks and open spaces all around the world, with their combination of power, glamour, and thrilling drive that bring out the passionate speed aficionado in anyone. For those looking for an unforgettable journey that surpasses every sense, Noble is the perfect choice.

Story of the Noble in motorsport

Few car brands have gained the prestige, attention, and design influence that the Noble brand has. Founded in 1999, Noble has quickly grown to become one of the top manufactures for modern supercars, with famous models such as the M12 series, Noble M400, and the Noble M600. This esteemed brand has solidified its place in the automotive industry with its clean and sleek designs, powerful performance, and excellent durability. But Noble isn’t just loved for its luxury cars; it has made quite a reputation for its involvement in motorsport. Having first participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2001, Noble raced for three consecutive years under the famous name until 2004. Although they withdrew from the category due to limited funds, the brand’s race history has definitively marked its legacy. In 2006, hoping to revive its motorsport legacy, Noble partnered with Zytek Automotive to return to the racetrack. Partnering with the illustrious race engineer Lee Noble and with the help of Zytek and its leading engines — spearheaded by their impressive V6 engine — the brand started entering its cars in various championships. Since then, the prestigious company has achieved spectacular success in various championships including domestic grids, European countries, international grids, and and endurance racing such as the SCCA Chevrolet Corvette Challenge in North America and the Infiniti Performance Sudario in Europe. With its cars breaking records in both the track and the roads, Noble has become a definition of performance and style for car enthusiasts around the globe, especially wealthy people between 35 and 65. Combining powerful engines- such as the 470 bhp turbocharged four-cylinder — and a retro-style but modern body, Noble cars offer an outstanding driving experience like no other. To this day, Noble remains at the cutting edge of the automotive industry, maintaining their place as one of the leading manufacturers of performance supercars. Despite its relative youth to industry veterans like Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren, Noble has managed to create luxury cars that stand out from everyone else thanks to its vanguard engineering and passionate spirit that could be easily likened to historic car brands. Eager to satisfy its passionate and affluent fan base of vintage car fans from 30 to 65, Noble remains true to its roots combining retro style, top-of-the-line performance, and cutting-edge technology for the perfect driving experience that everyone will love.

Anecdotes about Noble

The luxury British car manufacturer Noble has become renowned over the years for oozing sophistication, luxury, and, of course, speed. With its award-winning lineup of classic vehicles, Noble is a truly special name in the automobile world, with many of its models garnering a large following of fans. This affinity for vintage sportscar styling and performance has given Noble its own unique flair and created some entertaining anecdotes through the years. Founded in 1999 by car enthusiasts Lee Noble and Paul Morgan, Noble was truly an entrepreneur’s dream success story. Lee Noble had been busy constructing famous British race cars, engineering adjustments, and developing a small team of supporters during the ‘90s before connecting with Paul Morgan and launching the Noble brand. Noble made their big debut at the 2000 British Piston Expo with the M12 model, an impressive rear-wheel-driven aluminum-bodied coupe with a sleek, edgy design. This stylish takes on the classic sportscar appearance and unexpected performance won the hearts of car aficionados all around, serving as the basis for Noble’s place atop the vintage car world. Some may remember the program British TV show Fifth Gear that documented the feats and adventures of five fearless veteran racing drivers. Over the years, the show has been known for its wild and unruly stunts and challenges, and one which certainly stood out from the crowd involved the Noble M12. Produced in one of the show’s early seasons, Fifth Gear pitted two teams of two against each other in a race to make it around a challenging track, the Noble M12 included. It was no easy feat given the track’s undulating curves and sudden, hairpin turns, as one of the participants could attest to later during the show’s taping. Their Noble had suffered a technical issue, causing a sustained grind mid-race from someone who had already pushed themselves and their vehicle to the limit - resilient proof of Noble’s sturdiness. Although it would be hard to include all of the adventures and testimonials that Noble has garnered during its time in the auto industry due to restrictive word counts, these accounts make it clear that Noble has established itself as a powerful name in both the automotive and vintage sports car worlds. Enthusiasts of motorsports, affluent people between 35 and 65, and fanatics of vintage cars can all experience the unique combination of speed and sophistication that Noble stands for. With a legacy of innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Noble stands proud amongst its competition both in Great Britain and around the world.

Which Noble for which budget?

Which Noble for a low budget?

Searching for a low budget car that stands out among the crowd is no easy task these days. But, if you’re looking for an extraordinary classic, the Noble cars may be the perfect choice. The story of Noble cars is one of passion, since it was founded out of love for cars, motorsport and timeless design. Noble, the British supercar manufacturer, was developed by a former racing driver Lee Noble. The company has produced several performance cars since the beginning of the 21st century, all of them combining power, race car handling, and timeless design. All Noble cars share a common goal: to offer unparalleled driving pleasure. Despite being a small firm, Noble got a generous response from fans and car enthusiasts, and due to its unique characteristics, many of its cars rapidly increased in value. The limited number of Noble's production has made for an exclusive and rare offer. The British automobile marque does not limit itself to cars, they have a complete array of automotive products going from t-shirts to leather jackets. Many owners of both classic and new Noble sports cars appreciate the engineering and design that goes into each car. Low budget Noble cars are old-classics, with retro details that make them stand out in any garage, while others are race-ready cars that won't break your wallet and can be used in tournaments or events. Classic Noble cars are the ones with the least depreciation but are rarely available, excellent in reliability and performance. Not everyone can can get behind the wheels of a Noble, even if they’re on a low budget, as these cars are not often up for sale or showroom display. There are specific parts that must be looked after when searching for a low budget Noble. Purchasing a used vehicle will require some hard-used searching and comparison among the finest sellers and markets, where a low budget can still land you the car of your dreams. It doesn't stop there. To complete the Noble car experience, a prime customization is available that ranges from enhancing the interiors to boosting aerodynamics, adding racing-inspired features, and taking care of the appearance. The customization options are endless, and keep getting better, as Noble’s technology develops without losing its original retro essence. Noble is a unique brand of its own, and driving one of their cars will forever be a timeless adventure that you will never forget. For those passionate about vintage cars, motorsport, and luxury, this marque offers enthusiasts the opportunity to experience luxurious cars without breaking the bank.

Which Noble for a medium budget?

If you’re looking for the perfect classic car to suit your medium-sized budget, look no further than Noble. If you’re an enthusiast of classic or vintage vehicles, or motorsport in general, this vaunted British marque will provide you with a thrilling mix of accessible indulgence, performance, and affordability. What began in 1999 as a road-going replica of existing race cars designed by renowned motorsport engineer Lee Noble, has evolved into one of the best values on the market for medium-priced cars. True to their history and brilliant motorsport hardware, these Noble cars offer extraordinary levels of performance and handling. Modern-day Nobles arrive equipped with a variety of engine, transmission, and chassis configurations, designed specifically for the enthusiast who wants a rewarding and memorable automobile experience. The 380 and M600 models, in particular, stand out for being capable and responsive, with up to 650 horsepower, 320 km/h top speeds, precise steering precision, and advanced aerodynamics to match. Elegant carbon fiber frame construction, hand-crafted interiors, leather trim, custom aluminum blades, convenience features, racing-style suspension, and an abundance of safety features draw the eye of even the most demanding car enthusiast. Aesthetically, the Noble cars offer an undeniable classic style, accented by lines that can only be attributed to the uncompromising beauty of a classic British racing car. If your vision of owning a classic car involves an eye-catching finish and a thrilling ride, then there’s no question: pick a Noble. Affordable, capable, and romantic, these cars are available for anyone who has a few pennies saved up and an unbeatable passion for vintage motorsport driving. There’s no question that a Noble car in your drive will give you lasting memories and years of exciting adventures.

Which Noble for a high budget?

If you have a large budget and an unquenchable desire for classic car elegance, the Noble cars are the perfect choice. The name, Noble, is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, crafting limited numbers of cars that offer a driving experience unlike any other vehicle. Noble Automotive, based in Leicestershire, England, is a car manufacturer that specializes in producing high-performance, hand-built sports cars. Founded in 1999 by founder Lee Noble, the company has established a respected name in the exotic car market. Noble vehicles are immediately recognizable, not only by their unique styling, but also by their cutting-edge technology. Ranging from mild 2.0-litre 4-cylinder sports cars to wild turbocharged monsters, Noble vehicles offer something to cater to any individual's tastes. The M10, Noble's first car, debuted in 1999 and utilized Ford's Zetec engine. Small numbers of Roadsters, the M12 GTO and M400 coupes soon followed, and in 2004 the M14 debuted with a GM-sourced 3.0-litre V6. The M400 was then replaced in 2006 by the M600 - a turbocharged monster with impressive performance figures. In 2014, Noble teamed up with Volvo to develop the all-new Noble M500 - a turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-4 engine capable of producing 430 horsepower - ready to take on any supercar. To truly understand the experience of driving a Noble, you must step inside one. The interior of each Noble car is limited and luxurious, with only the best materials used throughout. From the high-quality leather seats to the toggle switches of the dashboard, Noble cars are made to be enjoyed.The driving experience inside a Noble is one of total control - and great pleasure. Impressive performance is complemented by pin-sharp steering and superb handling characteristics. Every Noble car is built to be driven at the limit, allowing drivers to test their skills on both the road and track. The Noble brand is an aspirational one, attracting motoring enthusiasts and wealthy car collectors. Each car is uniquely built and offers a sense of pride to its owner. Prices range from £50,000 to over £200,000 depending on the model and specifications. Such a steep price tag does bring with it a level of exclusivity, but for those who truly want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime drive, the Noble marque has certainly earned its place in the hearts of car fanatics everywhere.

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