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Story of the Mitsubishi creation

Mitsubishi Motors is a legacy that stretches back over 140 years and follows one of the most remarkable stories in the annals of the automotive industry. In the late 1880s Japan was transitioning from a feudal system to a modern state and a handful of enterprising families saw the potential for a government-sanctioned car industry. The Mitsubishi family was one such family, making it one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world today. Having dabbled in the vehicle industry in the late 19th century, the Mitsubishi family started its motor repair business in 1897 – taking only two years to piece together Japan’s first – home-built – car. Believed to be called the ‘Mitsubishi Model A’, this car was inspired by the French Daimler but earned the family recognition for being the first mass produced automobile in Japan. Later, in 1917, the first Mitsubishi A-Series vehicles were released by the newly formed Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. This line of A-Series cars further solidified the family into the annals of automotive history – while positioning them as a top manufacturer with their cutting-edge technologies and innovative design. Form there, the company quickly rose in popularity. By the 1930s they were winning races, such as the Monaco Rally with their victorious PX33. This success set the tone for the company’s renowned motorsport career over the decades, with the immense success of their Lancer series, which began production in 1973. By 1975, Mitsubishi had become the only Japanese manufacturer to win the World Rally Championship. The 80s saw the emergence of the portable materials used across new Mitsubishi models, with aluminum framed cars widely accepted into popular culture in the region. This followed with the launch of their first SUV in 1985 named the Mitsubishi Pajero, which was awarded the auto world’s highest achievement for less-than-4-4s, and shortly after the Mitsubishi Space Runner was also granted Motor magazine’s Car of the Year. That decade also saw a new partnership with Chrysler as the companies developed ‘Diamond Star Motors’. Today, the Mitsubishi family still stands as one of the longest living automotive manufacturers with their many successes permeating throughout their 140-year history. The Mitsubishi story reads like that of a determined family unified to pioneer vehicles in Japan and championing Japanese automotive culture within the framework of the modern world. It is easy to feel passionate about the cars crafted throughout their achievements and to trust in the Mitsubishi Motors family to create dependable vehicles set to last generations. From the vintage beauty of the A-Series to the world-renowned Mitsubishi Lancer, Mitsubishi’s unwavering commitment to the industry gives their devotees a chance to wax nostalgic and witness the history of a classic car brand. Still captivating enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport events, and those seeking the luxury of an affluent lifestyle between the age of 35 and 65, Mitsubishi Motors maintains its reputation for excellence.

Story of the Mitsubishi models

The continuously evolving Mitsubishi Motors brand has long held a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts, motorsport fans and buyers of vintage cars. Founded as early as 1917, Mitsubishi pioneered a unique approach to car design, engineering, and production that secured it a solid reputation for reliable vehicles. Although the company nearly dissolved after facing bankruptcy in 2004, it has since achieved remarkable success with its expanding line-up. Mitsubishi currently produces some of the world’s finest vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a vintage classic, to hit the dirt track with extreme force and finesse, or cruise around the city in pure luxury and style, Mitsubishi has it all. Explore the most popular models from the beloveed car brand and discover the difference a Mitsubishi can make. First up, the Lancer Evolution, deemed one of the greatest small performance cars of all time. A high-performance all-wheel-drive sedan like no other, the Evo is a true enthusiasts’ car renowned for its advanced technologies, immense power and agility. The Evo nameplate gained legendary status on and off the track, making it a top selling model for more than two decades. Next, let’s talk about the Roadster, more famously known as the Mitsubishi Eclipse. When the second generation Eclipse made its debut in 1995, it changed the automotive industry and eventually secured a fine entertainment following with its performance in The Fast and the Furious movie franchise. Many still believe the Eclipse was ahead of its time and it stands today as one of the classic, sporty coupes of the 90s. Mitsubishi also has an offering for ultra-luxury seekers who are looking for a sophisticated people mover. The Outlander is a modern and bold sports utility vehicle that took the style, performance, and convenience of SUVs to a new level. Featuring explosive power, conveniently boosted by a 2.4L 16-valve 4-cylinder engine and a stylish interior, the Outlander is the sleek and engaging family car you never knew you were missing. From the vintage Lancer Evolution to the modern-day Outlander, Mitsubishi has a model perfect for anyone looking to experience the excellence of the pioneering car brand. With more than 100 years of experience producing reliable, powerful and luxurious cars, fans of Mitsubishi will never be disappointed in the models they choose. Whether you’re a vintage motorhead or an affluent city dweller, you’re certain to find something special with a Mitsubishi.

Story of the Mitsubishi in motorsport

Mitsubishi has a long and illustrious history when it comes to both the motorsport industry and the manufacturing of vehicles. The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer established in Mitsubishi Site, Minato, Tokyo, in 1970. It was only in the early 1980s that Mitsubishi officially ventured into the then-burgeoning world of car racing. The Rally Raid series Marcoperé de Cévennes was their first foray into motorsports, with an ambitious goal of taking home gold in the 1982 World Rally Championship. Over the years, Mitsubishi went on to prove its metal at tracks around the globe, become a celebrated participant in the Safari Rally and top off their impressive rally history with a triple FIA World Rally Drivers' Championship and triple FIA World Constructors' Championship in the 90s. Mitsubishi’s impact on the motorsport industry extends well past off-road and rallying. On the track they consistently outperformed their mechanical rivals, whether they were tackling the treacherous off-road courses of the Dakar Rally or the smooth tarmac turns of Formula-1 racing. But in between, Mitsubishi Amateurs (MMAs) saw particular success in the Drag Race with consistent wins at the World Drag Championship series from 1995 to current years. As a matter of fact, Mitsubishi competitors regularly can be seen dominating the racing scene, with rally drivers and drag racers alike coming away with podium finishes. Mitsubishi motorsport has inspired a new generation of racing enthusiasts and given the sports car scene a revitalised look. From the passionate roar of the engine as Mitsubishi cars scoop up another victory in yet another motorsport event, to the carefully specified aerodynamic changes with each new racing car, Mitsubishi is indeed a serious threat on the race track. As a leader in the world of motorsports, Mitsubishi continues to keeps things fresh and exciting, giving both spectators and drivers an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking to root for a beloved car brand on the track or simply looking for a bit of added excitement to your daily world of traffic, Mitsubishi’s pride place in the long and unstoppable history of motorsport will make sure you get what you get your heart racing. A passionate legacy built over the years, Mitsubishi continues to guarantee an exhilarating experience for young and vintage motorsport enthusiasts alike.

Anecdotes about Mitsubishi

For enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport and affluent people age 35 to 65, Mitsubishi cars are an absolute rising star in the automotive world. With its fleet of street, race and off-road vehicles, Mitsubishi has something for everyone. What’s more, the brand has a storied history that often teems with surprising anecdotes which continues to this day! If you ever took the time to get to know what made Mitsubishi famous, you'd find yourself deep in research looking through decades of sponsored racecars tearing up the dirt and tarmac to victory in legendary rallies all around the world. Motoring reporters, fascinated by the cars' exploits, were keen to tell everyone over the deafening roar of the engine just how great the Mitsubishi cars were. Fair warning: you'll likely come across stories that will move you to tears or laughter and that will stir emotions which come with hearing tales of renowned victories and beaming drivers taking back the top spot in a variety of styles and conditions. Rally racing wasn't enough though, soon Mitsubishi found its cars atop podiums in World Racing Championships due to the fantastic design and engineering of their drivers and staff over the decades. Another great achievement of Mitsubishi aside from two and four wheel winners was their traction which had off-roaders collecting unforgettable memories over the roughest of terrains. Through quality and dependability, Mitsubishi equipped itself to tackle the harshest circuits in the quirkiest of conditions and always returned with record times and more than its fair share of trophies for its shelf. Mitsubishi always packed the right punch for any situation - no matter how demanding and had the winning combination of drivers, pit crew and trusty steeds time and again. When you remember the exploits of such brands like Mitsubishi - their tales of victory become sure, passionate odes sung throughout the car-e-verse all in regards to their vehicles unbeatable accomplishments and mass appeal. Relentlessly thrilling their audience new and old through their designs, team spirit and dependable machinery, Mitsubishi Motorsport and their fleet of off-roaders have recently laid the foundations for a glorious, passionate revival in courting new and dazzlingly-old fans the world. Take to the waves, trails and tarmac with Mitsubishi and you can be sure of a wonderful, inspiring ride.

Which Mitsubishi for which budget?

Which Mitsubishi for a low budget?

Are you an enthusiast of vintage cars? Do you dream of owning a Mitsubishi, but are on a budget? Look no further! For vintage car and motorsport devotees, the Mitsubishi makes an affordable and stylish addition to your collection of classic cars. With its unparalleled performance and timeless design, the Mitsubishi stands as a monument of primordial excellence that will for sure leave your peers salivating. The Mitsubishi boasts a muscular yet curvy silhouette with sharp lines that stand the test of time. Its sculpted contours are enhanced by crisp and elegant details such as chrome bumpers, chrome handles, and extended arches. Inside, high-end materials and thoughtful details come together in perfect harmony, offering a hugely satisfying driving experience honored by its loyal fan-base. Under the hood, a vigorous powertrain allows the Mitsubishi to perform with gusto. The sporting souped-up engine makes use of powerful pistons, connecting rods, and manifolds, providing an energizing yet reliable ride. Its smooth acceleration and lively handling will satisfy even the most discerning drivers. The brilliance of the Mitsubishi can be effortlessly enhanced by key replacement parts available on the market at an unbeatable price. This will enable you to make sure your Mitsubishi runs as smooth as silk for the many many years to come. Low prices and fully customizable options make customizing your new ride an absolute joy. To top off these incredible deals, you will also benefit from the reasonable and secure fixed-price online financing offered by most suppliers. Celebrate the joy of owning a Mitsubishi that you love without putting a dent in your wallet! With the perfect car attainable at an unbeatable price, why wait any longer? Give yourself the gift of the Mitsubishi, beloved rides of vintage motorsport enthusiasts around the world.

Which Mitsubishi for a medium budget?

Mitsubishi is an incredible car brand that offers quality cars for an affordable mid-range budget. With a wide range of car models available and a reputation for reliable engineering, your search for the perfect car ends here! From the compact yet comfortable ASX crossover SUV to the flagship Outlander, packed with modern tech and standout styling – Mitsubishi cars are designed to last and to make every drive memorable. For those passionate about vintage cars, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a classic that won't disappoint. Whether you're looking for a day at the track or simply driving around town, the Evo has been a fan favorite for decades due to its superior performance, great acceleration, and sharp handling. And with its powerful turbocharged engine making it turn heads wherever you go, you can be sure you'll turn a few heads yourself! For those looking for a car just as luxurious both inside and out as it is powerful and reliable, the Outlander PHEV is the ideal choice. Boasting a hybrid plug-in electric powertrain with outstanding fuel-economy, the Outlander PHEV is perfect for a family or couple wanting a car both impressive and practical. With its combination of sleek, modern outside styling, combined with equally luxurious soft leather-appointed interior, the Outlander PHEV will give you a ride that's truly unforgettable! The affordably priced Mitsubishi Mirage has capture the hearts of motorists everywhere since its debut. It's the perfect combination of class and practicality – providing reliable service and a driving experience that you'll never forget. With a wide range of colors available and options from the eye-catching three-door G4 coup to the practical five-door guise, this car will definitely make a statement! Perfect for those motorsport fans or anyone looking for the utmost in performance, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is an excellent choice. With its full suite of driver-assistive tech, including impressive S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) 4WD system, you can tackle both on and off-road environments with ease. Its advanced turbocharged engine gives you a truly immersive driving experience that's sure to make any journey an adventure. Whatever your budget or circumstances, there's a Mitsubishi that's perfect for you. If you're looking for reliability, performance, comfort and style—both inside and out—it's easy to find in this iconic Japanese car brand. From the impressive features and powerful engine of the Lancer Evo to the luxury of the Outlander PHEV, a Mitsubishi will bring you memories for a lifetime. So why not take the opportunity today: Satisfy your car needs and join the Mitsubishi family!

Which Mitsubishi for a high budget?

When it comes to choosing a luxury car, Mitsubishi has a great range of high-end models that provide a perfect blend of uncompromising performance and an exquisite aesthetic. Mitsubishi crafts some of the finest cars with the perfect features for those looking for speed, comfort and discreet luxury. Whether you’re an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport or just looking for a thrill, automotive aficionados around the world love Mitsubishi vehicles. For those looking for a car associated with quality and passion, Mitsubishi presents its new top range models. You will get your money’s worth with features created to perfectly definition and realization of power. Whether it’s the eye-catching curves or the cutting-edge technology that is featured, these vehicles are incredibly inspiring and luxurious, alluring to affluent people of all ages between 35 and 65. The Lancer Evolution is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional models that Mitsubishi has to offer. Its all-terrain components provide its users an unprecedented road performance in all conditions and weathers. Featuring roaring power from its lightning-fast engine this is an ideal car for those seeking that natural thrill when on the move. Engineers’ devotion to make this vehicle perfect is visible through its unparallel design equipments that are dedicated to provide exceptional driving experience on the harshest of terrains. The Outlander PHEV delivers remarkable thril seekers immense power while still promising an on-road sophistication. Compare to any other SUV, this model gives you the opportunity to truly feel the oneness with the nature. This works by the hybrid power of the vehicle and prolonging your experience with every long drive you take. An additional element of this model is the intuitive instrument control that offers you to have even more precise management of the car. When it comes to having a captivating ride, the latest edition of MITSUBISHI Pajero Sport will urge you on. For those connoisseurs of reliable performance and a substantial capacity which make explorations with no limits, this magnificent monster tucks a whole of power into luxurious trims. For commuters searching for not just resilience but reliability, breath-taking materials of the interior are worth every penny. Looking for the perfect car to own? Mitsubishi has you covered, no matter what your budget is. From sleek sports cars and luxurious SUVs to the off-ground performance cars, Mitsubishi has the ideal range of vehicles with uncompromising performance and technology. Taking the wheel of any of these high-end Mitsubishi models lets you taste the passion and every little detail used in the masterpiece itself. Once you buy a car from Mitsubishi, you’ll certainly know that they are leaders in the automotive industry.

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