Discover the Luxgen, a vintage classic car with all the retro charm you could imagine. Come and explore its unique features!

Story of the Luxgen creation

It all started with Yulon Motor, a Taiwanese carmaker that managed to make a bold statement in the world of automotive engineering. In 1996, Yulon's development company, Luxgen Motor Company,created the brand Luxgen, named after its parents. From its foundation onwards, Luxgen has focused on creating refined, stylish and luxurious vehicles. The sedans and coupes that it has produced over the years truly showcase the brand’s commitment to perfection. Over the years, Luxgen has made several groundbreaking improvements to its vehicles. In 2006, the company unveiled the first Luxgen E+ electric car which ran 100 km on a single charge. Luxgen was also ahead of the competition in producing a car with innovative ventilating seats which improved the interior climate of the vehicle. Today, Luxgen is well established as a maker of stylish and high performing vehicles, particularly with its SUV models that combine speed and luxury. The M7 MPV features luxurious interiors and it can reach top speeds of up to 169 km/h, making it the fastest 7-seater vehicle out there. The sheer level of thought and detail that goes into creating a Luxgen model is extraordinary. Every car produced is carefully engineered to meet strict safety and performance regulations. Luxgen goes beyond modern designs and optimizations by also creating vehicles integrated with smart technologies and personalizing infotainment systems. To this day, Luxgen continues to bring absolute innovation and elegance to its vehicles. From the rising demand for luxury hybrids, to enhanced digital cockpit interiors and advanced connected technologies, Luxgen has the reliability, style and power to uphold its rich standards. The history of Luxgen shows that it can compete with the most luxurious and innovative vehicles that the industry has to offer. Its improvements in power and design have kept it at the top of the automotive engineering market, catering to the affluent and motorsport/ vintage enthusiasts alike. Luxgen vehicles now grace motorways and driveways in style and luxury, and they’re here to stay.

Story of the Luxgen models

Luxgen is renowned for its array of sophisticated and superior automobiles. Between the long line of luxury vehicles they are well-known for, their classic fan favorites which have captivated vintage car enthusiasts, and motorsport versions of their mastermind engineering, Luxgen truly transcends all other car brands known to man. Since the launch of their first car 20 years ago, their models have evolved and revolutionized the expectations of what an automobile should have, introducing us to a higher level of automotive experience. The best-known models Luxgen has brought forth truly express why the company is beloved by affluent people between 35 to 65 years old: their first model, the Luxgen 90, is widely considered to be the leader in both fuel efficiency and power. This model set a new standard in comfort, convenience, and performance, after which the remaining cars in the marque strive to meet and exceed. Luxgen followed this up with their 90 Plus model which offered a more energized and thrill-inducing approach to its predecessor, enabling a smooth ride which masterfully embodied their signature sports-luxury style. These two iconic cars were the start of Luxgen’s milestone achievements. Other models to watch out for are the luxurious Multi Activity Vehicle (MAV) series, the seven-seater NEV series, and their SUV called the Zeek. All of them display the pinnacle of sophistication, freedom, and precision in ways that are unimaginable in traditional compact cars. Not only are all of these cars packed with impressive specs and dependable efficiency; but for the motorsport aficionados, Luxgen has crafted the unique and thrilling U6 Turbo performance model - equipped with improved braking, acceleration, and handling, it is sure to invigorate the senses. Exploring the boundaries of luxury automobiles has earned Luxgen their credibility amongst modern car enthusiasts, motorsport fans, and vintage car collectors alike. Its unique styling, dependable engines, and maximum safety features, transforming how people drive and experience luxury automotive. Here at Luxgen, the most reliable and sophisticated machines will take you further with every drive — an unbeatable combination of pure passion and sedan power.

Story of the Luxgen in motorsport

Luxgen, the Taiwanese car company, has a rich and vibrant motorsport history that will certainly appeal to vintage car and motorsport enthusiasts, as well as those from affluent backgrounds between the ages of 35 and 65. Luxgen was founded in 1997, and in the two decades since, they have established a substantial presence in the motorsport world with various appearances in races of all kinds. The earliest appearance that the Luxgen car brand made in the motorsport industry was in 1998 when the company sponsored the CASCO Rally Race in Taiwan. With the P-90 coupe and the S57 ‘Coil Sonata’ teaming up to take part in the rally, Luxgen showed promise of what was to come. More recently, in 2019, Luxgen took part in the Chinese Touring Car Race. However, the car company wasn’t content with taking part, but went as far as winning the race at the South China Speedway. This was the first time Luxgen had participated in the race, and it marked a significant milestone for the company. Meanwhile, the brand has also taken part in the World Rally Winter Race Championship, which took place in Finland in February of 2021. The Luxgen team competed in the C1 category, alongside other prestigious brands like Audi, BMW, and Ford. Luxgen is also participating in the Taiwan SuperLeague which is the pinnacle of the sports and classic car scene in the country. As well as taking part in races and championships all over the world, Luxgen is also involved in the init and rally tracks around Taiwan, providing the final touches and testing to get their cars ready for racing. Throughout their motorsport history, Luxgen has had a number of distinctions, racking up wins and alumni awards. Luxgen vehicles have consistently been seen as reliable and powerful machines, and the brand has gained respect as a result. By participating in numerous races and championships from all over the globe, Luxgen has established itself as a true motorsport powerhouse. Not only is it taking part in competitive events, but it’s also showing all of us that there is no limit to what the company can achieve. To the enthusiast and the affluent alike, Luxgen is undoubtedly a brand to look out for on the track for years to come.

Anecdotes about Luxgen

Luxgen is a Taiwanese automotive company founded in 2005, and since then, this car brand has been captivating people from all around the world with its unique anecdotal stories and unique designs. For those who love vintage cars, motorsport, and appreciate luxury, this is the car brand that stands out from the crowd. One such anecdote about this mighty seductive car brand is that Founder Anatoly Melnichenko had a great liking for luxury brands. He concluded that luxury cars should be easy to drive and have a great design that was at the same time powerful and timeless. For this reason, he decided to name over Luxgen vehicles, after the inventor of the pin motion engine, which gave such cars better acceleration and less halting. Melnichenko took the initiative of launching the production of Supercars under Luxgen, making up one of the company’s most legendary stories. Another remarkable story related to Luxgen is its success in the motorsport community. The Luxgen UR-V combined with its extraordinary design and brutal power because a right fit for the rally rage. The companies rally cars raced in many events hosted by Beijing and other cities in China’s motorsport industry. Luxgen continued its winning spree by winning events like Beijing Taikoo Rally, the Qatar International Rally and Cyclist Creek Rally. What we love the most about Luxgen is its relentless dedication to defying gravity with its enthusiasts carrying out many test runs away from the regular race way and overseeing variables like the car’s efficiency when set up at different styles on different roads. This makes Luxgen undeniable because it keeps coming up with something different for motorists everywhere. Innovation coupled with passion is bound to make history, and Luxgen proved just that by shattering records with its sensational products equipped with top-notch engineering and design, which makes them the oldest global car brands that has remained intact in the ever-growing saturation of the automobile markets. From vintage models to modern ones all under the Luxgen label, this car brand proves every street they come on that they are the real deal. It no wonder why Luxgen continues to be a beloved automotive brand; their dedication to innovation, their passion for design coupled with their unique anecdotes make them a firm favorite for luxury car's enthusiasts and motorsport fanatics. This Taiwanese car brand continues to woo the audience within the age bracket of 35 to 65 years, with its awe-inspiring and passionate stories from their past.

Which Luxgen for which budget?

Which Luxgen for a low budget?

Luxgen cars offer a range of hidden gems at budget prices. Whether you are looking for classic looking street cars, track-ready racing cars or simply searching for some of the most remarkable automotive engineering ever produced – Luxgen has it all. Packed with advanced technology and safety updates, many of these cars offer a smooth ride and quite a bit of performance that won't break the bank. Do you love the idea of driving a Lamborghini-style vehicle for much less? Then you should know that Luxgen offers at least two models within your budget. The Luxgen M7 and S7 are two of the most impressive for those looking for a practical yet stylish supercar. These two models come with large multi-spoke alloy wheels, sweeping lines and a casual sense of grandeur that make them feel like classics. Are you looking for a motorsport vehicle for track days and some of the bumpiest of terrain? Then the U6 Turbo and 7 SUV S models are just what you have been looking for. Built for off-road and track use, these cars are equipped with enhanced suspension systems, AWD, plentiful torque and plenty of power from the turbocharged engine. After driving or riding one you’ll understand why it wasn’t a problem posting those fastest lap times. Maybe you are getting into track driving for the first time, or perhaps you’re an avid enthusiast looking to upgrade or expand your garage of vintage cars? Look no further than the 7 MPV Sport version of the Luxgen range. It comes with top-of-the-line features that can all be adored even after the dynamic performance aspect of the car starts to fade away. The Luxgen U6 hatchback, 7 SUV Explorer and 7 SUV Double Cab are all other great options if you are looking for a practical and economic car that might even be suitable for the family. With low to mid budget prices, all these cars are reliable vehicles made more economical by their strong and durable build quality. Simply put, Luxgen cars offer an incredible mix of performance, adaptation and convenience for buyers of all ages and stipulations, along with a strong and passionate performance that radiates from the car and captivates any drivers’ passion. And all with low max prices. For enthusiasts just starting out with vintage cars, motorsport and other racers – the Luxgen range is the perfect option for getting the best performance from your budget.

Which Luxgen for a medium budget?

Are you passionate about cars? Do you love the thrill and nostalgia of vintage models but are concerned that it won't fit within your medium budget? The search is over, because the Luxgen range has something to offer every driver, regardless of budget. The Luxgen range offers classic styling combined with the most advanced automotive technology. Models such as the Luxgen 4EURO and Luxgen 4RR have perfect balance of modern design with dependable performance, while the Luxgen SR7-EV+ is the ideal electric vehicle for urban driving. All options are designed with safety and comfort in mind and for unbeatable efficiency - from a single drive to your next long road trip. If you want practical motoring then the Luxgen S3 Turbo is a great mid-range option. This highly customizable vehicle has great fuel economy and has plenty of interior cabin space with all the necessary gadgets for the modern driver. Did we mention it also includes ABS brakes and power steering? The Luxgen range also offers something for real motoring enthusiasts. Models such as the Luxgen Eco Aura Sport RC are designed to show off distinctive design, versatility, and remarkable acceleration. No matter how you drive, this vehicle helps to make the most of it. For a true all-rounder that offers comfort and performance, the Luxgen Cross Turismo is unparalleled. With its low center of gravity and all-wheel drive power, you can rest assured you will never be left wanting for thrills and adrenaline-fueled fun. No matter what you're looking for in a car, Luxgen provides the perfect model for your medium budget, style, and taste. Pick one up and enjoy a lifetime of satisfaction.

Which Luxgen for a high budget?

Luxgen is renowned for crafting some of the most beautiful high-budget cars in the market. From vintage classics to modern motorsport fantasies, the Taiwanese automotive manufacturer's expertise in the field is guaranteed to impress the most discerning clientele. Aimed at affluent car enthusiasts between the ages of 35 and 65, their range of elegant and legendary machines exudes power and velvety performance, assuring a truly remarkable driving experience. Powered by complex and expert engineering, Luxgen cars remain at the pinnacle of the classic automotive world. Featuring sleek designs, efficient aerodynamics and lightning-fast reactions, each car is an spectacle of quality and handling prowess. Experienced drivers will revere the craftsmanship present and adore the impressive power coursing through the revved up V6 in select models. Luxury-minded owners will be impressed by the interior appeal which hosts precision-crafted brushed aluminium components, perfectly placed leather trimmings and tech-loaded displays. Luxgen cars stand for more than just quality driving: they represent a symbol of affluence and progress. By providing luxurious driving experiences spearheaded by swift, environment responsive motors, they continue to raise the bar for high-end automobiles. The vehicles continue to capture imaginations and prove popular amongst the diverse affluent audiences served by the renowned brand. Whether you yearn for classic motoring shapes that call to mind the dawn of the automobile or futuristic street-racers in chromatic splendor, Luxgen Cars are bound to take your breath away. With driving manufactured perfection accompanied by stunning visual windows, you can rest assured that your new luxury car is crafted to take you on a lifetime of captivating adventures.

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