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Story of the Lister creation

The British car manufacturer Lister is one of the iconic names of the automotive industry. Founded in the 19th century by Brian Lister, this illustrious marque has had a long and colourful history, delighting generations of car enthusiasts and bringing motorsport to the people. The roots of the company can be traced back to the small industrial town of Cambridge, England in 1884, where Brian Lister opened a small engineering shop, repairing and developing new machinery. Brian had an eye for innovation; it was under his stewardship that the company first developed an open two-seat sports car in 1911. The car, known as the Lister ‘Thornton’ gained fame in races around England and Europe and was soon joined by the equally famous Lister ‘Dodd’ in 1931. As the company continued to grow, it brought out its most successful model of the time, the Lister-Magona, which brought the marque considerable success in motorsport circles. In the postwar period, the company continued to develop its racing cars, enabling Listers to win the British Racing Driver’s Club Championship for three consecutive years from 1949-51. After this success, Lister began to refocus its efforts on producing high performance, luxury vehicles. As such, in 1954 the company released the Lister-Knobbly, a two-seater road-going car that was well-received by vintage car enthusiasts and later hailed as one of the most iconic 1950s sports cars. Fast forward to the present day, and the Lister name continues to be one of the most respected names on the motorsport circuit. Lister cars still compete in major events such as the Goodwood Revival and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where they regularly finish in the top 10. The company also continues to design, develop and modify its cars with current technical and performance specifications to meet modern racing conditions. For affluent people between 35 and 65 years old with a passion for vintage cars and motorsport, the glamour, sportiness and elegance of the Lister brand brings a piece of classic heritage and the thrill of the history that has defined motorsport for decades. Whether you’re a dedicated car enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty in vintage engineering, Lister cars represent something special that innately evokes warmth and wonder for those who appreciate automotive craftsmanship.

Story of the Lister models

The Lister Motor Company has been crafting stunning performance cars since 1954, becoming a leading lifestyle brand for vintage and motorsport aficionados. Founded in 1966, today Lister is legendary for creating models that drive with a passionate combination of power, elegance, luxury, and attitude. One of their most iconic and beloved models is the Lister Storm. A V12, 7-litre engine sports model with a power output just shy of 700-hp, the Storm was an unstoppable force on the racing circuit, making it the perfect car for the adventurous enthusiast. From 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, it was one of the fastest cars of its time. Inside, the Storm featured luxurious leather-clad interiors, perfect for those long dives down country roads. The Lister Jaguar Knobbly instantly gained cult status when it was released. Like with the Storm, the Knobbly was designed with the race track in mind. An open-wheel, lightweight aerodynamics track-focused car. Powered by a legendary Jaguar-derived 3.8 litre engine and a 4 speed manual gearbox, the Knobbly was built for speed and handled better than practically any other car on the market. Not to be outdone is the Lister Costin. The heart of this car is a thundering 7.0-liter Chevrolet V8 engine that can generate up to 600-hp. Introducing a five-speed manual Fernande-Lemans gearbox for fast and smooth gear changing, the Costin is capable of a top speed that surpasses 200mph. The handcrafted aluminum body offers a fitting backdrop to the glistening chrome exhausts. For those who seek to make their presence felt, the Lister Le Mans is the answer. Inspired by the classic sixties race car design, the Le Man is a literal show stopper. Power comes courtesy of a 7.0-liter V12 engine that can produce up to 680-hp, which makes this the perfect car for drivers looking to show off to onlookers. Comfortable and elegant leather upholstery, an updated am/fm radio, and alloy wheels complete the look. When it comes to luxury and class, the Lister Knobbly Shooting Brake rounds out the total package. This two-door station wagon variant of the iconic Knobbly is powered by a 3.8 litre Jaguar-derived engine, generating up to 300-hp and reaching a top speed of 150mph. Inside, you can expect the same handcrafted leather interiors found in other Lister models, as well as plenty of room for all your friends. Bring together classic racing style, performance, and luxury, and you have Lister, a timeless brand that appeals to a wide audience of vintage car, motorsport, and affluent individuals between the ages of 35 and 65. Long revered in the UK, North America, and the rest of the world, the passionate spirit of Lister remains steadfast in some of its most popular models - from the iconic Storm to the groundbreaking Le Mans variants - adored by generations of car lovers everywhere.

Story of the Lister in motorsport

For more than 60 years, car brand Lister has been inextricably linked to motorsport. From small-capacity MG-based sports cars in the 1950s to the super-fast Storm in the 21st century, the Lister name was synonymous with performance and racing pedigree. Join us on a journey through this storied brand’s motor racing history, illustrating why it continues to capture enthusiasts' imaginations today. The earliest cars offered by Lister - the Lister MG and Lister-Jaguar - were built as privateer entries fueled almost solely by the entrepreneurs' passion for motorsport and pursuit of success on the track. Unlike other competitors, whose equipment was provided by various car manufacturers, the Lister brothers were determined to have every available bit designed and built in-house. Lister completed three Lister MG type cars, which were driven to wins and championships by drivers enthralled at the opportunity to race such unique and dedicated vehicles. The Lister Storm, which was launched in 2000, marked a dramatic shift from earlier efforts, embodied in a wilder, purer expression of Lister Motors' hard-edged ambition to challenge for top motorsport honours. Debuting on both sealed surfaces and gravel surfaces, it proved its speed against far more expensive yet technologically similar GT cars, providing a visible demonstration of what the brand is capable of achieving when ambition meets engineering expertise. The same can be said for the newly released Lister LFT-C, which offers wealthy and successful motorsport enthusiasts a unique-looking alternative that, while visually distinctive, continues to showcase the brand's spirit on racetracks around the world. Drawing inspiration from historic models such as the Lister Storm and Lister Knight, Lister’s latest vehicle stands out in the field of luxury performance cars for its commitment to technology, craftsmanship – as well as its unmistakable visual style. Despite its successes over the past decades, the name Lister stands as a symbol of four generations of devoted motorsport engineering on a very small scale. From its humble beginnings to its modern-day successes, the Lister Motors brand has shown that passion and hard work make all the difference in motorsport, demonstrating the power of dreamers worldwide who, despite the odds, are determined to make cars that not only compete, but excel.

Anecdotes about Lister

The legendary Lister car marque has been praised for its illustrious history and innovations in British motorsport since 1954. For over six decades, Lister cars have been admired for their cutting edge, often eye-catching design and class-leading performance. As such, the brand’s name has become intertwined with motor racing’s most enduring and memorable anecdotes: One such story follows the 1960s Lister-Jaguar Knobbly, nicknamed “Little Devil”. This car, of stunning design and unstoppable speed, was blessed with exceptional good luck, often comes out the victor in the pivotal final race of the season. From 1960-1962 Lister-Jaguar set the pace at race meetings and their success continued with the newly designed “Knobbly” model in 1963. Surpassing even the expectations of the team, it went on to secure a double victory at the Brands Hatch International Trophy in 1964, further astounding the motor racing experts of the day. The 70s strain of Lister cars continued to display exceptional performance over its rivals. For example, with its lightweight structure, the fearsome as-yet-unseen Lister Storm roared to life in 1993. Promptly going on to be crowned British GT champion in 2007, two years after its inception, it was no surprise that it soon became a firm favorite of racers and petrol-heads alike. Additionally, the Lister Storm proven its potential in long-distance racing, demonstrating its extraordinary horsepower and streamlined silhouette by taking the overall win at the 2008 Nürburgring 24 Hours. Away from the track, Lister was, and still is, in great demand in social circles - favoured by the elite as the must-have, must-drive car of luxury and status. Steve McQueen drove a LeMans Lister Knobbly in the 1960s and helped further propel the marque into the limelight. More recently, regal figures have been amongst those overwhelmingly taken with the marque’s appeal, with Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to the Lister factory causing quite the stir. The inspirational success story of the Lister car brand stands strong both on and off the track. Tales of tenacity, good luck and exceptional design have stayed with us over the past 60 years, still gaining the attention of car enthusiasts, motorsport followers, affluent collectors and vintage connoisseurs - from old timers to the new wave.

Which Lister for which budget?

Which Lister for a low budget?

Lister cars offer enthusiasts of vintage motoring and motorsport a unique opportunity to buy a classic car that provides immense pleasure. If you’re shopping on a limited budget, you can still own a beautiful example of a Lister, and have the satisfaction of knowing you own a piece of automotive history. Founded in 1954, Lister specializes in the production of low-volume sports cars, which are engineered and handmade for performance and such cars are raced in events worldwide. The cars are created to represent the long-standing tradition of high-powered precision engineering developed in Britain, and dozens of successful Lister cars have been victorious for decades around the world. The 2020 Lister models follow the raw and robust design concept of their ancestors – each with a powerful engine, a standard manual transmission, and a chassis of the highest quality. The cars come with stunning and elegant stainless-steel grilles which finish off the bodywork, an attractive aluminium dashboard and streamlined bodywork, ensuring comfort and style for any driver. For car enthusiasts between 35-65 years of age looking for a low budget option, buying a Lister is the perfect way to get a piece of that classic British motoring experience. From iconic Jaguar E-Type based models like the Storm and Thunder S, to the dynamic model revivals like the LFT-666, there is definitely an option for everyone. With a smaller price tag than many other classic cars, and with a range of models to choose from, Lister cars are the perfect choice for passionate drivers who want to shoot for classic racecar nostalgia. A Lister is all about getting your adrenaline pumping – and the engines used in the 2020 line look to match that thrill. All models run on either powerful naturally-aspirated or turbocharged 6-cylinder engines, with plenty of dynamic performance on offer. Each model is fine-tuned and able to handle high speeds with poise and class. These low-budget, high-performance options from the classic British manufacturer make 2o20 Lister cars an affordable and accessible way to feel the adrenaline of motoring without breaking the bank. Each model is built for the driver and can offer the type of driving pleasure that they rightly deserve.

Which Lister for a medium budget?

Looking for an affordable car with an overwhelmingly unique look and top-of-the-line performance? Look no further than Lister, the iconic British car maker with an illustrious history dating back nearly seven decades. Since the 1950s, Lister has been synonymous with quality cars and motorsport, regularly competing in races such as the Le Mans 24-Hour and the RAC Tourist Trophy. Its cars have been cherished around the world by car fanatics and affluent car lovers alike, including James Bond. A Lister now won't burn a hole in your pocket even if you don't have millions to spare. Their elegant design and stunning curves come packed with power too. Lister cars come with more heart-pumping power than you'll need for everyday driving, providing exciting pick-up and great handling over nearly any terrain. Whether you're looking for a smooth drive for cruising highway or maneuvering a dull city, feel the combination of power and beauty that a Lister has to offer. And with products like Lister's high-end repair department and its renowned reconditioning team, you will be sure to benefit from carefully crafted cars with their signature, spiced-racing flavour. Experts restoring the car to pristine condition and keeping up your car to its original standard is what they’re best at—so you can bring luxury back to the streets. All this excitement and exclusivity doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt. With their relentless ambition and dedication to excellence, Lister offers a selection of cars that will easily suit any medium budget. Whether you're seeking a return to classic style or Performance is your allure; Lister has something for you. So what's the secret behind the car's unparalleled beauty and power? Firstly, its eight-cylinder engine provides a powerful roar, with its sleek mid-engine and immaculate bodywork allowing for optimum performance. The next factor that sets the Lister apart from many cars on today's market is its materials: forged steel components make it durable and lighter than many contemporary vehicles. Finally, precision electronic control materials are second to none, making it the perfect choice for those true motorsport aficionados. This passionate combination of look and power, not to mention affordability, features makes the Lister one of the best options on the market for car enthusiasts aged 35-65 and those with a medium budget. It's no wonder they achieved such popularity with movies and motorsport around the world. With Lister, you can own your very own piece of automotive history, and be sure of a thrilling ride in a car with more character than any other.

Which Lister for a high budget?

No cars evoke luxury and fame quite like the iconic British brand Lister Motor Company. Founded in 1954 by Brian Lister, the company earned the nickname `The Genie of Cambridge' due to the high performance and luxurious automobiles they produced. Its early successes in racing, including the renowned 24 Hours of Le Mans, inspired the brand to create several high-end vehicles that are now rare collector’s items. The brand has gown from strength to strength over the years and is still known for producing some of the world's most sought-after cars. The Lister Jaguar F Type, the MOSTAGGRA, the Lightning, the Storm, and the Knobbly are all timeless classics. These cars can be acquired for those with a high budget and the desire to own a piece of motoring history. With classic designs and extremely rare engineering, every one of Lister cars has a story to tell. Collectors will be enthralled by the smooth design of the Lister Jaguar F Type and the intricate engineering of the MOSTAGGRA and Lightning. All of these cars are based on an impressive legacy of efficient design and lightweight construction. Although these vehicles may not have the advanced opulence or technology featured in newer models, passionate car enthusiasts will appreciate their heaps of torque and superior power. Investing in a Lister car says something special about an individual; they are able to admire and appreciate the satisfaction of owning something rare, with the added bonus that it’s an iconic British car. Maintenance for these cars may pose a challenge, but they remain reliable and comfortable over long distances. Life is too short not to fulfil your dreams and passionate connoisseurs of vintage cars will find the Lister cars a perfect addition to their collection. As the rare geniuses from Cambridge, these one-of-a-kind cars will draw the admiration of all motorsport enthusiasts and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old who can afford the high price tag associated with these vehicles. Don't miss your opportunity to live your dream and own the ultimate piece of automotive nobility.

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