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Story of the Lexus creation

Lexus has a history intertwined with performance, luxury and appeal. The company is a part of Toyota, having been established as its luxury vehicle Division in 1989. The first vehicle going on sale in the US was the Lexus LS in 1989, and the brand took off like a rocket, immediately becoming America’s best-selling imported luxury vehicle. Throughout the years, Lexus has continually raised the bar when it comes to comfort, technological sophistication, style and performance. Notable models, such as the ES and RX, have become staples in the luxury segment and helped to spearhead Lexus's reputation. Their vehicles are now worth their weight in gold for both luxury enthusiasts, performance aficionados, vintage car buffs and motorsport fanatics. When it comes to innovation, Lexus has consistently pushed to stay ahead of the competition. As early as the mid-90s, the brand introduced a driver-friendly navigation system in the LS400 which featured a video display, and in the late 90s they released the first luxury crossovers in state-of-the-art style. Today, Lexus has something for everyone, no matter what your taste is. They have hybrid models that deliver power and fuel efficiency, performance-oriented coupes like the RC and GS, hybrid crossovers like the RX, and even SUVs that offer a spacious interior and plenty of utility. Lexus’s history is full of passion and spirit, engrained in its world-class engineering, unrivaled customer service and exquisite automotive design. It’s why, for generations, affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65, who appreciate quality and craftsmanship, have kept on coming back to this beloved brand. We can only expect that Lexus’s admiration and popularity will continue to grow strong for generations to come.

Story of the Lexus models

Lexus has, for more than three decades, been synonymous with sophistication, performance, and an industry-leading commitment to innovation and quality. From the debut of its very first vehicle, the Lexus LS 400 sedan, to the newly introduced UX series of compact luxury crossovers, Lexus has established itself as a premier luxury brand. With more than 20 distinct model variants, Lexus has a vehicle that is sure to meet the needs of any driver; from the ultra luxurious RX series of sport utility vehicles, through to the iconic LFA Supercar, Lexus has something for every occasion. To help enthusiastic drivers select just the right car, this article outlines some of Lexus' proudest achievements, taking into consideration the affluent target audience. The flagship of the Lexus range is the full-size sedans beloved by luxury car aficionados. The Lexus LS is the ultimate blend of charm and power, featuring an innovative multi-stage hybrid propulsion system, capable of impressive performance and low emissions. The LS also offers some of the most advanced levels of autonomy available today. For those in pursuit of performance, Lexus have produced the LC 500 Coupe and its convertible counterpart, the LC 500C. The LC is a departure from the traditional Lexus styling, featuring bold, sweeping lines and aggressive bodywork. It also embraces a more raucous driving environment, powered by a state-of-the-art 5.0-litre V8 engine capable of 351kW of power and 530Nm of torque. The various generations of the IS sedan have traditionally appealed to enthusiasts of vintage cars. Available in a wide range of powertrains from diesel to hybrid, it manages to provide the best of both worlds; fuel impressive fuel efficiency, whilst retaining Lexus' famous styling and luxury. It's also elegantly appointed, featuring heated and ventilated leather-clad front seats, and is available in either a four-door saloon or coupe form. Motorsport fans are sure to love the GS F model, a luxurious high-performance version of the GS range. Unique styling and body panels give it a road presence like no other, and the 5.0-litre V8 engine lets out a trademark roar as it surges towards its 469kW power output. An optional performance handling package allows drivers to customize the suspension setup to their exact requirements. Finally, the SC 430, launched in the early 2000s, is still an exemplar of Lexus' unique brand of luxuriousness and power. Featuring powerful engine options ranging from the 4.3-litre V8 up to the high performance V8 AMG package, the SC 430 provides a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Its compact dimensions and tight turning circle have helped to make it a favourite among affluent drivers. Whether you are after luxury, performance, or the ever-elusive combination of both, the Lexus range is sure to have something for you. A testament to the marque's commitment to craftsmanship, style and performance, Lexus models continue to heritage and engineering excellence each and every day. No matter your preference and style, there's sure to be a Lexus out there that speaks to your soul.

Story of the Lexus in motorsport

Since its birth in 1989, Lexus has been dedicated to making thrilling automotive fantasies come true, more particularly in the realm of motorsports. Making cars that reflect atemporal style and class, Lexus is passionate about every aspect of performance, from the challenge of inherent innovation to the excitement of tight-knit race cars competing in the most renowned venues across the world, and to cater to classic car enthusiasts all around. Lexus first put roots in Motorsports in the World Rally Championship (WRC), successively emerging in the NASCAR K&N Debut in 1996, and in the Grand Am Racing series one year later in 1997. Lexus participated actively between 1997 to 2000 in the Grand-Am Road Racing Championship, and at the GT Class of all the three 25 Hours race of Daytona from 2000 up to 2009 – iconic events both for fans and for drivers offering ‘an incredible sense of speed’. Encouraged by consistent success in a fascinating sport, Lexus started to venture into open-wheeled civic SI-Cup racing series in 1998, then entered in Super GT in 2000 to become the first Japanese car manuacturer to compete. Nowadays, Lexus marks its presence in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), in the Endurance Super Series, in GT4 competition, and in the Lexus Cup, a national one-make series held in Japan and participated by drivers from different classes and ages. In 2019, Lexus introduced in Europe the RC F and the iconic RC F GT3, perfectly tailored models designed for racetrack and taking inspiration from previous crowd favorites. Beyond the RC F’s more accessible road-performance credentials, its now-legendary attention to detail meant the RC F GT3 enabled to achieve that next-level of performance. Embracing passion, commitment and ambition, the Lexus RC F GT3 plays a noteworthy part in the grand Lexus Motorsports narrative. For more than thirty years, Lexus has delighted motorsport and luxury automotive enthusiasts of all ages, convincing people to dedicate time to the most thrilling motorsports of our era and creating a legacy that passes from one generation to another. Great history and a great future lay ahead, Lexus extends its motorsports experience to everyone, driven by a ongoing ambition to provide a passionate, thrilling and fulfilling driver’s ride.

Anecdotes about Lexus

Lexus has been a longtime leader in the world of luxury and technological advancements in the automotive sector. Founded in 1989, the Japanese manufacturer has a legacy of secure and reliable motors that have held an important place in society. But have you ever wondered what fascinating anecdotes lie behind the famous car brand? One of the most unique Lexus stories dates back to the moment when the engineers decided to immortalize this feat that will never be surpassed. This feat was achieved by their flagship Lexus LF-A, presented in a limited edition of 500 units in 2012. As the most exclusive version of the V10 model known as the ”Nürburgring Limited Edition”, this was the first company car to lap the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife Circuit, in Germany, in less than 8 minutes. That meant that it was put in the Hall of Fame of unsurpassed craftsman and technology. Lexus’ hero wasn't a carbon copy of some obscure Japanese test driver. It was Kyunosuke Takanashi, a veteran racer with many victories under his belt. He has won four Touring Car races in an Is200 and a record number of 6 Super GT victories that same year, all of which were in a few different models, such as the Is350 and the SUV RX300. The motorsport world was expecting some great feats from Takanashi at the launch of the LF-A, and he did not disappoint. Driving a car with only minor modifications to increase safety and reliability, Kyunosuke Takanashi conquered the amazing 7’14” in just one lap on August 6th, 2012. An accomplishment that, to this day, no other driver or team of drivers have been able to reproduce. The legacy of Kyunosuke Takanashi and his infamous Nürburgring mission in the exclusive Lexus LF-A have become a passionate topic for motorsport fans, vintage car enthusiasts and affluent people over the age of 35. For those of us seeking a tool to define our generational quality, Lexus provides us the best engineering ever witnessed in the automobile industry. These feats are also a reminder that regardless of the changes that time brings, large brands such as Lexus remain timeless.

Which Lexus for which budget?

Which Lexus for a low budget?

If you are an enthusiastic vintage car lover, passionate about motorsport and seeking a steal on the latest car suitable for low budget then the Lexus is what you are looking for. The Lexus, introduced in 1989, has rapidly become one of the leading luxury car manufacturers and owned by the Toyota Motor Corporation since 1989. The Lexus range is made up of efficient hybrid models for those keen on green models and a selection of stylish sporty cars with iconic sport designs that make them highly attractive to car enthusiasts. Inside the Lexus is top notch too with comfort extending from the steering wheel to the door linings and spacious cabins. The cabin is also equipped with hi-tech gadgets to make your drive more enjoyable. The Lexus styling is unmistakably distinct. Its signature design is highlighted by its cross-hatched diamond grille, as well as its wide-raised headlights and black-lettering of the signature logo. What’s more, no matter which model you posses you will be driving somethnig unique. If you are a bit of an adrenaline junky then the exhilarating Lexus RXF SPORT model will be just for you and its 435-horsepower engine is certain to reach the kinds of speeds car enthusiasts crave. If you’re in the market for something a bit more subtle then try out the hybrid ES300H range, which has great fuel economy and lots of luxury and engineering sophistication. For those looking for something a little different and a great value, the Lexus IS range offers large-engined cars, comfortable interiors, smooth handling and great build quality. Meanwhile, the Lexus GS and LS models come with long wheelbases and generously sized powertrains. There are also several SUVs, ranging from crossovers to fully-fledged 4X4s. Available in a variety of trims and styles, the Lexus line-up is likely to contain exactly what you are looking for, without the expensive price tag. With such a great selection of cars, from hybrids to luxury vehicles, Lexus is the perfect option for all budgets and all preferences. Whether you are looking for a car that will turn heads or simply an eco-friendly, highly affordable ride, you will find the perfect fit with Lexus.

Which Lexus for a medium budget?

Lexus has long been a major player on the market for high-end luxury vehicles, and now consumers who are on a medium budget can partake in this tantalizing experience. Whether you are an enthusiast of vintage cars, motor-sport, or you are an affluent driver between the ages of 35 and 65, Lexus vehicles offer all that you have been dreaming about. At Lexus, you will find unique luxury vehicles at affordable prices; each featuring some of the most advanced technology to have ever roamed the roads. From sleek sedans, to thoughtfully designed SUVs, and finely tuned performance powerhouses, Lexus has everything you need to fulfill all of your road dreams. The Lexus experience really begins when you get behind the wheel. Plush, comfortable interiors await you, along with intuitive technology that puts you in synch with each and every move. Every nuance of the drive is crafted for precision, and every vehicle is tested and tried on the road, making Lexus' vehicles a reliable platform for luxury. Tone-wise, the Lexus experience is passionate and liberating. Every drive is a journey—not just a method of transportation. Every moment in the driver's seat is delightful—from the touch of a switch, the purr of the engine, and the thrill or relaxation on the longer open roads. When it comes to creating the ultimate motor-sport and driving experience, Lexus simply can't be beaten. Of course, potential buyers should be aware that Lexus vehicles come with a range of premium features that add to the cars' overall value. Safety features such as lane departure warning, a pre-collision system, and classic airbags provide peace of mind during those longer trips. Plus, with comfortable interiors adorned in leather and luxurious panoramic sunroofs, Lexus vehicles feel like nothing else available on the market. The best part of Lexus' medium priced vehicles? Quality and luxurious convenience will remain in your life throughout the long years of ownership. With Lexus ranked so highly in customer satisfaction surveys, you can be guaranteed that their vehicles will always offer you the highest luxury, performance, and comfort. Lexus may specialize in luxury cars, but their medium priced vehicles can take your breath away just the same. With supreme performance, innovative technology, powerful engines, and unparalleled confidence behind the wheel, experience the quality, power, and performance of Lexus vehicles yourself. Now that Lexus has vehicles available at moderate prices, you don't have to wait any longer to experience luxury. Come take a test drive today and get ready to hit the open roads in style.

Which Lexus for a high budget?

Finding a reliable high-end car that is ready to perform at its finest is an truly remarkable experience. That's precisely why cars from Lexus are such an incredibly compelling and highly sought-after investment for those looking for the absolute best performance from a vehicle. With a passionate engineering and craftsmanship and attention to detail, Lexus continues to set the standard for luxury engines and vehicles. The Lexus range combines power with engineering prowess to secure beautiful performance with pristine design. Every car offers comfort, speed, and reliability expecting no less than excellence - allowing every driver to get the most out of every single journey. Drawing power from either a 3.5-litre V6 gasoline engine or 2.5-litre gasoline- or hybrid-powered engine, each Lexus model shines bright on the roads and tracks. For those looking to make a long-term investment, no better choice than the Lexus IS200t, which driver can equip with a strong, and carefully crafted 617 hp V8 engine - giving unparalleled power that celebrates the perfect blend between power, practicality, and technology. Enjoy beautiful touch and responsive features, the IS200t offers driving pleasure and performance - at outstanding levels. Featuring a signature spindle grille, precision - the Lexus LS 500 sedan is an absolute class-leading mechanical masterpiece worthy of any ultimate car-fans. Given its strong 471hp V6 engine that combines turbocharged direct injection and a pair of electric motors for a remarkable blend of power and sophistication - giving a reliable performance that can barely be matched. At the same drivers can enjoy life on board the luxurious & smart cockpit, with plenty of features and support - complemented by balanced sound, climate control, and stability systems. At the midsize SUV category, the Lexus NX 300-h brings sophistication and practicality at an unbeatable combination. With its 195hp engine on the gas model and 184hp on the hybrid configuration, the NX 300-h maintains a perfect balance between practicality and performance. Perfectly demonstrating luxury, its look of the vehicle is complemented by intuitive touch and voice-activated connect capabilities, allowing drivers to incorporate their everyday life into the ride. For those who prefer a smooth sports car, the Lexus LC 500h offers the perfect combination of power and design. Featuring a spectacular five-litre V8 engine and precision construction prowess, the LC 500h moves beyond expectations with an unprecedented combination of performance and comfort. Captivating attention with beautiful looks and stunning adaptive Variable Suspension settings, the LC 500h honors the Lexus legacy and provides a ride that can serve as the perfect fit for those enthusiastic about vintage cars or motorsports. No matter the model, Lexus celebrates performance like no other - giving strong, powerful and exclusive vehicles. Combining power, engineering prowess and inspiring design, the Lexus range is an embodiment of passion and performance that motor enthusiasts have come to love and expect. Luxury, assembled to perform - when investing for the absolute best performance for a high budget, Lexus stands apart as the epitome of accessible-luxury.

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