Vintage LDV cars for sale: Get behind the wheel of a classic legacy and find the perfect classic LDV for your lifestyle today.

Story of the LDV creation

Ever since its inception in the late 1960s, the iconic British car brand LDV has been carving out its own corner in the highly competitive landscape of vintage vehicles. Tall and proud like the proud motor engineers who designed it, LDV's classic models have stood the test of time, garnering a devout fan base worldwide who share a passion for vintage cars and embrace their commitment to motorsport history. The LDV story began in 1969, when founders Leslie and Ann Osborn secured a tie-up with Volkswagen, producing the iconic LDV 1010 pickup and van. The agile vehicle had superior traction, rendering it a powerful and reliable off-roader for all kinds of terrain. While it may not have been an instant commercial success, the model won over the hearts of motoring enthusiasts around the globe, with its smart, yet rugged design and powerful engine that was intended to honour and showcase the brand's commitment to motorsport. Throughout the 1970s, LDV focused on producing more traditional models such as the Scout, Grand and Coachman, gradually becoming one of the favorite pastimes of affluent individuals aged 35 to 65 who sought an alternative refined driving experience. Despite the considerable market presence, LDV vehicles lacked the technological and scientific advancement that other car brands had adopted and developed by the early 1980s, resulting in a decline in popularity and a shift toward Asian-made cars. However, that did not prevent LDV fans from restoring, modifying and reconstructing these vintage vehicles and celebrating their enduring, stylish appeal. In 2021, LDV is proud to have established an Honorary Broker, who functions as a trusted intermediary between the brand and its customers. Whether they are aspiring racers, passionate collectors or simply admirers of heritage, LDV keeps the exclusive membership running as a passion project, providing exclusive access and support to anyone wishing to build, sell or recreate one of its iconic models. From small beginnings, LDV has definitely left its mark on the vintage vehicle landscape. The funky, 6-wheeled body of the LDV conveys a rugged independence that appeals to true adrenaline-seekers and vintage cars enthusiasts, becoming an instant classic for the years to come. Linked to the evergreen British motorsport tradition, it is the perfect embodiment of its creators unwavering commitment to the finest rock-solid engineering.

Story of the LDV models

LDV is a British car brand, originally called Leyland DAF Vans, that has won the hearts of veteran car enthusiasts around the world for its vintage designs, signature style and performance. Predominantly known for its lineup of commercial vehicles, LDV was renowned for its top-of-the-line vans and minibuses – with some models playing a pivotal role in the conservation of rare species in emerging countries, due to their iconic durability and reliability. One of the most famous LDV models, the Resort, perfectly embodies the classic aesthetic of the brand that first secured renown in the late 20th century. Since its launch, the dynamism and character of the sheer robustness and sheer scale that is the mainstay of the Resort has mesmerized and entertained car fanatics all over. Featuring straight body lines and boxy shapes, the Resort has evolved over the passing decades to shine as one of the most trusted LDV models amongst many with a penchant for vintage driving experience. As comfort and safety are paramount, LDV has consistently looked after the wellbeing driver in their high-performance cars, guiding motor-heads of all ages across a breadth of terrain. On the first version of the Resort, the LDV team heavily invested into the suspension system, replacing the mechanics that accompanied most commercial vans of the time, affording a soft and enjoyable ride. Later models were fitted with greater amenities to capture the taste of a discerning driver – updates included plush seating, hot water systems and interior cab air-conditioning. Another popular amongst vintage fans, the Sauvestre, is a positive curatorial effect. With its rounded features and intricate detailing, the longer wheelbase and flared wheel arches coined an attractive silhouette embraced since its introduction over 20 years ago. Street legal enthusiasts in the racing world immediately hooked to the iconic characteristics that continue to tantalize the car community. Having earned particular renown in the motorsport world during the 1980’s, the Sauvestre became a household name amongst performance vehicle lovers – providing flexibility and agility on the track while allowing racers to retain its original comfort sensation. Lastly, the iconic Timber RR forged its legacy in 1988. The flagship model of LDV includes many necessary updates to remain at the vanguard of car design, appealing to the flair of advanced drivers. Its ramified accents give a premium touch to its sturdy construct, and its aircraft-inspired cabin is enlarged further with features such as power steering, tinted windows and a hydraulic damping mechanism. The iconic stability and structural integrity that progressed LDV from long-distance travel to the commercial industry is implemented in each model to deliver the signature journey that allows drivers to maintain their vulnerable focus even after exhaustion of such a distant road. LDV's greatest hits flourished in the 21st century, providing memorable and inventive ideas of transporting goods and people, glorifying vintage as modern trendsetters in the process. Despite discontinuing major production in 2008, the car makers’ catalog continues to move at heart of those guided by their distinctive high-end spectres, character and confidence.

Story of the LDV in motorsport

When it comes to vintage motorsport cars, few brands hold as much promise as LDV, whose unique impact has reverberated through the annals of history. Founded over a century ago, this lauded vehicle manufacturer has always had a way of creating excitement, using elite engineering and an innovative spirit that created some of the most recognizable cars to date. LDV's reputation for producing versatile, stylish automobiles of uncompromising quality dates back to 1919 in Gothenburg, Sweden. As early car owners found out, the cars were already known for delivering on their promises of robust power and manufacturing excellence. Furthermore, since the inception of the company, they had great ambitions that they strove to fulfill - and they achieved what they had set out to do. By the mid-1930's, LDV had made a major mark on the world stage: their vehicles had racked up an impressive number of impressive victories and other trophies in races throughout Europe. Some of the most impressive wins were achieved in the Mille Miglia, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with the classic LDV Altair winning the first-ever edition of the latter. Any motorsport enthusiast can attest to the magnitude of these accomplishments, as they have gone down in racing history. Notably, in addition to their growing motor racing successes, LDV also had their fair share of success when it came to rallying, dominating the scene with their Rally Raid race car. Up until today, they are remembered for their ability to not only win regularly, but to achieve strong finishes in record time. Besides making motor history, the company was also one of the first to experiment with lightweight materials in their cars, such as aluminum and fiberglass. This, in turn, allowed them to achieve faster speeds and higher levels of performance. Consequently, the cars of LDV became benchmarks against which other vehicles in their categories were sometimes measured. Today, LDV is looked back at by vintage enthusiasts as a giant of the automotive industry - an iconic brand that broke new ground by delivering class-leading performance and niche technology. They continue to be respected by those in motorsport, by connoisseurs of classic cars, and also by those with an appreciation for modern luxury - all of whom can benefit from the brand's dedication to quality and innovation, inspiring generations of drivers around the world.

Anecdotes about LDV

LDV is a car brand with a storied history and nostalgia-based allure – creating a formula that excites car enthusiasts around the world. Its name began as The Leyland DAF Van, with vans being its primary product range. Between 1993 and 2006, LDV also built a range of large commercial vehicles - giving them more visibility in the marketplace. The brand forms a particularly special niche in the motorsport world. In the summer of 1993, rally driver, Mark Lovell, achieved a second-place finish in only his second ever professional event in a 6 cylinder LDV Convoy estate. That same year saw another LDV (his privateer-entered V8 Pilot) win twice during the production sports car racing ‘SuperTourers’ series. The brand unfortunately found itself in a vulnerable state during the 2008 financial crisis, with production lines gradually becoming lesser used due to consolidation into two of its parent company’s vehicle brands, and eventually coming to a complete end in 2010. In 2014 LDV made a brief yet lasting return to the production lines. This time under the stewardship of SAIC Motor, this inception of the brand brought to life an assortment of SUVs, combining winning features with sleek designs – proving that LDV had what it needed to survive in the global market, providing a niche for the passionate follower. Today, the brand continues to evoke nostalgia among generations the world over, despite its retreat from the production line. As one of the original SUV automotive pioneers, it’s image still holds immense value among sports memorabilia collectors and affluent people from ages 35 to 65 who are looking for something thats elusive, yet still with intrinsic worth. At its essence, LDV is a brand whose story has captivated fans of vintage motorsports. From its humble rear axle-whee lvan origins to the luxury V8 production brand, the passion and lore associated with LDV is an open book of anecdotes, now and forever appealing to the passionate fans, wealthy hobbyists, and curious onlookers alike.

Which LDV for which budget?

Which LDV for a low budget?

Are you looking for a classic car that looks sophisticated yet won't break your budget? Look no further than the LDV, one of the most iconic vintage cars of all time. This British-designed classic offers stylish curves and top-notch performance, all at an affordable price. The smaller engines and lighter cars of the LDV are perfect for racing and rallying, and drivers of this legendary auto can count on a dependable, fuel-efficient ride. For the motorsport enthusiasts, the easy-to-tune engine of the LDV provides ample potential and options- making it the ideal companion for the racetrack, in any professional or amateur format. On the outside, the LDV features a sleek design with classic curves that attract the eye and add a touch of class to any collection of classic cars. With its sophisticated svelte frame, the LDV has the advantage of being able to easily integrate with a range of styles, which keeps customizations affordable and achievable. Here’s the best part: for those looking for a bargain, pre-owned cars as well as parts can be picked up for next to nothing. What’s more, hop into any classic car forum or garage, and you will discover a large community of passionate enthusiasts ready to offer helpful advice or leads on stunning and hard-to-find LDV models. For the affordability-conscious but style-savvy aged 35 to 65, the LDV is the perfect pick. With maintenance being both cheap and straightforward, you can easily keep up with condition and add improvements for a fraction of the cost. Thanks to its small size and large variety of parts, there is a opportunity to find tailor-made solutions for custom LDV builds, eliminating the need to buy expensive parts or components off the market. We invite you to take part in the LDV experience and explore the easy thrill of driving the luxurious yet relatively inexpensive vehicle. Not only can you take some beautiful photos and make for the best car shows, but also experience the rich, traditional design and incredible value that comes with a car like the LDV. So what are you waiting for? Don't forget your budget and go out and explore the road in an undeniably classic vehicle.

Which LDV for a medium budget?

Looking for a vintage car at a good price for your upcoming rally? Then LDV could be the perfect fit! The British-backed LDV is the product of a collaboration between the Luton-based Vauxhall Motors and the Dutch firm DAF. The first vans were rolled out in 1993, but LDV went through a few iterations before they found a solid footing in the global market. Now, LDV commercial vehicles are sought after by customers in England, Europe, and beyond. Regardless of whether it's an LDV convoy, van or city transit ride, the classic, streamlined vehicles – all produced in the UK – capture the distinctive character of a true British experience. Their renowned excellence and innovation enables them to handle tough terrain and outlast the toughest tasks with style and durability! The cost of buying a new LDV model is reasonable, however, usually ranging between £14,500 - £18,000, without customising options, so adventurers on a medium budget aren't excluded from the mix! Furthermore, LDV prides itself on offering robust safety standards such as dynamic stability control and tyre pressure monitoring systems as standard. Also given that since LDV offered its first bus chassis in 1999, it's no surprise these vehicles have maintained their excellent safety record and satisfied customers from a diverse range of industries, from the transport, manufacturing, retail and food industries to the police force. From the passionate driving experience and unique style presented by commercial vehicles, touring coaches, sports utility vans and luxury minibuses to reliability and safety, LDV certainly allows you to combine the new with the vintage. With tracking device options and up to a 5-year warranty included with purchases of select models, customers know they’re making a smart investment with a LDV. Over the past 25 years, LDV has provided excellence with both age-old and modern designs. With LDV, consumers can access eight models with diverse specifications to perfectly suit any needs. Why not give this icon of British engineering a try?

Which LDV for a high budget?

LDV cars: A Plethora of Possibilities for the High Budget Automotive Enthusiast If money is no object, you can’t go wrong with LDV cars. With many different models and styles, LDV has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a high-performance vintage sports car or a luxurious vintage sedan. From British classics to German engineering, LDV cars are a fantastic option for those with discriminating taste and deep pockets. LDV is renowned for its high quality cars and diverse selection. With classic models from the 1950s, including the esteemed Monteverdi Hai 450 SS, to sleek and modern crossover vehicles, LDV makes a statement. And then there’s the unique Mini Clubman Van, which sees a great resurgence in popularity in today’s auto market. When it comes to performance, LDV cars are nothing to sneeze at. The Changhe Freedom is a bold and sporty coupe that could keep up with any racer in its class. Similarly, the Antara GTC features powerful V6 engine that gives the car more than enough power and runs smoother than ever before. For those who prefer more luxurious features from their cars, owning a LDV can provide a level of comfort and prestige not often seen in other automobiles. Take the G10 Executive, which is as comfortable as it is sophisticated; you can enjoy a premium experience every time you sit behind the wheel. Not to be outdone, the G10 VIP is filled with sumptuously-designed leather seating and an eye-catching dashboard, perfect for an extravagant night out. Making your way around town in a LDV could provide the ultimate car experience. Whether you’re heading to the golf course, the opera or out for a night on the town, driving a LDV will have you arriving in style. Overall, LDV offers a great selection of cars designed to suit any taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for a vintage classic or a modern day vehicle, you can find the perfect statement among LDV’s line up of cars. They’ll give you an unparalleled level of performance, quality and prestige that will have your peers talking. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the possibilities and enjoy the luxury of owning a LDV car today!

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