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Story of the Lagonda creation

Lagonda is a British luxury car brand that has had a long and illustrious history since its beginnings back in 1899. Although the brand’s time in the automobile industry was relatively short-lived, Lagonda built an array of cars that remain as some of the classic names and models worthy of admiration within the vintage car lovers and motorsport enthusiasts community. Under the leadership and inspiration of Wilbur Gunn, the fledgling Lagonda brand started out producing bikes even before switching to cars in 1906. Gunn was the founder and builder of the first Lagonda that sported a 2.6L twin cylinder engine, setting the tone for the company to provide quality cars at an affordable price. From 1906 onward, the promising car brand worked tirelessly to improve their product quality and strengthen consumer trust, resulting in growth and expansion. Growing in popularity, Lagonda had become known for their formidable “touring” automobiles designed for rugged on-road performance. This dedication to excellence continued through the 1930s, when luxury models such as the knockout 8-litre debuted. The Lagonda brand was conspicuously absent from the entire Second World War, instead redirecting their efforts to design and produce aircraft engines. After the war, a reinvigorated Lagonda released their 4.5-litre V12 engine model in 1949-1950, mixing beautiful design with strong performance. The 1950s cemented the legacy of the British car marque, as the brand won 24 of the 50 automotive rallied in that decade alone. A remarkable achievement, this gave the brand modern day fame right up to the 1960s when Lagonda debuted the classic high-performance Rapide, having produced only 545 in total. Unfortunately, the Lagonda brand changed ownership many times over the decades and ended production in October 1990. While that did mark the end of the brand, the effect the marque had in the classic car and motorsport community will remain forever. The success stories, remarkable technology and, of course, the sleek design of their cars will all live on, especially to those with a passion for this type of mechanical marvels and enthusiasts of sense of luxury.

Story of the Lagonda models

Lagonda is one of the oldest British car brands, celebrated for its luxurious and sporty models as well as for its distinguished craftsmanship. The Lagonda cars create a special connection with history and evoke many emotions among vintage car enthusiasts and motorsport fans. From the iconic 1936 Rapide to the sophisticated Lagonda Taraf, these majestic cars drive passions in a way that no other vehicles can. The 1936 Lagonda Rapide is an impressive car by anybody’s standards. Its classic beauty, low seating and long wheelbase caught the attention of car lovers worldwide. With its aluminum coachwork and 25/90 hp, 6-cylinder engine, the Rapide was praised as one of Britain’s most beautiful cars. In fact, it was the first Lagonda comparable to its German competitors of the same era. The 1956 Lagonda 3-Litre was another milestone in the brand’s history. This car was highly praised for its ‘50s British design and the fact that it was powered by a ‘L6’ straight-six engine that gave it a top speed of 110 mph. The 1956 model specifically was fitted with four-wheel Dunlop disc brakes, which was quite an impressive feature at the time. The 1959 Lagonda 4.4 was one of the most desirable cars of the era. It bore a resemblance to the Rapide, but was much more luxurious, featuring sumptuous leather interiors, air conditioning and wood paneling. Powering the 4.4 was a smooth-operator 4.4-litre straight-six, which gave it 115mph capabilities with effortless grace. The Aston Martin Lagonda SALE, known as the ‘Lagonda Ultra-Luxury Saloon’, was a limited production car and could be considered a passage between the AMV8 of the era and the modern Lagonda lineup. The SALE model was classic yet modern at the same time and had some revolutionary features to its name - like anti-lock brakes, radar navigation and advanced audio systems. Finally, the impressionable Lagonda Taraf combines power, speed and style perfectly. Its 6 litre DOHC V12 engine gave it an impressive 0-62 mph time of 5 seconds. It's hand-crafted, pure quality interior gives a strong feeling of confidence to passengers, and the outward presence of the Lagonda Taraf is unparalleled. For classic car lovers, motorsport fans, or anyone who appreciates artisanal skill mixed with high performance, the Lagonda car brand stands alone. Its distinguished heritage and majestic models can offer thrill, pleasure and memorable experiences to its affluent audience of 35-65 year olds around the world. Evoking passion, power and design, all that remains is to hop behind the wheel and discover the Lagonda experience.

Story of the Lagonda in motorsport

Since its introduction in 1906, the esteemed British car brand Lagonda has a history steeped in heritage and excellence in motorsport. A firm favourite among passionate fans, the marque provided an impressive scene in its heyday, making an indelible mark on the racing circuit with its attempt on the notorious climb of Mount Parnassus in 1911. For nearly ten years, the Lagonda team propelled forward with top-tier mechanics and drivers, embarking on thrilling feats of racing that headlined major championships around the world. From competitive hill climbs in New York state to endurance competitions in the British Isles and onward, Lagondas embodied unrivalled power, elegance, and finesse, with each magnificent machine individualised with their own special identity. During the post-war era, Lagonda even made appearances at prestigious events such as the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1933, releasing a series of models that upended the competition on the dusty tracks of North America and worldwide. As the brand consolidated its equipment, the racing successes continued ranging from victories at Silverstone in the 1950s to a remarkable feat of claiming top five placings in the open wheeler races of the continental Europe during the 1970s. The motorsport history of the Lagonda car marque is one of milestones and achievements, transcendent quality, and inexorable power. When each model thundered across the track, the world witnessed the ever-strengthening identity of Lagonda, and its name continues to draw admirers that span the fields of motorsport, vintage car enthusiasts and affluent individuals between the ages of 35 and 65. Long after the chequered flag has been waved, the fiery spirit of Lagonda shall never be extinguished.

Anecdotes about Lagonda

Lagonda: A Brief History of Automotive Anecdotes Lagonda cars have been linked with bursts of passion ever since they first appeared on the automotive scene all the way back in 1906. Founded by a trio of brothers – Wilbur, Robert and Louis Gunn – more than a century ago, Lagonda has a heritage that oozes class and refinement which continues to this day. Of course, the brand is best remembered for its early racing accomplishments in speed events during the 1920s and 30s. The first cars that rose to prominence were the torpedo models, completed in 1921. These early Lagondas were incredibly powerful and featured a 12/32bhp, 16.9-litre engine – a vehicle that threw east public’s passion for Lagonda into the spotlight. It was these cars that really launched the company as a pioneer of speed racing in the early part of the century. Not content with a series of exceptional performance vehicles, Lagonda embraced the front of luxury and comfort which they are renowned for. Thanks to the hard work of WO Bentley, Lagonda cars regularly dominated in the luxury scene – culminating with their release of the 3-litre SuperSports model in 1928. This car dominated the private carrental market, estrablishing the 10/25hp and 11/35hp as two of the top performing Grand Tourers of that period. Next, the brand turned its attention to motorsport beginning in 1930, when Lagonda cars won the Monte Carlo Rally. Lagondas proved dominant in the famous rally yet again in 1938.This set the stage for World War 2, completed by elegant frames and signature metal dashboards embracing the very finest traditional engineering – some of which you can find on vintage Lagondas right up to this day. Overall, Lagondas have a unique appeal to enthusiasts, combining a story of passion and speed, alongside comfort and luxury craftsmanship. This has made It easy to see why vintage Lagondas are particularly sought after. For those looking to enter into the realm of vintage cars, whether for motorsport or as part of a collection, the story of Lagonda is rich in history opportunities and timing – two things the folks at Lagonda have made sure to remain passionate about for years.

Which Lagonda for which budget?

Which Lagonda for a low budget?

Founded in 1906, Lagonda is a vintage car established around a passionate appreciation for motorsport and automobiles like no other. From luxurious saloons to race-winning sports cars, Lagonda provides an incredible selection of affordable vehicles for budget-savvy enthusiasts alike. Lagonda is part of the Aston Martin family, renowned worldwide for their excellence in engineering and craftsmanship. Spanning generations, Lagonda offers a range of vehicles that are perfect for the dedicated collector or for those just starting out in the vintage automobile world. Enthusiasts of vintage cars have long admired the Lagonda for its iconic silhouette, and its combination of style and engineering excellence. The Lagonda cars on the market today showcase the best of engineering from the 20th-century British car makers, and have incredible craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. Due to its long history, Lagonda has become the gold standard in classic automotive aficionados for its affordability and comprehensive range of options. For those looking for a budget-friendly way of owning an iconic piece of motoring history, Lagonda is perfect. Due to its age, second-hand Lagondas are now widely available up to 40-50 years younger than the rest of the Aston Martin brand. It's also possible to get a near-perfect condition classic car for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new model. Vintage cars are finding increasing appeal in recent years with the constantly growing enthusiast market, as well as affluent people between the age of 35 and 65. Though Lagonda cars are often sought after for their classic aesthetic and promise of quality, they also bring with them a history of motorsport success. From rallying to the imposing V12-powered saloons, Lagonda also has a grand heritage similar to other classic car brands. With its iconic looks, excellent craftsmanship, and a history of its success accompanied by a low price tag, it's easy to understand why owning a Lagonda is an attractive prospect for any vintage car enthusiast. Whether you’re an experienced classic car collector or a new enthusiast just starting out, there’s a Lagonda that can be acquired to suit any budget. Investing in a Lagonda is ideal: They truly evoke a sense of automotive passion that truly take collectors on a journey unforgettable journey into the heart of Classic British Car manufacturing.

Which Lagonda for a medium budget?

Lagonda cars are the epitome of style when it comes to vintage cars, combining top performance with eye-catching design. With cars ranging from classic models to recently-developed sports models, Lagonda offers something for everyone, no matter what their budget. For those looking for a mid-range priced vehicle, there is definitely an abundance of choices. From the luxurious Rapide to the sporty and capable Vantage, Lagonda has something to suit anyone's preference. The Rapide is definitely a looker with its sleek and angular lines, but underneath the hood, it packs a punch with a 4.2 litre V8 engine capable of 375 brake horsepower, meaning it can outpace many of its rivals whilst also keeping up with modern traffic. For something a little bit more exclusive, the Lagonda Vantage may be the car of choice. With a 5.0 litre V8 engine producing 432 brake horsepower, the Vantage is a true performance car. Not only does it cruise effortlessly through traffic, but its 8 speed ZF gearbox can shift it up into a three digit speed in no time. On the inside, either vehicle features sumptuous leather upholstery, with the option of deep, luxurious carpets for motorists who want to give their cars a truly classic feel. Lagonda also offers several customisations that members of the exclusive club can access, as well as a selection of wood inserts to re-create the iconic look from the company’s glory days. No matter the model chosen, these cars represent some of the best that money can buy. They replete with style, both inside and out, and are backed up by a pedigree name that has been producing iconic vehicles since 1947. For anyone seeking a truly awe-inspiring ride, Lagonda cars are the perfect choice from medium budget range and will bring a touch of passion and excitement to daily adventures.

Which Lagonda for a high budget?

The allure of the Lagonda brand is undeniable – it is the epitome of a vintage car that continues to be a sought-after classic. With its distinguished lines, rich history and the prestige of owning one, it’s no wonder why enthusiasts and motorsport devotees are often willing to pay top dollar for a high-budget version of this classic. Lagonda is a British luxury car created by the Lagonda Motor Company, founded in 1906. It was infamous for its hand-built cars used to compete in the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans, the most important automobile endurance sporting event at the time. From the days of William his 1879’s Daimler powered carriage through their iconic models introduced in the 80’s, they have captured the imagination of people from all walks of life. Among the Lagonda models that can be acquired in the high-budget range include the 1948–1958 TA Touring tourer, the 1950–1958 DB Drophead coupé, the 1949–1958 SA Saloon/Sportsberlin and – you guessed it – the 1958–1959 Link Model. These cars were also produced with coach built-style bodies individually and famously with the iconic “Whittington” chassis. The Lagonda Dash DB from 1958 was equipped with a double overhead camshaft straight-six engine DOHC twin-spark, it was considered one of the most enchanting cars of its time. These vehicles remain a symbol of affluence – anyone who owns one is sure to be celebrated in style and it will certainly give the owner the sense of prestige and adventure that were originally put on them. The drive becomes an experience enthralling to the senses -from alluring decelerations to singing accelerations as you experience the unbridled power that encompassed the force behind four wheels. These designer cars with grace and illusion of effortless speed are tailored for creamy and comfortable and higher tops speeds that great majority of travelers with such dreams crave. For this reason, Lagonda vehicles remain highly sought after all over the world, especially by those with an affluent budget who are between the ages of 35 and 65. If you’re a motorsport enthusiast, a classic car enthusiast, or an affluent adventurer, the investing in a Lagonda high-budget model will definitely be an exhilarating experience that you’ll never forget!

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