Discover one of the most iconic classic cars: the Jensen! Unique, stylish, and reliable, this is the perfect car to relish the vintage experience.

Story of the Jensen creation

The British luxury car brand Jensen has an illustrious history, one which has been testament to the passion and dedication of the many involved over its long lifetime. Founded in West Bromwich, England, in 1934 by Alan and Richard Jensen, Jensen Motors began life as a manufacturer and development of the Austin Seven chassis. The brothers adapted the standard design of engine, brakes and suspension to create a tailored luxury sports car with advanced engineering, alluring style and advanced performance. Jensen soon began to gain recognition in the automotive world, but its most significant success was to come much later. After a period in the years between 1948 and 1953 devoted solely to the improvement of its Seven designs, the company unveiled its first full-bodied motor car, the Interceptor. The Interceptor brought a new sleek and advanced design to the world of motor vehicles, with a high-performance Chrysler V8 engine helping it achieve quick success. As Jensen Motors progressed, they created a number of innovative and stylish designs, including the C-V8, which featured two powerful Chrysler V8s mounted side-by-side, the FF four-wheel drive system, and the classic and supremely luxurious Jensen-Coupé. In the 1970s, Jensen went on to create the GT, Spyder and competition models, which earned first class laurels from racecar fanatics and vintage car enthusiasts. The brand is still loved and appreciated today, with Jensen's classic rear engined 541 and the stately Jensen S-V8 in high demand. With established cult status, rare original examples of the old cars have never gone out of style, with cherished models from the 1960s, such as the P66, 541, SS100, and 741 now holding top market value. The Jensen brand has endured through various changes in ownership and a market downturn, proving itself to be a constant force in automotive engineering and style. Still revered by car collectors, vintage racers and classic mechanics around the world, Jensen's classic physique and luxury performance continue to receive appreciation in the contemporary luxury car market. Jensen Motors will remain one of the greats of the British automotive technology, a stalwart of design, engineering, and quality that keeps its drivers and owners a part of a long and deserved legacy. Dedication to excellence and quality, landmark innovation, and a passion that unifies its drivers will ensure Jensen remains as an automatic icon of engineering, style, and effortless luxury for years to come.

Story of the Jensen models

Jensen cars have a long and storied history, with the first car leaving the West Bromwich factories over 100 years ago. From the 1930s onwards the Jensen marque was revered throughout the world, renowned for being immensely powerful, wonderfully well-built and simply stunning to behold. While many enthusiasts will be familiar with the most famous models manufactured – in particular the C-V8 and Interceptor – few will truly appreciate the breath of Jensen’s endeavors, from a one-off Lotus powered GT coupe to a range of high spec Lambretta motorcycles. Here we will look at the progression of the revered Jensen models, which relentlessly pushed the boundaries for power, design and luxury. The grand progenitor of the modern Jensen range was the 1931 541. Viewed by many as the archetypal design from the brand, this hand-built model quickly became renowned as a luxurious, yet fun-to-drive classic. Powered by Peter Burgess-designed six cylinder engines of two, two-and-a-half and three litre configurations, the cars were finished with many premier components such as a Rolls-Royce radiator and chrome-plated bumpers. While over 1300 of the cars were produced, collectors prize the 541 remaining and relatively rare. In the mid-1960s, Jensen Motors unveiled the Jensen C-V8. Taking the best of the 541’s design and finishing it with a Chrysler V8 engine, this eventually became the most famous car in the Jensen models range with nearly 2000 examples being professionally produced. As before, the attention to design, power and detail was remarkable with most C-V8 models boasting a Chrysler TorqueFlite three-speed automatic transmission, Mirro-Chrome finish on the wheels, leather trimmed and vice-free interiors and body color contrasting bumpers and grills. Power outputs ranged from 325 to 410bhp – and legend has it a service centre owned by Jensen created a unit which pushed out 500bhp. In the early 1970s, Jensen Motors set its sights on producing cars that could compete at the highest level of production vehicles. The fruits of its labour came in the form of the Jensen Interceptor and FF lines. Showcasing the best in modern performance and wrapping it in the most luxurious of style,the Interceptors boasted upmarket features for its time such as four-wheel drive and power brakes as well as added luxuries such as an expanded floor space that was more aerodynamic and efficient. On the back of these cars, a successful Jensen-badged racing program was launched, ultimately securing the class and overall victory in the 1973 24 Hours of Le Mans. In 1975, the final Jensen design, the Models 8 and 9, were created. While these cars were more spartan than the earlier 541s, C-V8s and Interceptors, their large, multi-traverse chassis and independent suspension continued the precepts of Jensen excellence. They also boasted some of the time's most advanced power units including VDEK Stirling Moss' 2,998.3 cc Vankwa Engine and RAJ Oil Burner's BL Princess 1,599cc OHC engine, and the last eight cars created enveloped Quadra-drive, four-wheel drive transmission with Garratt couplings, a technological achievement easily comparable to modern models. With a history spanning over 100 years, Jensen has definitely been an industry leader and renowned across many car racing circuits. With some of the most gorgeous, powerful and luxurious designs the market has ever seen, Jensen continues to produce memories that will last for a lifetime. For auto enthusiasts, Jensen remains the ultimate experience in modern classic motoring, providing passionate and luxury motorcars that demonstrate a passion for performance as well as a beautifully crafted design.

Story of the Jensen in motorsport

When saying ‘Jensen’, many people immediately think of a luxurious, good-looking car from the past. Founded in 1934 by brothers Alan & Richard Jensen, the brand quickly arrived at popular fame, namely thanks to its involvement in professional motorsport. In fact, since the beginning Jensen had been extremely devoted to motorsports, as they wanted to prove the excellent performance of their cars on racing tracks. Jensen’s cars have never really been considered as favourites by motorsport experts, but their few victories do speak volumes about the quality and potential of this brand. During the late 50s and early 60s, Jensen was actually a lot more active in the British racing scene than, say Hollywood-favourite manufacturers such as Ferrari or Bugatti. Even though they experienced more failiures than triumphs, the hard-working and dedicated Jensen teams succeeded in shining in several occasions. The success of the brand arrives mainly with the Jensen 541, a car premiered in 1955 and which had an extremely thin body which was just a couple of inches thick, an innovation which was seen as a revolution back then. This aerodynamic design allowed Jensen to dominate the ACU measure classes without meeting much competition due to its lower weight and higher speeds when compared to its opponents. One of the most impressive victories of the 541 on a race track is without doubt the 1957 Eifel Rallye, in which a Jensen captured first place and set a record for fastest speed. Although the company sometimes struggled a bit with the complex technology of motorsport and all the obstacles it presented around equipment and preparation, Jenson continued spearheading different classifications and winning prizes in competitions. Between 1957 and 1961 they were often seen conquering some major trophies in different motorsport events, guaranteeing a successful run both domestically and globally. These numerous successes, paired with breathtakingly elegant couture designs and no fear when it came to further investing in motorsports eventually made the Jensen a household gif. The legendary first edition of the Jensen 541, in fact, is still highly sought after by motorsport and vintage car collectors all around the world, such is its value both historically and aesthetically. Even now, Jensen is remembered and praised as a significant piece in the history of vintage motorsports and the way this inspiring brand was able to overcome all the obstacles that motorsports presented in order to conquer first prizes is certainly befitting to its growing notoriety.

Anecdotes about Jensen

The car manufacturer Jensen has a rich history of impressive accomplishments, innovative engineering, and racing success. From 1961 to 1977, Jensen Motors built more than 11,000 stylish and powerful cars that form one of the most underrated and fascinating chapters of the annals of automotive history. The first car to bear the name “Jensen” was the Jensen 541, a popular and handsome four-door saloon car, luxurious yet achievable for the working man. This was an immediate success, quickly evolving into larger, higher-spec editions and ultimately racing versions when it adopted the Healey badge and enjoyed several successes in the rallying scene. In total, more than 11,000 Jensen cars were produced, with peaks in the late 1950's and early 1960's: manufacturers like Ferrari and Maserati were surpassed by Jensen Motors in total production output at this time. Among their models count the stylish, sporty Interceptor and the FX/FF, both vastly different cars with remarkable levels of style and endurance. Jensens could be found racing and participating in rallies all over Europe during the 1960s, with Vandervell Products fielding a number of Interceptors and FFs in Group Two racing and eventually snagging important wins such as second place in the 1966 Austrian Alpine Rally, as well as top-five finishes in the Tour de France in 1967 and 1968. The Jensen S-Type, an attempt to bring lightweight construction to the affordable Jensen market, was produced from 1964 to 1967 and formed the stage the marque would reach its apex. Throughout the years, Jensen Motors competed with powerful American adversaries such as the Chevrolet Corvette and the Shelby Cobra in the field of powerful GT cars. This era was also marred by numerous financial and managerial problems, resulting in the closure of Jensen in 1976 and subsequent dissolution in 1977. After the closure, the unfinished Jensen-Healey and Interceptor were sold off to Aston Martin for development. Today, the Jensen marque is once again nearing a renaissance and the memory of these remarkable cars marches ahead, thanks in large part to the dedicated enthusiasts who continue loving and caring for these amazing cars today. Whether you are single or repeat-owner, Jensen cars offer a perfect blend of classic yet timeless looks, razor-sharp handling, and thrilling rear-wheel drive power delivery that provide every driver with a unique and extraordinary sense of driving dynamics that remain unrivaled to this day. For the lover of vintage or modern cars, motor sports, or those who are looking for a special ownership experience, Jensen has the perfect car for you. Get behind the wheel of a Jensen and you’ll instantly be transported to an era where you were in the spotlight with a bold British beauty at your side. There simply is nothing like the combination of design, performance, and outstanding value that a Jensen can offer.

Which Jensen for which budget?

Which Jensen for a low budget?

If you are looking for a reliable and graceful classic car, there is no better option than a Jensen. Each model of the Jensen carefully crafted, classic cars evokes exquisite style, luxury, and exemplary power. Founded in England in 1934 by brothers Alan and Richard Jensen, the brothers sought to combine modern worldwide engineering with timeless classic design. Through their innovative ideas and exceptional skills, the brothers rapidly created a leading brand that became well known for its success and performance in some of the world's most renowned motor rallying competitions. Today, even with the vast selection of cars available, the Jensen experience proves as delightful as it did more than eighty years ago. Despite the time since their establishment, the Jensen brings a modern style and advanced mechanical performance fit for any of today's luxurious cars. Thanks to the timeless appeal and durable characteristics of the early models, Jensen cars remain a desirable and sought-after classic car. Allowing buyers to experience the greatness of the Jensen nameplate, the purchasing of one of these fine cars need not break the bank. A budget model, the Jensen 541, is an affordable classic car for anyone passionate and knowledgeable enough to appreciate the achievement and transcendent design of a car of this calibre. Originally priced at around £2,800 when released on the market in 1957, 541s can now be found from as little as $30,000 up to around $100,000 depending on condition and mileage. A low budget vehicle that still allows any owner to benefit from the power and finesse of a Jensen car, the Jensen is the perfect vehicle for drivers of any venture or taste. Great to drive, the Jensen 541 may boast a bulky shape, however the entirety of its features are known for boasting a balance between fulfilling speed capabilities and comfortable driving experiences. For passionate and classic car enthusiasts wanting to combine thrill and luxury in a reliable package at a low budget, the Jensen 541 performs as one of the top options. Displaying a typical finesse of British design, and remaining affordable despite its luxurious features, the 541 represents an excellent deal and opportunity to own a piece of the past that is still just as powerful as any modern car on the road.

Which Jensen for a medium budget?

No matter what your budget is, you won't find any vintage car more impressive than Jensen cars. Over the years, they managed to draw attention of racing and driving enthusiast around the world and to rightfully claim their place as some of the finest machines on the roads. Jensen built some of the most well-built, reliable and top performance cars of all time, such as the infamous Jensen Interceptor. With a powerful and roaring engine, the Interceptor raced alongside the finest Ferrari, Porsche, and Maserati, leaving other competitors behind. The Jensen Interceptor's V8 engine is a marvel of potent force, guaranteeing an excellent driving experience for both car enthusiasts and the experienced racer. With its classic five-speed manual gearbox, the Interceptor can take on even the toughest of corners, while its streamlined body gives it an advantage over the competition. The CV-8 model has been described as a classic car collector's dream come true, with its signature 19-inch Rootes alloy wheels and red leather interior. And it doesn't stop there. The CV-8 is equipped with an easily understood dashboard layout, which allows for a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Jensen cars don't just stop at offering nostalgia and excitement. The company has worked hard to make sure all of its cars are fit for the modern age. Every Jensen model sold is compliant with the latest emissions legislation and safety standards, ensuring the safety of both driver and passengers. On top of that, Jensen offers a superb warranty and regular servicing, proving its commitment to providing the best car ownership experience. For those wanting superior performance and stylish design, the Healey and Super GT models are perfect choices. Both have received rave reviews, and provide a great driving experience to rival the finest vehicles on the road. Whatever your automotive desires, whatever your budget,Jensen cars is guaranteed to have something special waiting for you. Whether you're an enthusiast of vintage motoring or someone who just wants a reliable everyday vehicle, Jensen has it all. The passion, the style, the performance – an investment in a Jensen will reward you every day.

Which Jensen for a high budget?

Do you dream of owning a vintage car to show off and make heads turn at classic car rallies around the country? Then look no further, because the Jensen Interceptor is the perfect option for car enthusiasts with a high budget. This stylish vehicle is one of the most elegant luxury cars from the 70s and is still sought after by many classic car fans today. Originally built in 1934 by brothers Richard and Alan Jensen of West Bromwich, United Kingdom, this vehicle has classic good looks and performance which combine to make it an extraordinary machine. The car has a powerful V8 engine and can achieve 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds and reach top speeds of over 140mph. It also ran the London to Sydney marathon in 1968, proving it is no slouch when it comes to durability and speed. The three-piece wind-back sunroof, chrome details, leather bumper overriders and shapely curves add to its all-round classic aesthetic. One of the Jensen Interceptor's greatest selling points is its rarity. Although several variants were created, only 570 cars of this particular model were produced between 1967 and 1972. As a result, the value of a turn-key vehicle, or one that has been fully restored, can easily surpass the £50,000 mark. For many classic car enthusiasts, the rarity and style of the car is more than enough to justify the hefty price tag. The passion and knowledge that goes into searching for and restoring these vintage cars is something that should be admired. From sourcing the right parts to finding the right experts, owning a Jensen Interceptor is a labor of love. And the rewards for all that are indisputable; you get to enjoy a classic, luxurious vehicle that you can proudly show off to other enthusiasts. If you have the budget and are looking for a unique vintage car to add to your collection, the Jensen Interceptor is an ideal choice. Its beauty, rarity, and advanced features such as the wind-back sunroof and powerful engine make it the perfect car for discerning classic car fans. A car worthy of admiration and deserving of a place in your garage.

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