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Story of the Ginetta creation

The luxury British carmaker Ginetta has been producing vintage and classy models ever since their formation in 1958. The founder of the company, the late four times winning Le Mans racer Ivor Walklett, was inspired to create a company leader in motor racing. Ginetta expanded dramatically throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, attaining a reputable name as makers of elite motorsport vehicles. Having already seen success at the racing circuits, Ginetta went on to become popular for creating sporty luxury cars for their passionate customers. The brand took their success from the race track and used it to produce super sleek models with flashy appeal. Ginetta’s decade automobiles acquired the perfect balance between performance and style, becoming a mark of excellence among racing fans. It wasn’t long until Ginetta had further expanded and began to enter the automotive production market as a luxury brand. Their eye for detail tinkering was seen in race cars such as the G27, G12, and the G30, all of which went on to become highly sought after collectible classics. A great example of Ginetta expansion and emphasis on craftsmanship was the production of their coachbuilt, high performance G12 Roadster. Ginetta strove to keep pushing their technology even further and they revolutionized motor racing in the ‘80s and ‘90s. They partnered up with Yamaha to develop the infamous G15 and the G27 motor car models, both of which had cars that could be raced in the then-fledgling Formula Ford 1600 racing series. Since their inception, Ginetta have firmly established themselves as masters of design for vintage motorsport and luxury road cars alike. Their passion for craftsmanship, luxurious cars, and plenty of power under the bonnet has set them apart from the competition and will ensure anyone who chooses a Ginetta car has the latest in luxurious sophistication. Perfect for attracting the attention and admiration of motoring enthusiasts between the ages of 35 and 65, Ginetta continues to inspire the same levels of passion and admiration that began with their founding almost six decades ago.

Story of the Ginetta models

From the diminutive G12 to the jaw-dropping G60, Ginetta has a long and storied history of thrilling motorsport enthusiasts of all kinds. Established in Leeds, UK in 1958, Ginetta has been at the forefront of vintage motorsport for more than sixty years. In that time, Ginetta has built some of the most successful race cars, evidenced by their 56 wins at the Le Mans 24 Hours race alone. Their track record continues to this day, featuring on the victory podium of International GT Series events and other high level motor racing. Knowing that, let’s see what Ginetta has to offer to those thrilling cars enthusiasts, who are in the market for such a car. The G12, for instance, was a pioneer in its era, the first 2-seater Ginetta, which was a true cult classic both then and now. Both its styling and performance were like no other car of its era. It was built by the renowned Ginetta Racing team, and just 43 of these cars were ever made: a true rarity! In addition; Ginetta also coined several groundbreaking models like the G15, G21 and G25. The G25 was the first of Ginetta’s line of exotic sports cars. Its style was stylish and powerful, making it the perfect combination of a racing car and an everyday sport car. The engine roared at 210 horses and reaching a top speed of 160 mph. It was designed to match the need and personality of affluent people between 35 and 65 years old who can appreciate its true essence. The G32 was another great model from Ginetta. As with G25, this model was specifically built for speed, boasting a larger 2.5-liter engine and making the outline of the G32 one of speed and class. This same template would be echoed in the Ginetta G40 production series, having earned its reputation by making numerous wins in track events. The G55 is Ginetta’s latest offering, positioning itself as a road-ready race spec vehicle. Originally born from Ginetta’s MOTEC 24-hour endurance car, this powerful beast has taken the internet by storm. Meticulously designed with a fiercely aerodynamic outline, it’s featured in the Ginetta GT Track Day series - an event that’s rolled out in several countries around the world. All in all, Ginetta’s line of cars stands as a testament to excellence and its speed-challenging presence in the world of motorsport. It’s clear to any car enthusiast why people go mad for Ginetta. Passionate, stylish, powerful and exotic – what more could you possibly ask for in a sports car?

Story of the Ginetta in motorsport

While Gintetta may be somewhat forgotten by car enthusiasts and the general population, the motorsport history of the British car brand is an admirable accomplishment within the automobile industry. From the 1950s to the present day, the company has worked hard to cultivate a sense of innovation, success, and performance in its range of sports cars. Back in the 1950s, Gintetta was responsible for the production of the G1, arguably the first production two-seat grand tourer sports car. Equipped with a sleek and sporty design, as well as a powerful 1.2Hp engine, it was the luxury vehicle of choice for many affluent and tech-forward drivers around the world. The prestige of this car would only continue to increase throughout the 1970s with Gintetta also spawning the even faster G50 and G15, the latter of which was designed to compete in competitive motorsport. The 1980s saw Gintetta continue to diversify its motorsport offerings, including its highly-regarded G55 GT4s sports cars and the hugely successful S1. It was during this decade that the British car manufacturer took its commitment to motorsport a step further and created a dedicated racing series for up-and-coming drivers. The 1990s saw Gintetta diversify even further, manufacturing cars with the latest anti-roll bars, traction control technology, and adjustable suspension. Gintetta opted for making cars specifically catered to professional racing drivers, a move which meant stiffer body shells, more high-performance parts, and the necessary racing credentials which would put Gintetta on the map. The 2000s saw the rise of a new era for Gintetta with the G40 Junior, a lightweight and affordable car designed for amateur racers. Gintetta's passion for motorsport was also evident in its G50 race car, a model that was highly competitive in a variety of racing categories, which further helped to keep the sports car brand visible within the motorsport industry. While Gintetta's range may have changed over the years, its principle is still one of performance and innovation. For race car enthusiasts and vintage car owners and collectors, Gintetta is no longer a distant memory – instead, it's a passionate reflection of motorsport history that could still brighten up any racing ideal today.

Anecdotes about Ginetta

Ginetta is an iconic car brand that has been producing sophisticated, innovative, and stunningly beautiful automobiles since 1958. Over the past six decades, Ginetta has established itself as a major player in the motorsport world, with its classic cars having competed in countless races, rallies, and events. The brand’s vehicles also hold a special place in the heart of vintage car enthusiasts, with memories of road trips and joyous days spent in the sunshine. Throughout the years the company behind Ginetta has worked hard to ensure the cars have remained at the forefront of the automotive world, with the introduction of its very first model, the Ginetta G2, proving to be an instant hit. Featuring a classy and distinctive silhouette, the G2 was a sensational racing car that excelled on rough roads and soils around the world. The brand went on to make its mark in motor racing, claiming victories in countless championships; from the early production Saloon Car Championships, to the ICSCC and Formula Junior titles. Alongside its noticeable successes, Ginetta also achieved excellent results on the track, claiming titles from esteemed organizations such as the British Racing Drivers' Club, BRDC 500 and the 1969 British Touring Car Championship. Though the classic saloon cars might be what Ginetta is most famous for, they have also developed some remarkable prototypes and concept cars over the years. Whether on the race track or on the street, these cars remain prominently featured in vintage and retro events. The Ginetta brand also has an intimate relationship with vintage and retro car fanatics, with a vibrant community of devotees constantly engaging in classic car events. GinettaFan - the Ginetta driver's forum - has become a place for such enthused people to discuss everything from their classic cars, to racing, and the occasional humorous story or anecdote about their time spent in a Ginetta. This forum provides speculators with an exclusive insight into how members of the community feel about the cars they long for and own. For over sixty years, Ginetta has been producing some of the most sought-after and desired car models. Its cars remain an iconic symbol of British racing, cherished by automotive enthusiasts for the legacy the brand has left behind and its continued commitment to producing beautiful vehicles. In many ways, Ginetta’s story is one of the classic car world’s most beloved tales, that will continue to be told from generation to generation with pride and passion.

Which Ginetta for which budget?

Which Ginetta for a low budget?

Are you searching for a low-budget car to fulfil your motorsport dreams? Ginetta could be the ideal choice. Founded in 1958 by the Walkletts in the small village of Kirkbymoorside, Ginetta has stood the test of time and become one of the most beloved vintage cars available on the market. Whether you’re a professional racing driver or simply an enthusiast, there’s no doubt that owning a Ginetta can bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction. Now you can turn your dreams into reality, for a surprisingly low price! Ginetta vintage cars bring together a fantastic combination of affordability, style, heritage and enormous performance power – making them a desirable choice for those with an interest in motor sports as well as affluent people between 35 and 65 years old. The rich, timeless elegance of a Ginetta comes alive in its’ handful of models, each of them with unique abilities certain to mesmerize experienced drivers and dealers alike. You can find a reliable Ginetta G12, with a cosy Ford Essex V6 engine, or a highly sought-after G15, with Healey 2500 power beneath the bonnet. Whatever your taste, there's a Ginetta for you! Ginetta allows drivers to go past the limits of any other cars – not only when it comes to performance, but also to style. The gorgeous lines of its bodywork and the details of the interior are unique to the brand, and it takes passion and dedication to enjoy these feelings each and every time you’re behind the wheel. Buying a Ginetta is an incredible opportunity to drive a beloved vintage car and pay a fraction of its real value. With strong British roots and consistently winning racing titles, you’ll never tire of making news and being the talk of each and every motor event. Don’t miss this chance to get behind the wheel of a illustrious automobile! Embrace a Ginetta and make leap into a new level of fulfilment as a motorsport enthusiast.

Which Ginetta for a medium budget?

Are you into vintage cars and motorsports? Then, you should definitely consider getting a Ginetta car. Not only are these classic vintage vehicles incredibly popular in the motorsports community, but you can acquire one within a scarce budget! Ginetta cars have an intriguing and wide-ranging history. Established in 1958, the family-run business has produced all kinds of racing vehicles and was even responsible for the 1977 G4 coupé, which happens to be the world’s fastest and most powerful street-legal production vehicle! What's more, the group has catered to the desires of motorsport admirers and debutants, aspiring track racers and tourists all over the world. Models like G40, G20, G55, G57, F400 and F300 exist to fulfill a racecar driver's dreams. Despite a Ginetta car's average weight of 600 to 700 kg, it will sufficiently satisfy any decent engine's need for torque and speed as it is capable of reaching speeds of up to 238 mph. Ginetta cars also upgrade its interior with high-end ergonomics, adjustable brakes, as well as air-conditioning features. All these things make the vehicles incredibly popular, even for enthusiast collectors! The cars offer the perfect blend of traversely crafted vintage cars with the ideal healthy track performance needed to explore their potential. Regardless if you're part of the affluent 35-65 age group who loves engines and stylish classics or just a mere passionate admirer of the motorsport universe, a Ginetta car will satisfy your particular desires and meet your limited budget. Thrilling circuit experiences, perfectly balanced track interventions and classic vintage car addiction await you. So don’t wait any longer and enjoy your ride on a Ginetta car!

Which Ginetta for a high budget?

When it comes to classic cars, few capture the spirit of enthusiasts quite like Ginetta. Owned and made by the Walklett brothers (among the most renowned car builders ever), it epitomises the magnificence of vintage cars and motorsport in the 1960s. Ginetta cars occupy an exclusive market tailored to a high-end clientele and car lovers who can invest in these high-integrity, classically designed works of automotive art. Ginetta currently offers professional racing cars and sports cars that have been designed and built with day-to-day usability, but that perform with professional precision and safety standards necessary for demanding race tracks. Ginetta engineers strive to build visually and mechanically brilliant cars for clients of any budget, although the core ethos of the cars is always to ensure that the vehicles they produce will exceed expectations. The Ginetta G40 is perhaps the best-known meeting point between car enthusiasts looking for a high-budget vehicle that executes with intense optimisation of performance and motorsport standards. First released as a road car in 2008, the G40 immediately appealed to knowledgeable enthusiasts and professional car creator due its low weight - 900kg - amazing handling and seamless gear shifts. These characteristics result in an advanced racing alloy tub excites the senses, with the perfect mix of strength and precision for an excellent drive. Akin to many of the so-called supercars of today, the G40 incorporates advanced braking system and safety features that enable it to exceed performance standards during field testing. Aside from its technical capabilities, the design of the Ginetta G40 is irresistable – its classic appeal coupled with the modern, sleek finishes serves to entice to affluent car owners between the ages of 35 and 65 who have an extensive understanding of car mechanics. The ginetta G40 meets all expectations of a flawless contemporary drive, satisfying the exquisite personalisation requirements of the rich who don’t hesitate to splash out on classics that they can be passionate about. On the more affordable end of the spectrum, but no less thrill-filled, is the Ginetta G12 car. This vehicle ensures sensitivity and agility on the course with powerful discrete traction control coupled with extreme efficiency during track testings. A range of light enthusiasts can invest in, this mid-range model is the perfect choice for when looking for an overall brilliant Ginetta that still has speedy harmony and fantastic details. High power and clarity are prevalent in the mid-engine vehicle platform, and whether you wish to race in it or drive it around town, the Ginetta offerings will always adhere to your championship conditions or your standard daily commutes, if that is what you primarily search for. Whether it’s a Ginetta G40 or G12 you’re looking for – one thing’s for sure. There are plenty of passionate and power-filled classic cars to choose from at Ginetta Motors - guaranteeing potential car enthusiasts a dreamline motoring experience.

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