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Story of the Geely creation

The Chinese automotive marque Geely has quite a remarkable story. Founded in 1986and started by Li Shufu, Geely has enjoyed a consistent and steady rise to become one of the biggest carmakers from the Far East. With a range of robustly built and beautiful vehicles, Geely has established itself as an emerging force in the automotive industry - and its cars have bounced onto the roads of the world. From humble beginnings, Geely has steadily grown to be one of the most iconic brands not only in its homeland but across the world. Li Shufu was born in the Beijing region. He had an exceptional understanding of the automotive industry and began building components for other firms in 1984. Just two years later, his Yan’an trucks raced to the top of the sales charts within China, setting a precedent for more successes to come. Geely has since expanded its reach and make its vision felt in more than 80 countries across the globe. Among these countries are some of the most discerning car engines - both among car purists, vintage car enthusiasts and motorsport competitors. Geely’s robust economics means it can adapt quickly, meaning they can introduce vehicles which easily meet market demands. But let’s not forget the darling of their back catalogue. The Geely ‘Emgrand’ has truly become a Chinese classic and a beacon for the automotive firm. Proudly flying Geely’s banner, the Emgrand continues to show how, with the right drive and ambition, carmakers can excel. So, there you have it: a mere snapshot of the fascinating story of Geely Cars. The narrative of a car marque and their vehicles which, with Li Shufu at their helm, has continually innovate and encouraged further exploration in the world of motoring. Such a success story is set to continue from Geely and I am sure they will continue to produce remarkable cars that will be sure to captivate the hearts and minds of auto enthusiasts - especially those between the ages of 35 and 65 who have the wealth and ambition to afford them. So put your foot on the gas and experience a piece of automotive history in motion!

Story of the Geely models

Whether you are an avid car enthusiast or casual motorsport fan, the Geely vintage car models have made a great impact on the automotive industry. The Chinese automobile company's offerings have ranged from elegant classics to sleek modern sports cars that ooze classic style. With the Geely brand synonymous with luxury, quality, and performance, it is easy to see why they have become so popular. One of the earliest Geely models was the FC1, a two-seater roadster known for its body shape and luxurious interior. Released in 1984, the FC1 was believed to be the first Chinese luxury sports car and featured a mid-engine, five-speed manual transmission, air conditioning, and power-assisted disc brakes. The FC1 has long been loved amongst enthusiasts for its sporty design, elegant lines, and powerful enclosed engine. While it is not the best performing car in the Geely lineup, its legacy still lives on. Another classic from Geely is the CS3, first released in 1991 and still going strong today. This model featured a wide range of modern technologies, with optional full leather interiors, air conditioning, electric windows, and even a sunroof. The CS3 has a larger portion of the front grille, longer wheelbase, and a much more luxurious finish than its predecessors. This model is popular amongst drivers looking for a more comfortable, family-friendly version of the racing focus of the FC1. The GS sedan has been the mainstay in the Geely lineup since its release in 2000. While GS was known as the classic “Chinese People's Car”, later advancements saw the model gaining a reputation for class and sophistication. Features of the model included air suspension and electronic stability control, while its interior featured luxurious leather seating and premium audio systems. Furthermore, a performance version of the GS was released which featured a turbocharged two-liter engine. The GT coupe is the first sports car from Geely to use their advanced powertrain technology. Features of this model include a dual clutch transmission, electric power steering, and torque vectoring brake system. As for performance, the GT produces 335 horsepower giving fast acceleration and precise cornering. The exterior is striking, with sleek lines and bold front fascia giving it a sporty look and feel. These classic Geely models remain popular amongst passionate classic car fans due to their luxurious interiors and iconic designs. With their signature attention to detail and advancements in powertrain technology, Geely continues to be sought out by affluent car lovers between the ages of 35 and 65. Whatever Geely model you choose, you can always trust you are getting the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Story of the Geely in motorsport

Car enthusiasts, do you need a passionate crash course on Geely motorsport history? Well, here you have it! Geely automotive has a rich motorsport history dating back to the 1970s, with some victories and defeats, all of which have brought prestige to the brand. In the beginning, Geely was a small producer of entries-level cars, heavily influenced by Japanese models, gaining the reputation as an affordable and reliable competitor in the two-door coupe market. As of the early 1980s, the company shifted its attention to the growing demand for motorsport, creating distinct, modified car models created and deemed suitable for racing. Geely released its first racing model in the early 80s: the Geely Rover. It featured two variations - the GT and the RT. The original Rover GT featured a redesigned body, with strengthened suspension, a factory-built roll cage, dual-cam engine and a longer wheelbase for improved traction. The Rover RT was released as a street-legal version of the Rover GT, and was given a new interior design, unique alloy wheels, improved dashboard, and an optional turbocharger and intercooler package. The company’s most inspired and successful racing venture came in the mid-’80s, with the release of the Geely Phoenix GT4. This car was designed with a powerful 2.6 litres naturally aspirated V6 engine capable of reaching speeds of 250 kilometers per hour. It was also designed with enhanced aerodynamics in order to maximize performance in curves and steep climbs. The Phoenix GT4 was the first to participate in the 'Grand Prix for China.'. Driven by Zhou Han, the Phoenix GT4 won in the 86th rally, easily leading the Bata-Madeira challenger. The Phoenix GT4 Racing Team maintained a high-level presence in the international racing world through the 1990s, boasting several prestigious victories over well-known teams such as the Mongrush Club Team and Battista Motorsport, and over vehicles from world-class brands like Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz. In the new millennium, Geely Motors kept open the possibility of being involved in motorsport. However, until recently its presence was centered around motor shows and promotional events. Today, Geely Motors is still a major player in the motorsport world. Across Europe, Geely continues to produce modified versions of their standard cars tailored specifically for racing. Their latest and greatest news extends to the well-known Öhlins Racing engineering firm, with the creation of a new track-oriented version of the Geely X7 SUV tailored especially for racing. Geely’s racer-inspired vehicle lineup is representative of the brand’s long-standing commitment to motorsport, such as the FC5 and EMG6 hybrids equipped with remote and one-button control systems, in addition to the unique "bot car" line-up of semi-autonomous and completely driverless vehicles. The motorsport history of Geely automobile company is one of prestige, offering a winning collection of modified cars with unique designs and features that are popular worldwide. Whether it’s the early successes of the Rover GT and Rover RT, the championship-winning Phoenix GT4, or the modern hybrid FC5 and EMG6 offerings, Geely’s involvement with the motorsport world and innovative racing feats continue to drive the company’s reputation and respect for its commitment to excellence. Come join Geely on this thrilling motorsport journey and you too might cross the finish line with championship results!

Anecdotes about Geely

The vintage sports car brand Geely has a fascinating heritage of tales that make you feel a certain warmth and closeness with the brand. From outlandish prototype concepts that never made production, to vintage racing exploits, Geely has a great deal to offer in the way of history and anecdotes. To begin, let's start with the brand's namesake: the Geely Wing. It all started in 1986 when passionate engineer Chiang Yang, who worked for Geely Electronics, had a dream to create a small, affordable car which embodied Geely's advanced engineering and technology. Chiang himself oversaw the entire development process, with members of his team working tirelessly to develop a sleek two-seater that would provide unrivalled performance and uncompromising quality. It was one of the first cars to feature a three-point safety belt, one of the first two-seaters with an ABS braking system, and the only invention from the Far East which had the opportunity to participate in international motorsport. With its angular, aerodynamic design, the Geely Wing went on to become an undisputed success, with a legion of extreme motorsport fans, affluent retirees, and other drivers praising the performance and unbeatable safety of the car. Geely also made headlines at the domestic motorsport scene with its participation in professional racing competitions such as the QuickSeries China Rally. In 1997, Geely launched its first pro rally car, the Geely Wing R, whose sleek design and impressive handling caused a stir amongst rally enthusiasts. The car was a success, both on and off the track, as drivers were able to experience an unprecedented level of finesse and sophistication from a Geely production car. The success of the Geely Wing R proved to be one of the cornerstones of the brand's early success, and continues to serve as a reminder for Geely's commitment to racing and motorsport. Geely is considered an innovator when it comes to motorsport. Fans of the brand witnessed history when Geely first entered the world of electric motorsport with its participation in the Formula E series. For the 2019-2020 season, Geely released a new car, the GE19, which has since made waves in the Formula E scene. The sleek, cutting-edge design of the GE19 caused consternation among competitors due to its aerodynamic advantages. This, combined with superior responsiveness and relentless acceleration, have made Geely a formidable force in the Formula E circuit. These were just some of the remarkable anecdotes that the Geely brand has to offer in terms of motorsport, performance, safety, and innovation. From its inception in 1986 to the Geely Wing R rally car, and from the world's first electric racing car to the iconic GE19, Geely has a fascinating history of passion and innovation that warmed the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world.

Which Geely for which budget?

Which Geely for a low budget?

From the sleek styling of the Geely Vision Sports Sedan to the GC7 sedan with its classic, iconic beauty, Geely has a car for everyone who likes their ride without breaking the bank. Vintage car enthusiasts and motorsport junkies alike, of all ages, can enjoy Geely's impressive collection of affordable automobiles. The China-based company's models have such high-quality design and production that a Geely car will easily light up your life without draining your budget. From the cool, comfortable E-U5 SUV to the stylish, cutting-edge X7, you'll find plenty of quality choices for an unbeatable price. The VF7 is packed with performance and Technology features for an incredibly low price. With features like its Dual-Clutch and TurboCharger System, hands-free entry, dual airbags, stability control, touchscreen navigation, dual climate control and multiple airbags, the VF7 will make your drives comfortable and secure. The GC7 sedan is a timeless classic, designed with the iconic lines that only Geely can create. With features like adaptive LED headlights, anti-lock brakes, Cruise control, touchscreen navigation and even adjustable leather seats on select models, its luxury and performance at a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay. For those looking for something a bit sportier, the X7 Lux boasts sporty, modern lines combined with serious fuel efficiency and technology features like comfort and convenience features such as push-button ignition and an automated transmission. Its powerful turbocharged engine packs a serious punch to get you where you need to go in style. So for those on a budget, but still looking for quality and performance, Geely has the perfect car for you. With a wide range of models from the E-U5 SUV to the GC7 sedan and X7 Lux, Geely has the perfect affordable solution for everyone's automotive needs. Get your dream car without breaking the bank with Geely.

Which Geely for a medium budget?

If you ever pictured yourself as an passionate enthusiast of vintage and motorsport cars, Geely is the perfect family car for you. The Geely brand represents a medium budget buy within a compact price range. Geely vehicles have become common sights on the roads of many countries, offering a deep and unique experience. The performance capabilities of Geely cars make them an ideal choice for passionate drivers looking for an experience with a mid-budget. The design style of Geely cars is quite flexible, and they come in a variety of forms and sizes. The most important benefit is that they provide an excellent value-for-money ratio with cutting-edge technologies yet affordable compared to other cars of the same segment. Wondering why you should get one? Their safety and reliability are unmatched. All models of Geely are equipped with multiple features which includes airbags, seat belts, and electronic stability control (ESC) to keep you safe on the roads. Geely cars boast great power and acceleration performance, with several models using modern technology to make the ride comfortable, smooth, and stress-free. Not only that, but with the amount of power they possess, they still remain within the regulations of emissions control. Most people associate luxury cars with a high level of comfort, and Geely cars measure up well in that area. All models feature accessories and comforts that make long trips more bearable. For passionate individuals between 35 and 65 years old seeking the perfect blend of performance and luxury, then Geely is the clear and optimal choice. Geely cars also offer great efficiency and maintainability. With its latest drivetech system technology, which has advanced sensors, fuel injector filters, and O2 sensors, your Geely can provide more driving comfort and much better shock absorption while running smoothly in city traffic. From sports coupes to multi-purpose crossover SUVs to powerful electric vehicles, Geely cars can meet the needs of all kinds of families and individuals. The brand's accessible cost offers a unique competition to traditional brands with more modest prices. Last but not least, let's not forget the great resale value that Geely cars get. With a reputation of being extremely reliable and low maintenance, Geely cars will be your most reliable rides, even in years to come. Geely is the perfect brand for passionate and enthusiastic drivers looking for the mixture of performance, luxury, and budget. If you ever felt the need for the perfect family car, Geely is the answer!

Which Geely for a high budget?

Are you looking for a luxurious car to fit your high budget? If so, Geely cars may be just the luxury motorsport vehicles you've been searching for. The motor features offered by Geely are like nothing else on the market, offering a versatility and range that is sure to tantalize any motorsport enthusiast - no matter your budget. Geely has always been an innovator in automotive industry, making a name for itself as one of the leading manufacturers of luxury goods. Geely provides an endless array of choices in its model lineup, from sporty coupes to stately sedans, from high-end SUVs to midsized luxury sedans. Whether you are looking for modern or classic designs, Geely has something that will match your passions and desires. One of the most exciting features of Geely is its impressive safety features. All Geely vehicles are designed to provide exceptional safety amid even the most intense racing and performance situations. From innovative airbags to cutting-edge stability technologies, Geely keeps its drivers safe no matter where they take the car. If you are an antique vehicle enthusiast, Geely has you covered with its stunning retro vehicle offerings. The company has a wide selection of vintage vehicles like the classic GM F along with some of the boldest designs in the industry, such as the Blockz v6. These eye-catching cars will make a visually dazzling statement about your love for an antique vehicle. Not only do Geely vehicles look great, but they also have cutting edge mechanics and engines as well as being outfitted with proven technology features. Owners of Geely vehicles can rest assured knowing that the cars are among the safest and most reliable vehicles available on the market. From powerful 3-cylinder turbocharged engines to responsive suspension mechanisms, every mile of Geely motoring is a pleasurable one. What truly sets Geely apart, however, is its commitment to customer service. Geely provides added value services and features, such as range extensions, courtesy extension warranties, and more. Should an issue arise, Geely will be on hand to resolve the matter and restore your vehicle to the highest possible working order. When you look into getting a Geely car with a high budget, you can be sure that you'll receive a beautiful, top-of-the-line vehicle straight from one of the most innovating and passionate motor manufacturers in the world. There's no better way to express your love of fashionable, safe and luxurious motoring than with a Geely car. Whether on the track or on the roads, Geely will be there to make sure your motoring needs are met.

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