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Story of the Fisker creation

Love them or hate them, few can deny that the Fisker brand has had a remarkable history throughout its more than three decades of evolution. Launched by Danish born Henrik Fisker in 2007, the American brand's take on luxury sports cars has been a roller coaster ride of scores of successes and some gut wrenching failures along the way – making it an absolute must for any car and motorsport enthusiast. Beginning its journey in California, the American carmaker sparked a wealth of excitement with the unveiling of its first models during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan in 2007. Dubbed the Fisker Karma Hybrid sedan, the first of the prestigious brand's cars combined energy-efficient diesel efficiency and sporty design, giving it an edge over competitors like the Mercedes-Benz S Class, BMW 7 Series and Cadillac CTS. The Karma also boasted a driving range of 300Nm, a power output of 408 horsepower and a top speed of 125 mph – all of which made it an instant hit. The brand's success spawned a series of increasingly eye-catching innovations that laid the groundwork for a sustainable second-generation sedan, the wildly futuristic Fisker eMotion that premiered at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017. Featuring an extended driving range and innovative regenerative braking, the 517 kW eMotion is capable of hitting an impressive 160 miles per hour and features a small combustion engine under the hood when times call for extra power. However, despite all these successes and subsequent advancements, the future of Fisker looked shaky in 2013, when unreliable battery technology and weak international sales saw a majority stake sale to the Chinese firm Wanxiang Group – though the value of a Fisker car had sured jumped since its 2007 launch. Meanwhile, research, development and testing are set to drive the Fisker brand much further. The Silicon Valley based carmaker has, for example, ventured into the world of electric aviation with the Fisker Alpha Wing, set to be the world’s first electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. This is an endeavour to bridge the gap between planes and fixed wing aerial automakers, with the Fisker Alpha Wing set to have four rotors that independently adjust with the help of an AI-driven proprietary autopilot respond to wind vortex, wind sheers, turbulence and temperature shifts and detect local wireless grids for “plug-in-and-go” take-away. With Henrik Fisker invested enough to take his esteemed car brand to the next step and beyond, automotive and motorsport fans should keep watching to see what this luxury carmaker has up their sleeve, as both the old and the new are aiming to outdo themselves at every turn.

Story of the Fisker models

If you’re a vintage car enthusiast or into motorsports, then you undoubtedly know of Fisker Automotive – the American car maker and its most popular models. Founded by entrepreneur Henrik Fisker in 2007, Fisker Automotive is widely acclaimed for its world-class luxury electric vehicles. Introducing classics such as the Karma and Atlantic, these Fisker models have got enthusiasts drooling for years. The Fisker Karma was their first ever electrical plug-in hybrid car, making an impact in the automotive industry in 2011 with projections of thousands of units sold. Sporting such features as two powerful lithium-ion batteries paired with two 181hp, 3-phase AC-Induction electric motors, allowing it to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 7 seconds, this model had everyone in awe. This vehicle also has a range of up to 300 kilometres in the electric-only mode, perfect for long-distance trips, and the innovative Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) gives additional energy when needed. In 2012 Fisker announced the successor to the Karma, the Fisker Atlantic. This vehicle made a statement in the luxury-sedan department with high performance levels, a drivetrain powertrain far superior to most vehicles its size, an exterior and interior design so beautiful it needed no words, and no emissions of any kind – making it a top competitor to the high-end Tesla. The Atlantic even has more advanced connectivity features than some modern car. Bluetooth accessibility to both send and receive text messages, emails and mixtapes, ability to start the car with your mobile phone and its timeless elegance earned it quite a few nicknames, from ‘Presidential Toastmaster’ to the ‘Inductance of Luxury’. Sure, models like the Karma and the Atlantic are out of many people’s reach, but that hasn’t stopped vintage car and motorsport enthusiasts, or affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65, from admiring and desiring these two remarkable vehicles. Fisker Automotive knows no bounds to its creative ambition, introducing no less than three special editions and many modified versions of their original models. These alternate versions, while based on the same foundations and philosophies of their predecessors, are upgraded with superior design, elevated performance specifications and a higher level of sophistication. The true definition of luxury and innovation, Fisker cars will undoubtedly influence the automotive industry for years to come. Even as new models and potential projects come around the corner, so too do the stories behind the most popular Fisker models, remembered by all. Therefore we encourage all vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport aficionados and affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65 to learn the stories behind these remarkable models and revel in their luxury, performance, and innovation.

Story of the Fisker in motorsport

For more than a century, car enthusiasts have admired and celebrated the motorsport histories of car brands like Fisker. Founded in 2001, the California-based brand was the brainchild of Danish car designer Henrik Fisker, and its first line of vehicles was primarily focused on luxury, high-performance electric cars. Throughout its history, the Fisker brand has made a significant impact on the motorsport racing scene, helping to redefine the phrase “cool cars” and inspiring passionate fans of vintage cars all around the world. Of all the famous cars the Fisker brand has produced, none have been as profoundly impactful in the world of motorsports as the Fisker Karma. Unveiled in 2008, this eco-friendly sports car featured a unique hybrid powertrain engine putting out 403 horsepower and a lithium-ion battery pack to power the electric motors. Its unmistakable design not only lent aesthetic charm to the Karma, but it was also an evolution of the brand’s technical prowess, a reflection of the company’s newfound success in the realm of electric mobility. The Karma instantly became a popular entry in the sports car scene, and it was Fisker’s own manufacturer, Radical Performance Motorsports, who finally unleashed the car’s true potential in motorsport racing. For the 2012 American Le Mans Series (ALMS) season, the company founded a 500 hp Karma GT3 race car, and drove it to a series of seven victories. Among other highlights, the team achieved a remarkable pole position finish and numerous podiums in the Global Endurance Challenge (GEC) race, and received the “Driver of the Year” award for their driver, Dane Cameron. Despite their success, Radical concluded their racing efforts at the end of the 2013 season and allowed their competitors to move forward with the “super car” concept that Fisker had pioneered. However, the Karma’s success in ALMS had earned it the reputation of being one of the most potent race cars on the circuit. Thanks to the specs engineered into its unique hybrid system, as well as the financial backing from the manufacturer, the Karma GT3 was simply untouchable on the track. Today, Fisker is still held in high esteem by vintage car enthusiasts and motorsport fans alike. Their story is one of passion and determination - a story of success that only a dedicated team of enthusiasts like Fisker could have achieved. A company focused on making the future of mobility a reality, Fisker and their cars have demonstrated the capacity to revolutionize and improve on decades-old technology. With its fast acceleration, sleek design, and superior build quality, Fisker has proven time and time again that eco-friendly cars can certainly be associated with successful motorsport racing.

Anecdotes about Fisker

Founded in 2007, the Fisker Automotive brand is known for its luxury electric vehicles, a range of extroverted, sexy, technically advanced and eco-friendly cars. But there’s more to Fisker’s story than incredible cars – a number of intriguing and amusing anecdotes lurk in the nooks and crannies of its history. One interesting thing about the Fisker brand is that it came together in an unorthodox and quite unexpected way. Founder Henrik Fisker was a renowned designer who decided to launch his own brand and equip it with his own luxury car designs. But before that, he was working on a design for the Artega GT – a mid-engined sports car built in Germany. He was running his own design firm, Fisker Coachbuilding, and they liaised with Tesla about producing the electric version of the Artega GT. The two firms were unable to reach any agreement, so Fisker instead used some of the components in the electric Artega GT project for the powertrain of his own car dubbed the Fisker Karma, the first in a range of cars produced by Fisker Automotive. The development of the Fisker Karma was often hindered by disagreement and hostility. Fisker and Tesla clashed again, since Fisker was using components designed by Tesla, and began a legal battle with Tesla. Tesla alleged that the Fisker designs were copied from the Tesla Roadster, although no agreement concerning this came to pass. Fisker was even sued in 2011 for infringement of its patents by Singapore-based GPNE Corporation. That ended with Fisker countersuing and eventually reaching an out-of court complex settlement agreement with GPNE. Despite the potential obstacles, Fisker sold 2,450 Karmas, mostly in North America. The Karma was also featured in movies and television shows, including the box office hit ‘Need for Speed’ and the 2012 series of Britain’s Got Talent. The tale of Fisker’s rise to fame was punctuated with a number of amusing – if often contentious – stories. Though production of the Karma was schedule to last until May 2016, financial challenges and in-fighting caused its closure in 2014. In spite of its short life-span, the Fisker Karma went down in history with an impression of extravagance, great design and impeccable performance. Today, the remaining Fisker Karmas are highly sought after vintage cars by enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old. Despite its turbulent life, Fisker Automotive still creates headlines for its innovation and style. In 2018, Fisker announced that it will be rolling out a new line of luxury electric vehicles (again designed by founder Henrik Fisker) dubbed the Fisker EMotion and E-Dream. These models will be incredibly fast compared to most electric vehicles: the EMotion is capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds, and is projected to have a range of 400 miles on a single charge. In addition, the EMotion will be the world’s first mass production luxury car featuring supported level 4 self- driving technology. Whether they’re shopping for a new car, watching an action movie or looking bring a spark of extra life to their Sunday drives, fans of Fisker always find something to bring a little excitement. From intriguing tales of patent battles to amazing technical feats and eye-catching, sleek, stylistically nostalgic air, the brand is full of stories and anecdotes that make the Fisker experience one-of-a-kind.

Which Fisker for which budget?

Which Fisker for a low budget?

Fisker Automotive Inc. has revolutionized the way we look at cars. Since its inception in 2007, the California-based company has been changing the game with its range of performance-oriented cars at a budget-friendly price. Often referred to as the “Apple cars”, the Fisker vehicles possess a perfect balance between luxury, style, and power while remaining relatively affordable. From the electric Fisker Karma to the Fisker Bliss and Fisker Atlantic – just to name a few – the range of driveable and eye-catching cars allow motorists and enthusiasts to have a good time without breaking the bank. Vintage car enthusiasts won't be disappointed by Fisker's offerings, either. Many affordable models from the classic Fisker Freedom Special are still for sale, with plenty of them in excellent condition. These vehicle's have all the power and value of a sports car for a fraction of the price. Whether you're a racer seeking a thrill or someone looking for a more leisurely drive, Fisker Freedom Specials offer a guaranteed agility through tight turns with the same confidence that only a historic Fisker could bring to the table. The Fisker Atlantic is another of the company's low-budget offerings that oozes charisma. This car provides a complete package of exclusivity, appeal, and luxury – all without the astronomical price tag. Fuse together timeless style, a strong engine, and the reliability of modern automotive tech and you've got yourself the perfect cruiser. Motorists typically purchase the Atlantic as a powerful daily driver, not to mention the vehicles fuel efficiency that rivals a much more expensive sports car. When Fisker hit the scene, they created automotive excellence like no other. From the ability to acquire outstanding cars for a low-cost, to the feeling achieved when taking a Fisker for a spin, the evidence is clear. So, if you're a car enthusiast between 35 and 65 years old with a need for speed and a passion for cars, the Fisker automotive collection offers a selection of elite vehicles for you - think vintage style, world-class performance, and an unbeatable price that will surely have you grinning from ear-to-ear.

Which Fisker for a medium budget?

Fisker – Passionate Motoring for the Superb Passionist Fisker cars represent a perfect blend of classic nostalgia and cutting edge modern technology. Developed by automotive visionary Henrik Fisker, the company's creations have been superior in both style and power since its beginnings in 2005. For all the automotive passionate out there, Fisker is the perfect solution for a dream ride that won’t break the bank. With their wide selection of models, from the Continental GT to the I-Pace, Fisker cars provide mid-budget options that package cutting-edge automotive power and style to truly appreciate the sentiment of vintage motoring. In fact, Fisker cars are renowned for their pre-owned heritage, often reaching historic price points which ensures that luxury cars don't need to break the bank. With refurbished models that can cost as little as $15,000 USD, no matter your budget you can hit the track with pole-position power. Take the classic Fisker Karma as an example: a 416-hp electric-hybrid super-coupe capable of 0 - 60mph in just 5.9 seconds. With the salvaged models well below the category’s benchmark of $30,000 USD, you get to experience to get the most out of motorsport romps on the track and also drip elite-level power out on the highways. As if that isn’t enough, Fisker cars offer an eco-friendly perspective on luxurious motoring. Indeed, the new Fisker EMotion, with a fully electric 414-hp powertrain capable of a 400 miles drive range, sets new limits of sustainable mobility. Produced with the most advanced sustainable materials, this electric-lux sedan contains four lithium-powered superchargers that provide the ultimate green-friendly performance that eliminates petrol fumes for good. Affordable and eco-friendly, Fisker cars cater to the modern-day enthusiast and billionaire alike. If you are looking for a passionate motoring solution tailored within a medium budget, take a look at Fisker and unleash the wildfire over the road.

Which Fisker for a high budget?

Do you dream of owning a luxurious ring of seduction from a brand like Fisker that will make all bystanders from traditional beamer followers to Bugatti chiron stars jealous? If so, you have just arrived at the right place. The Fisker brand promises an impressive fleet of masterpieces made with exquisite craftsmanship and updated with the newest technology, leaving a long lasting impression on everyone who sees it. By combining traditional techniques with modern technology, Fisker created an impressive combination of beauty and power that will make any onlooker marvel staring at each vehicle. The vehicles can be used both on-road and off-road, allowing drivers to experience racing, touring or alternate terrains. Fisker offers a variety of cars covering different body types, sports designs, and price ranges what makes it especially suitable for any luxury enthusiast, motorsports fan and vintage car lovers. Harnessing those dreams is the embodiment of passion and pleasure. Whether you search for rugged power or sleek modern design; the desire of owning a Fisker satisfies that need and brings life to the tautness of every experience. The body of a Fisker vehicle consists of chrome, aluminum, glass and polished leather to create a unique blend of aesthetic and practicality. Each of the vehicles are meticulously designed to transform the experience of the drivers while providing ergonomic driving environment for luxury-certified professionals. The technology incorporated takes either hybrid, or pure electric power enabling you to switch between miles per gallon and environmental friendly performance. The processor, operating system, and software are innovatively combined in one unit so that the control and monitoring of speed, steering gears and navigation systems can be remotely supervised. With a wide range of included driver characteristics, the Fisker electric will cover you on the long run when you like to combine both luxury and sustainability on the highway. The electrification of motors enables an unprecedented performance in terms of power and acceleration, with the keyless entry system unlocking these driving credentials without any manual labor. Plus, the confluence of all these capabilities create a seamless thrill and evolvement of driving that only a brand like Fisker can provide. For affluent motor-loving spotters, a Fisker product portfolio is the ultimate win. Fisker presents customers with multiple choices that fit into any budget, background or preference. After all, there are few "household" brands that offer versatility, pace, elegance and modern style at the same time. Fisker's range of vintage cars, modern cars and electronics-efficient cars all come with recently updated powertrain capabilities and comprehensive technologies that make driving a pleasant task. As a combination of luxury, respect and style, the Fisker range is second to none. If you are a enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport or affluent people in between 35 and 65 years old, a Fisker vehicle is made just for you. Whether you seek unrestricted action or glamorous design, there is no other brand that can offer poise and revival like Fisker. Invest an attain a Fisker masterpiece outwith an exception and discover why Fisker ranks so highly among luxury car owners. Be passionate and invest in the status of your lifestyle.

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