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Story of the FAW creation

FAW is one of the most well-known car brands in the world today. Founded in 1953 in China, the company has a long standing presence in the automotive industry. It has been innovating ever since, producing groundbreaking designs and delivering outstanding performance. The company’s beginnings were not as prolific as it is today. Its first car was the Feast, built in 1957. It was in 1964 that FAW made a huge leap forward and established itself as a major player in the industry by introducing the first domestically manufactured light-duty truck—the Sangdong RD-180. This proved to be the cornerstone for the brand’s success and provided a platform to propagate its ideals. Since those early days, FAW has manufactured some memorable models. Its flagship model, the Hongqi CA 7180, born in 1966, was the highest quality Chinese car ever. Its popularity spread far and wide, leading it to international success. In 2010, the company started releasing the premium products of its brand—the Hongqi Red Flag range, which creates even higher demands by targeting wealthier audiences. FAW has gained a solid success in motorsport events, including the FIA World Touring Car Championship, which dates back to 1985. Its cars have won three consecutive titles from 1985 to 1987, as well as many other prestigious titles. In recent years, FAW has gained considerable traction in Europe by entering the manufacture of electric vehicles. The company’s latest offering, the Hongqi HS5 EV, was unveiled in 2018 and was cited as one of the best electric cars of the year. In conclusion, FAW has a remarkable history of over 60 years, starting from humble beginnings until becoming a global leader in automotive innovation. Its commitment to high-quality designs and performance has gained the brand a huge and loyal fanbase that includes vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport competitors, as well as affluent people aged between 35 and 65 years old.

Story of the FAW models

FAW, China's first ever car brand, has embodied and grown with the country’s journey of becoming the world’s largest automotive hub and the leader in new technologies within the industry. Established in 1953, the company began life as a manufacturer of antiquated and underdeveloped vehicles, but it has since surged ahead to become one of the top manufacturers in Asia and the fourteenth biggest car company globally. The journey to becoming a major world car player for FAW was achieved thanks to ground-breaking vehicles developed throughout the years, always keeping in mind the market’s needs and desires and putting cutting-edge technologies at their disposal. For vintage car, motorsport, and affluent people aged 35 to 65 enthusiasts alike, these models have become some of the most recognizable cars in many parts of the world. Going into 2020, FAW stands amongst the top tier of car manufacturers, thanks both to their traditional models, laced with retro looks, and products faster and more intricate than anything they had created before. Undeniably, their longevity and undimmed spirit to strive for gender automotive excellence has made them a true benchmark within the auto field. Let’s take a look back at some of their most memorable models to date. The Haima 2, one of the country’s most popular drivers at the time of its release, was released in 2003 and produced until 2012. This 5 seater family car flaunts a much-desired 1.3 engine and 2.4-liter petrol engine along with a sleek, modern design for which FAW is well known for. With an acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 10.1 seconds outpaced many of its competitors, its relatively economical fuel consumption of 7.3 km / liter. becomes an economical option for motorists who cover lots of miles each year. Next up is the Alsvin / V2, which was introduced in 2009. As a luxurious and sporty subcompact car, it comes equipped with either a 110-hp 1.6-liter engine or a powerful 155-hp 1.8-liter direct-injection turbocharged unit. FAW has endowed the V2 with plenty of amazing features, including adaptive lights, a split-screen interior design, a 360-degree panoramic camera, and keyless entry just to name a few. All the while, its well-crafted exterior is aerodynamic and modern, turning many a head whenever it passes by. From its entry into the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2001 to its production of bulletproof cars for the Beijing police force in 2016, FAW has come a long way as a premier car manufacturer. Full of revolutionary models, its vehicles have come to represent for passionate motorists not only comfort and reliability but also style and flair.

Story of the FAW in motorsport

The car brand FAW has a long and rich history in motorsport that many enthusiasts are unaware of. Founded in 1953, FAW quickly became China's leading car manufacturer and established itself as one of the top three Chinese automotive conglomerates. Throughout its history, FAW has procured cutting-edge technology as well as world-class race cars, to further its own domestic and international success in the world of motorsport. The earliest records of FAW involvement in motor racing date back to 1987, with the Chinese Motor Race Championships. Under the leadership of then-General Manager, He Fu, and his team consisting of genius engineers, Chinese drivers, and experienced mechanic managers, FAW competed in the CMR for 13 consecutive years and amassed 17 championships, making them the most successful team in the entire Chinese motor racing history! Among those 17 championships is the 1997 FIA Rally Championship, where FAW-built FAW-163s successfully won three championships and outrivaled the 11 different teams from all around the world. This victory was a significant achievement for FAW, as it clearly demonstrated their technological superiority over other teams and cemented their name as one of the foremost players within the world of motorsports. In 2001, FAW proved their capability to drive technological development and compete with the world’s best racing teams when they acquired a former team from Formula-1: the Reynards. Following the purchase of that team, FAW gradually made technological improvements and engaged in various auto-racing challenges, managing to secure several awards such as the 2003 Le Mans 24 Hours and 2008 Royal Ascot Macau Grand. In addition to engaging actively in racing events, FAW also backed development by partnering with the University of technology in Colombie and setting up the FAW Academy. The purpose of this academy is to foster the next generation of motorsport enthusiasts, informing and inspiring them to become avid motorsporter’s – not only within the FIA, but around the world. The FAW of today charts a future of glory and success by continuously investing in technologies and motor racing products. Their enthusiasm for motorsport has resulted in the internal improvements of their FAW-VW motorsports division, constantly keeping them at the top of their game. With the same focus on innovation and competitiveness, they look for ways to reach their goal of becoming the number one supplier in the industry. It is no exaggeration to say that FAW has achieved a great legacy in the motorsport world. With a long and rich history in motorsport, paired with their commitment to technological advancements and nurturing the next generation of budding motor racers, FAW shows potential for continued success and growth throughout the industry. For any passionate enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsports, or people of age 35-65 who are looking for a unique and thrilling experience, there is no doubt that FAW promises an unparalleled experience.

Anecdotes about FAW

The FAW brand has been in existence for generations, and with its heritage comes an array of legendary anecdotes and stories. From the memories of those who were involved in the production of the earliest models to recent tales of legendary motorsport accomplishments, the brand has built up an impressive history. In the early days of the FAW brand, driving an automobile was often viewed as something of a luxury to those outside the automotive industry. The wealthy and influential would turn up proudly sporting their FAW-manufactured car, while the tale goes that dealers of the earliest models in Asia were told not to compromise on quality. In the motorsport world, FAW's story is a remarkable one. Advocating for some of the greatest and most successful drivers to come out of their home country, FAW dealership fêtes were held annually as drivers of their cars were victorious, and tales spread quickly of racing successes the world over. In China and beyond, motorsport fans applauded the successes of the FAW cars, and it gave rise to the now well-known historical motorsport superstar who is often attributed to modernizing the field in his native country. Later, the FAW brand pioneered the concept of creating what we now know as high-end sports cars for the affluent market. At the time people were used to purchasing entry-like level sports cars, so Ferrari apparently commended FAW for their original concept. Consequently, the brand introduced one of the very first vehicles in the world to layer on the concept of performance and luxury. Throughout their history, FAW have continued to surprise, delight and move those in the motoring world. From conceptually defining what performance and luxury means, to charming those familiar with its motorsport successes, a passion surrounds the brand that speaks volumes for their loyalists. With each year that passes, it’s only natural to anticipate the entrance of yet more legendary stories linked to the FAW brand, making it a truly thrilling pillar in the realm of vintage cars and motorsport.

Which FAW for which budget?

Which FAW for a low budget?

For the discerning car lover, nothing quite excites like the possibility of getting behind the wheel of something great—something that looks sharp and has a reliable engine like the FAW. In this article, we’ll explore a selection of FAW cars available for a good price, appealing to all kinds of car enthusiasts--from vintage cars to motorsport to those looking to drive something luxurious. The FAW brand was established in 1989 and adapted to the automotive sector the year after. Representing top reliability and refined luxury, FAW is one of the most sought-after Chinese car makers, producing economical vehicles that offer an excellent value for money. Equipped with advanced technology and optimized fuel economy, you can find today these vehicles for an affordable price. Take the FAW-Tiger X7 for instance. This stylish and modern car offers great performance and a variety of distinctive interior designs. There is a great selection of colors to choose from, from fiery red to an electric silver blue. With an efficient 1.3T propulsion engine, the FAW-Tiger X7 is perfect for a passionate drive down any highway. Despite having a powerful engine, this model is fuel efficient. Enjoy a ride with peace of mind. For those seeking classical styling, FAW offers the Besturn B50. Built with sleek lines and classic edges, it offers a timeless experience for the car driver. Furthermore, it provides a decent 1.6 or 2.0T supercharged engine, handling road trips with ease. Inside, you will find the newest advanced entertainment technologies, such as Bluetooth, internet navigation connections and temperature remote control. FAW’s newest car addition, the Besturn X80, gives passengers a feeling similar to that of a private jet commander. It has a stylish and airy interior, making it feel like a first-class luxury sedan. Its exterior seems to capture nature with its impressive curves and geometrical layout. Sadly, this model is no longer available in the market. For our last car, we have the FAW V2, its fast acceleration rate makes driving sensational and its resistant traction allows you to move easily on any terrain-- making it a must have for any kind of car enthusiast. Additionally, taking it to the next level, models with new motor advances are available. Meaning the standard model could become a more powerful one with less steering effort and fuel consumption remarkable for a car of this class. In summary, no matter if you're looking for an economical and reliable drive, if you want the classic and nostalgic look, or if you're looking to bring some extra power and presence to the road, there’s a FAW model out there for yous –all at a low budget. Take advantage of this great opportunity and get the glimpse of your dream car.

Which FAW for a medium budget?

Are you an enthusiast of vintage cars or motorsport? Do you want to invest in a car that will prove to be a long lasting choice? Look no further! FAW has you covered. FAW is one of the leading automotive companies in China and has been around since 1940 when it was established by the first premier of China. FAW has earned a reputation for producing quality and affordable cars that will provide you with an unforgettable driving experience. It’s easy for you to find the perfect FAW for a medium budget. FAW provides a wide range of cars from hatchbacks to SUVs, all of them being affordable and offering great value for money. FAW also offers great deals on its commercial vehicles and is widely praised for its reliable quality. FAWs are incredibly durable, luxurious and provide assembly quality. They are fuel-efficient while maintaining high power output. Above all, they have one of the best warranties in the business and are very easy to maintain. Their engines are legendary, providing drivers with great performance with low emission standards, saving on fuel costs. The inside cabin is modern and allows for luxurious comfort without costing the driver too much. The quality of the interior control panels, dashboard, and infotainment systems is impressive, and will certainly put a smile on your face once you sit inside a FAW for the first time. You could also upgrade to an all-electric car from FAW, offering you performance and a driving experience you’ve never felt before. Additionally, the latest models offer in-car Wi-Fi and improved dashboard features such as style and media outlines. In conclusion, FAW is the perfect choice, especially on a medium budget, to get the ultimate driving experience. Whether you opt for a conventional car from the range or an electric one, you won't be disappointed, and enthusiastic drivers will love the power behind these cars. So don't wait and get your dream car today!

Which FAW for a high budget?

FAW cars are a rarity in the car market, with most of their models dominated by luxury-praised engineering and design. Among the oldest car manufacturers in China, their history begins a little more than 70 years ago, and though few outside of the upper echelons of the automotive world have had an intimate experience with this marque, their distinct style & classy performance has spurred enthusiasm & adoration for many years. For those who are looking to treat themselves to the ultimate car purchase, auto enthusiasts around the world are beginning to take notice to the merits of owning a FAW model. The high-performance capability of the vehicles, and carefully crafted attributes put them among the top picks when looking for exquisite driving experiences, and the timeless beauty of the design draws the eyes of multifaceted admirers. Designed to last both for practicality and performance, these vehicles ship with a wide range of remarkable features which allow the drivers to take the time of their life while on the move. From their highly developed axles to stunningly handcrafted seating, drivers of all age groups can be sure of receiving the best possible car experience. Dynamic torque engines & sleek aerodynamic properties optimize the driver's experience in innovative and spectacular ways. Those purchasing a FAW car in the higher price categories can benefit from discreet services, such as semi-luxury interior fittings & customized dashboards in materials such as walnut or wood grain. It's a treat that allows them to travel in comfort & style. An aggressive exterior not only looks exquisite but is aerodynamically tested so that the driver can reach high speed, especially if equipped with alloy-wheel boasts and bespoke styling. No matter if you favor the bold features and aesthetics of the Dayun SUV series, or desire the sleek curves of the Bluebird range, these vehicles provide the pinnacle of design expertise & performance. Whenever you're behind the wheel, it can bring a level of joy to both drivers and passengers alike due to features such as ventilated & heated seating, ventilated cooling systems, auto-mated rotating car camera, & navigational screens. In short, for the motor enthusiast and luxury connoisseur, investing in a FAW vehicle isn't merely an opportunity for excellent performance and power - it also brings each driver a truely unique level of experience. Crafting timeless design with contemporary tech, buying a FAW car is an investment of both money and memories.

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