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Story of the Edsel creation

Over the past century, the Edsel automobile brand has become closely linked with the world of vintage car enthusiasts. The history of Edsel is one of ingenuity, overcoming challenges and creating a lasting legacy. Edsel, the automobile brand manufactured by Ford, was first introduced in the United States in 1957. The Edsel brand was created to meet the needs of the mid-priced car market, and it quickly found a place in the hearts and minds of consumers across the nation. The Edsel automobile was unique in many ways and featured innovative designs, such as the curved ribbed door panels and an independently adjustable steering wheel. It also featured revolutionary powertrains, such as the 119hp Turbo-Electric Injected original version, that put it on par with many of its higher-end competitors. The Edsel faced numerous challenges in its early days, including the automotive recession of 1958 and the tire crisis of 1959. The brand additionally faced competition from other companies seeking to meet the needs of the mid-price market, such as those from Chrysler, General Motors and AMC. Despite these obstacles, the Edsel automobile faced up to the challenges, and in many circles, the brand achieved considerable success. While the Edsel was discontinued in late 1959, its impact has had a considerable effect on the automotive world. The Edsel attained iconic status and has been admired for its bold styling, distinctive design and performance ever since. Today, the Edsel is still recognised amongst vintage car collectors and motorsport enthusiasts as a uniquely fascinating automobile. The Edsel automobile was an ambitious attempt to design something that had the potential to revolutionise the automotive industry. Its unique upholstery and one-of-a-kind design were ahead of its time. For modern day affluent car collectors between 35 and 65 years old, the Edsel automobile represents a special piece of automotive history and a symbol of passion and determination. No doubt the Edsel automobile will remain a key part of automotive history for many more years to come.

Story of the Edsel models

Edsel was a car brand that bloomed brightly yet briefly, between 1958 and 1960—and yet the marque remains one of the most talked-about automotive lines ever produced. Though they only had a short time in the limelight, Edsels made a lasting impact as an iconic part of an important era in 20th-century American culture, and the models of this short-lived but much-loved brand still excite and inspire countless vintage car enthusiasts and motorsport fans till this day. From the beautiful and plentiful Corsair to the remarkable Ranch Wagon, the Edsel range had the potential to rival other automobile giants. With each vehicular variant bursting with power and potential, all eager to race forward and make their mark in automotive history, it's understandable why Edsel still has such an enduring legacy as a vehicle brand. The 1958 Corsair was perhaps the most visually pleasing of the Edsel lineup and was often said to differ from others in the same style with its wide grille and distinctive oval-shaped side panels. Of all the Edsel Motors vehicles, none captured the collective imagination to quite the same extent as their Corsair Cruiser—a station wagon complete with electric tail gate and 4-way seat positioning. As a firm favorite amongst car fans even today, it's no surprise that the Edsel Corsair proved on the biggest commercial successes for the company. The 1959 Edsel Ranger still stands out for the daring design choices it made with its golden yellow front grille and sloped hood. Coupled with a triple taillight assembly and notable wheel covers, this model was taken to be the direct successor to the beloved Corsair. The model might have only been in production for a single year but is still remembered today for its daring aesthetic achievements. The much-admired Edsel Citation of 1960 became the final installment of the Edsel Motors series, aa regretful send-off of sorts. This particular design was deemed ultra-modern next to the relatively dated styling seen in around that time. With contoured body panels and large tail fins, the Citation was meant to serve as much more of a stylish car for the (affluent) masses. The car might not have seen the same success as its predecessors, but it still gave car fans around the world something to cling to as the marque slipped from motorized memory. Though Edsel Motors only had a span of three years, the saga and story of the Edsel Cars is certainly one which has endured the test of time. It made an impact like that of automobile titans, yet was distinctly individual from the rest—a trait which retains value and appeal even today. Fondness and nostalgia for Edsel cars have only increased in recent decades as collectors, enthusiasts and even everyday drivers continue to favor these unique treasures to reignite the spark of what made the brand so intensely compelling a lifetime ago.

Story of the Edsel in motorsport

For over 75 years, the Edsel name has been synonymous with motorsport success. Embraced by car fans and affluent age 35 to 65, this versatile and stylish brand has firmly established itself as a leader in the industry. From its first forays into the motorsport world in 1940 with the Edsel Ranger and Pacer, the Edsel brand has become the envy of drivers everywhere. The Edsel Ranger was the first Edsel to enter the competitive motorsport arena, competing at America’s first ever stock car race in 1940 and appearing regularly in NASCAR events across the United States. Boasting a powerful engine and aerodynamic body design, the Ranger quickly gained traction in the field, often outrunning much larger and heavier cars. Drivers employed different strategies to win the Edsel Ranger’s numerous races. Some opted for a finesse approach, seeking to slide their fast, lightweight car through treacherous turns and pass their slower opponents. However, others chose a beefier attitude, hammering away at their opponents through shallow turns and taking advantage of their formidable horsepower. The Ranger was a true star in the world of stock car racing! By 1942, Edsel had expanded its motorsport endeavors with the Edsel Pacer. The Edsel motorcars, with their lightweight design, powerful V-8 engine, and intimidating looks quickly caught the attention of the racing industry. Built to compete in the Distaff Stock class, the Pacer adopted a unique aggressive painting style achieved through the manipulation of shadow and light. It employed a fast sprint approach rather than a consistent endurance run, allowing it to sprint past the larger Oldsmobile and Plymouth engines, and demolish the competition. The Pacer lasted until 1943, when it was superseded by the Edsel-Fords Country Squire. Heavily facilitated by Geoffrey Middleton of Edsel UK, the Country Squire not only propelled Edsel’s racing ambition to a whole new level but also made it a distinguished motorsport name in the international arena. Rich in power and design capabilities, the Car featured its famous two tone dark red and beige paint scheme and was soon hailed as one of the most stylish and popular rivals of the era. Its speed combined with its well-designed cabin made it one of the most sought out race cars of the time. Today, Edsel Motorsports is passionate about keeping Edsel’s motorsport heritage alive. Supporting numerous racing events across the United States, Edsel has also embarked on its own, dedicated Heritage Racing Series. With support from top-level drivers, the company has provided excellent race cars with an incomparable level of performance and reliability. Edsel Motorsports is proud of its successful cars and motorsport history. Spanning over 75 years, it has contributed greatly to the world of car racing and motorsport, and it continues to be a leader in the industry. The company offers museum-quality vehicles with Edsel’s world-class performance and the unique vintage styling celebrated throughout the world.

Anecdotes about Edsel

Once dismissed and forgotten, the peculiar story of the Edsel car brand makes it one of the most interesting – yet overlooked – aspects of US automotive manufacturing. Originally launched in 1957, the brand was set up by carmaker Ford Motor Company as a way for select stateside consumers to access more luxurious rides for a lower cost. Named after the builder’s only son Edsel Ford, the brand oozed pure 1950s style and performance for a fraction of the price. For the longest time, the car was highly favored by motorsport enthusiasts, car aficionados, and the select few that could afford it. Unfortunately, this same extravagant rate (costing nearly double that of a regular family sedan) lead to its downfall and utter disgrace. As a result, the Edsel brand vanished in 1960, leading to an entire decade’s worth of anecdotes of and stories about people’s unique experiences with the car and its journey as a whole. One of the more widely known stories involves a mysterious and fleeting loner, driving through dusty backroads in central Kentucky late one night. Illuminated by the stars, the individual behind the wheel of the indecorous Edsel was (unassumingly) a wealthy mobile lavatory salesperson. After a long night trying to make more sales, he opted to take the 3609 mile stretch back home alone, where he arrived just in time to make it in before the sunrise. Other, more comical, stories involve passengers ending their rides in the least desirable of ways. Like the lover’s quarrel that ended in a physical altercation near West Emery Road in Central Pennsylvania that resulted in both passengers frantically scaling out of the Edsel’s windows after it gained speed downhill. Thanks to the Edsel's edgy design and impressive speed potential, the vehicle has become renowned and highly sought after by vintage car enthusiasts from all over the world. Although its prices have since increased to counter its high demand upon its 1967 resurgence, the Edsel still brings nostalgia for driving enthusiasts of all ages, classes, and origins. Passionately crafted with the utmost care and perfection, the Edsel remains an historic representation of luxury and a unique example of automobile engineering. On the cusp of a bright future built on optimism from previous failures, the Edsel car will remain an underdog story for the automotive world, a classic example of the American dream, and a timeless symbol of beauty, power, and pure American energy.

Which Edsel for which budget?

Which Edsel for a low budget?

Are you looking for the perfect vintage car to jazz up your driveway and be the envy of the neighbourhood? Look no further than the classic Edsel! Most notably famous for being an unsuccessful car brand from the 1950s, the Edsel is now sought after and more widely appreciated for its unique 1920s design launched by The Ford Motor Company. Catering to the luxury car market, Edsels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, features and colours. Two doors? Check! Four? Check! Automatic windows? Check, check, check! The list goes on. Though some Edsel vehicles do have high price tags, cheaper ones can still be had on the market for those looking for a great retro car at a budget-friendly price. For those really looking to invest for the long run, these vintage vehicles hold their value quite well compared to their contemporaries in cars of the same era. If you have the space and can store it properly year round away from the elements, you'll find that you can begin to rake in the profit, if that's what you're looking for. If you treat it with care and and show it off wherever possible, you'll find that there is ample activity from lovers of vintage cars – and even motorsport – to put your Edsel's history to good use through leasing, renting and driving. In the age of fast cars and opulent luxury vehicles, a classic Edsel is the perfect way to show off your taste with a unique slightly off-the-radar vehicle. Tuning and modifications are relatively straightforward and accessible as well. Whether you are an enthusiast of vintage cars, involved with motorsports or are just looking for a stylish conversation starter in the driveway, the Edsel is an option. So don't just drive any old car. Stand out from the sea of labels and have something special. That something special is an Edsel – vintage, unique, passionate – and more often than not, inexpensive. All it takes is a little research and negotiation and you could be driving a legendary car soon that makes your friends envious in just no time.

Which Edsel for a medium budget?

Are you ready to find out more about the Edsel- the classic symbol of American engineering? The Edsel is a classic muscle car that had a short, yet dramatic, life between 1957 and 1960 and is now highly sought-after by classic car enthusiasts, motor sport fans, and hobbyists who are looking to invest in a car that they can restore and customize. The Edsel still has become well-known for its unique styling and lots of power under the hood. The Edsel motor car was designed and developed by Ford Motor Company in hopes to break out in the market and become the elite vehicle of the 1950s, and this is despite decades before and after. The vehicles are capable of producing up to 300 horsepower and can reach speeds of 130 mph. The Edsel captures the heart and soul of driving in its most standard models. While the performance packages provided by Ford during the 1950s offer impressive power throughout the engine range, a healthy selection of options makes it an ideal pick for the buyer with a moderate budget. Being able to purchase a car with outstanding features for prices below the average of muscle cars makes them an great purchase for everyone. Other advantages of buying an Edsel for a medium budget include the ability to drive a vintage car, the unique design and body style, and overall dependability. The Edsel also is equipped with an incredible eclectic range of interior features, from racing stripes and winged wheels to radios and telephones. What's more, once the initial purchase is taken care of, Edsel owners are in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to maintaining the car. Edsels are particularly durable vehicles, give them proper care and they are likely to last for years. Moreover, their comparatively low cost of repairs makes owning them an affordable and enjoyable prospect. Edsel models range from sedans to coupes and all come with distinct names and emblems that commemorate their heralded history. Apart from being an attractive investment, these automobiles conjure up nostalgia - often making them a conversation piece. So when you are considering buying a classic car for your moderate budget, consider the Edsel model. It is certainly an iconic American craftsmanship and will provide you with years of awe and incredible adventures. Get those keys and enjoy that ride!

Which Edsel for a high budget?

From the days when it was beloved by the public, to it’s untimely displacement from the car market, the Edsel is a classic that holds a dear nostalgia in car enthusiasts hearts all over the world. Arguably one of Ford’s most iconic vehicles, the Edsel was a revolutionary design that unfortunately did not make the desired commercial impact. Nowadays, the Edsel still stands as a contested symbol of the past, and those passionate about vintage automobiles are able to pick up a high-end model for the right price. Conceived in the late 1940s, the Edsel was built to compete with other mid-sized cars of the time such as the Chrysler Saratoga and the DeSoto Fire Dome. However, upon its release, the Edsel quickly became a commercial failure. Many attributed this failure to its styling, as its horizontally-bent grille and thunderbird-inspired tail suspension design comprised an exception for its time. Furthermore, the quality of the parts used to assemble the cars was considered to be well below industry standard. Nevertheless, no matter how uncompetitive the Edsel may be considered, it solidified itself as pinnacle of the Ford brand, and has since become highly sought after piece of automotive history. The Edsel’s aesthetics are likely the most direct indicator of its unique position among its peers. The hood was raised with the car sitting atop a 115-inch full-length steel frame. Its glass windows featured slanting ultra-thin side bands, an uncommon drafting at the time. Moreover, the trademark horse and bright U-shaped grille that encompassed the entire front end of the car contrasted the traditional chromed finish models of its predecessors. For those ready to put up the money, an Edsel can return a stunning level of makeup, from chrome trims on its tail lamps to its classic 'three-pointed star' emblem. Those looking to buy an Edsel need not look far, as the car is highly popular among car enthusiasts and particularly motorsport competition. A vast array of modifications have been made available for the cars since its conception, and some of the classic models from the late 50s and early 60s are irreplaceable collector's items. One of the benefits to having a classic Edsel is that almost all parts, from the steering wheel to engine components, can be found as replacement parts, providing more than enough scope for restoration and maintenance for years to come. In terms of market values, a high-quality Edsel can cost quite a substantial amount of money, with the world famed 'Packem' model fetching well over $30,000 USD, compared to the starting $1800 USD asking price of the original. However, the staggering values are worthwhile, as owning an Edsel provides a notable sense of prestige. The magnetism of owning a vintage Edsel will remain for generations to come, and it serves as one of the most iconic symbols of American engineering and design. For those looking to acquire a classic Edsel, it truly can be a worthwhile investment. The vintage vehicle holds a special place in automotive history, and as evident by its continuing popularity, it can still capture high end market values no matter the condition. Whether you’re a long time enthusiast looking for a unique project or an affluent individual eager to own a piece of classic American engineering, the Edsel can provide both an unmistakable aesthetic appeal and a sound long-term investment.

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