Experience a classic sports car: the Donkervoort. Feel the unique power and performance of this vintage beauty, perfect for any car collector.

Story of the Donkervoort creation

When Dutch entrepreneur Joop Donkervoort decided in 1975 to use Dutch craftsmanship to manufacture racing cars, nobody expected the amount of success he would eventually achieve. Focusing mainly on the idea of performance race, Donkervoort was heavily influenced by the modern and increasingly powerful sports cars of the time, namely from Germany and the UK. Donkervoort’s suggestion was to modify an extremely light-weight vehicle, with an extended wheel base for cornering and improved aerodynamic angles for wind resistance. Donkervoort’s first project was the D8, named for the way the fifth generation model was designed – eight cylinders. Debuting in the late seventies, the D8 and later D10 had most of its influence within European borders as a result of limited races taking place outside the continent. By the year 2000, the two DL models were introduced--the DL coupe and the DLM roadster. Donkervoort truly challenges the traditional concept of racing overall – fusing modern engineering and design techniques with the old-fashioned art form of automotive craftsmanship. This inventive philosophy can be seen in any Donkervoort car. Fans of the car soon got an entirely new experience when the company announced the release of limited Donkervoort roadster. The roadster was powered by a powerful Audi-sourced turbocharged engine and it still boasted the same lightweight capabilities of a D8, D10, and D13 to provide the dynamic performance that the brand has become known for. Donkervoort continuously wishes to stay true to their original mission – creating cars that embody the sports car’s past and its turning potential. Donkervoort’s ambition has made them stand out from other car makers as they have managed to provide aesthetically pleasing cars yet maintain the spirit of motorsports and performance. For enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport and all enthusiastic people between thirty-five and sixty-five of age, Donkervoort is a must-have experience. With its ever-evolving engineering, design and driving mechanics, Donkervoort is the perfect harmony created between the passion of driving and the craftsmanship of Dutch manufacturing.

Story of the Donkervoort models

Donkervoort has been one of the world's best-known car brands since the company's inception in 1978. The Dutch-based luxury vehicle manufacturer has earned its reputation over the years by crafting high-performance sports cars and roadsters that are as beautiful as they are tough. From their early models to today's modern wonders, there is no doubt that Donkervoort's cars are unique and sought-after by true car enthusiasts. For those who are into vintage cars and motorsport, Donkervoort cars are a must in their garages. Moreover, being a relatively young company they cater both to affluent individuals between 35 and 65 years old who can appreciate the beauty and precision of their vehicles as well as hardcore motorsport fans seeking speed and agility. Whether you are a collector of classic cars or just looking for a thrilling joyride, Donkervoort has it all. With both the beauty and speed of a traditional race car, these vehicles cannot be surpassed. From the 'Donkervoort D8 GTO' – the model that set the standard over a decade ago – to the newest model, the 'GTO RS', there is no doubt that Donkervoort's cars are options of unparalleled beauty and power. The D8 GTO was the earliest model to set the standard for the production of Donkervoort vehicles, offering drivers a perfect balance of luxury and power. Boasting a dynamic design and a powerful 400-horsepower V6 engine, this car is lightweight, agile, and provide drivers with unparalleled performance on the road. A few years later, the GTO RS model pushed the limits of performance even further by introducing a supercharged version of the car with an acceleration of 0 to 100KM per hour in just 3.2 seconds. Cleverly merging raw power and sophisticated comfort, Donkervoort cars are made for drivers with a taste for the ultra-sportive. A roadster named the 'S25' sits in the mid-range of the Donkervoort's roster, providing a vegan option and reducing weight with its hybrid construction. Fitted with a luxurious quilted leather/alcantara seat, cruise control and an intuitive navigation system, this car offers high-end speed and performance while offering greater revenue potential. Finally, the Donkervoort D8 GTO-JJ Iridium Edition, created in collaboration with iconic Dutch designer Jan-Jacobsen, this beauty is a special edition and stands out due to its unique styling. Every Donkervoort model gives drivers an impressive performance on the road. Their cars are an ode to motorsport engineering, and they bring a passionate dimension to expectations as they reach an audience of passionate and enthusiastic drivers who enjoy every aspect of driving. With their exquisite balance of strength and finesse, a Donkervoort car offers an unparalleled driving experience.

Story of the Donkervoort in motorsport

Donkervoort Motorsports is a Dutch brand that has been legendary in the motorsport circuit since the 1970s. Founded in 1978 by Joop Donkervoort, Donkervoort has been making lauded and sought-after vehicles for race car fans all over the world. The vehicles and the team have been noted for their ability to meet challenges head on and to make vehicular history with every race they enter and every lap they complete. Donkervoort Motorsports’ vehicles range from race-ready sedans and stunning collector’s cars. It is the brand’s passion that bolsters the success of their vehicles along with their veteran team of experienced engineers and drivers. Donkervoort has earned their reputation over the years competing in famous race championships and podiums. Quality engineering and attention to detail are what has made Donkervoort Motorsports vehicles remain a coveted option in the motorsport world. The brand has earned a host of awards, recognitions, and accolades since their inception. This includes FIA Samhein World Championship titles in 2017, the 24H Le Mans in 2019, and the 24H Nurburgring in 2021. From the legendary mid-engined cars of the 1980s, Donkervoort has achieved tremendous success on the drag strip over their more than four decades in the business. Their impressive accomplishments have been duly recognized by some of the stiffest competition in the world including FIA championships, LeMans, and Nürburgring. Donkervoort Motorsports also has an impressive record at home and abroad over the years. Notable successes at various tracks and races have included multiple first-place finishes in the Dutch Classic Competition, the BOSS GP Euro Championships, and the 24 Hours of LeMans. Furthermore, Donkervoort vehicles have performed well both in classic rallies and touring championships and these successes have resulted in the team receiving multiple classic championship championships in Holland. Not only are Donkervoort vehicles chosen for the racetrack, they are also revered for their engineering and artistic design. Vintage collectors and enthusiasts who admire the classic lines of Donkervoort’s vehicles are attracted to their sleek styling and engineering prowess. As a result, Donkervoort Motorsports remains a premier status symbol in the vintage community. Throughout their history, Donkervoort Motorsports has been driven by their passion for excellence and their commitment to meeting the challenges of the racing world. They remain a respected brand revered for their vehicles’ innovation, flawless design, and relentless drive for success at the highest levels of the motorsport circuit.

Anecdotes about Donkervoort

For the passionate followers of the classic yet unique Dutch sports car brand Donkervoort, there is no shortage of stories to tell, making them yearly topic of conversation and admiration. The fables of their beginnings in the car world have been written and said numerous times, as have many anecdotes during their journey so far. From its humble beginning to the world-leader in handcrafted luxury cars, Donkervoort has experienced and seen much, giving birth to captivating tales and comedic scenarios along the way. One of the great fortunes that is contained within the history of Donkervoort is the series of anecdotes that supplement the already simplistic company origin story. One such story is of the car Donkervoort was servicing for the Dutch association for disabled drivers at the 24 Hours of Spa in 1988. The team wanted to take the Donkervoort onto the track to prove that its nimbleness would allow exceptional maneuvers even with such a mission imposed on them. The small team with disabilities suddenly found themselves amongst some of the biggest names and teams in motorsport and, in one instance, the Donkervoort come close to contact with a Lotus. While neither car had incurred serious damage, this high-stakes, high-speed racing scenario provided a great direction point for the Donkervoort, ensuring that their prominent name moved beyond the confines of its renowned race circuit in Zandvoort. Yet this is far from the only exceptional scenario that the Donkervoort boasts of crossing its paths with. At the 24 Hours of Nürburgring in 2011, the Donkervoort was challenged for the top spot in fueling times by none other than Ferrari. Towards the end of the first night, while Ferrari was struggling to make light of the rapid re-fueling necessary for competition, a pit crew of Donkervoort workers raced for supremacy in half-full cans and empty caps, in the end taking off eight seconds in seven pit stops, a time deemed insurmountable by Ferrari. These challenges are not only faced and often overcome by Donkervoort but yielded incredible stories that magnify the musicl of the classic, earthy growl of the engine, eliciting passionate responses from the owners of these luxurious beauties as well as the vintage car, motorsport, and affluent audiences. Out of a long line of moments that the high-end manufacturer of handcrafted sports cars has both rode and created, comes the Donkervoort story, a story that is quite unlike others in the auto world.

Which Donkervoort for which budget?

Which Donkervoort for a low budget?

Are you on the search for an iconic sports car that doesn’t come with an extortionately high price tag? If your answer is a resounding yes, then look no further than Donkervoort cars! For over forty years, Doncevoort has specialized in the production of superior, exceptional sports cars at fair prices. Aiming to transcend generational boundaries, the company remains exceptionally passionate about their product in delivering a unique and holistic driving experience to its customers. The Dutch marque prides itself on combining decades of craftsmanship with ever-evolving technology and design principles. With Donkervoort’s committed approach, you won’t just be buying a highly enjoyable, luxurious vehicle; you’ll also be investing in an heirloom. Starting in 1978, Donkervoort’s catalogue has expanded far and wide over the past four decades. In total, there are four lines of cars available: Classic, Superlight, Lightweight and the Sailing Family. Under this extensive umbrella, the D8 GTO EURO6 is available from €183,000 – a true steal considering the impeccable, bespoke car you’re getting. Built with meticulous attention to detail, this car is ideal for those looking to transition into a realm of vintage sports cars with an affordable price point. The D8 GTO EURO6 also features plenty in terms of driver comfort, performance and style. A manual six-speed gearbox promises a seamless, smooth ride, with up to 400 bhp provided from the 3.5L V6 VW engines. Plus, with its mid-mounted position, you’ll feel as close as ever to the track – a sentiment further enhanced by the marque’s signature roll bar design and suspension that giels you close to the ground. There’s plenty of great racing stories to go along with this car too. Donkervoort has entered a terrific world of motorsports – first with their esteemed an customer racing program, and then later expanding to a wide variety of race series. The marque has gone twice to the Spa24 race with the 911 GT3 Cup race car, and has also been present during the prestigious 1000 Mile ALMS Rally in Interlagos. Donkervoort truly knows what it means to bring vintage through style and class into modernity. For more competitive drivers, look no further than the R-GT Forgeline. For just under €200,000, motor enthusiasts can acquire an original handcrafted race car, powered by an Audi 2.0LTS engine with 310hp and priced way below the competition. It’s suitable for both amateur and professional drivers; the company thus undeniably granting aficionados of vintage cars and motorsport an outright entry into a true racing atmosphere. Of course, all these vehicles work together exceptionally through decades of passion and workmanship. Hand assembled, specifically tuned and verified, energy and philosophy is encapsulated in each model designed by Donkervoort. This passionate drive is also shared within the engineering proficiency of the marque’s long-time fans. As a result, there is no doubt that those looking for entrée into an iconic vintage sports car on a tight budget should look to Donkervoort. Whether you’re an affluent middle-aged man looking to live up your dreams or a technical motorsport enthusiast in search of the perfect drive, Donkervoort has the model for you.

Which Donkervoort for a medium budget?

Discover Donkervoort – the Dutch Manufacturer of Mid-Price Sports Cars Are you an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport and looking for something in medium price range? Look no further than Donkervoort – the prestigious Dutch manufacturer of mid-price sports cars! Founded in 1978, Donkervoort has been turning heads ever since. The company works hard to stay true to their tradition of building lightweight cars that are fast, agile and affordable. Let's take a look at what mid-priced Donkervoort models have to offer. First of all, performance. Donkervoort models are renowned for their speed. With exceptionally light cars, sharp handling and responsive powertrains, you'll be donning your race suit for some serious sport driving. As if that wasn't enough, each Donkervoort model gets an efficient 2.5-litre engine that not only provides you with a great driving performance but also saves you money on fuel. Next, let's turn our attention to the luxury factor. Donkervoort knows that durability and finish are some of the most important aspects of owning a mid-price sports car and they don't skimp on these aspects. From the outside, their range of models are complete with body kits that are available in a selection of colours and finishes that range from striking matt black to classic racing red. But the luxury doesn't stop there. Every mid-priced Donkervoort model boasts handmade leather interior trim that experts say is among the finest you can get for a car of this price range. Finally, for the truly passionate: every Donkervoort model comes with unique features that no other car in this price range offers. Its weight and chassis are purposely designed for lightweight and agile driving and each piece of the car has been meticulously crafted to guarantee you an unparalleled driving experience. Get ready to experience the brand-new world of mid-price cars with a Donkervoort. Specially designed for enthusiastic drivers between 35 and 65 years old, the Donkervoort experience promises a level of driving comfort, control and luxury that rivals any more expensive car. Of all Donkervoort models, one that stands out is the D8 GTO-JD70, a latest two-seater sports car model powered by a lastest 2.5-litre, 600 hp engine touted to be the fastest ever seen in this category of cars. On top of that, the Donkervoort team have continually improved this model throughout its more than 40-year history and as such, you are sure to enjoy every last aspect when you drive it. So, if you’re in the market for a mid-priced performance car to suit your budget, a Donkervoort could be the perfect choice. With great performance, luxury interior trim, unique features and, most of all, unbeatable price, you'll have the time of your life every time you get behind the wheel of this iconic Dutch car. Head over to their website and explore the world of Donkervoort now!

Which Donkervoort for a high budget?

The Donkervoort car is one of the most sought after vehicles for car enthusiasts, motorsport racers, and affluent individuals. Possessing one of these iconic cars isn't just about driving any other car, but rather a celebration of its vintage design and exceptional performance. Those who invest in a Donkervoort car will acquire a vehicle of the utmost quality. Since 1978, Donkervoort has devotedly maintained the same DNA style and manufacture accomplishments that has made them one of the premier choices for individuals seeking to own a high-end car. The car comes equipped with a sophisticated body that is handmade with a light-weight Aluminum and Carbon Fiber structure, designed for unparalleled performance. In addition to its distinctive design, the car features a unique engine configuration with superior automobiles, such as the Audi R4 and Volkswagen Lamborghini. This ensures that the driver can enjoy a car of the highest calibre, yet one that provides a thrilling driving experience. Some of the signature features of its design such as the tyres' deep-profile and the active transmission have been tirelessly elaborated on for 50 years — a testament to the exceptional engineering and its advancement over time. The purchases of Donkervoort cars, both new and used, often come with a hefty price tag, placing them normally well out of reach of most automotive enthusiasts. It may be a significant financial investment but, for a vintage car enthusiast, a powerful car, as well as those seeking luxury, performance, and style, it is an opportunity none should miss! Who wouldn't be stoked to drive a car that invokes more passion, performance and sophistication, than can be obtained from any other car on the market today? Donkervoort cars can be seen at premiere events and exhibitions, including the Netherlands' Oldtimer Motor Festival, the Oldtimer Grand Prix, and the European Rally Championship, validating their elite, reputable status as luxury vehicles for those seeking the utmost in quality and performance. For those who can afford it, owning a Donkervoort car, rather than any other high-running vehicle, is a must. High-performing classic cars don't come cheap, but they do provide an exception to all the rules of adrenaline-based rushing concerning car models available today. Fulfilling a unique purpose — enabling anyone to join a treasured club of vintage car owners who think outside the box — Donkervoort's cars come without second-guessing and an ardent assurance that peace of mind is within reach and so is the passion behind car ownership.

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