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Story of the DeLorean creation

The DeLorean Motor Company was founded in 1975 by automotive industry veteran John DeLorean - creator of one of the most iconic cars the world has ever seen. In the '70s, DeLorean envisioning a future of safe, reliable, and stylish sports cars, built a stainless-steel body car, and with it, the company earned great success within the enthusiast, motorsport, and affluent communities. The DeLorean DMC-12 is best known as the time-traveling car featured in the popular 1985 movie, “Back to the Future”. Being the first workable car with gull wing doors and a stainless-steel body, the DMC-12 quickly caught the attention of car fans, cementing itself as an instantly recognizable classic and solidifying DeLorean's legacy in automotive history. The economy of Northern Ireland, where DeLorean’s factory was located, was one of the main drivers behind its success. By the ‘80s, modern cars had become increasingly plastic and efficient but with the DeLorean, there was a way to go back in time; to a more elegant and analog era. Despite being named Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year in 1982, the DeLorean Motor Company struggled with financial issues and various scandals, closing its doors temporarily in 1982. During this time, quality issues began to arise, with previous customers realizing that their luxurious cars were not free from major issues. In the late 80s, several entrepreneurs took advantage of the opportunity to buy the remaining parts of the old DeLorean factories; creating an alliance with the goal of keeping DeLorean alive through its remaining assets, resurrecting the car and keeping it in the minds of vintage car fans everywhere. Relaunched into the modern world, the DeLorean still evokes the analog and classic values it once stood for; something that draws the attention of many affluent men and women between 35 and 65 years old. The company still honors the routes taken by its creator in the 1970s; providing luxurious vehicles with powerful motors and a featured stainless-steel body. The DeLorean Motor Company stands tall as an example to younger car companies. From its inception, the DeLorean has been a symbol for those inspired by the power of beautiful desires to keep pursuing their dreams, regardless any financial or internal issues. With more than forty years sharing its unique vision of the future, they have earned a place as one of the most iconic automotive brands, leaving that special place in our hearts and minds as we look back in time.

Story of the DeLorean models

DeLorean has a special place among vintage car enthusiasts, motor sports fans and affluent individuals aged between 35 and 65. After the success of "Back to the Future", the instantly-recognizable look of the DeLorean has become iconic, with fans dreaming of being able to own one of these vehicles. With a sleek, angular design, one cannot help but admire the beauty and simplicity of the DeLorean. The DeLorean DMC-12 first debuted in 1981. Developed by engineer and manufacturer John DeLorean, the car was revolutionary for its time, combining iconic design with a stainless-steel body, gull-wing doors and an innovative PRV V6 engine. The car quickly grew to become one of the most famous and recognizable cars of its time. The 1981 model of the DeLorean DMC-12 had a sleek, aerodynamic design that was more modern than other classic cars of the time. With a classic rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, the DeLorean provided a highly entertaining driving experience. The engine it was powered by was a V8 PRV/Douvrin engine. It had an extraordinary top speed of around 120mph and the suspension provided the exact balance of handling and comfort. Later, in 1981, DeLorean next launched the DeLorean 780, a boosted version of the regular DeLorean that featured a McLaren P6 V8 engine, providing a horsepower of 197 and a top speed of up to 156mph. Engine modifications saw an increase in the peak power from the previous DeLorean, making the 780 one of the most thrilling DeLoreans ever made. For the DeLorean enthusiasts and vintage car fanatics, the most sought after DeLorean is the highly collectible 1982model known as The Collection. These limited-edition cars featured unique dual-tone paint jobs, suede panel upholstery, and rear seat trays - making it stand out from your average DMC-12. But speed and power weren’t the primary motivations for DeLorean model development. They also wanted to ensure that the cars were dependable and comfortable day-to-day drivers. The DeLorean 945 and the prototype of the DeLorean 995 were two models developed with mechanical reliability in mind. These two models sported numerous ideas - such as headlight washers, better brakes, a wide-body style, automatic transmission, air conditioning and suspension. The last concept put forward was a 6-speed gearbox and a turbocharger. Both of these models served to make the DeLorean DMC-12 well-rounded, reliable and luxurious. Though production for the DeLorean didn’t last for long, the model remains popular today amongst enthusiasts, vintage collectors and fans of motorsport alike. With the iconic looks, exciting performance and the inspiration behind the notion of Time Traveling, the DeLorean is a symbol of the brilliance of modern engineering and remains beloved to this day.

Story of the DeLorean in motorsport

The DeLorean car brand may have become immortalized on-screen, but its history within the world of motorsports is just as legendary as its appearance in the famous science-fiction franchise. With creative partnerships, rules-bending engineering, and plenty of guts, the DeLorean name has made a lasting impact in heritage and vintage cars – as well as in carmaker history. Forged in the early ‘70s, the DeLorean brand made its mark when John DeLorean decided to take charge of his idea of creating an ethical and performance-driven car, a custom-made vehicle positioned to create social change and prove to the world his car company could make a difference. Initially, his efforts produced patented styles for performance coupe cars and accompanying engine performance systems, and the DeLorean company soon partnered with the Automobile Craiova,manufacturing plant in Romania to build motors in a way that projected ‘achieving the seemingly impossible’. DeLorean car makers made waves both on the track and off, incredible developments in things like suspension systems and other aerodynamic solutions resulting in some truly unique designs. Car makers partnered and collaborated at every step, from the early days in Romania to specialised motorsports tuning from Sam Needle and Bill Collins, developers of the Williams-fire/Racing Technology Formula racecar for the DeLorean – the famed racer believed to have been raced in its highest level back in the ‘80s. Success within the racing world was significant, the Williams-Fire Car taking victory at the 1984 Miami Grand Prix and the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans – results that still stand today as a testament to the DeLorean’s achievements in motorsport. Off the track, the impact of John DeLorean’s efforts within motorsport was even more significant, as his fair, equal, and green approach made a lasting impression with both competitors and enthusiasts alike. For passionate enthusiasts of vintage cars, DeLorean is an iconic staple in terms of racing heritage and historical importance. Powered by ideas of innovation, industry disruption, historical importance and several decades of racing, the DeLorean brand is universally admired. From racers and car-lovers of all ages to the affluent between 35 and 65, the DeLorean brand has cemented its place in motorsports as one of the most influential companies of its time.

Anecdotes about DeLorean

DeLorean cars are arguably the most famous automobiles ever made, thanks in large part to the iconic Back to the Future trilogy. While the DeLorean's spectacular style has led to its widespread fandom, there’s much more to this brand than meets the eye. DeLorean Motor Company was founded by auto industry veteran John DeLorean, who previously worked at both Pontiac and Chevrolet. He first unveiled the DeLorean DMC-12 in 1976, and it quickly became an iconic symbol of the decade. The shiny stainless steel vehicle quickly earned the nickname “the DeLorean time machine” because of its stunning good looks time and timeless appeal. The DeLorean was ahead of its time in its use of an independent suspension system and gull-wing-style doors. Despite its radical design aesthetics, the car sold poorly due to its eclectic list of factors, such as its high cost, unreliable engineers, and ongoing battle between parent company and the government. In times of crisis, DeLorean had to think outside the box. Faced with bankruptcy, DeLorean wowed sports car buffs and moviegoers alike in 1985 when he produced his extraordinary “The DeLorean Story” – an ultra-streamlined car built exclusively for the making of Back to the Future. It came loaded with sleek features and a tremendous capability to travel back in time. More than thirty years since its modified comeback, enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport, and the affluent can still see DeLorean’s being driven around the street. Pictures, die-cast models, and other paraphernalia exist as collectors items. The DeLorean Story is just the beginning of a vast catalog of exotic cars created by this maverick automaker, and it’s easy to see why these innovative cars captivate people from all walks of life. As a passionate admirer of classic cars and their stories, I believe DeLorean’s vision and feats have endured as critical pieces of automotive history. From puns to pastimes to blazing a trail for future car enthusiasts, DeLorean’s remarkable stories remain a core driving force for all vintage car lovers.

Which DeLorean for which budget?

Which DeLorean for a low budget?

If you’re a vintage car enthusiast and are looking for an exotic yet affordable replacement for your current ride, the DeLorean has all the classic style and features you could want—while also fitting into a modest budget. Built from 1981 to 1983, the DeLorean remains best known for its starring role in the iconic Back to the Future film series. But for those in the know, the actual features of the DeLorean speak for themselves: A sleek, stainless steel body combined with advanced engineering creates a ride that stands out both in style and performance. The DeLorean’s nostalgic appearance captured car lovers upon its initial release and it continues to fascinate drivers of all ages today. The DMC-12, as it’s sometimes known, boasted a number of advanced features for its time, such as four-wheel independent suspension, a rear-engine layout, an exhaust-heat recovery system, and anti-lock brakes. Best of all, it came in an affordable, entry-level model priced at just over $25,000. Though production ceased in 1983, enthusiasts have kept the DeLorean alive through modern restorations or replicas, meaning that it’s still possible to drive one of these classics off-the-shelf today. Not only that, but there is a vast aftermarket of parts to choose from—including honeycomb wheels, digital instrument clusters, LED lighting, and more—giving you plenty of room to customize your DeLorean just the way you like it. If you’re looking for a road-ready classic that fits into your budget, the DeLorean should be at the top of your list. With its sleek design, advanced engineering, and customization options to let everyone know that you mean business, the DeLorean stands out from the crowd and is sure to make a statement wherever you go. Whether you’re making your way back in time, or just commuting to work, you can be sure you won’t pass unnoticed in the DeLorean.

Which DeLorean for a medium budget?

When it comes classic cars, there is no doubt that the DeLorean takes the prize! Famously seen in TV and movies such as Back to the Future, this extraordinary car has changed the face of automotive culture around the world. If you’re looking to get your hands on a timeless piece of automobile history or a cool addition to your vintage collection, as an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport or affluent person, the DeLorean has it all. The DeLorean is one of the universally-recognized cars and is sure to garner admiration from anyone who lays eyes on it. But just how affordable is the DeLorean? Amazingly, a medium budget can net you enough DeLorean to make your car fantasies come true. With its classic stainless steel body and futuristic design, the DeLorean truly stamps its mark as a standout car. This car is sure to maintain its timeless stability on both the used car market as well as the collector's car market. For example, there is a DeLorean refurbishment company in Texas, USA that is dedicated to keeping the collection pristine condition. Tuning and repair services are also available. With a current estimated price of around $30 – 35,000, there is no better bang-for-your-buck on the vintage car market than the DeLorean. The advantages of owning a DeLorean are true for those with a fondness for the past as well as anyone looking for a reliable performance car. The V6 engine and 5-speed manual gearbox combination makes this car a treat to drive. Add to that the responsive braking and handling, and you have one seriously pleasurable machine. But certainly owning a DeLorean does come with certain conditions. Although technology has advanced since the original 1985 model, and it may no longer be able to travel time, it still requires basics such as routine maintenance, insurance and an occasional part to be replaced. With diligence, you should be able to keep your DeLorean humming wonderfully down the road. Investing in a DeLorean is investing in a contemporary classic: one that holds its composure in the presence of other cars. That said, with a medium budget, any enthusiast, motorsport or affluent person can satisfy their passion by purchasing a DeLorean and delight in endless amounts of pleasure. It is this combination of classic style, performance and unbridled passion that makes the DeLorean an unforgettable car for car fans of all ages.

Which DeLorean for a high budget?

If you’re an avid fan of vintage vehicles, you’ve likely heard of the DeLorean, a notable car that shot to fame for being prominently featured in the iconic Back to The Future movie. This car has become a symbol of vintage cars, especially over the last 35 years. Is it still possible to acquire a DeLorean car today - and if so, how much should one expect to spend? When the DeLorean Motor Company launched in 1975, the DeLorean sports car was the brand’s only concept. The car featured a distinctive gull-wing style door and brushed stainless steel exterior and it caught a lot of attention. In 1981, the brand filed for bankruptcy but the vehicle was such a classic even then that the legacy of the DeLorean still survives in pop culture and car enthusiasts the world over. Today, allowing for some technological updates (such as an electric engine swap or body rebuilds) it’s still possible to get your hands on a classic DeLorean. As one might expect, however, these vintage vehicles don’t come cheap, so potential buyers should be aware that it’s a significant purchase. If you have an affluent budget and you’re looking to invest in a vintage car, the DeLorean may be a good option. Many sellers keep their cars in mint condition so buyers can experience the sophisticated, 1980s style of the car. It’s also a great way to present a unique vehicle at motorsport events such as classic car museums, vintage car rallies, and fashion events. Plus, with all of its neat features, it’s still a lot of fun to drive and gawk at. In terms of purchasing a DeLorean, expect to pay anything from £20,000 ($25,000 USD), to £50,000 ($50,000 USD or above). The prices will depend on the condition and any additional customizations that you may want. Whether you’re passionate about motorsport or you’re just looking to acquire a classic DeLorean for a personal collection, the vehicle still offers a fun and potentially worthwhile investment option – if you’ve got the money.

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