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Story of the Delage creation

Delage has a long and illustrious history of producing some of the world’s most revered and admired luxury and racing cars. Founded in 1905 by Louis Delage, the French automobile manufacturer caught the attention of the global automotive industry with its 7.2-liter straight-eight-cylinder engine boasting a displacement of over 7,000 cc. The cars they produced are renowned not only for their extremely attractive and futuristic designs, but also for their performance capabilities and characteristics, worthy of envy. Throughout its existence, the iconic brand has been a successful participant in almost every motorsport event throughout history. They made their racing debut in 1908 at the Grand Prix of Boulogne and went on to win multiple other European races, such as the Brooklands Track, Targa Florio, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Delage’s big breakthrough came in 1912 when the AF Chaberlain car won the 1912 Coupe de L’Auto racing competition. The car was driven by Earl Howe and carried a unique color scheme, which would remain associated with the brand up to this day. The 1920s began a second revolution for the company. By the time of the Great War, the company had become well-known in Europe and its cars were sold throughout the world. In 1921, the company debuted the Delage 15 S. This model earned the title of the most luxurious car in the world and featured an 8-cylinder 3.9-litre engine. Its superior performance was as impressive as its looks, which left most onlookers in awe. Delage quickly became an icon of luxury and engineering excellence but in the 1930s, domestic demand failed to meet overseas expectations leading to the brand entering into a troubled period. It would take until the 1940s for the brand to recover, when entrepreneur Anthony Lago acquired the company. With his policy of exclusively focusing on limited-series and customised models, cars like the Delage D6 and the fearsome Grandprix cars gained renewed reputation among vintage-car enthusiasts. However, the new rebirth could not last as the brand was once again acquired by another French businessman in 1952. The production line was closed and in 1959, the business ceased operations completely. In 1995, the brand was resurrected to the world of motorsport with a one-off vehicle specially created to take part in the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, despite this brief return, it looked as though the story of Delage had ended. But, fast forward to the present day, and Delage is still as passionate about creating unforgettable vehicles as it was over a century ago. The brand has been reborn as a carmaker specializing in creating bespoke, handmade limited-edition cars of remarkable beauty, using the same engineering principles that made the brand a household name in the first place. Yet again, Delage is back and passionate about enthralling enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old, creating astounding automotive masterpieces destined to dominate and captivate roads of the world.

Story of the Delage models

A celebration of vintage luxuries, the history of Delage, founded as a luxury motor car manufacturer in 1905, paints a delightful picture of warmth and glamor; present-day enthusiasm for their stunning vehicles is a testament to their unique design and the sophisticated auto-lovers of their time. With the rise of the automobile industry, the 1910s and '20s saw Delage become one of the great luxury car manufacturers in France, engineering cars of the highest quality and with the most intricate attention-to-detail. Famous for their stately grand touring cars and delightful roadsters, models such as the 1929 Delage D8, the 1930 Delage D6, the D6-11, the DI and the ever-graceful Delage D8 S open tourers, were among their exemplary automobiles. The Delage manufacture of the 1930s saw revolutionary changes in the designs of coach-built vehicles; cars such as the 1927 Delage B-20 Grand Sport now represent some of the most sought-after cars in French auto history. Another manufactured treasure, the 1932 DS-11 Lemans SS, was the ultimate in carefree vehicle motoring at that time. Owner John Redak's love of vintage motorsports have led to the aquisition of numerous historic vehicles, many of which have graced his showroom that reflects his passion. Thus, each piece of the Delage collection has been carefully chosen to honor the heritage of the carmaker. His luxury Delage teams sometimes take part in Grand Prix and Rallye events, an exciting representation of their expertise and racing style. The current range of Delage cars on offer is no less thrilling with models such as the D6S, D8S Snipe, D9S, D12S, D8120 and the impressive D19 equipped with the smooth 6-cylinder motor. Fully loaded with luxury and authoritative power, these iconic vehicles remain symbols of the marche's success through the ages. Today, the cars of Delage continue to be revered and celebrated by experts and classic car enthusiasts alike. For affluents between 35 and 65 years-old, Delage's classic grand tourers and sophisticated roadsters remain staples of grand touring motoring as ownership represents a testament to modern motoring and that vivid sense of old-world classic car magnificence that only Delage can bring alive. Highest levels of vintage glamor, wonder and fashionable appeal make for exhilarating driving experiences and incredible story moments alike; this is how Delage will continue to live on in the hearts of car lovers the world over.

Story of the Delage in motorsport

Delage, a French luxury car brand founded by Louis Delage, experienced unparalleled success in motorsport over the years. Born in Trenton, France in 1874, Louis Delage had an innovative and mechanical mind that soon became evident; at the age of just 15, Delage had accumulated enough knowledge and experience to spearhead his own car manufacturing company in 1898. Louis Delage’s eagerness for success in motorsport led to certain inventions such as the revolutionary four-valve overhead camshaft engine in 1903, now known as VVT (variable valve timing technology) as well as the first highly air and water cooled supercharged engine which competed against various engines ranging from Fiats to Mercedes in motor racing. This set Delage on the path of victory for many years to come. The Delage team gained reputation as a powerhouse in early motor racing, obtaining pole position in various events including the legendary French Grand Prix in 1912 and 1913 and the British Grand Prix in 1913. Due to the help of designers like Delage, motor sport races such as the Grand Prix became the highlight of the summer for the French people. Reducing the overall weight of race-cars and consequently perfecting cornering was another notion that was implemented thanks to Delage. From 1912 to 1913, an aluminum panel replaced the traditional steel body in order to reduce overall weight and weight transfer. This invention soon spread into various other brands, proving how influential the car manufacturer was to the world of motorsport. In the early 1920s, Delage had already acquired over 100 grand prix wins, and the brand was trully on its route to fame with its motor racing experiences. The success was kept alive with an innovative 5995cc V12 engine that competed in the popular 24 Hours du Man race in 1931 which ended in fourth placed finish. Furthermore, Delage also branched out to other races such as the high-profile 1146 mile Mille Miglia, competing with their famed Delahaye Type 135 MS3812. Even though the team couldn’t quite match the success it found as the Grand Prix, their valiant attempt and commitment is still highly appreciated. The remarkable and utterly meaningful ambitions that began when Louis Delage first started his company is still very much alive today. Motorsport drivers still proudly drive Delage cars at exclusive notable events. Automobile enthusiasts and affluent people between the ages 35 to 65 are always in awe of not only its distinguished history, but also its passion-driven mechanics. It is intriguing to note how within a mere 25 years, Delage managed to be one of the strongest teams in the motorsport decade. It’s no surprise that its glorious presence is still highly appreciated and applauded across the world – making it one of the most influential and astounding teams in the history of motorsport.

Anecdotes about Delage

Delage is an iconic car brand that has a fascinating story to tell. Founded in 1905 by Louis Delage, a champion racer prior to taking on his new career, the Delage car company treated car design and performance as serious feats of engineering. The brand’s commitment to engineering excellence and craftsmanship endured the test of time leading to a rich legacy of luxurious and reliable sportscars. Most enthusiasts know the iconic Delage D8, a 15-degree pointed-nosed coupe which won the 1938 Grand Prix of Monaco race with its flexible rumble seat. Tradition and technology collide in this sportscar. The hard parts of the engine are rolled and made from bronze instead of steel and the entire car’s frame is made from carefully hand-beaten light-alloy sheeting which is then Thermos welded. This revolutionary technology makes the D8 a lightweight car that also is the pioneer of Delages ‘Exceptional Balanced Aerodynamics’. Other noteworthy Delages were the DI-3 racing cars, crafted with an expertise to weather the most extreme racing conditions. These race cars of this marque has participated in various prestigious races such as the Monaco and Grand Prix of the European championship in 1935 and 1936, which was also the first-ever inaugeration year of the 36 Grand Prix. This series of cars had the honour of taking home the initial trophy. More recently, the Delage D12-Change Climatique, has seen a few successes in the world of racing. This sleek and aerodynamic racer, with a chopped tail and elongated frameless windshield, featured a yet-unheard-of innovation – the world’s first electronic climate control system. Developed to help the driver in extreme environmental conditions, this feature marks this car as the first one able to find balance in comfort and racing performance. Love of luxury and racing performance have maintained Delage a classic icon for generations of passionate car enthusiasts. With its pioneering designs and innovative engineering that keeps challenging the automotive industry, this brand has remained as a true representation of a golden era for luxurios vintage cars and motorsport. Owning a Delage is a dream for many of today’s affluent and vintage car enthusiasts. It is a dedication to tru craftmanship that not only brings unparalleled performance but also unparalleled satisfaction.

Which Delage for which budget?

Which Delage for a low budget?

Are you fascinated to find out what a luxurious car like the Delage can do on a budget? The classic Delage car from France has consistently made waves for more than a century for its luxurious style and way of driving. Whether you’re a fan of vintage cars, motorsport, or just an affluent person looking to invest in the perfect classic car, the Delage offers much of the luxury of classic French cars at reasonable prices. The Delage name carries the charm and pedigree of a classic luxury brand. Founded in 1905, it quickly gained a reputation as both a powerful and stylish machine that rapidly won the hearts of racers and honorable citizens alike. Professional racers took to the tracks with Delage cars and scored victories in Le Mans and other prestigious competitions. Its attractive lines and comfort attracted passionate drivers as well. In 1925 Delage earned the prestigious European Grand Prix. The owners of older Delage models know they’ve held on to a special gem. While relatively little known compared to major brands like Chevrolet, Ford or Rolls Royce, the modern French classics often serve as well or better than those options. Every model is hand-built with the utmost precision and attention to detail, from the classic lines and elegant cabin to the high-powered engine. This gives Delage models all the classic splendor that many drivers have come to appreciate in vintage vehicles. Thanks to their competitive price point, savvy buyers can find many Delage models at laudable prices. There are several factors that contribute to this relatively low cost, all of which make it ideal for those seeking a great car without breaking the bank. In addition to a limited production period of around 30 years, the cars are made of chrome and other metals, making them weigh less than typical cars of the same era. Despite their age, the majority of models are well cared for and available in relatively good condition. For those looking to drive a classic car in the classic French style, Delage might be the right choice. The combination of classic lines, ideal combination of metals and reasonable price point make it viable even for those on a tight budget. It provides thrills, comfort and elegance for a purchase equal to that of more modern performance cars. Whether you’re an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport or just looking for the perfect classic car to add to your collection, Delage certainly adds that perfect touch of luxury and heritage without breaking the bank.

Which Delage for a medium budget?

Delage cars are the ultimate dream for vintage car enthusiasts, offering the perfect combination of elegant curves, classic lines, and dynamic performance. For those looking for a car that is great value and that can be picked up for a medium budget, the Delage range offers plenty of choice. Whether you're passionate about motorsport or yearning for a classic car experience, the Delage cars on offer have been skilfully crafted so they provide the perfect balance of styling and performance. A Delage is a classic car that's both aesthetically pleasing and powerfully agile, and they often draw admiration from other drivers, as well as passers-by. The Delage range is sure to give a thrill to drivers of all ages, from younger to older affluent motorists, and will deliver an unforgettable driving experience. You can find the perfect car in the selection available; high-end versions include luxury leather trim and an updated interior styling package, while the budget versions offer a high level of technical performance. The Delage cars come with a full service history, ensuring top condition for robust and reliable motoring. All cars come fully tested and approved to give them maximum power and a long lifespan. Only new and certified parts are used for maintenance, and Delage proudly provides 24/7 support and access to an extensive winning racing team. For true Delage enthusiasts, the unique and unmistakable curves of the cars provide the ultimate classic car experience. Revered for its stunning design and impressive styling, the Delage range provides the perfect compromise between style and performance. Recognised as a transport classic across Europe, it is no surprise that the Delage cars are the favoured choice for those seeking quality, style and performance. The beauty and function of the Delage's cars sets them apart from the competition – boasting sport-like acceleration, fluid handling, and a sublime look. With adjustable spoilers, gearbox spaceless connections, and improved chassis suspension for smooth handling, this is without doubt one of the more luxurious driving experiences. No matter the budget or desires, the Delage range has the perfect combination of power and practicality, offering something for discerning car collectors and guilty pleasure seekers alike. If you are passionate about a classic driving experience and looking for amazing vehicles to add to your collection, the Delage range provides the perfect option.

Which Delage for a high budget?

Delage: An Iconic Investment Opportunity For affluent enthusiasts of vintage cars and motorsport, investing in one of the classic models from marque Delage could be one of the most rewarding investments you could make. Founded over a hundred years ago in Levallois-Perret by Louis Delage, the Delage motor automobile manufacturer has earned a rightful place in automotive history. The individual cars are lovingly known as masterpieces featuring sumptuously crafted bodies coupled with powerful and reliable layouts which combine to make them worth every penny of their purchase price. At the highest end of their product range among the vintage examples are the luxurious one-of-a-kind Delaged-bodied creations by French coachbuilders, of which several exist. Spanning a broad variety of iconic eras in automotive design, these examples are truly remarkable. From the brass-era genesis examples such as the Delage 15/17, Delage 2LCV and the Delage B19, to the bolder iteration of the Grand Sport, the ultimate in built-for-speed and handling. Immortalised by legendary racers such as André Dubonnet in the Grand Prix and Henry Segrave and Malcolm Campbell in the Blue Bird-Delage respectively, many examples of these extraordinary cars have survived to grace the showrooms of classic car museums and shows around the world. At any such event, the breath-taking appeal of the awe-inspiring finishes of Ralph Lauren Automobiles or English Motors or Collier Buitoni prices demand attention, thanks to their timeless aesthetic beauty and craftsmanship. For those who demand the exceptional, there are the unusual and exquisite special-order commissioned editions inspired by the personal vision of aeronautical geniuses, industrial designers and great artisans alike. Such models are highly sought after both for their unique beauty and rarity, and they come at jaw-dropping prices in the open market. From the aesthetically sublime Monoposte series to unique examples such as the 1952 LeDuc bodied example, the eye-popping custom creations driven by Emirati Shiek Fahd bin Sultan to the 1963 Abz Motorama at the Louvre, the marque's fans never cease to be amazed. In the current market of classic cars, the Delage remains one of the most striking and historic offerings — possessing both historical importance and eternal appeal, all while providing a lucrative financial investment. Delage has been celebrated as much as it has been coveted for generations, inspiring a sense of opulence and admiration for its stunning design, amazing grace and undying reputation. So for those willing to invest in a higher tier of valuable vintage machinery, the Delage is well worth consideration.

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