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Story of the DAF creation

DAF: A Proud History of Automotive Mechanics and Motorsports Since its foundation in 1928, Dutch car company DAF has been at the forefront of automotive engineering and motorsports success. From innovative designs and early successes on the track, to a recent resurgence in fan and car enthusiast circles, DAF has continued to maintain its place in classic car heritage. Let’s explore the storied history of this time-honoured car brand. Founded in Eindhoven, the Netherlands by Hendrik Veder and Willem van Doorne, DAF started out as a master parts and services auto dealer. From the onset, Veder and van Doorne understood the importance of top-of-the-line car engineering, with the company opting to specialize solely in Studebaker components. By 1931, they had produced so many individual parts that they had enough to assemble the first two-seat mini car, known as the DAF Series-A Voiturette. Their simple, small and lightweight vehicle quickly became popular for people traversing the narrow, nearby roads and boomed in 1921 when the Dutch Department of Transportation specified them as the best option for all taxi services in the area. From 1960 to 1967, DAF enjoyed unprecedented success at the racetrack, beginning with a third-place finish at both the 1960 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 1960 Monte Carlo Rally. Drastic modifications and further experimentation with the car design, lured a passionate throng of fans to their races, attracted a record 10 podium finishes, and the DAF marque was preceded with a first-place finish at the 1964 1000-Lire-Pescara and an impressive two consecutive victories in the 1966 and 1967 Dutch Rally Nationals. The financial burdens of elite motorsports competition proved overwhelming to the brand’s larger fortunes, however, and the company’s motorsports endeavors officially ceased in 1967 and refocused on producing consumer vehicles. Notable inventions like a patented trunk-mounted engine (dubbed the ‘Variomatic’) emerged in 1958, the wheel formula ‘Quatro’ in 1966, and even a widely popular scooter in 1967. Prioritizing consumer comfort and quality produced some fantastic cars that enjoyed a certain level of success both at home and abroad, but as tensions in the automobile industry began to mount, DAF — after experiencing its first financial loss in 1966 — was taken over by Volvo in 1975. In the 30 years that have passed since Volvo acquired DAF, prints of the classic marque have endured, often enough to make appearances at classic car shows, pro touring events, vintage motorsport rallies, and marque meetings across Europe and the United States. These often exclusive events have insured both an old-school reminiscence of the modest Veder and van Doorne-led inception of the company, as well as a newfound passion for the latest developments in this beloved classic car company’s proud 100 year history.

Story of the DAF models

When it comes to cars, few brands can embody the same level of elegance, performance, and power as DAF. Founded in 1928, DAF has had a longstanding reputation for producing top-of-the-line cars, with models that are both robust and stylish. Today, DAF remains one of the premier brands for both luxury and motorsport cars, earning the admiration of fans and collectors across the globe. Here we will take a look at some of the more popular DAF models, delving deep into the performance, power, and elegance of these timeless icons. The DAF 3600: the Quintessence of the Vintage Era The origin story of the DAF car brand began with the birth of the DAF 3600 in 1959. With its characteristic short front, long rear, and elegant curves, this car managed to stand out even in the crowded market of the time. But the 3600 was much more than just a pretty face: its 800cc engine, developed by DAF engineers, could accelerate from 0-70km/h in under 6 seconds, a remarkable feat for its day. What’s even more remarkable was its trademark semi-automatic transmission, which allowed drivers to switch between automatic and manual mode with ease. It’s no surprise then that, since its launch in 1959, the DAF 3600 has become a staple of the vintage car market, both for its power and style. The DAF 55 Coupe: Performance Meets Luxury First released in 1972, the DAF 55 Coupe quickly became one of the most popular models in the DAF range. Sporting a larger 850cc engine and elegant bodywork, the 55 Coupe was designed to provide a more luxurious driving experience. Indeed, the 55 Coupe featured more sophisticated gauges, a chic interior and leather-trimmed seats. This car marks a clear turning point in the history of the brand: while it maintained off-road and motorsport heft, its luxurious interior and greater power elevated the car to a new level of excellence and class. The 42 Rallycross: Driven to Success on the Race Track For sports car fans, the DAF 42 Rallycross has gained almost mythic status over the years. First launched in 1972, this special iteration of DAF models incorporated many modifications intended for use in motorsport applications. The most striking of these was the turbo-charged engine, developed especially for rally racing, which offered some serious horsepower (200 BHP) and superior acceleration, allowing the 42 to accelerate from 0-96km/h in just 3.55 seconds, establishing a world record at the time. Its unique, rugged design has since become synonymous with rallying, firmly cementing the DAF 42’s place in racing history. The DAF 1600 GT: Resurrecting the Genre The DAF 1600 GT was first released in 1976, and was renowned for its light-weight design, improved suspension, and all-round quality engineering. Despite its racing pedigree, this cars focus was on the pleasure of the everyday driver, who, while searching for performance and reliability, also wanted a car with panache and luxury. While the 1600GT did not feature the same kind of power as some of the previous DAF models before it, the unique combination of class and performance made it the perfect car for the affluent middle-aged car enthusiast. The DAF Reborn in the 21st Century Today, the DAF brand has been reborn, offering all of the same performance, power and elegance that it once became famous for. Boasting a refreshed range of cars, including luxury, sports and motorsport models, this resurgence underscores the power of the brand’s legendary history and showcases that it is still able to produce quality, passionate cars. Despite the passing of the years, DAF continues to innovate and reach unprecedented levels of excellence and sophistication. It’s clear that the DAF car brand stands out among its peers on the global automobile scene. With its rich heritage, unchallenged style and sophistication, and unrivalled performance, DAF has established itself as a timeless classic. Whether you are a fan of vintage cars or motorsport driving, DAF has given car enthusiasts something to love from the sublime 3600 to the powerful 42 Rallycross. So, if you’re in the market for an exceptional car that embodies power, performance and passion, DAF is certainly worth taking a look at.

Story of the DAF in motorsport

Since its inception in 1928, DAF has been a staple in the motorsports industry. Founded as a family-run business in the Netherlands, the company has a rich motorsport history that has stretched across both land and water. As one of Europe's first manufacturers of diesel-powered passenger vehicles, the marque has seen its cars blaze tracks in Le Mans, compete in the Dakar Rally, and set all sorts of speed records. At Le Mans, DAF briefly garnered fame in the 1950s and '60s with their sleek and powerful prototypes. The company's Type 650 motorsport car was a success, with acclaim coming from drivers and spectators alike. The company also attached its name to a number of speedboats throughout its history, setting records for greatest distance covered in a day at locations around the world. Fans of vintage cars still treasure DAF models for their robust horsepower and unique style. It was a pioneer in car manufacturing, introducing features like the sliding roof, which allowed ventilation for hot summer months. Even today, many classic DAFs grace the roads of Europe, with enthusiasts restoring them to their original glory and tearing up the tarmac for weekend driver and car shows. On the modern motorsport stage, the company has returned to international racing with proud colors. In recent years, the car brand took home two Dakar Rally truck titles in the production class, beating teams from some of the world’s leading automotive marques. Chronometers still needed to write down the records made by fast-moving, 700-horsepower DAF trucks conquering almost anything in their way. The dealership owners, customers, and employees of the company can proud of the long heritage behind the nameplate. With an incredible racing legacy behind it, DAF continues to fuel the fire of motorsports by pushing the limits of human technology and ingenuity. Whether it’s the vintage model nestled in a collector’s garage or the latest rally racer steaming into the finish line, DAF ensures that the name carries on, still sparking the passions of vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport fans, and affluent individuals between 35 and 65 years old.

Anecdotes about DAF

The Dutch car brand DAF can look back at some remarkable stories and anecdotes. Founded in 1928 by three brothers, Hub, Wim and Jen DAF, the company had humble beginnings as a small machine factory but rose quickly to become one of the most important Dutch automakers of the 20th century. Growing rapidly during the late 1930s, DAF was one of the first car companies to construct its own passenger vehicles rather than continuing with the truck production business that they originally had started. Throughout its history, DAF has been a reliable and imaginative automotive company, revolutionizing the automotive industry with its small but punchy car designs as well as its inventive engineering solutions.The iconic runabout Corsair was among the most acclaimed new car designs of the early 1950s. This unique single-seat concept could be quickly unfolded into a two-seater, and many consider Corsair to be a landmark achievement in the history of car design. One of DAF's most famous vehicles is undoubtedly the Variomatic, or DAF 600. This innovative, compact car debuted in 1958 as one of the first automatic cars and featured an automatic continuously variable transmission that could change gears at any speed. Despite a few challenges – the engine produced more smoke than the competitors – the Variomatic was a roaring success and is considered a much sought-after classic by many car enthusiasts today. The mid-1960s saw the debut of the iconic mini sports car, the DAF 66. This innovative vehicle combed over the Gran Turismo impressions and was acclaimed for its light weight, zippy acceleration and nimble handling. The DAF 66 also holds the credit of being the automatic with the biggest transmission selection, providing a staggering eight-speed transmission. Today, vintage DAF car are some of the most sought after vehicles among vintage car collectors, motorsport enthusiasts and affluent individuals between 35 and 65 years old. No matter which model of these timeless Dutch classics you own, you can be proud of owning a timeless piece of automotive history. Each vehicle is a testament to DAF’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and continuing to push design standards for the love of the motorsport. So if you’ve affection for these vintage cars, treat yourself to the amazing experience of maintaining an automaker’s legacy and the opportunity to own a unique piece of automotive history!

Which DAF for which budget?

Which DAF for a low budget?

If you're in the market for a vintage bargain but don't want to blow your budget, then look no further than DAF! The Dutch-made classic car boasts an unmatched quality, durability and precision. It stands the test of time and looks gorgeous on the road. It's no secret; owning a vintage car - especially a top-end brand like DAF - is a source of pride and style. Whether you're a country-wide cruising enthusiast or a devoted motorsport devotee, having this vehicle in your collection will make your neighbours go green with envy. There are many reasons why DAF has become a classic hit, with reviews praising the ease of driving, durability, and timeless aesthetics. DAF's appeal doesn't stop just there, though - it also provides an engine with a reliable and low maintenance cost that will make wallets happy. If that's not enough, here's a little added bonus: its affordability. Daf offers up some lines of classic vehicles that can be had on a miniscule budget. A car that presents cozy classic looks along with the reliability of a modern-day DAF? It's a no-brainer! With its state-of-the-art design, and wide power options, the DAF offers a diverse selection of impressive models. From the enthusiast-loved DAF Sunbeam to the passenger-friendly DAF 2600, there is an absolute gem suited to everyone. Whether you're a car collector looking for something flashy but reasonably priced, an individual who wants to own a piece of history, or if you're just in search of a great car with classic styling – in any case, DAF is an option to consider. It really is hard to consider a downside to owning a bargain-found DAF car; not to mention, you'd be lucky to find something as unique and well-built at such an economical price. Our advice is to put the pedal to the metal and grab one of these vintage roadsters in no time. You won't regret getting behind the wheel of a DAF. Start planning your next weekend getaway, the roads await you - and your DAF!

Which DAF for a medium budget?

If you're in the market for an affordable and classic car with a penchant for motorsport performance, look no further than the tried-and-true Dutch-made DAF cars. For over 50 years, this highly recognizable automobile brand has cemented its place amongst racing enthusiasts throughout the globe. Sleek style meets robust power in DAF's classic coupes. Their iconic aerodynamic shapes make them stand out from the more staid traditional models, and all DAF's come standard with efficient diesel engines providing plenty of energy and endurance for those extra-long trips. Check out the 1950's classic DAF 600 sedan, which sports a smooth, almost art-deco-like design with smooth curves and sides. The 1960's era DAF 33 offers speedier options with better fuel efficiency. This model was actually very popular amongst racers—its low-budget and lightweight frame make it perfect for outfitters interested in upgrading for a higher performance finish. Speaking of racing, the DAF family cars have made a name for themselves on the track. Whether you choose the 1600cc or the 2200cc variant, the DAF's aggressive suspension and tough refinement gives any driver the necessary edge they need to take on any course. As gear-heads will tell you, these cars aren't the fastest around, but the efficient engine and reliable build still make them a right choice for amateur racers, even up to today. Best of all, DAF cars are often still affordable up to the present day. You can find some models from the 50's and 60's for very low prices, benefitting from all that a vintage car lifestyle has to offer without breaking the bank. With the right maintenance and upgrades, these classic models can last lifetimes—they're the perfect option for financial-savvy motorsport consumers and vintage car enthusiasts. Simply put, if you're looking for an affordable and timeless car from a rich tradition of excellent engineering, the DAF vintage cars are for you. Their aesthetic design elements and reliable performance make them perfect for joyful cruising and competitive racing alike. Start your search today for an awesome bargain and enjoy all the thrills of a classic, robust DAF car.

Which DAF for a high budget?

DAF Cars: The Best Investment for the Affluent Are you an affluent person and a car enthusiast with a high budget? Are you searching for the perfect coupe that oozes vintage sophistication? If so, the car you are looking for is the DAF – a Dutch-engineered car designed to provide optimal performance and unparalleled elegance. The DAF – formerly known as The DAF Van Doorne Aanhangwagen en Carrosseriebouw - was established in 1928 and has been a leader in performance and luxury vehicles ever since. Combining handmade coachwork that is not limited by any aesthetic restrictions, all DAF vehicles are results of passionate commitments to turn ambitious designs into reality. As for performance, the DAF features a ridiculously efficient engine. According to experts, its military vehicle-derived axels radiate superior character, offering a smoother ride in even the most demanding environments. Furthermore, these cars can reach high cruising speeds from low rpms, making it the perfect car for everyone who loves feeling the motorway wind rushing through their hair in pure luxury and peak performance. Also, DAF cars are revered for their classic-modern look dating back to the 1960s. The slightly rounded angular headlights offer a dreamy, luxuriant look that can match that of the most expensive cars. Inside the cabin, the perfect balance between exquisite modern materials and classic details - like the wooden trimmings - make of these vehicles the perfect choice for all those who appreciate interior beauty. Therefore, DAF cars are the perfect choice for car and luxury aficionados who a discerning eye for modern classic elegance. Investing in one of these exclusive vehicles will provide you with an unforgettable driving experience, bristling with maximum luxury and performance. A stunning combination that only DAF can offer.

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