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Story of the Cord creation

The car brand Cord has long been considered a staple in the automotive industry. Founded in 1929, Cord quickly made its mark in the world of automobiles as a manufacturer that offered something different from the status quo. With daring, innovative designs and advanced engineering for the time, Cord quickly gained traction among those looking for something out of the ordinary when it came to performance and style. Drawing influence from its predecessors, such as the Ford Model T and Peerless Wreckers, the Cord was able to take luxury and performance to the next level with its 1936 810/812 model. Sporting design elements that incorporated aircraft into its construction such as the cowl and flying-wing grille, Cord's 810/812 model was among the most eye-catching cars of the time and beyond. Offered as both a Coupe and Sedan, at first as a gasoline-powered vehicle then later equipped with a Lycoming V8 engine, the Cord 810/812 boasted impressive power and was capable of pressing its way up to speeds of 90 mph (145 km/h). Constantly on the bleeding edge of performance, Cord also upped the ante featuring a Hydraulic dual-ratio transmission which ushers a feeling of control while allowing better throttle anticipation. Plus, it featured four-wheel independent upper and lower wishbone suspension with roll control and an uneven springs layout to deliver a luxurious, butter-smooth ride. With its sharp, top-of-the-line styling, the 810/812 model Cord elicited turn heads on and off the race track. Today, the brand's legacy still carries nostalgic and passionate appeal with vintage car aficionados and motorsport enthusiasts alike, many of whom are 35-65 years old and affluent consumers. Cord's legacy ensured that nearly a century after its infancy, their brand and vehicles are here to stay, a living testament from a simpler but bolder time in automotive history.

Story of the Cord models

Cord has been around for more than a century as a car brand and it has amassed a great number of models along the way. It has always been a testament to the craftsmanship and innovation of renowned classic car collectors, and enthusiasts of vintage vehicles continue to be particularly fond of Cord models. With a plethora of vehicles revered for their elegance, performance and sophistication, let us take a more detailed look at some of the most iconic creations of the renowned brand. First on the list is the classic 812 Sportsman designed by Gordon Buehrig. This model fuelled a motorsport revolution during the 1930s and its V8 Lycoming engine was considered one of the most excellent powerplants used in any classic car. It manufactured everything from fantastic aesthetics to incredible speeds reaching up to 125 miles per hour, alongside boasting the first ever production front-wheel disc brakes. The 812 Sportsman quickly attained the highest levels of admiration, with its beautiful curve body, two-tone exterior and some fine detailing on its interiors creating quite the stir amongst classic car aficionados as well as affluent and passionate car lovers between 35 and 65 years old. Another classic inclusion to the lineup is the radically stylish and extremely popular 810 convertible. Drawing inspiration from a German boattail, it was first presented in 1936 and was made up of aluminum panels, leather interiors and an extended wheelbase. It could very well have been the first supercar ever, as the most powerful version stopped at 145 miles per hour, an astonishing feat for the time. Despite its hefty price, it was soon lapped up by classic car followers and dubbed as the 'Long Lost Dream Car' due to its deep red paintwork and chrome bumpers. Though other models such as the 8/98 and Auburn Cord Duesenberg went on to attain higher heights of appreciation in the motoring community, we cannot help but recognize the sturdiness and performance of Cord's earlier creations. From its heavy-hitting 812 Sportsman and awe-inspiring 810 convertible, it is no surprise why Cord has established itself as a reputed classic car brand even over a century later.

Story of the Cord in motorsport

The history of the car brand Cord is one that is simultaneously full of passion and nostalgia. As far back as 1936, when Cord Automobile launched the iconic type 836 Model, the engineering wizardry that went into this marvelous machine was a sight to behold! The Model 836 boasted such features as Front-Wheel Drive, independent front suspension, and an all-new 288 cubic-inch Lycoming V8 powerplant, giving drivers of Cord's mid-priced vehicles access to performance and amenities that were otherwise only available to those in posh luxury cars. This engineering marvel, along with its attractive styling and overall quality and luxuries, made it an instant classic and it quickly became one of the most sought after automobiles in the world. But Cord's excellence didn't stop there! After the Model 836, they went on to create the stunning Supercharged 812 and 812 Phaeton for those who wanted even more performance. This was revolutionizing technology, bringing to market a vehicle that could reach speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. With its stylish body, remarkable handling, and shocking top speed, this car became an icon in the world of motorsport. Another remarkable car produced by the Cord Motor Company was the 810. While earlier Cord cars were notable, this model really catapulted them into stardom. It featured an advanced brake system which was no doubt responsible, in part, for its victory in the 1938 Grand Prix, a remarkable achievement for a small car company! As a result of its success, Cord's cars quickly became famous for their immense performance and reliability. This history continues to today as Cord Automobile launches its newest models. Cars like the Granluxe and the LSX are powered by the latest 6.0L V8 engines and come with options for high tech features like lane-departure warnings and automatic emergency braking. The excitement and passion behind Cord will last through this age of modern technology, and enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport, and those looking for a bit of sophistication and luxury will be forever appreciative of the contributions Cord has made to the automotive world.

Anecdotes about Cord

For over 100 years, the Cord automobile brand has been synonymous with classic styling and expert engineering. From the legendary Cord 810 to the luxurious and powerful 812, and from the ultra-rare Front Wheel Drive to the ground-breaking 8/10 concept supercar, the Cord has a unique heritage that continues to fascinate and delight car enthusiasts of all ages. Cord enthusiasts love to share the incredible anecdotes from the company’s storied past. From the never-released 8/12 dragster that left the factory in amazing orange-and-black livery to the unique Fisher Coupe – designed by legendary engineer Harry Miller – the Cord brand has acquired many devotees thanks to its attention to detail and dedication to quality engineering. In 1928, the Cord L-29 was the first car to feature hidden headlamps, setting a trend that impacted the auto world for decades. This cutting-edge design even featured dirigible-inspired flared tail fins that helped the two-and-a-half-ton car glide through corners like a much smaller vehicle. Our passion for these cars reaches its heights with the potential of the 1933 Cord Bevel Gear Drive 8/10 Prototype, which shocked the world with its streamlined interior, chrome trim and surprisingly spacious cockpit. Cord enthusiasts love getting a close look at the shoes ofthese classic American cars. The powerful engines on many Cords set them apart from their competition, adding muscle that helped the cars reach insane speeds. These distinct smells, sights, and sounds remind us of Cord’s dedication to innovation and its charismatic mood, that special spirit that all automotive aficionados tangibly appreciate. The Cord brand still inspires people today thanks to its high design standards and excellent engineering. Such feats as the Cords achieving a remarkable 15 finishes in the 24-hour Indianapolis 500 race continue to fascinate every generation, firmly securing the company’s legacy as a reliable and practical luxury car. All Cord aficionados are passionate about these cars. They take their time and effort to learn every single detail about the brand – from the cars’ styling details to the finely engineered drives. They are rewarded with a unique experience they will never forget. That bond gives these amazing cars a life of their own, and keep their legend going forever.

Which Cord for which budget?

Which Cord for a low budget?

Searching for a classic car with great performance and reliability, but don't have the capacity to buy a high-end model? The Cord offers the perfect solution. Built in the 1930s by the Auburn Automobile Company, the Volkswagen Type 2 or True Cord is a car that can be purchased relatively cheaply for its remarkable condition and advanced features. This vintage vehicle is fast becoming a popular choice among motorsport enthusiasts and vintage car collectors alike. The Cord boasted an extensive range of features, which could be modified as per user requirement. It had a high-performance engine, six-cylinder engine, with a five-speed transmission and air-cooling feature to prevent engine surging. It also featured adjustable accelerating gear that was incredibly accurate and a speedometer for measuring speed. Furthermore, electric power steering was also added, offering smooth, responsive steering. Despite its advanced features and capabilities, the Cord offers affordable prices for its excellent performance and reliability. It remains a great choice for vintage car fans, motorsport enthusiasts, and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old wanting a unique, classic car without breaking the bank. The Cord is available from various sources, from used car dealerships, rare car auctions, or even private owners. Many enthusiasts tend to restore their vintage Cords, investing in unique accessories and spare parts to make them look and run as efficiently as possible. Shopping around is key to securing the best deal. If you are lucky, you might even be able to purchase a certified classic car from the CCCA (Classic Car Club of America). Each one gets its own certification and authentication, carried out by experienced professionals, another added value. Whether you're after a unique, stylish way to explore the roads, or plan to show off some vintage stunts on a race track, the Cord is an excellent low-budget solution. Beneath its classic roots lies advanced performance and motoring technologies, making it perfect for passionate collectors looking for a great all-around classic car experience.

Which Cord for a medium budget?

If you've ever dreamed of owning a classic vehicle with an incredible history and grace that has graced the collector car markets for years, then the Cord 812 may be the perfect car for you. With a backstory that stands out from the rest, the Cord 812 is highly regarded in the motor industry, offering the experience of a classic sports car without breaking the bank. This coveted model offers a unique combination of classic styling and modern engineering by making use of retro styling with the latest technology to create an outstanding driving experience. The long and spiraling hood, wide fenders and sloping snout are classic styling cues of the 1940’s era Cord design, combining with its ample 8 cylinder engine to create the perfect blend of performance and nostalgia. The interior remains equally timeless, designed with beautiful wood trim and supple leather seats, ensuring superior comfort when behind the wheel. Speaking of performance, the Cord 812 is equipped with a powerful 300-horsepower V8 engine coupled with a 3-speed transmission that perfects the classic style – under the hood and between your seat and pedal – while ensuring reliable performance. On top of a smooth and efficient transmission system, the 812 boasts an extraordinary suspension that keeps the vehicle balanced, even when taken to high speeds. From the long, sleek hood to the responsive steering, motorists can travel with confidence in the Cord 812 on the windiest roads. Owning and maintaining a classic car can be an expensive endeavor, but with the Cord 812, you can enjoy the best of both worlds on a medium budget. With its luxurious design, comfortable interior and reliable transmission and suspension system, you can enjoy the full Cord experience while saving your hard earned money in the long run. The Cord 812 is truly car perfection made for classic car admirers and motorsport enthusiasts. An icon of American-made automotive pride, the 812 revives the sentiment of nostalgia while meeting the needs of modern drivers. If you’re looking for a classic car that exudes passion while standing up to the test of time and performance, then take the Cord 812 for a spin and experience the difference today.

Which Cord for a high budget?

The Cord Automobile Company revolutionized the automobile industry in the 1930s through their bold and innovative design. With a distinctive silhouette and bold wheel covers, Cord automobiles immediately captured the attention of both collectors and admirers of all generations. It’s no surprise that the passion that surrounded Cord automobiles when they were new has never wavered, thanks to the low production numbers and their stylish looks. Now, those looking for a truly luxurious and vintage muscle car can find their perfect Cord, provided they have the budget for it. Finding a Cord is not always an easy task. While some of the Cords produced have survived the more than eighty years since their introduction, they, naturally, come with a premium price tag. The combination of an already small production number and only limited availability, in some cases, turning an affordable classic car into something entirely unobtainable. Nonetheless, for those who, either through luck or immense dedication, manage to find the right Cord, owning it is a unique experience. Whether open or closed coachwork, all models ooze a passionate aura that’s only enhanced once they gracefully defy gravity around sharp curves. What’s more, tuning and maintaining a Cord is an opportunity for any passionate car enthusiast to make the most of the iconic car and even invest on it. The lush feel, unparalleled design and perfect drivability make a C1935 Cord 810/812 an even more valuable investment than the models of the ‘20s and ‘40s. Generally, they range anywhere from $250,000 to the $1,000,000 mark. While that is a hefty price for a car, the return on investment in terms of the joy of ownership and potential increase in the resale value of the car can be worth it. Cord automobiles are amongst the most formidable collector cars in the world, but don’t discount any aspect of the experience. Owning a Cord, not buying one, is a unique and passionate experience. Passion that lasts for longer than the long-term investment. We hope this inspires you and others to join the proud clubs of Cord lovers.

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