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Story of the Commer creation

The car brand Commer started its story nearly a century ago. In 1922, in England, a visionary engineer, William Richard Morris, had a dream of revolutionizing the automotive industry. He wanted to create affordable, high-quality cars that could be produced fit for purpose. After empowering a small group of employees and innovators to carry out his vision, William called the business Commer Cars. At first, Commer built the famous vehicles Knocker, Teasle and Wash, which gained an immense amount of reputation and credibility before the release of the iconic truck the Commando. With its spacious cab, straightforward controls, and powerful engine, the Commando was a quality trailblazer and farm vehicle. These revolutionary designs ensured that Commer developed an infamous reputation among engineers, motorsport professionals and businesses across the country. Following World War II, Commer continued to innovate and diversify their business, forming Semi-forward Control in 1950. Alongside the success of the Commando Cab and Anson models that followed, Commer aimed to introduce exciting cars for motorsport, leading them to the invention of the Commer Imp and Cobra in 1963. This gutsy, petrol-powered car became the engine for historic races, providing enthusiasts with an adrenaline-fueled escape. With a passion for delivering thrilling vehicles, Commer continued to invest resources and energy in its foray through the rich vintage car world. After introducing the Superpoise and Hazer models, Commer proved that even a small and low-budget firm was capable of achieving greatness and admiration. Commer cars were, and are still, industry benchmarks. With their luxurious interiors, powerful, durable engines, and the allure of adventure, Commer vehicles are the perfect companions for the wealthy, antique-loving set and vintage motorsport enthusiasts alike. Although Commer values have been greatly appreciated over the years, they remain to be some of the most modern and stunning collector's cars in the world. Thanks to Commer’s innovative manufacturing processes and commitment to delivering quality products, it has maintained its place in the hearts and minds of millions of people globally.

Story of the Commer models

There is more than a century of automotive history and culture encapsulated in the Commer, a name that puts a gleam in the eye of classic car enthusiasts and motorsport fans alike. And while once a forgotten brand, Commer is enjoying a newfound appreciation in the age of classic cars; and rightfully so, as this stalwart British car manufacturer has a selection of iconic models that have helped shape the classic car scene of today. From the sublime Commer FC Van – with its 1930's noble Victorian-styling – to the sporty and fun Commer Roadster, the range of classic Commers have caught the imagination of classic car fanatics for years, and the chance to drive one of these unique and timeless classics is something that collectors and drivers simply should not pass up. Nevertheless there are some Commers which stand out due to their rarity and rich history and of these marques, one stands out like a beacon. That car is the exquisite Commer Caravanette – renowned as one of the most advanced classic car drivers ever designed. When released in 1950, the Caravanette set a new standard for stylish and reliable automotive technology with its autonomous layout that allowed drivers to carry an array of goods, passengers and even animals, all within the one vehicle. And with its iconic front grill, the classic Commer Caravanette quickly became a symbol of style and dependability thanks to its robust construction and dependable mechanics. The iconic Commer Bellboy pick-up is another popular Commer model sought after by vintage car owners and collectors alike. Originally released in 1962 and based on the same trusty mechanical foundations as the Caravanette, the Bellboy traded the classic English charm of the Caravanette for a more work substantial spec for those looking for a mid-priced working vehicle. During the sixties, another model took the reigns from the Caravanette and Bellboy as the "flagship" Commer model, the Superpoise. Manufactured during an ever decreasing period of post-war rationing, the Superpoise succeeded as a clever - if diminutive - creation, boasting a sensational suspension system, efficient economy and an advanced power structure that verged on the revolutionary for its time. In short, whether you are a passionate enthusiast, an affluent fan of vintage cars, or a motorsport classic, there is something to be admired in the range of Commer motor cars. From the stately Caravanette to the sprightly Superpoise, there's sure to be a model that will satisfy and the Commer will ensure you own the roads in style.

Story of the Commer in motorsport

The Commer automobile is a forgotten hero of modern motorsport. Founded by the Commer brothers in 1903, this car brand was one of the pioneers of the motorized vehicle in the United Kingdom and quickly developed its reputation for producing reliable and economical engines. In the 1920s, the company launched a range of cars, the most popular of which was The “Pups”, a two-seater, 2-stroke powered delivery car that quickly became a favorite amongst early sports car enthusiasts, especially in Britain. Just as the company was starting to make inroads into the burgeoning motorsport arena, the Great Depression hit, and Commer didn’t escape unscathed. Struggling to keep up with the larger auto manufacturers, the company eventually ceased vehicle production in 1964. The complete lack of car production in the mid-20th century might have cost Commer its place in the motorsport history books, but weren’t destined to be forgotten. In the 1970s, countless Commer vehicles unfairly considered too outmoded and primitive for modern motorsport were snapped up by enterprising souls seeking a cheap way to get onto the track. And this decade was, without doubt, the heyday of Commer vehicles in motorsport. These unlikely racers soon made their mark on the race tracks, thanks in part to clever engine tuning and expert chassis setup. Over the course of the decade, Commer vehicles competed in everything from endurance races and rally championships to hill climbs and drag races. Such was the success of these formerly humble vehicles that Commer-powered cars ended up inspiring such legendary vehicles as the Lancia Stratos and Dallara F3000. The Commer mark on motorsports lasted into the 1980s as well, when a Commer vehicle equipped with a turbocharged transit van engine and an aerodynamic nose cone even found rare glory in Formula One. The secret to their success in modern racing is told best in Don Sanderson’s famous quote; “You may not have the fastest car, but if you have the best car for the job, you will always be fast.” Finally, in the 21st century, these vintage wonders of ingenuity and glory have made a solid comeback amongst motorsport enthusiast and vintage car connoisseurs. With growing numbers of historical-vehicle races throughout Europe, South Africa, and the US, the Commer vehicle is now getting its due recognition for its contribution to early motorsports. The forgotten adventurous history of the Commer car is now finding a keen audience, as more and more people recognize the vehicle for the pioneering piece of motorsport history it was. Whether it’s through meticulous restoration projects or a spirited lap of a race track, Commer cars have found a place in the lives and hearts of a new generation of motorsport and classic car devotees - all thanks to their passionate racing spirit.

Anecdotes about Commer

Commer is a car brand founded in 1905 and known for its light vans and trucks, but it also has a rich history of cars that have positively impacted the motoring and motorsport industries. Here, we take a look at some yan intriguing anecdotes from Commer's history that dedicated car enthusiasts would be interested in. Commer initially achieved success as a builder of light vans and trucks, however their four-wheeled vehicles gained traction during the mid 1930s and by 1931, they had become the most prolific car manufacturer in Britain. Eventually, Commer began to nurture a name for itself among amateur sport car manufacturers, mostly due to their involvement in pre-war rally races. In 1936, a few superstars of the motorsport laid sight on Commer, courtesy of young and brilliant Harold Bolton’s association with them. He had modified a pair of Commer Cob Lasilentle, often called ‘dual ignition’, to cost slightly over one third of what it cost to build them up was more than enough to propel him to glory, on both lanes and the racing tracks of Europe. Thanks to Earl Greenwood and TW Aldington’s association with Commer, the commercial success of their motorsport crafts was a huge advantage, shouldering a significant part of the burden when it came to funding the motorsport division. Greenwood had formed an ‘honorary board’ with the Commer Cars directors in the late 1930s, resulting in over a dozen beautifully modified twin-cylinder models. Being the only board-supervised cars of their time with rake on the steering column and self-changing rear axle, they had their trademark features such as beautifully built ‘oval’ radiators with boldly protruding domes, the uniquely styled porthole headlamps placed dead in the centre, and the ever prominent Commer badge on the sides. While none of them was remarkable in terms of performance, it took lovers of vintage cars and revv-lovers alike by storm. Commer bolsters its formidable splendor with a broad scattering of innovations. From developing its first successful, mass-produced twin cylinder car – the Commer ‘Crest’ – to designing the first air conditioned truck, Commer has truly outdone itself time and again. And thanks to their prolific racing record – even appearing on the podium at the legendary Mount Lie race of 1958 – Commer has solidified its brand as one of the most renowned vintage car producers of all time. This rich history of imagination combined with a progressive outlook, dedication to quality engineering and respect for their patron, has clinched the car makers in the upper echelons of vintage auto builders. An entire generation of motorsport devoted consumers swoon at the mere mention of the Commer’s logo and its stories, rendering Commer a symbol of legend and nostalgia.

Which Commer for which budget?

Which Commer for a low budget?

If you're looking for an affordable classic car with a storied past, you should add Commer to your list of search options. Commer has been producing a variety of vehicles since the end of WWI, and their cars remain popular among vintage car enthusiasts and motorsport enthusiasts alike. Whether you want a vehicle to expand your car collection or turn heads on racetrack days, a Commer has something for you. Commer's range of vehicles span decades, and you're sure to find a match whether you're 35 or 65. And the prices can come as lovingly low! Commer launched their first car at the 1919 Commercial Motor Exhibition in London, the five-seater HP. It can be purchased now for a great value, and is ideal for those looking for a first car purchase or an investment for the vintage car market. Furthermore, the Commer mechanicals became renowned for their adaptability to buses and coaches; if you like a challenge, rebuilding a Commer engine can be a labor of love for a decent price. The Commer S-type also came out in 1919, with a stylish body by Carbodies of Coventry. It competed against the Austin 7, Morris’ Cowley, and Morris-Heritage making it a classic car legend. For vintage car enthusiasts, you can find a restored example for a reasonable price from 1935 and up. And for motorsport lovers, Commer released the J-type British Racing Green in 1925. The plain unadorned exterior was only meant to house the speed-hungry components. By the following year, the Commer fastback had hit several tracks and gained competitive success thanks to its quick acceleration and overall solid performance. Because the cost of restoring an example is relatively inexpensive, it's an ideal option for drivers hit with a racing itch from time-to-time. Commer has released 27 iterations of cars over the decades, finding them won't be difficult, just narrow your focus down and you remain within budget. But the best way to find your Commer is at your local vintage car dealership or online for an unbeatable deal. Get searching now, for vintage and motorsport car enthusiasts alike, who wouldn't want an affordable Commer under their name?

Which Commer for a medium budget?

It's no secret that the Commer is renowned for its place in motorsport history. And for budget conscious enthusiasts of classic cars, there's no better alternative than this iconic beauty. Part of the Rootes Group conglomerate, Commer made its first appearance as a true motorsport vehicle in the 1950s and captured the attention of thousands of petrol heads worldwide. At the helm was the ever passionate Leslie Hounport, who drove the Commer to championship victories at some of the world's most gruelling rallies. Many of the Commer team have since gone down in history, remembered fondly by those who keenly followed their incredible feats. Today, the Commer is still a sought after icon. Thankfully, you don't need to be a millionaire to own one as there is a very wide selection available for all budgets. A little bit of sound research and a bit of patience, and even on a tight budget you could own a gorgeous classic Commer. You could plan to shop around online marketplaces specializing in classic cars, looking out for those elite vehicles who have undergone an extensive mechanical overhaul or even have an entire makeover. Your purchase could delight seasoned collectors, as well as first-timers who are just getting into vintage cars. If your budget won't cover a cosmetic overhaul, you may findCommer with reasonably good condition, refreshed parts and interior trims. Originality is always an added bonus, especially to Vintage car connoisseurs, as they can restore the classic beauty using original parts. Research what discounts are available in your area, and find the best deal for your perfect classic Commer. It may also be useful to join motoring groups and associations, as buy-and-sell postings are regularly circulated in these forums. These postings could offer you the great value, and also discounts, depending on your membership levels. To meet your needs, a Commer need not break the bank, and whether you plan on restoring its previous glory, or merely settling for a presentable look, age-old models of the classic car can be obtained for a reasonable price. It all boils down to paying attention to details, without compromising on your dreams.

Which Commer for a high budget?

Introducing Commer – The Car of Passionate Enthusiasts What comes to mind when talking about cars tailored for passionate enthusiasts? To many people, the Commer would immediately come to mind. Built between 1906 and 1980, this car has been around for quite some time and has featured a range of historical models, masterfully crafted to withstand the test of time in both design and power. Of course, thanks to the range it presents, the Commer can often be acquired for a high budget, making it an excellent find for anyone with financial means who appreciates a vehicle with a rich history. The Vintage Commer Car Line First introduced in 1906, the earliest version of the Commer was the 7hp and was followed up by the 9.5hp Commer. This second version of the car was powered with a 2-cylinder 1000cc engine, featuring side valves. In the following years, the Commer line was improved and adapted to include different vehicular models, namely trucks and coaches. The beauty of the Commer car models lies in the classic construction of the body, but also the careful design of the interior of the also-called vintage models. The car line was adapted to feature larger models of wheels and air-cooled engines, and the cars were very popular among those who wanted to experience the unique vintage feeling they provided. The Century-Old Innovation Since the beginning of its production, Commer-branded cars and trucks have occupied a special place in history. Rising from a small operation to a large manufacturing concern, Commer cars have been able to roll on for over a century, carrying along the brand history, thanks to its exceptional design. Throughout the years, Commer cars maintained a solid reputation of being reliable and capable of providing safety on the road. Powered by 1 to 2-cylinder engines measuring up to 1000cc, the cars provided a robust performance and could keep up with any version of vehicles featuring air-cooled engines. The Commer cars also possessed an attractive and hefty construction. The Comeback of Vintage Cars Nowadays, considering the range of classic features featured in Commer cars, these often come at a higher cost. Vintage cars have come back into trend and can now be found online or in specialized stores. Commer cars are still the favored choice among private car collections, and its high cost can sometimes be offset with historical or mechanically interesting features. It is even one of the preferred models for those wanting to build their own technological invention. Finding Comfort and Luxury in a Classic Commer Car Very few cars allow for the comfort and luxury of the Commer models. Across the decades, it has become one of the favorite cars among enthusiasts, particularly those aged between 35 and 65. The car still exudes the same passionate and jocular ambiance as those from the beginning. Its design is classical, showing little evidence of being over a century old. Its quality levers up in 2020 just like it once did several decades ago. The Commer vehicles are great examples of how mechanics and style can be blended to create a true masterpiece of design. It is within its history and passion that Commer will remain a favored pick among vintage car enthusiasts. Their versions can be acquired for a high budget, and few other cars can offer such an enthusiasm for the drive like the Commer.

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