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Story of the Cisitalia creation

When speaking about car brand Cisitalia, lovers of vintage automobiles, motorsport enthusiasts and affluent individuals from 35 to 65-years-old alike know of its place as one of the most iconic and beloved classic cars of all time. Founded in 1946 by the Roman Count, Piero Dusio, Cisitalia quickly gained a reputation for its meticulously crafted cars with impeccable design, elegant yet timeless styling, and cutting-edge race engineering. Today, Cisitalia's heritage remains strong thanks to a passion for stylish construction and cutting-edge innovation. Cisitalia made its mark on the global automotive scene with its first semi-racing car, the 202 Gran Sport. This street-legal, highly modified sports car featured classic sports-car features such as an open-top, aerodynamic body lines and an optimized engine with dual exhausts. In 1947, Cisitalia released its next major vehicle, the 166 MM Barchetta. This model represented a breakthrough in design, refinement and engineering. The car featured a broad tire base, a lightweight and aerodynamic body, and a powerful racing engine that allowed it to achieve exceptional performance. Cisitalia eagerly embraced motorsports success with this model, capturing the Mille Miglia and Targa Florio Championships in 1948. Cisitalia continued to revolutionize the industry with subsequent models such as the D46 Spyder and the 212S Spider. Considered one of the most beautiful cars ever made, the 212S Spider had a light and airy aluminum body, three Weber carburetors, and a tubular under-body design. Its beauty was complemented with superb handling, showcasing thoughtful design that pushed the boundaries of engineering and craftsmanship. Not only was Cisitalia a leader in performance and engineering, but also its classic designs are now legendary. The 202 Gran Sport, 166 MM Barchetta, and the 212S Spider are all highly sought-after collector's items and cherished symbols of automotive innovation and craftsmanship. Today, commemorating more than 70 years of accomplishments, Cisitalia is still driven by the same passion for design and performance that has defined the brand for decades. From vintage street racers and heart-stopping prototypes to ultra-luxury sports cars, Cisitalia's commitment to combining exceptional styling, tireless innovation and industry-defying quality remains as strong as ever.

Story of the Cisitalia models

One of the most visionary and innovative Italian carmakers during the early 20th century was Cisitalia. As a technical leader in its field, Cistaitalia created some of the most desirable models of its time with their gorgeous look and advanced engineering solutions. The first car to roll out of the Cisitalia workshops in Turin was the Type 204A. This road car offered an incredibly aerodynamic shape, taking its cues from an earlier project inaerodynamica, designed by the aeronautical engineer Count Pilati and the Type 204 directly bedazzled many drivers with its sleek look. But more than just its design, powerful 1.1L 6-cylinder overhead cam engine delivered enough performance for this sober two-door coupe for daily drives around the city. Throughout its lifespan, Cisitalia also tinkered with other models as well. Some of these had successful participation in the racing series, making Cisitalia a brand name in the motorsport world. The Type 52 or "Bandini Schienacavriglia", a modified version of the 204A with the Type 101 engine, was one of its most successful cars. Giordano Bandini was an avid racer who sought every little opportunity to take on his Type 52 in championships, as well as track day meets—when it was first constructed, it had twice the power of the 202 Gran Sport 750 with just 760cc of displacement, which was quite remarkable even by modern standards. The Type 52 was so revered that the Cisitalia Museum instituted the moniker of “Schienacavrigillia” (meaning “racer’s back” in Italian) for the Type 52 model. Cisitalia’s next amazing creation was the Cisitalia 202 SC Spider. This gorgeous roadster was designed by Dante Giacosa and debuted at the 1947 Turin motor show. The 202 SC offered premium comfort, impeccable design, and uncompromised performance, it was a pioneer of sports cars from Italy. This rare roadster included a two-seater convertible body style and a 0.9-liter V8 engine. Even though the engine was small, it had a 45HP output, making the 202 SC a bestseller in its category. The most iconic Cisitalia is probably the 206 SP. It was a racing car classified in the “single-seaters” category, but with some aerodynamic modifications, it equipped larger and later engine blocks to be pushed harder on tight tracks. Car race engineers thought of this model as a miniature, but powerful F1 car, since the medium displacement engine they placed on this slipper race car could reach quite remarkable lap times. Unsurprisingly, Cisitalia made its mark in the automotive history books due to the meticulousness and innovation with which the brand approached car design. Although these vintage models no longer roll out of the factory, the legacy of Cisitalsia still lives on—from its racing victories to their amazing looks, each of these gems emanates true Italian style and passion for the road.

Story of the Cisitalia in motorsport

Opinions on the on-track history of Italian automaker Cisitalia are rarely shared with anything less than emotion and an abundance of passionate reminiscing -- and with good reason; it's certainly a history worth discussing with enthusiasm! Starting all the way back in 1947, Cisitalia's on-track success is a testament to the brand's renowned technological finesse. First hitting the race track back in '47, Cisitalia made quite an impression with the glorious 'D46' single seater. Carrying a turbocharged, turbocharged flat-12 engine, the 'D46' instantly earned a place as one of the greats and cemented Cisitalia's footprint in the annals of motorsport history. While serving as a racecar for multiple years of competition, Cisitalia give birth to another ground-breaking model; the iconic '1RC' two-seater. An all-encompassing make that had cutting edge design, an impressive engine and spectacular performance, the '1RC' lived up to its specs and delivered a stream of results with the support of top-tier names, such as Renato Pavesi, Luigi Villoresi, and Delia Scala. Although the manufacturer was planning to land themselves some silverware with both the '1RC' two-seater and its successor the 'CDC' '1300cc', time was taking its toll on the brand. Despite persistent efforts in racing competitions right up until the mid-1950s, increasing financial constraints lead Cisitalia to regrettably leave motorsport for the foreseeable future. And yet, after more than 70 years of being outplayed on the international motorsport scene, their presence is still remembered with both passion and excitement alike. What the brand lacked in performance achievements, they more than made up with their bold approach to creating one of the most impressive entries into motorsport. With that legacy passion, Cisitalia still holds a special place amongst vintage car experts, motorsport enthusiasts, and post-war connoisseurs 33 to 65 years old. To further gauge the scale of their sentiment, rumours of the modern rebirth of Cisitalia circulate through the automotive community and the suggestion of a racing return already carries the emotions of times past.

Anecdotes about Cisitalia

Cisitalia, established over 70 years ago, is an Italian car manufacturing company that has been renowned for its many distinct achievements through its long and storied history. Founded in Turin in 1946 by Piero Dusio, the car brand has been part of many different motorsport competitions, winning several Targa Florio events in Sicily in the 1950's. Cisitalia's cars also made their marks on automotive history thanks to its work with leading designers such as Retegno Iano, Bruno Sappa, Paolo Maratta, and Mario Revelli di Beaumont and the 3-times progressive refinement of its streamlined designs. In 1952, Cisitalia wrote a new page in automotive history when its revolutionary Cisitalia 202 GT drove around the biggest stage of automobile competitions: the Grand Prix. This achievement was considered a bold move since competitive racing cars were designed by huge, well-funded factory teams in place. Thanks to its front-engine layout, lightweight frames, and great ground clearance, the Cisitalia 202 not only complemented cars four times its volume but also raced in Formula One. Its elegant, classical design quickly made it an iconic car and an iconoclast racing car. Cisitalia's engines are like no other, running with features such as independent front suspension, British-built Simplex rubber-based engine suspension, and a dry-sump lubrication system. Tried and tested by pilots in the FIA World Sportscar Championship and the Series for SpA Sports Cars, the piston combustion engines might be considered the most ambitious of Italian road construction. Cisitalia has manufactured some impressively stylish, luxurious cars over the decades, and they remain favourites amongst vintage car and motorsport enthusiasts alike. From simple Coupes and Spiders to complex Targs and Sport series cars such as the Cisitalia D09, later D10-mk1, Cisitalia 204 Sport, or the Cisitalia Fiat 6C 1100, admirers are continuously amazed by their design. Additionally, there have been numerous limited edition cars released, making Cisitalia even more desirable: the Fiat 8V ‘Ballila’, available only in silver, or the Diva series coupe and the Targa Florio open-top roadsters, amongst others. Cisitalia's success story is something to admire: from a small Italian company with a big dream to one that has captivated a massive audience of car enthusiasts over the decades, their influence cannot be underestimated. Cisitalia has become the perfect example of creative engineering and stylistic genius, inspiring innovation in the automative industry. One thing is for sure: Cisitalia stands out in the landscape of vintage automotive collections offering an exemplary story of passion and dedication. With a large and faithfully market within the adult population aged between 35 and 65, who appreciate luxurious and exclusive vehicles, it’s clear that Cisitalia has become much beloved around the world.

Which Cisitalia for which budget?

Which Cisitalia for a low budget?

The classic car enthusiast has a special fondness for cars with a pedigree that sets you apart. Enter the Cisitalia, a classic Italian sports car that is aesthetically stunning and a must-have dream-car for many lovers of motorsport. Offered at a fraction of its original price with plenty of available parts and providers, this vintage car is a great choice for someone seeking over the top packaging at an affordable price. Produced from the late 1940s to the early 1950s in Turin, Italy, the Cisitalia is often referred to as the "Italian Ferrari" due to its classic sports car design. It boasts a flat-four engine and a rounded hood, as well as a hand-crafted interior with fine woodwork and intricate materials. Built with speed and performance in mind, the Cisitalia is one of the earliest Italian sports car models to be shipped abroad. The manufacturer, Piero Dusio, purchased the racing department of another Italy-based automobile company and constructed the car for exhibition at the 1948 Turin Motor show. It was here that it made its mark, earning praise for its forward-thinking design for a road-going car. It eventually achieved an incredible homologation of grand prix events in the 1950s. Easily attainable today, this coveted classic is most sought-after by those with an appreciation for motorsports, vintage cars, and enthusiasts who fall within the affluent age group between 35 to 65. Though the Cisitalia requires a certain level of maintenance, it is still a viable choice for the classic car lover who enjoys the experience of hands-on ownership. With plenty of specialty parts available at reasonable prices and multi-step maintenance processes that can be taken care of by an experienced technician with patience and ample time, maintaining the car provides a truly passionate insight into its operational use. From its attractive outer shell to its highly efficient mechanics, the classic Cisitalia sports car stimulates the nostalgia and vividness of precisely-crafted Italian machines of its era. The car is also a great conversation starter, thanks to its continued success of competing in various grand prix events over the years. Tale aficionados of grand touring will definitely be allured by this race-driven masterpiece, and its budget-friendly price makes ownership a viable dream for anyone aged 35 to 65.

Which Cisitalia for a medium budget?

Cisitalia is considered one of the pioneering brands when it comes to mid-budget cars making heads turn wherever they go. Providing impeccable quality and offering multiple models crafted for classic cars enthusiasts, vintage car lovers, and motorsport fanatics, Cisitalia's cars prove to be a perfect choice for anyone in search of an impressive and timeless ride. Originally founded in 1946 by Piero Dusio, an Italian entrepreneur invested in multiple industries such as finance, sport, and military, Cisitalia always aimed to deliver quality vehicles with affordable prices. Needing new funding by 1947, the business went through a series of strategic investments as a result of which Piero handed the management over to the coachbuilder Giovanni Savonuzzi in 1949. Since then, Cisitalia launched a whole series of different models featuring a production range from open-top roadsters to four-seat coupés. Most of Cisitalia's cars faced a two-liter flat-four engine -- which was premiered at the Syracuse Circuit in 1944 -- granting an awe-inspiring balance between speed and fuel-efficiency. Having gained recognition by captivating thinkers, Cisitalia caught the attention of the demanding auto enthusiasts, leading to an increased popularity all over Italy during the 1940s. Being an embodiment of excessive luxury, these motor cars grant the perfect combination of style and performance, a feature Car and Driver magazine described as “the perfect blend of power and elegance for those passionate about speed. Indeed, a new flair hits the roads in the guise of a Cisitalia! " When it comes to purchasing a vintage or classic car it’s important to take into consideration the condition it’s in. For a joyful ownership lifetime, it’s always advisible to resort to trustworthy professionals experienced in a wide range of auto analysis. Fortunately, Cisitalia cars provide delicate services and a wide variety of possible restorers who can examine and appraise a particular vehicle in depth. When you acquire a Cisitalia, you're guaranteed a beautiful and ever-lasting bond with a distinct brand. Built with passion and designed for connoisseurs, Cisitalia is the ideal choice for anyone searching for an upbeat classical ride matching their modern lifestyle.

Which Cisitalia for a high budget?

When it comes to vintage cars, few brands bring up emotions the way Cisitalia does. Established in 1939, the Italian automaker had a short but brilliant career thanks to their incredible creations. While many of their cars were only ever built in very small numbers and at times prices that are out of reach for most people, it is still possible to find some authentic and original classic cars from this legendary marque. For those who may have a high budget, buying a car from Cisitalia is an investment of passion and a chance to own a piece of automotive history. Preserved in a museum or roaring around the racetrack, these cars set the standard for driving pleasure and represent a long-gone era. If you are a vintage motorsport enthusiast or someone who appreciates historic art in motion, considering a Cisitalia for your collection would be a worthwhile pursuit. Even if you merely want to admire its pleasing looks, or feel the grip of its tires around the track, owning an original Cisitalia is an experience that promises both performance and style. Cars such as the Cisitalia 202 Coupe, which was nationally famous in its day for its impressive performance, is considered one of the most valuable post-war cars. Highly sought after by classic car enthusiasts, its lightweight design coupled with agile handling and a powerful engine make it a thrilling ride. It is worth noting that just 12 of these models were ever built, and five of them are currently on display in museums or private collections. The Cisitalia 202 Gran Sport Spyder, another classic car from this brand, features a 2.0-liter engine made out of aluminum alloy. It is also much-sought-after, due to its one-of-a-kind design and luxurious interior. As a result, an original Cisitalia Gran Sport Spyder can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, making it one of the most expensive vintage cars around. Those who are seeking a car that combines beauty and power need look no further than the Cisitalia 1100 Voiturette. This rare car has a low, sleek silhouette designed by the famed artist and sculptor Nuccio Bertone. It also comes with a four-cylinder engine that produces 75 horsepower, giving it enough strength to make it on the racetrack. In a time of sweeping technological advancements, classic Cisitalia cars from these Golden Age of Italian Motorsports offer a refreshing reminder of a simpler era. From racetrack stars to simply appreciating aesthetics, these decades-old vehicles still encapsulate a level of passion and beauty that is second to none and, for those who can afford it, they are a deeply rewarding feat of engineering and a glimpse of a bygone era.

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