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Story of the Chery creation

When it comes to classic cars, few have generated more admiration throughout the years than Chery. Founded in the late 1990s in China, the brand quickly made a name for itself thanks to its combination of style, quality and affordability. Today, the Chery brand is a symbol for those who love vintage cars, motorsport, and affluent people aged between 35 and 65. Let’s take a look at the history of Chery, from its beginnings to its more recent successes. It all began nearly 22 years ago, when the General Manager for Shanghai’s vehicle company decided to apply for a small car manufacturing license from the Chinese government. Prior to this, cars had largely been produced by foreign manufacturers, with little domestic involvement. The idea was to create a car that offered great value and reliability, with production costs kept to a minimum. It was in 1997 that the process began and the car brand Chery came to life. The creation of the Car Factory of Wuhu was the starting point of a journey that bring Chery’s range of cars to a large segment of the world. One of the company's first cars, the Chery QQ, was released to the public in 2003. This was a revolutionary vehicle in terms of engineering and design, featuring a small and versatile 1.1 liter engine and capable of much more than the cars currently available. It was a great entry level car a and the perfect car for a younger generation of motorists. Their ambition to provide quality cars at an affordable price pushed Chery to explore international markets, leading to the award-winning, yet cost-effective A1, soon followed by the first medium-sized car Mighty subcompact and later the A3, which won a series of international awards such as the “Asia Car of the Year”. It is this quest for innovation and excellence that pushed Chery to pioneer new car production methods that have been adopted by other manufacturers and is the driving force behind their current success in redefining what a quality, yet affordable car should look like. Today, Chery remains one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, and the first Chinese brand to be mentioned in the same sentence as legendary car manufacturers like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Whether you are an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport, or an affluent person between 35 and 65, there is no better car for quality and value for money that Chery.

Story of the Chery models

Chery: A Literal Roll of Fame Established in 1997, Chery is the first home-grown Chinese car brand who’s cars have achieved fame on an international level. The company is a major presence in the Chinese car market and known abroad for the reliable and affordable cars. With innovative technology and continuous improvement in design, Chery is easily one of the most recognizable and appreciated car marques in the global auto market. Among the many models released by the company, here are some of the most known ones and all boasting with Chery’s signature passion for engineering: SX7: A High-performance Stylish SUV The SX7 SUV released in 2017 is widely thought of as a tremendous expression for their design capabilities. Boasting a sleek and futuristic look, the SX7 features a black finished 4WD drivetrain, 2.0T engine configuration, a powerfu 7-speed CVT gearbox as well as an advanced infotainment system, making it a stylish and powerful car. QQ3 EV: Redefining Mobility Their QQ3 EV was first revealed back in 2009, setting the trend for adding a new level of sophistication and comfort to the idea of electric cars. The hatchback model enables fast charging, has low accelerations, stereo bluetooth audio system and also a split cooling system for better energy usage. Westing high quality fabrics on the interior and light alloy two color rims, the car offers a comfortable and sporty drive. ARRIZO 7: And the Award Goes To… This model was an instant hit back when it first appeared. Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, the car runs a version of the Android operating system that provides lots of fun and practical functions. Providing full smart access and voice recognition, this is also a very transparent fingerprint edge to rise in collecting user data and providing a smooth fast response. Made entirely in China, this car sports a 180mm ground clearance, a McPherson suspension system on the front and rear axle and a comfortable child seat that is especially designed to keep the child in a safe and upright position. TIGGO 5: The Most Affordable SUV Model Tiggo 5 is a mid range SUV, popular for the unique design and reasonable price. Whether going for a short or long ride, this model will ensure you a fast and comfortable journey. With the new user electrical assistance system, the car equipped you on the go in ways other can’t compete with. They also provide an electronic sunroof and alloy wheels, making it the most affordable suv model of its class. Chery’s vehicles bring drivers a collection of much-asked-for features in addition to their passionate design, making it easy to see why enthusiasm for this brand is on the rise. While their traditional production models have gained much attention, they have also earned the admiration of vintage-car enthusiasts, motorsport fans and those wanting luxury cars on its high affordability range. All these models have been designed to fit the needs of passionate drivers aged between 35 and 65 years old. In conclusion, Chery’s rich portfolio in the automotive industry has achieved considerable success and recognition worldwide. By staying true to their mission of automotively engineering passion, they’ve shaped the relatively-young Chinese industry with the latest technology, design and models. As the most known representatives of the Chinese automotive culture, these rolling-symbols of greatness and reliability likely remain well known for years to come.

Story of the Chery in motorsport

Chery motorsports has been making waves in the automotive world for many years and the brand's history is a thrilling one that's sure to capture the attention of vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport lovers, and affluent people of all ages – particularly those between 35 and 65. Founded in 1997, the company was initially known for only making and selling cars in China. The brand achieved a sort of revival in 2003 when the cars become rally-takers in Chinese rallies and quickly started winning awards. The successes in Chinese rally circuit gave the automaker huge publicity, allowing it to become one of the most successful automotive manufacturers in the entire Asian continent. In 2004, global motorsport gained interest and the automobile brand conquered the world by taking their racing activities to other countries, such as America, United Kingdom, and Russia. As a major competitor, they continued to rake in victories in the global motorsport ranging from hill climb to African rallies and Paris-Dakar Rally Championship. Chery's motorsport prowess continued even as the competitions began to change and expand, dropping China and other Asian countries as well in order to embrace the world-wide formula. The brand even fueled up their well-known Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Series which brought them even more victories and recognition in 10 different championships all over the world. As one of the leading Chinese manufacturers, Chery was competing against some of the best car makers in the world. Aside from on-road racing, Chery also took part in track racing, Touring races, Rallycross and the ice racing World Rallycross Championship which took place in Norway. The brand showed their huge commitment to its motorsport roots, launching the Chery Motorsports division in Britain in 2006, building up an impressive list of awards and victories, such as a class win in the Southwest Cars of the Year Championship, back-to-back wins in the 2012 and 2013 Chery Sport Cup China Series and, more recently, a first place in the Panamericana World Cup that took place in Mexico 2016. These remarkable accomplishments show the capacity, proficiency, and thirst for greatness of this automotive giant. Despite all these achievements, Chery still has a long way to go to become a fully-fledged ‘true’ motorsport legend, something that the Chinese brand certainly deserves. The company’s relentless focus on passion and technical excellence make it obvious that they want to strive for further greatness – and it doesn’t feel as if it’s all out of reach. Chery Motorsports is a motorsport story full of exciting accomplishments, so it's no surprise why car connoisseurs, experienced rally drivers, and motorsport aficionados are paying attention. Not many car brands can categorize themselves as a nucleus of rallying, racing, and performance driving worldwide, but Chery certainly fits the bill – and one can only expect even more incredible victories and outstanding performances. Oftentimes we could only imagine them, but with this amazing Chinese carmaker present on the scene, they surely will happen!

Anecdotes about Chery

Chery is one of the most iconic car brands in the world, and has produced some of the most beloved models. This Chinese brand’s journey began in 1897 with three craftsmen from the small but industrious furnace village of Yugou. After making bicycles and mopeds, they decided to create their own automobile. The first model to hit the roads was the QQ3 in 1997—a boxy micro city car with its famed mascot, the “Lazy Cat.” Throughout Chery’s long history, the carmaker has developed a multitude of successful models that have become cult favorites among automobile aficionados. From the 1959 Tiggo 4x4 to the modern-day E3 hatchback, there have been a variety of autos that have delighted car lovers for generations. Today, Chery’s racing cars have seen success in a number of motorsport events. These include the 1966 Brazilian Grand Prix across South America, with a Chery QQ moped taking second place in the competition. Not only is the brand well known for its robust, reliable city cars, but it is also celebrated for its luxurious high-performance saloons. Designed to be timeless works of art, the Tiggo 8 is the perfect car for affluent car enthusiasts aged 35 to 65. It’s a car whose style has never gone out of fashion, and the luxurious interiors attract them as much as the powerful engine. The brand has found success around the world and has brought joy to generations of drivers. The Chery car has a rich history of anecdotes, heard through local racetracks and open roads. We honour this nostalgia, believing that it would be practically impossible for our beloved Chery—the leading Oriental brand—to not have its place in the car culture of the eclectic, turbulent 20th century. No matter where the journey leads us, we’re pleased to find that the end of the trip is always with the much-loved, iconic cars from Chery. Being passionate owners and fans of these Chery vehicles, we share their unforgettable anecdotes and experiences with eagerness and admiration, and this is a true testament to the undying loyalty Chery has earned over the years.

Which Chery for which budget?

Which Chery for a low budget?

Are you looking for an affordable car that packs a powerful punch? Then look no further than Chery, your top choice for thrill-seeking enthusiasts seeking vintage-style vehicles. Whether you’re an adrenaline-junkie desperately wanting to put the pedal to the metal or a collector faithfully focusing on preserving classic motor models, Chery has a model to suit your specific dreams and whims. Finding an affordable car that doesn't scrimp on performance isn't always straightforward but the same can’t be said when it comes to Chery’s selection of classic and motor models. This Chinese manufacturer has spent the last few years assembling cars ranging from the sporty Tiggo 4x4 to the cute and compact E3 electric city overall. All of which set the perfect balance between bang for buck and the amount of character and passion they’ll bring into your life. The most smashing option is the Tiggo 4x4. Channelling an impressive performance, as well as having dynamic sleek aspects while also boasting an economical engine, this car will make a great first impression. Whether you're a fearless enthusiast desiring to brave the roads of off-the-beaten-tracks or an automobile connoisseur on the lookout for cars with great curb appeal every passerby. The Chery E3 electric city car is also very convenient for those wanting a silent yet powerful ride. It looks like its classic old-school roaring cousins but uses battery power instead of an engine. This environmentally friendly mobility offers enough space for a whole family with lifestyle assets like an AI-based assistant, heated seats and electric front-wheel-drive - all while cutting your cost of travel down to zero. Collectors and connoisseurs of motorsport of all ages should pay close attention to Chery’s range for those wanting to invest in cars that will hold special memories for decades. Chery has faithfully replicated timeless designs from a diverse spectrum of machines. There are plenty of classics spanning from Frua-Italian roadsters from the late ‘60s to the Jeep-style SUVs from the ‘90s. It is generally said that Chery offers the best pick between unmatched tailoring and the great roar that goes hand-in-hand classic car passion. Whether you’re a vintage motorsport enthusiast, a retro collector, or just someone looking for a unique and affordable car fit for your personal lifestyle, Chery car range will turn the experience into a classical passion you’ll never forget. To sum it up, we can confidently claim that Chery makes a great option for those in search of cars with lots of character and performance without breaking the bank. There’s truly something for everyone in the line-up, so no matter who you are, Chery has the perfect ride for you — all passionate and full of life!

Which Chery for a medium budget?

The Chery is a Chinese car company that produces stunning cars with maximum performance, luxuriousness and character at a very affordable rate. Whether you're passionate about vintage cars, fancy sports cars or the exclusive life enjoyed by the wealthy, a Chery car is a great choice if you’re working with a medium budget. From the compact and stylish Chery Tiggo4 to the mid-size Chery China Star sedan, the Chery brand has gone from strength to strength in producing quality cars that admirers of classic style and flair have come to rely on. Since its foundation in 1997, Chery has put in tremendous effort to match iconic and stylish models with dynamic handling and superb refinement. If you want to make a statement on the roads, the Chery Amulet is where it's at. Featuring aerodynamic curves, a rimless xenon headlight assembly and a spacious interior cabin with semi-seats and special honeycomb fabric, the Amulet displays the perfect combination of luxury and refinement. Not to mention that, under the hood, there’s the driving pleasure of a car that comes fitted with both petrol and diesel engines. Chery Auto provides its customers with awesome models like the Crosswagon which houses a powerful engine, ergonomically designed seats and a ground clearance of up to 191mm. Making a bold statement and looking sports-luxurious, the Crosswagon offers a great balance between modern classic touches and comfort. It boasts technological advancements such as a sports-style steering wheel with speed friendly movement wrapping up the urban driving feel. Other great features include piano-lacquer panel and 8-inch capacitive screens. Chery provides its car fans — whether they be vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport fanatics, or affluent people—with a few amazing models designed to suit their affordability needs while still providing luxury, perfection, and quality. For most who cannot reach financial supercars, Chery might be the easiest way to express their style and character through their ride. So, why shop for a world-leading car brand and pay triple the price, when you can go twice as right with a Chery ride?

Which Chery for a high budget?

Fulfilling your high-end dream car desire is now within reach when you opt for the vintage Chery range. Whether you are an enthusiast for motorsport or just an avid collector in search of the most sought-after classic cars out there, a new Chery promises classic charm, at a premium investment. Aging gracefully, these cars are engineered for luxury driving and sheer excellence – provided you are willing to pay the higher price. For passionate car collectors, Chery promises superior vintage technology coupled with an affectionate nod to modern design inspirations. A major strength of the Chery range is the attention to details offered, like the thickened hand-stained paint, chrome chrome wheel rims and accents, and traditional colors inside the cockpit. Aspiring drivers will appreciate the luxurious interior of the Chery featuring lavish seating and polished wood inlays. The Chery range consists of premium grand touring cars, ideal for spending days out cruising through rolling hills. Often called the incarnation of a modern luxury limousine, Chery cars provide motorists maximum comfort, style, and power. They also often provide fuel economy technology that can turn everyday drives into encounters with course figures. Various levels of customizability are on offer through dealership upholstery and detailing packages. As an example, leather trim packages can be added to enhance the excitement levels of the Chery, while various free speed and audio packages can be taken advantage of. Chery continues to be a heavy weight in the luxury market as a high-value, brand-maniac investment. Perfect for inspiring the motorsport-enthusiast connoisseur with a sizable budget for a luxury car, those selecting Chery are offered superior technology and classic charm. Endowed with classic beauty and powered by modern technology, the Chery range is bound to win-over even the most fastidious car lover. So take yourself out on the open roads and explore the vintage edge with a new Chery.

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