Experience the classic Checker car model in all its glory. Discover the stunning history behind the iconic vintage ride.

Story of the Checker creation

Checker was a car brand established in 1922 by industrialist Morris Markin in Buford, Illinois, USA. For many years, it was a leading name, synonymous with reliability and style. For the next six decades, Checker was the largest taxi cab producer in the United States. Not only that, but the cars were made famous by use in movies and popular television shows. Taxi cabs around the world often carry the name Checker -- a reminder of the brand's renowned legacy. But Checker's iconic status was born not from cinematic legend, but from Morris Markin's genius innovation and engineering. The early Checker models, Cabs and A Series, were futuristic with standout features such as fleetside pick-up-bed-look designs and saddle-style seating. And these early models didn't just look good, they outperformed the competition. A succession of six- and eight-cylinder engines made by Buick, Chrysler and Continental provided the power for these game-changing vehicles. The A8 Superba was a particular highlight, with the 220 cubic inch 180HP release being one of the fastest of its kind. This powerful engine showed exactly what Checker was capable of — and what a reliable luxury car it had become. Powered by a robust and punchy engine, Checker became involved in motorsports in the late 1950s, extending the brand's already impressive reach and cementing its status as a classic. Checker entered three cars into the 1958 Indianapolis 500 — an incredible achievement. Later, economy-oriented Marathon models were released, but these still had features that made these cars quite special. Fancy grilles, trim, and thuderbird-style hardtops al maile the classic Checker Luxury last for another decade. By the mid 70's, due to increased competition from both domestic, and foreign automakers, Checker's market share had begun to dip. Checker filed for bankruptcy in 1982 and entered into receivership. After 86 years, Checker and its iconic cars closed its doors. To this day, Checker remains a legacy and a testament to Morris Markin's resiliency, and for classic car fans, vintage and replica Checker Taxi cabs continue to be seen on the streets, offered a lasting reminder of the unforgettable mark this unique car brand left in driving history.

Story of the Checker models

The Checker car marque is synonymous with history, classic style and a commitment to excellence. Select few car manufacturers can claim to have achieved the same level of fame and success as Checker. For fans of Checker - be it vintage cars, motorsport or the brand in general - the most famous models are surely the must-haves. Here’s what the discerning Checker enthusiast needs to know: The Checker A11 – The first mass-produced Checker automobile, the A11 model served as a dependable and affordable means of transport. Produced in the 1950s and early 1960s, the A11 also had the distinction of being Checker’s longest-running car, with production going for an impressive 14 years. The Superba – Easily one of Checker’s most iconic and prized models, the Superba was produced from the mid 1950s to the early 1970s and featured a classic, timeless design. Perhaps the most well-known selling point of the Superba was its combination of features that were ahead of its time – hydraulic power brakes, fresh interior space and even a snack counter – all of which made for an impressive combination for the classic Checker enthusiast. The Cab – Do you remember curb service? The Checker New York Checker Cab offered customers a unique opportunity: to hail a taxi cab right off the street. Available with 4, 6 or 8 passenger capacity, the excitingly stylish Checker Cab model was a classic of the golden era and a welcome presence during rush hour. The Marathon – Definitely not one to be dismissed from discussion, the Checker Marathon was a 4-door model that came with two different purchasing options – a station wagon and a sedan. Convenience was the key selling point for the Checker Marathon, with extra fold-down seats that could carry up to eight passengers. Thanks to its innovative design, the Marathon model is still remembered with fondness among Checker aficionados - and its bright yellow paint job certainly set it apart from the crowd. The Checker Aerobus – Last but not least, the Checker Aerobus was a grand presence during the 1960s. Intended to provide a top-of-the-line luxury experience for affluent customers between 35 and 65 years old, the Aerobus was a practical option that included enlarged passenger seats, with up to 11 passenger capacity. It also had optional air conditioning and luxurious add-ons like fold-down trays, swivel seating and V8 engines. If you want to take a ride into the past and experience Checker's golden age, you simply must look into these models of classic cars. No matter which model you try, it is sure to be an unforgettable and passionate experience.

Story of the Checker in motorsport

Checker Motors, notorious for making almost indestructible classic cars and offering them for a very reasonable price, have a long and storied history in motorsport. In its heyday, it no doubt filled the spirit of the 20s and 30s; a wild, devil-may-care dare devil attitude rife with the risk of death and the possibility of glory. Checker Motors first began producing cars in 1922 and they quickly became popular with the working man who wanted something reliable that they didn't have to break the bank to buy. What nobody could've guessed was that almost seventy-five years later, these classic cars would still be revered, praised and dreamt about when others had long been forgotten. These cars soon made waves on the motor racing circuit. In the earliest races, the gruelling 1552 mile distance of the 1933 Reliability Trial (where leading cars had to complete the track with no mechanical, electrical, or fuel interruptions) was traversed successfully by 2 unique Checkers. Although the two Checker cars could not hold out to the very end of the race, they completed longer distances than many other famous models of the time including Porsche and Alvis. The hot streak of success continued when two imposing Checker cars piloted by Orbie Grimm and Frank Pinkert (openly known as "MOM” for Motorcycle Orbie's Messenger) drove the slumping Ohio economy up and down the highways and in 1933, they managed to win the 2,100 Mile Bunion Derby Footrace. The ensuing fanfair pushed the Checker car into the spotlight and motivated, William Batenburg (eccentric inventor and driver of the time) to take a chance and enter the 1935 Cincinnati Mile race on oval tracks. Of course the Checker car he mounted won, leading him to many more successes. Throughout time, Checker cars continued to succeed on and off the race track and became a common sight in almost any Canadian track. Proud drivers of the cars, now called the “Winged Monsters”, reigned victorious; from oval and dirt tracks to brick oval surfaces and gravel courses. Carrying on the tradition built by previous illustrious pilots, in 1962, Pierce Jones piloted a Checker stock car to victory in the National 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. This marked the first stock car win for an American Stock car amidst competing German and Italian teams. Mark Donahue also deserves a special recognition amongst Checker drivers. The famous 1968 Trans-American Sedan champion was one of the most celebrated drivers of the era. He made history when he won using a 1966 Checker “Aero” Coupe modified for racing in the "Grand American" racing series on grounds only two months prior. It can easily be said that without the cars and heroes of Checker Motors, motorsport would still be a hobby to today's generation, not a way of life. Checker has indelibly left its mark on the motor racing history with stories worthy of retelling for generations to come.

Anecdotes about Checker

As an ardent enthusiast of classic cars, I know how important it is to keep on exploring the rich anecdotes and captivating stories behind beloved vintage car brands. Checker is no exception, and it offers plenty of lessons to learn and elements to be inspired from. The Checker Motor Car company was founded in 1922 and quickly established itself as a leader in the industry, becoming the undisputable king of the fold. The amount of reverence it has acquired over time is simply staggering. Each time people think of its 2-ton warhorses, they'd think back of its incredible power, groundbreaking fuel economy, undying reliability and of course, the famed aerodynamic bodywork that revolutionized the car industry in each period. Over the years, Checker managed to stay at the forefront of quality, making it look like the last invincible fort against rising competition. It didn't only achieved buyers but also gained the love of essential people. For example, in 1962, Checker equipped all his Taxi cab vehicles for President John F. Kennedy, who enjoyed the ride during his weekend visits to Cape Cod. Later on, the 1969 Checker Marathon C was used by Carter's army limo before he became the president in 1976. The racing era brightly painted the company's spectrum of anecdotes even more-it's 1969 Grand Touring sedan that participated in the US Tour Rally was among the most remarkable examples of this. In the following year, three 1969 Checker Marathon models hit the Buttonwillow Raceway and achieved an ambitious top speed of 146 mph. As I'm sure you can tell, the stories behind Checker car brand are just as captivating and admirable as the vintage cars it has created. Today, Checker is celebrated among enthusiasts as the ultimate symbol of classic car mastery-a legacy bound to last through natural fervor, recollections, and dramatic tales.

Which Checker for which budget?

Which Checker for a low budget?

Are you looking for an classic car to restore that won't break the bank? The Checker range can offer you just that! Built by the American vehicle manufacturing company Checker Motors Corporation from 1922 until 1982, the versatile Checker is beloved by vintage car collectors the world over. The Checker released multiple models over its sixty-year lifespan, offering a range of vehicles from small family cars to commercial vans for businesses. The official production of the Checker branched into three main models – A-series (1922-1926), Taxi-A-series (1927-1983) and Marathon (1961-1982). The Checker epitomizes classic American style. With its iconic Art Deco aesthetic, this vintage automobile stands out from the competition. Quality was always a defining feature of this car, with the company spending time and money perfecting the design of each model to ensure the highest quality possible. This network of craftsmanship extends to every step of the car's production cycle, from the structural steering systems to the roar of the engine. The Checker is durable, stylish, and reliable vehicle perfect for anyone interested in a bit of vintage American glamour. The car can survive rain, hail, and even snow, making it a perfect choice for motorsport enthusiasts in need of a car to test. Getting a Checker can be an incredibly affordable exercise when you know where to look for the right deal. Offers on second-hand Checkers come around every now and then – but you have to be quick to get them at a low price! The American Motors specializes in acquiring rebuilt Checker Cab models, and their current range offers some truly impressive vehicles. All checked for quality before and after maintaining every nook and cranny of restoration, these cars are cared for and looked after in the respect that they deserve. Whether you are an affluent car enthusiast between age of 35 and 65,who is looking to indulge in some nostalgia or you are a customer interested in acquiring a low budget vehicle for some lightweight duty, the Checker remains a good choice to keep your automotive satisfaction alive and well. From it's clever mechanics to it's iconic grille, the Checker has earned its place in the collective gasp of the vintage car crusaders. So, get yourself a red carpet ride and treat yourself to the luxury of a Checker Cab today!

Which Checker for a medium budget?

If you're an enthusiast of vintage cars who is looking for a great vehicle on a medium budget, then the Checker car is the classic American motor for you. The Checker is a vehicle steeped in history and effectiveness, and is renowned worldwide as a reliable and desirable motor that has been used in a variety of industries. Built in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Checker car was created by Morris Markin in the year 1922. The first model was intended as a continuation of the Seven Passenger sedan, and was offered until 1947. For over two decades, the Checker car was a vehicle of choice for those transporting VIPs, limonene drivers and cab services. The original design of the Checker car was a rear engine model that stood out for its ample space for both passengers and luggage. While the original made use of Chevrolet engines, the 1955 style given benefit of a Continental engine. The sturdy vehicle gained enough traction that it eventually made an appearance on both the Indy 500 and 24 hours of Lemans circuits. Serious vintage collectors survived with the Checker car their preferred choice, drawn to the durability and style of the vehicle and its full frame. The Checker car eventually gained enough traction to become a sought-after symbol of American art and culture. In fact, notable performers such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe were all seen with one of these vehicles. The celebrity backing lent even more glamour to the Checker car, making it not only reliable but surprisingly stylish. With plenty of memories, stories and now price tag, the Checker car can make a great addition to any enthusiast's collection. Beautifully tempered yet dependable enough to last several hundred miles, you won't regret owning the classic Checker car at a price perfect for a medium budget. Whether you're looking to relive vintage American charm from the track to the countryside, this classic American motor is the ideal model.

Which Checker for a high budget?

For the ultimate car owning experience, look no further than acquiring the iconic Checker car. Famous for being used by taxi cabs, the Checker car has deep nostalgic roots for many car enthusiasts. With its iconic 4-door boxy body shape, the Checker car is a true blast from the past, available now in all its glory and only for the right budget. Beyond just its classic style, the Checker car remains agile on the road and drives out smoothly. This classic car is powered by a 230 engine, providing a hearty power that will leave you feeling exhilarated behind the wheel. It is also spacious enough to fit up to 6 passengers, making the Checker perfect for families who craves adventure on the roads. And it’s not just what’s inside that stands out. The exterior of the Checker car is customizable and can be modified for a unique take on a true classic. Decals, vinyl wraps, air suspension, and LED headlamps are but a few items that can truly make this car yours. If you’re looking for a vintage car that perfectly marries the classic with the modern, Checker car is the one for you. It’s bold, beautiful, and a car enthusiasts of all ages can gravitate towards. The Checker will put you in the luxury car experience that is unmatched among classic cars. It’s truly a passionate car – and if you’re a motorsport enthusiast or an affluent person between 35 to 65 year old, it’s one you’ll want to acquire if within your budget. Don’t miss out on this masterpiece of a vintage car – act now and be proud to own the unforgettable Checker car.

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