Discover the vintage classic Caterham cars, a must-have for car lovers! Experience quality of British engineering and enjoy its style and heritage.

Story of the Caterham creation

The British brand Caterham is renowned worldwide for its bold and daring lines of luxury, classic cars. Founded in 1957 in Surrey, the carmaker has been engineering powerful, yet lightweight, two-seat models for more than sixty years. With a firm roots in motorsport, the company has a long, rich and often titillating history. During the 1960s, Caterham cars were regularly driven by racing legends such as Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Roger Varley. This exposure helped propel Caterham to a respected high performance auto marque. The distinctive design of the classic Seven has made it a strong presence on the track as well as off, and a vehicle of choice for many passionate vintage and motorsport vehicle fans. What made Caterham unique and so attractive to car aficionados was the manufacturer’s agility that allowed the company to quickly and frequently update the Seven with new technology and innovations. Examplesinclude the introduction of four and six cylinder engines, fuel injection, turbocharged variants and, in 1991, a turbocharged monocoque chassis. Despite changing owner and partner a number of times,Caterham maintains a loyal following amongst affluent car owners who demand both exceptional quality and performance. Today, the Caterham lineup continues to turn heads, features powerful and aesthetically pleasing models, and includes an all-electric model that promises supercar performance, while incorporating all the latest technological advancements. The enduring appeal of this timeless British carmaker is clear: Caterham Seven, a truly iconic symbol of motorsport and now a recognised classic, continues to reflect the spirit, daring and passion of its founders. An automotive enthusiast with a taste for excellence and style could not ask for a better companion than a Caterham car.

Story of the Caterham models

The Caterham brand is synonymous with classic car tradition and motorsport heritage. Established in 1973, Caterham Cars has become synonymous with the classic British car culture and the decades of spectacular racing victories that have followed in its wake. Whether you are an avid enthusiast of vintage British engineering or a connoisseur of motorsport, Caterham's collection of time-honored models are sure to be drool-worthy. Perhaps the most renowned Caterham model of all time is the legendary 7. This iconic classic, first developed in 1957 by Colin Chapman, has seen many remodels over the years and remains an automobile icon today. Strikingly simple in design, the 7 was remarkable because there were no added ornamentation, ensuring that all the extra weight did not encumber the engine's power. Plentiful power is the benchmark of any classic car and the Caterham 7 is no exception. Another classic in the Caterham catalogue is the 5. Based on the famous Series 5 kit car, produced by Caterham in the 1980s, this car allows you to experience raw vintage motoring. Comfort is important - and the car comes with a unique roll-bar & suspension to ensure a smooth (and safe) ride. The ideal car for thrill seeking petrolheads, the Series 5 still packs a punch, despite its small engine size, ensuring agility, responsive handling, and above all - classic style. Caterham also offers other distinguished models, such as the 8 and 10 – the perfect combination of speed and style for an adrenaline-filled ride. Built with a much higher performance than the 6, the 10’s increased power makes it a great choice for enthusiasts seeking classic, high-speed motorsport. Boasting impressive speed, exceptional reaction, and a distinctively eye-catching look, the 10 is a modern-day classic that makes a statement. More than a niche market, the Caterham is a popular classic, desired by enthusiasts and motorsport fanatics alike. The 8, 9, and 10 range of vintage Caterham models boasts a balance between reliability and performance - providing the perfect platform to get nostalgically behind the wheel and experience vintage thrill-seeking. Whether you are a vintage motorsport veteran or an aficionado of British automobiles, Caterham's wide range of classic racing cars will make sure you turn heads.

Story of the Caterham in motorsport

The storied history of Caterham Cars has been a feature of the Motorsports scene for decades. Founded in the early 1950s, Caterham quickly roled into the Automotive elite, crafting some of the most desirable and acclaimed vintage cars of their time. Wheels and tires finely honed for added racing performance at Alliott Verdon-Roe led to the Comet sprint and Formula Three vehicles which acted as the foundation of what was to come. Throughout the years, Caterham set a benchmark for improving their performance figures, with the most iconic of their range, the Caterham 7, capturing the hearts of classic car connoisseurs and sprint racing specialists alike. Caterhams have even made waves in the grand prix arena, with plenty of successful outings on the historic circuits of Europe and further afield. Today, Caterham are still showing that the tradition of motorsports excellence runs through each car they craft. From the Seven 485 to the 620R edition, Passionate motorsport fans are sure to be thrilled by Caterham’s Cars and Drivers racing across the grid. These cars combine modern engineering and safety systems with classic engine architecture, producing a truly unique racing experience for the ambitious driver. Caterham cars may be sought after among vintage car enthusiasts, but there is far more than historical wonder to love. The powerful engines and innovative design features mean that they also occupy a place among some of the fastest race cars of any era. No amount of modern engineering has equalled the raw prowess of these classically designed automobiles and they remain a dream come true for automobile aficionados of all ages. For affluent enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport and those between 35 to 65 year of age, Caterham Cars have crafted a racing legacy of the very highest caliber. Respecting the foundations which have guided its development for generations, Caterham’s vehicles are a testament to the passion of the motorsport aficionado which continues powerfully today.

Anecdotes about Caterham

Caterham cars, the beloved brand of motorsports fans and vintage car enthusiasts alike, have been a source of awe and joy for decades. Started in 1957 by Colin Chapman and Graham Nearn, today Caterham cars have more than sixty years of automotive history - a history that bears some of the most unlikely anecdotes in the automobile industry. From its origins as a small kit car that should have vanished in the 1950's, Caterham has amazed the world by remaining largely unchanged and relevant for motor fans, and not only. Caterham's performance has never faltered and the ones that felt passionate enough in the art of building perfect cars, expanded its heritage with some of the most amazing stories in the car hall of fame. Among the many remarkable milestones, the R400 is an essential piece in the Caterham Cars gallery, asking for more power than any road car engine can offer. Combining a singular approach to the events of power and invention, the R400 made history being the first time to adopt and practically aero setup of modern car building. It was a revolution, being almost impossible to define by words or logic a performance blueprint so demanding in its time. Like the car's introduction to the 2000 Bathurst 24-hour race in Australia, over 2,900 people in the audience could only watch in awe as an artistically designed car would cross first the finish line in a groundbreaking performance. Even beyond the official victories of the R400 in the Caterham series, the superstitions of the passionate owner developed an almost mystical bond with their car. Caterham cars have become an expression of passion, both on the track and on the street. Even with sixty years of continuous presence, and pushing car manufacturing standards to innovative extremes, there is something atypical in the followers of the brand, having the balance between adventure and risk always in mind. Yes, Caterham Cars can be drivers of change but surely will never be forgotten in the world of motors.

Which Caterham for which budget?

Which Caterham for a low budget?

For those looking for a reliable, reliable, thrilling, and classic ride without breaking the bank, Caterham cars are a wonderful choice. Caterhams offer enthusiasts of vintage cars and motorsport, an amazing driving experience while providing decades of reliability and pleasure. Whether you're an affluent person between the ages of 35 and 65, or first time car buyers, the iconic Caterham is a great fit. The Caterham range brings together a wide range of models with plenty of options to customise your ride to your tastes and requirements. From the iconic Seven to the more modern versions, the Caterham range has something to suit everyone's budget and preferences. For those looking for a little extra performance and a classic feel, the Caterham Classics are perfect. Incorporating subtle changes to the overall styling, these cars include uprated suspension, brakes, and powertrain components designed to make you feel as though you're driving a race car. If you're looking to purchase a Caterham car, there are plenty of excellent options available. Whether you're looking for your first car and want something cheap, or looking for something that can handle a blast on a race track, the Caterham range has it all. The best way to begin your search is to decide exactly what you’re looking for. From street legal track day cars, to classic race cars, to custom one-offs, Caterham has something for everyone. No matter your budget or preference, Caterham provides a perfect balance of performance and style that will make any car enthusiast happy. Featuring classic styling, combined with modern technology, there really is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a cheap and reliable daily driver, or something to give you thrills on the track, Caterham cars are sure to bring you pleasure for years to come.

Which Caterham for a medium budget?

If you’re passionate about vintage cars and endless motorsport, then look no further than the Caterham. A classically classic motor that can provide endless thrills and excitement with its agile, lightweight design just waiting to be thrown around the track. Plus, there are budget-friendly options available that make it easy for everyone to find something within their means. In fact, Caterham cars are perfect for those wanting the high thrill of motorsport without too heavyweight a price tag. From the Caterham 160 to the Caterham Seven Seven 420 R, there’s hard to find something that won’t fit into a medium-sized budget. The Caterham 160 is one of the fastest and most nimble mini-sports cars available today, and it has a top speed of 125 mph. The 1.6-liter model comes with a five-speed gearbox and a Suzuki-sourced engine, and it’s an incredibly reliable vehicle which also has some great curb appeal. Plus, with an initial attractable cost of around £19,000, it’s a good starter car for those wanting to get their feet wet in the world of Caterham. For a more powerful and exciting option, consider the Caterham Seven 620 S. This model has a staggering 205 bhp under the hood, and an impressive 0-60 time of just three seconds. It’s no surprise that the Seven 620 S takes the top spot for the most powerful and most desirable Caterham model: the acceleration and cornering potential here may well blow your mind. At around £50,000 this car may sound expensive, but it’s relatively inexpensive when compared to other similar vehicles. The Caterham 420 R is another incredibly popular model. Featuring the unique handling of the Seven series, it also has an impressive 207 bhp at the wheels and impressive speed. It’s an incredibly safe and comfortable ride that includes plenty of well-thought-out security features, and an impressive level of equipments. An initial cost of approximately £36,000 still makes it a cost-effective and sensible choice for those who tend to change their preference on a regular basis. Finally, the Caterham 7 310R is a unique take on the Caterham brand. The slightly smaller sibling of the Seven family still packs a punch, and it comes with some great extras like a six-speed gearbox, a driver-oriented interior, and a svelte exterior. Plus, a competitive price of around £29,000 keeps this automobile firmly in the realm of the budget conscious consumer. For more than half a century, the Caterham car remains a popular and revered option within the motorsport community. Today, it's still possible to find a budget-friendly Caterham that packs an impressive punch while still delivering a classic, high-octane performance. Passionate vintage car and motorsport enthusiasts, those looking for a unique and head-turning ride, and people between the ages of 35 and 65 can rest easy knowing that there are many great Caterham choices out there within their desired price range.

Which Caterham for a high budget?

For passionate vintage car and motorsport enthusiasts, the Caterham experience is the perfect thing for those fortunate enough to be able to afford it. Renowned for its quality of engineering and craftsmanship, the Caterham has inspired drivers since Caterham Cars first launched the car in 1960. While all (modern) variants are engineered to the highest specifications for safety and performance, some special Caterhams have been produced over the years, elevating this car to the stuff of racing folklore. For those with a high budget, Caterhams such as the historic 420 model, and the more recent 620S are the perfect choice. With the 420, drivers can enjoy the perfect balance between raw performance and modern technology, as this model was considered by some as the best in the range. It comes equipped with a Ford Sigma engine and slick 5-speed gearbox, that develops up to 140bhp to produce a thrilling drive. In addition, its adaptive differentials add to the car’s versatility, while its lightweight body ensures it can be easily maneuvered around tight corners. By comparison, the 620S is a much newer vehicle, launching late 2019 with a manually reconditioned Cosworth engine. Although the car still has the same lightweight and power of its predecessor, with up to 310bhp now on offer, the 620S has a much more modern look and feel. Not only does the exterior styling feature some aerodynamic additions, such as aero composite carbon body panels and the new brushed aluminium rear wing, but the interior of the cabin might just be the finest on any Caterham model. Updated sports seats, hard-wearing paddles and touchscreen infotainment system put every driver in total control. Both of these cars are built to impress, whether it’s a track day or simply a joyride around town. But it’s the allure of the iconic Caterham badge which truly brings back fond memories of racing days past when owning a model from this sought-after marque was a symbol of opulent. If you are a wealthy enthusiast between the ages of 35 and 65, now’s the time to finally experience what a Caterham can offer.

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