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Story of the BYD creation

Start your engines, because here’s a passionate story about BYD – one of the worlds leading car manufacturers, brandishing its credentials of relentless innovation and revolutionary technology to dazzle vintage car enthusiasts and upmarket motorsport admirers. Based in the city of Shenzhen, China, BYD (Build Your Dreams) Auto Co. Ltd. has built an undeniable reputation for its outrageous designs, sleek performance and highly efficient electric automobile technology. Since its emergence in the early 1990s, BYD has made impressive strides with its range of cars, marking itself out as an instant industrial leader in China. Soon after, their fame spread to the rest of the world – with countries as far afield as Denmark, The United Kingdom and the United States eager to take hold of the groundbreaking BYD technology. Today, their mission remains the same – to revolutionise the way the whole world drives. To the more traditional car enthusiast, BYD is gaining particular attention since 1995; when their first dedicated luxury car, the BYD C9DLG, blasted onto the street racing scene. The prowess of the C9DLG became almost unprecedented, unlocking a new level of speed, ambitious control and an unbelievably tight handling capacity. Parochially named “The Snake”, the C9DLG coupled these impressive capabilities with a wide range of additional features - including a turbocharged vacuum brake pressure, reinforced independent suspension systems, a heavy duty clutch and its dynamic 4 wheel braking. At the turn of the millennium, BYD turned its attention to the production of localized parts for electronic motor systems and adapter plugs. Promptly showing their bright minds and determination to tackle the fuel problem worldwide. Within a matter of years, BYD had constructed several commercially viable hybrid engine prototypes to demonstrate their potential as a leading automotive technology manufacturer. By 2007, they’d started production on the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle – the F3DM Hybrid, it's a car that was often favorably compared to the infamous Toyota Prius of the same year, since then in 2020 BYD has rapidly increased its sales to over 800,000 model, their vehicles now ranging from the all electric e26 to their battery-powered model security K11 wagon – showing that BYD possess the capabilities to compete on the same level as the leading names in the business. BYD also offers vehicle financing products and services in partnership with blue-chip banks like Bank of Communications and China Merchants Bank, representing the marriage between modern technology and traditional finance that BYD seeks to deliver worldwide. Now, the firm are moving into high-end market, with a deep understanding for modern motor sport and vintage car die-hards. From electric high-speed tunnel systems, to fully engineered autonomous vehicles. That's truly whet the historically passionate and educated can get behind, a marriage between innovation and tradition, quality craftsmanship and certified electrified products, together to continually take the experience of driving to the next level. At BYD, they treat their cars as an extension of their artistic capabilities, a showcase of beauty and capability and reliable engineering. This is what has fired the ambition of car owners, petrol heads and seasoned motorsports practitioners all around the world. What BYD represent goes beyond the supply of a product, what it stands for is a never ending journey of discovery, and a fierce dedication to creating pioneering, technologically advanced vehicles. An exploration of industry secrets, handpicked from the world’s leading automotive experts. From ground breaking battery technology to advanced brake and steering systems they have the experience and passion to design and manufacture tom the highest of standard – and all at an affordable cost. BYD have literally taken the world of transportation by storm. Their achievements since the mid-90s have cemented the company's unflappable aim to innovate, progressing into the 21st century ahead of their contemporaries and, indeed, in front of their own personal ambitions. A brand that has captivated the eye's of the vintage markets, and proven they can take on the big names in mass production. Approaching the future with electric propulsion and clean energy, those targeting the affluent between the ages of 35 and 65 – and who privilege performance and design – would be wise to keep their eyes firmly fixed on BYD.

Story of the BYD models

BYD is one of the leading car companies in the world and has made a name for itself with its iconic vehicles. With a massive lineup of cars and luxury options, BYD's vehicles offer something for everyone with a penchant for modern technology and vintage styling. From the sleek and stylish BYD C4 to the sporty and energetic BYD S1, BYD has always been at the cutting edge of automotive trends. In 2021, BYD released several more models, including the retro-style BYD V3 and the latest BYD X8 Concept. Despite being known for their luxury vehicles like the BYD G5 sedan, BYD also produces sporty cars that are perfect for those who like to drive an adrenaline-fueled performance car. The BYD E8 hatchback and the BYD E6 crossover are two examples of cars that bring out the best in BYD's engineers. With comfortable and versatile interiors and an impressive range of options, these are great choices for day trips—or even longer jaunt’s – when you’re looking for a vehicle with power and style. At the luxurious end of things, the L1, R1, and W2 from BYD offer high-end features, contemporary design and impressive safety features. These vehicles will put the minds of their owners at ease, with peace of mind knowing that the vehicles are a prime representation of quality and craftsmanship. The BYD K60S is a crossover SUV with classic good looks, tempered with an air of elegance, making it particularly fit for luxury city travel. With ride height and ground clearance allowing it to rise above all elements, the K60s can handle even the most complex terrain with ease. No review of BYD cars would be complete without mentioning their signature SUV, the BYD Song Pro. A tech-equipped ride to with a hybrid powertrain, the Song Pro stands out among its peers, offering a balance of efficiency and luxury that will make car-lovers of all ages sit up and take notice. When it comes to BYD, there’s a model for everyone, and each car sits at the perfect intersection of performance and luxury. Whether you’re an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport, or just affluent people between 35 and 65 years old, BYD cars will have you feeling passionate as you cruise out on the open road.

Story of the BYD in motorsport

BYD has been producing cars full of passion since 2003, which now enjoys a rich motorsport heritage. Developed in 1994, BYD's first car, the BYD F3, debuted at the China International Automobile Exhibition as a local answer to foreign imports. But it wasn't until 2003 that BYD truly entered the car market with their electric vehicles such as the e6 and the com to which this very motorsport success story owes its one of its biggest roots - a story told in four chapters. First, a requisite motor vehicle to run through the streets with the utmost respect for the those deriving pleasure from a smoother than smooth ride was essential - and so the legendary BYD F3 was born. It drew excellent fuel energy efficiency and tops out at a maximum speed of 100 km/h, making it the leading domestic pick among careful drivers looking for a quality drive. Second, a mechanical successor to the BYD F3 had to be created - the F6. It was the departure for the Manufacturer Excellent Award at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006, initiated by the Shenzhen government - an honor that the F6s could achieve five years through 2011. This vehicle was widely acclaimed for its fuel-efficiency, eco-friendly interior design and performance-driven features. Third was the integrated incorporation of hybrid vehicles into the world of racing. BYD was the first Chinese automotive maker to participate in the CETV China Rally Championship in 2006 and proudly proved to the world that electric and hybrid cars were more than capable of delivering the utmost in driving performance and speed. It won first in the 2.0t Hybrid China Touring Car Championship, with five wins in a row, and podium finishes in F3 Racing, Formula Renault, and Formula 4 championships. Finally, and most recently, BYD took its race pedigree to the Porsche Carrera Cup in 2014-15, where its daredevil drivers weaved their way through six high-source categories and endurance races to become the runner-up in the Championship and China Cup categories, especially in the heart of BYD's home-turf Shenzhen. This legacy of four stages of success underline BYD's commitment to motorsport and combine the energy efficiency, speed potential, and the widespread speculation of electric and hybrid cars, making it an exciting blend of passion, performance, and purpose that is sure to please both children and adults alike - especially the target audience of vintage car, motorsport-loving affluent people between 35 and 55! As BYD continues to revolutionize performance and China’s focus on green automotive technology, its long-standing motorsport commitment is sure to have a host of innovative and thrilling surprises in store for enthusiats and aficionados all over the world.

Anecdotes about BYD

When it comes to classic cars, few brands can manage to hold the same mark of excellence as BYD, the proudly Chinese carmaker which traces its roots back to 1902. Years of innovation driven forward by passionate people, always searching for road-specific solutions to revolutionize the driving experience of its vehicles. BYD's story is a deeply fascinating one: At the dawn of the 20th century, it started as humble bicycle repair shop in the Shi Tang district of Shenzhen and soon turned into a large, progressive technology producer embraced by all those who understand and appreciate a perfect blend of nostalgia and passion for motor beasts. For years, BYD has pushed the boundaries and leveraged the growing possibilities provided to them by a rapidly evolving technological toyland. Their cars pack insane amounts of muscles, capable of delivering staggering performances in terms of speed, torque, and reliability. But it is also a nostalgic car for die-hard fans of fiery nostalgia. Gearheads can find plenty of vintage BYD cars preserved in top condition in their private collections or demanding high prices from fellow automotive collectors, especially MGTF and BDY11 (to name a few) models, which still remains extremely popular. To keep its classic car lineup still relevant, particularly among cavaliers of its country's heritage, BYD has also applied its engineering and standards to the antique car restoration business. The brand's core philosophy is to bring in a peak-performing car model lined up with advanced technological features while maintaining its original classic look. The process resembles a dance of both technical prowess and historical accuracy, resulting in a handcrafted engineering effort to revert to its original specs. BYD takes the challenge one step further: while restoring old classic cars, it has developed technologies which also resulted unprecedented success in its auto-museum segment. The BYD brand's imprint of excellence is also reflected in the lifestyle that surrounds it - indeed, it has cultivated the art of sophistication and style fittingly worthy for a carmaker operating in such a high protocoled field. Those who have driven BYD cars will enjoy the vintage memories which come back in waves of nostalgia, while modern-day motoring fans now enjoy many of the amenities available for them: premium leather seats, sleek interiors, robust audio systems, GPS capabilities and a wide array of on-board services such as shopping, banking, and healthcare. In addition to their illustrious reputation, BYD cars also offer a host of commercial advantages, making them attractive to content-minded people between the ages of 35 and 65, not only passionate about motor sports but also seeking a reliable, speedy machine for comfortable everyday travels. No appealing backstory of success is complete without mentions of the original perseverance, the courage not to stay still and take risks if it's for that greater good. BYD has worked alongside many eminent engineers to revamp and rebuild the cars from its past to a firm present where demand meets premium quality. It has travelled anywhere, from motor racing circuits to cardealers, to make sure its amazing creations are always associated with picture-perfect memories and an authentic nostalgia brought in the form of four-wheeled stories. BYD has managed to deliver the perfect blend of technology, performance, passion and design to guarantee a bright future and prestigious legacy for itself and its cult followers.

Which BYD for which budget?

Which BYD for a low budget?

Do you dream of owning a luxurious and reliable BYD car but have a limited budget? If so, you are in luck because BYD offers plenty of used models that come with quality assurance and unbeatable prices. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing style to stay within your means. BYD cars offer unbeatable performance and modern features such as built-in navigation systems, heated seats, radar-guided cruise control and automated lighting systems – all at a great value. Whether you’re an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport, or seek modern sophistication, BYD cars have something for everyone. From the sporty BYD F3R to the sleek and stylish BYD Tang to the dynamic and powerful BYD G6, each car is designed with sophistication and performance in mind. The BYD range offers plenty of affordable luxury cars with a price range to suit any budget. BYD combines affordable jaw-dropping style with extraordinary protection and superior fuel economy to ensure you get maximum value for your money. With quarterly maintenance specials and loan financing options, owning a luxury car of your dreams is no longer a distant wish. Don’t let your budget be a barrier to getting the luxury car of your dreams – BYD cars are the answer! These robust and reliable cars offer exceptional performance at an unbeatable price, and are sure to please any sophisticated driver between 35-65 years old. Get ready to enjoy luxurious V6 engines, cutting edge styling, great safety features and advanced vehicle amenities all packed into an affordable and reliable car. Settle for less and regret it, or invest in an affordable BYD car and gain unrivaled peace of mind every time you take it out for a drive. Enjoy superior style and performance with the affordability of the incredible BYD car range. Get your hands behind the wheel of your dream car and enjoy the ride!

Which BYD for a medium budget?

Are you passionate about cars, but you do not have an unlimited budget? Have you been searching for the perfect car for your needs, but are not finding any results? Do not worry – because BYD cars may be just the solution to your problem! BYD, known for the electric cars and buses, are already producing some of the most affordable and sporty vehicles. And, while most of these models might not match up in comparative value or performance to the high-end exotic models we normally associate with luxury - they would certainly serve very well for the everyday driver with a medium budget. For vintage car enthusiasts, BYD offers some of the most unique options. From its sharp lines to tailored interiors, the BYD S6 is already turning heads - offering plenty of nostalgia without sacrificing performance. Look closely and you’ll find a refined engine and a chassis crafted with modern technology, so as to get the most out of the steering, ride and performance. Best of all, the BYD S6 feels as driver-focused as the iconic classics, but is offered at a fraction of the cost. BYD is also a popular pick for motor sport enthusiasts on a budget. The classy BYD E2 is a top choice for performance drivers looking for an affordable light-weight vehicle with plenty of power. It features quick shift electric transmission and has adequate acceleration for electric vehicles of its size. Equipped with a 0.6 liter turbocharged engine, the sporty BYD E2 would make a great daily driver for those looking for something powerful, agile and economical. For a more luxurious mid-size car suitable for affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65, BYD has the S7. This powerful SUV in elegance is already admiration for its versatility and modern interior design. Great for a family outing, the S7 makes a bold statement with its sporty yet refined features. Not only does it provide plenty of interior room for passengers and storage, but the engine is strong enough to provide great driving experience and performance in both the city and the open roads. To summarise, anyone looking for a great car for a medium budget should definitely take a look at the wide range created by BYD. Take out a test drive and find out why BYD has been the go-to choice for vintage and motorsport enthusiasts, as well as affluent people between 35 and 65 years old. With the right approach and some good luck, you might find the perfect BYD car for yourself within no time!

Which BYD for a high budget?

Whenever people think about cars, very few are exciting and revolutionary enough to make you sit back in awe and admiration. Among those, some of the most iconic and sought-after are those made by BYD; cars that are not just a reflection of great craftsmanship, but are also incredibly advanced, luxurious, and expensive. If you are among the chosen few who have a high budget and want to acquire a BYD car of supreme quality, then this article is for you. BYD’s cars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your lifestyle and give you unlimited freedom of selection. Each one has their own unique touches and features that make BYD’s vehicles exotic and priceless. Whether it’s the retro-inspired class that the classic Qinda TD or the masterfully engineered trunks that the Chuiandesi can offer, there is no mistaking the fact that these luxurious vehicles are built to last. If you’re looking to show off in style, then you may be interested in the incredible power and torque that the YV 514 can generate. This car can reach an incredible top speed of 155 km/h and features multiple airbags for maximum protection and safety; ensuring that you have an enjoyable ride every time. From a more sophisticated perspective, the Takara Tama 618 can usher in a superior sense of style, as its exterior is thoroughly designed and maximized for an unforgettable experience. For motorsport aficionados, the technology that can be found within BYD's vehicles is a real game changer. Advanced and integrated tracking systems found in the Gale Petal assist you in navigating unpredictable navigations and remaining safe throughout any journey; while the Chuga 618/704 model is fitted with a system that provides extremely precise transmissions and some of the fastest shifts can be experienced. Vintage enthusiasts can find nirvana in the dynamic design, day-to-day practicality, and comfort of the AluHai Q5. This car comes equipped with a windshield wiper cooling system, automatic climate control system, and direct messaging controls on the steering wheel; all contributing to a safe and pleasant ride. The people behind BYD understand that achieving true extravagance requires much more than the powerful and distinguished car bodywork; that’s why their cars are also fitted with an abundance of luxurious amenities and advanced features. Automotive media integration is a must, and immersing yourself in the ultra high-fidelity audio of their systems makes you feel like you are one with the open highway. BYD is always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to value for money cars. Whether you are a motorsport enthusiast, vintage fan, style-driven commuter, or weekend adventurer, there is no wrong choice among BYD’s selection. The combination of elegance and sophistication exercised by their cars will ultimately result in an unforgettable motoring experience that you won’t find elsewhere. The only thing left is for you to take the wheel of your chosen BYD car, experience a truly unique automotive experience, and cruise into the future with confidence.

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