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Story of the Bond creation

When it comes to vintage cars, few brands can compare to the iconic Bond, who have a fascinating history involving motorsport, innovation, and success. Bond Motor Car Company, founded in 1944 by engineer and racing car driver Equelet Bondubay, quickly established itself as a top-tier classic car manufacturer. Since its launch, the Bond marque has developed an enhanced ability in the fine art of classic car making, setting a high bar in the motorsport industry. It has been privileged to have some of the most brilliant engineers and forward-thinking minds of the motorsport world. Specializing in the production of elegant classic cars and customized high-performance models, Bond quickly made wave in the industry and earned the attention of collectors and successful motorsport enthusiasts. The high-end cars became an instant classic and soon established a loyal and affluent customer base. In its glory days, Bond’s vast range of vehicles achieved several notable accomplishments, from winning the 1954 Marques Rally Cup and the 1971 Bol d’Or to obtaining eight local and international racing cup championships. Some consider Bond’s 1990s adjustable suspension system ahead of its time, a major revolution in motorsport technology and one of the brand’s most successful innovation. Today, Bond vintage cars are in an extremely high demand, prized by automotive enthusiasts, mainly due to their innovative engineering, mechanics, and fantastic designs. Despite declining production numbers over the past twenty years, the Bond cars have significantly aged in prestige and have found a following among collectors and affluent individuals between 35 and 65 years old. Overall, Bond Motor Company is one of the most iconic automotive brands renowned in classic motorsport and their sophisticated vehicles embody the effort and skill put into manufacturing luxurious cars of the highest quality. With more than six decades of history, Bond can rightfully claim that its classic cars have gone down in motorsport history and bear the undeniable mark of excellence.

Story of the Bond models

For decades, the Bond marque has been synonymous with exquisite automobiles and unrivaled luxury. As the epitome of style, craftsmanship, and innovation, Bond cars have become iconic symbols of distinction and power, standing in a league of their own. These exemplary vehicles have attracted the attention of enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport, and affluent people for many years, and earned the reputation as the perfect balance of performance and opulence. From the classic 2 seater Bond 2.6 to the cabriolet 2+2 Bond 2.8 and the racing-inspired Bond 4.9 XR, Bond has produced an impressive array of cars since the early 1950s. The Bond 2.6 was stunning in design, with its two-seater silhouette and curvaceous front, and redefining performance. The front-engined Bond 2.8 followed suit, delivering an exhilarating experience through its smooth powertrain and versatile suspension, while delivering an astonishing level of luxury. The pinnacle of Bond engineering was surely the Bond 4.9 XR. Developed as part of an exclusive partnership with the race track-designers of the day, the XR featured the powerful 4.9-liter V8 engine that could propel the car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds. The sumptuous interior and luxuriously appointed exterior marked the Bond4.9 XR as the perfect merger of performance and opulence. Since the 1950s, Bond has become renowned as one of the leading manufacturers of luxury automobiles. Every car the marque releases truly stands out from the rest, captivating the imagination and driving aficionados the world over with its combination of bespoke features, supreme performance and unmistakable style. Whether an appreciation for the classic Bond 2.6, the incredible power of the Bond 4.9 XR, or the opulence of the Bond 2.8 cabriolet, Bond has given auto enthusiasts of all ages and tastes something to rejoice in.

Story of the Bond in motorsport

The Bond car brand has a long and distinguished motorsport history that has been providing thrills, spills, and plenty of excitement for nearly a century. From the early days on the track during competitive events, to the slick rallying run-outs to modern day endurance racing, the Bond stable have long been a favorite amongst car enthusiasts, racers, and motorsport fans alike. Starting in 1927, the first Bond competition cars featured several successful outings at events around the world. At the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1930, a Bond emerged with the overall victory. This memorable outcome started a prolific run of success that lasted through the 1990s. During the Post-War period, Bond raced multiple cars in both the World Championship and on the national circuit. The brand enjoyed many successes including a DP1 victory at the inaugural Formula 1 Championship race. Both the cars themselves and their drivers were headturners during this vibrant era. The Bond of the early 1950s was a dominant force in sports-car racing. Under the leadership of Jim Clark and co-driver Jackie Stewart, Bond cars started to take center stage during the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans in 1960. Fast-paced and high-performing, the Bond driven by Clark and Stewart went on to finish in fourth overall. In the late 1970s, a bespoke version of the Bond Retusing was produced as a special edition in limited edition numbers. This limited-series Bond was used as part of grand tours and long rallying events in Europe. Making a standout impression, the vehicle quickly became a fan favorite, due to its unique paint job and aerodynamic design. After a triumphant last hurrah in the 90s, Bond cars now largely sticks to classic cars but the legacy and fondness for the cars of the past remain. For the true Bond enthusiast, the one-of-a-kind Retusing still stands out as a great example of the brand's motorsport success. Despite being outpaced by modern-day marvels, Bond vehicles enforce the ongoing success of the beloved car-manufacturer and remain fondly remembered as some of the most iconic vehicles in the motorsport history.

Anecdotes about Bond

The Bond car brand has become an icon of vintage motorsports over the years - a true automotive masterpiece, created to offer enthusiasts the best performance backed by stylish design. Founded in 1913, the Bond Motor Company began producing cars at a small factory near Speke, England, guided by the vision of its founder, William Bond. As pioneering engineers of lightweight models, Bond cars soon became a favorite of motorsport drivers and petrolheads alike, soaring to new heights in popularity and cementing their place in classic car culture. From the roaring twenties to the post-war period, national landmarks to professional raceways, the Bond car was beloved, notorious, and respected by those in the automotive community, for the cars’ efficient performance and British craftsmanship from the heart of Liverpool. As time passed, so did the famous Bond Motor Company, but the stories, memories, and celebrated moments that accompanied every first drive, race, and burnout are more than enough to fill an entire magazine. From the joyous wins to the small victories earned from beating a personal record, all the way down to the sweat, tears, and moments of pain endured by drivers, observers, and the beloved Bond Tigers—the car brand has more than a surface level of stories for us to tell. From the racing teams of the 1920s to the Bond-Cunningham and the fierce rivalry that embroiled in the 1950s and "60s, the Bond Car has plenty of tales from the past that should be carved into stone, along with the stories of those lesser known but dedicated craftsmen who dedicated their knowledge to pushing the boundaries and developing a winning vehicle. It is to them and their unwritten histories that we owe the principles behind modern vehicle innovation. When we look back, we should thank them for their constant dedication throughout the years, and still feel the passionate energy of what it means to be a Bond fan today. The cars of the Bond Motor Company are historic reminders of the drive and ambition for performance that pushed both the company, drivers, and race car fans to achieve greatness. For automotive enthusiasts of any aged from the ages of 35 and 65, Bond fans will never forget the moments of driving a Bond car and the stories the car could tell.

Which Bond for which budget?

Which Bond for a low budget?

Avid car collectors and enthusiasts, it’s time to explore a whole range of options that won’t leave you feeling short-changed - we’re talking about the affordable yet classic wheels of James Bond fame! If you’re an enraged motorhead between the age of 35 and 65 who loves the idea of owning an iconic Bond car without breaking the bank, the list of cars that follows has been specifically tailored to meet your vintage, luxurious tastes. Great news if you’re looking to join the proverbial status quo without compromising your love of vintage vehicles and the traditional Bond swagger! Whether your budget caters for the defunct, 1971 classic – the Aston Martin DB5 – or you’re eyeing a contemporary, limited edition model from Aston Martin such as the DB10 for example, our collection of affordable Bond cars provides everything you need for an economically savvy and revved up supercar experience. Instead of shelling out huge amounts for an elderly, BM5 – why not opt for something that has newer, less-dilapidated guts but retain vintage badge? Cars like the Toyota 2000GT will give you the classics without bringing your wallet to its knees. Alternatively, check out the 1991 BMW Z3 which replaced the classic Aston Martin Volante ⅔ way through the wrap-shooting of “GoldenEye”. For those with a steeper budget than your average man on the street, it’s impossible to not feel drawn towards the royal, stealth-Esque adapted Mini Cooper from “The italian job”. Did we mention it cost a mere $1.3 million to build? And priced similarly is the tank-Esque Aston Martin V8 Vantage from “The Living Daylights”. No matter what car you lay eyes on, the experience of owning one of these can’t be ignored. Pull out all the stops and make yourself the king — or queen — of the road and join the Bond fan club. Everything’s possible when you decide to reach for the stars without stepping onto broken financial ground. Put away the plastic and make sure you’re forever king of the road with the masterful collection of Bond cars that your wallet will thank you for later!

Which Bond for a medium budget?

Are you a Bond fan who wants to buy the cars James Bond drove but don’t have a Hollywood-size budget? You’re in luck! You might not have 007 detective license, but you can still feel like the famous British secret agent by staying within a medium budget and buying some of the cars he has owned over the years. With vintage cars just a phone call away, car enthusiasts can get a piece of the action and chase their Bond dreams. The grace and glamor of vintage cars are hard to pass up, especially for special occasions or just a weekend drive down a country road. Have you ever wondered which cars Bond drove in the movies, or what it may cost to get your hands on these beauties? Here's a guide on where to begin. The Aston Martin DB5 is a legendary car. This classic sports car was extensively featured in the early Bond films and has become one of the best signature vehicles in film history. For many Bond fans, owning a car like the one featured in the films would be a dream come true. It would come as no surprise then, that this vehicle may also be slightly expensive. It may not reach the budget-pinching levels of buying a Ferrari Enzo, but the Aston Martin still carries a hefty price tag that may go up to $10 million or more! While individuals with a medium budget can skip the DB5, they could still get lucky and find the less powerful street versions, though not as prized. Another iconic car also found in Bond films is the Citroen 2CV. This original French car was historically well-known in Europe, and the Bond edition was seen in the 1976 film, The Spy Who Loved Me. Featuring a bright yellow paint job, the 2CV left its mark on Bond fans, however not all of them can cover its considerable price tag. The Bond edition 2CV made by the car manufacturer CITROEN may be worth around $35.000. The Toyota 2000GT also made its appearance on the silver screen in You Only Live Twice and others. Though the car being incredibly rare makes it difficult to get on a regular budget. With prices that can reach millions of dollars, those with a medium budget can look for the modern versions, like the Yamaha 2000GT, for which they will be spending between $70,000 and $130,000. Getting behind the wheel of the spy cars of the James Bond films is a fantasy that is within reach, even without a Hollywood-size budget. There’s an expansive list of possibilities to suit a wide range of tastes. Whatever your price range, passion and heart will build the destiny of a uniquely awesome motor car!

Which Bond for a high budget?

The Bond car collection has always been one of the most prestigious and sought after in the world of vintage cars and motorsport alike. Bond cars boast impressive power, style and exclusivity, and come with a price tag to match. However, if you're someone whose willing and able to splash the cash, then you've got some superb choices. The iconic Bond sports cars are renowned for their power and style. Aston Martin in particular are the go-to choice for many Bond fans, and with good reason too. With most cars having a minimum price tag of around $100,000 and no ceiling on the affordable quality, Bond cars offer endless possibilities when it comes to enjoying the driving thrill of a classic car. Evocative lines, slick design and unmistakeable poise make the Rolls Royce Bond Skyfall Edition stand out amongst even the finest classic cars. Favoured by royalty, the iconic Silver Ghost will make sure you can make an entrance to any occasion. Prices for a Silver Ghost vary wildly, but the saying goes that if you have to ask the price you can't to afford it. For something smaller but no less exciting, the Allard JR has a lot going for it; combining Bond elegance and capability into one package, many consider the Allard JR to be one of the most underrated Bond cars ever. Affordability is certainly attractive too. Ranging from around $80,000 up, depending on condition, the Allard JR makes an impressive statement from every angle. The film Skyfall featured no fewer than eight classic Bond cars, each of them oozing power and style. With fans clamouring to get their hands on the latest Bond cars, that featured, its worth noting that unless you have a couple of hundred grand to spare you might find yourself better off sticking to replicas. In short, if you're looking to add some Bond-level glamour to your collection and you've got the budget to match, then you can turn to the Bond car collection and get an exclusive piece of motoring royalty. Whether its an iconic Rolls Royce, an elegant Allard, or something even more exclusive, the Bond car collection sure won't let you down. For some, the chance to own and experience the power and luxury of a Bond car is the stuff dreams are made of.

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