Discover the perfect classic: the Bizzarrini, an Italian two-seat sports car from 1965-1968. Find deals on this rare authentic supercar.

Story of the Bizzarrini creation

The Italian car brand Bizzarrini has a long and fascinating history that has captivated audiences around the world for generations. Founded by engineer Giotto Bizzarrini in 1964, the brand was initially born out of Ferrari and then quickly grew to become the leading Italian classic car of choice. Bizzarrini's journey began when the engineer left his job at Ferrari to work with automotive engineers Iso, who were struggling with a poor public reception of their own sports car, the Iso Rivolta. Giotto Bizzarrini's launch of the GT 5300 Strada—the classic Bizzarrini car and the first project that Bizzarrini took part in—was a success, and quickly earned the recognition of motorsport and vintage car enthusiasts. This smaller, lighter car with a powerful V12 engine far surpassed the Iso Rivolta, and soon climbed to high spots on the motorsport podiums. This success allowed Bizzarrini to build on this winning strategy, and launch their flagship 5000 GT. Always referred to as a ‘thoroughbred race car for the road', this car combined modern design with power and displayed the capabilities of the new Bizzarrini brand. The car soon found success in motorsport, and particular success came in 1966, with the American Shelby GT350 used for the 24 hours of Le Mans. Since 1960, Bizzarrini has been known for its excellence in chassis and engine design, a fact that has helped Bizzarrini cars to stand out in the racing and vintage car market. In 1967, Bizzarrini launched the P538, which to this day is still considered to be the pinnacle of Italian classic cars. This car emerged with a front-engine V12 350 horse power powerplant, and a top speed of 186 mph (300 km/h). It was an extremely agile vehicle and quickly gained fame in the auto world as an example of excellence in both design and performance. With success in track events such as the Daytona 6 hour race, 24 hour Le Mans and Riace in 1972, the P538 went on to display remarkable abilities for handling and sound. Perhaps what makes the Bizzarrini cars so appealing to vintage car enthusiasts and affluent people between 35-65 years old is the classic mix of performance and design of each of their vehicles. Bizzarrini created such advanced and powerful vehicles for their time period - marrying technical excellence in craftsmanship and developing technologies to appeal to all levels of car fanatics, from The grand Lux segment to motorsport. The passion that Giotto Bizzarrini instilled in his cars still lives on today, making the Bizzarrini brand an enduring and stylish symbol of classic Italian excellence.

Story of the Bizzarrini models

The Italian marque Automobili Bizzarrini has been producing premium sports cars for over half a century, with a long list of iconic models that have made a lasting impression on both automotive and motorsport enthusiasts. As a passionate lover of vintage cars, I am here to provide an insight into the triumphs and tribulations of the Automobili Bizzarrini range. Designed by genius engineer Giotto Bizzarrini, the first of the brand’s models – the Bizzarrini 5300GT – was released in 1964, in response to customer demand for a powerful and sleek machine paired with a streamlined design. The 190-horsepower engine was capable of reaching 200 km/h – quite impressive for the time – and furthermore, the aerodynamics modernized the design at the time its release. Meant as a luxury sports car, the 5300GT was a breath of fresh air, bringing together a combination of powerful engine and exquisite vintage beauty. In the wake of this huge success, the legendary Bizzarrini brand soon released their next model – the Bizzarrini P538 in 1965. Featuring a more powerful 3.7-liter V8 engine delivering over 350 horsepower, yet maintaining the model’s exquisite look, the P538 was – and still is – an absolute masterpiece. Innovative features enabled the car to reach an impressive top speed of 290 km/h, earning it the title of one of the fastest automobiles ever to be created. Motor-sport lovers could not think of a better ride than the Bizzarrini Strada, released in 1965. By adopting a more robust, yet elegant appearance and adding a 4.2-liter engine with 6 Weber carburetors, the company stayed true to their reputation for top quality, high performance models. It wasn't long before this model caught the attention of professional motorsport drivers and became the number one choice for them. Lastly, the final addition to the legendary Bizzarrini lineup was the impressive Bizzarrini GT Euromille, released in 1966. This GT created a sensational buzz upon its release. Proud to be the last of the series of Bizzarrini creations, the GT Euromille guarantees the perfection of those who wish to own a racing car. Boasting a 4.6-liter V8 engine capable of generating 450 horsepower while featuring a gullwing hatch and painted body, this machine is an extraordinary sight. With an array of legendary, vintage models of Automobili Bizzarrini fitted for affluent people between 35 and 65years old, motorsport and automotive enthusiasts can now truly appreciate the beauty and performance of these awe-inspiring works of art. A dedication for both engineering and aesthetic perfection, the Bizzarrini is here to stay.

Story of the Bizzarrini in motorsport

The passion of Italian drivers for motorsports has been interpreted over the years by a variety of racing car brands, most notably Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, and Bizzarrini. Founded in 1963 by ex Ferrari engineer Giotta Bizzarrini, the Bizzarrini brand has been marked by a long and proud tradition of breaking speed records and captivating the will of racing drivers alike with its voluptuous design. In the early 60s, Giotta Bizzarrini created one of the most remarkable cars of its era: the classic Bizzarrini 5300 GT. Its timeless design featured a 5.3 liter V12 engine inspired by the Ferrari Testa Rossa, earning it a name in the world of mid-century motorsports. As a testament to its prowess, The Porsche 904 GTS ‘Competizione’ finished in 2nd place at the Tourist Trophy of 1964, the longest and toughest sports-car race of the year. It was due to Bizzarrini’s commitment and passion that numerous sportscars and electric cars were built between 1963 and 1969, among them iconic supercars like the P538 S and the Iso Grifo GL Series. Larger projects, such as the Bizzarrini Strada and the 4.3-litre Coupé, took center stage in 1968, a year that saw the company building its most outlandish and critically acclaimed creations. In 1969, Giotta Bizzarrini sold his company to a named ISO Industries, after already selling to Emilio Home and General & Factory Fergat. Even though the brand technically disappeared after the late 1970s, numerous limited editions and reseditions of the classic Bizzarrini 5300 GT were manufactured by brands like Apollo Automobil, Lucra Cars, and Superformance during the years that followed. Currently, Bizzarrini’s newest creations, the Apollo IE and the SuperVettura, are some of the most desired packages amongst mid-century racing historians and affluent connoisseurs of vintage style, despite their hefty price tags. While Giotta Bizzarrini’s chapter in the history of motorsports has its fair share of repetitions, both born from resurrections of the eponymous brand, and the artistic merit of Bizzarrini’s most iconic cars have ultimately refused to be forgotten.

Anecdotes about Bizzarrini

---- Since the momentit first came to be, the Bizzarrini automobile has had an impressive history characterised by luxurious cars and fascinating stories. Bizzarrini first entered the motorsport arena with the introduction of its street legal P538 race car in 1963. It quickly gained recognition for its straightforward design and the lightweight, two-seater chassis, and earned the brand prominence. Over the years, one of the most interesting moments in the Bizzarrini story happened in 1965, when the prototype of the Bizzarrini GT 5300Strada was crowned the ‘Car of the Year’ at the prestigious MilleMiglia competition in Italy. It took four years from the original plan to the completion of the GT – from design to production – showing the pure craftsmanship andattention to detail of the workshop. With its low red body, it drove recklessly across the Italian landscape, being long remembered by the vintage car community. Of course, a brand like Bizzarrini must also have producing some concepts and custom cars over the years. From 2013 onwards, the Strada Spianata concept – a scalding Italian beast – carved its historic design into the minds of the affluent between 35 and 65 years old. It was inspired by the P538 Strada, and it is also acclaimed as a beautiful and powerful device that includes a formidable Topanol F100 “Quadricor”engine and a impressive five-speed manual transmission mounted to a light frame all leading to kinetic performance perfection. Bizzarrini further firmly cemented its position in the motoring world with other futuristic and revolutionary models. For example, the Iguana was an astonishing and contemporary car with the spirit of the Sixties that big automotive companies at the time couldn't emulate. The brand discontinued the line in1981 but their engineers and mechanics continue to present accessories under the same name. If you’re a passionate admirer of vintage cars and an enthusiast of motorsport, the Bizzarrini car brand has enough stories and anecdotes to fill your nostalgia-filled heart. From P538 Strada coupes to Strada Bianca concepts and the revolutionary Iguana, it can be said that Bizzarrini has left a great legacy in the automotive world, one that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Which Bizzarrini for which budget?

Which Bizzarrini for a low budget?

Ah, those glorious days when Bizzarrini cars ruled the track! Known for their great performance, these classic Italian sports cars are a favorite amongst collectors and vintage car enthusiasts. For those on a budget, acquiring one of these legendary beauties is still an obtainable goal. It can be hard to know where to start looking, and restoring an old Bizzarrini can be a daunting task if you’re unfamiliar with the roaring world of these cars. That’s why, our team of motorsport enthusiasts have put together this comprehensive guide to low budget Bizzarrini cars currently on the market. It’s sure to satisfy all your vintage car needs and cover any concerns you might have! When scout for vintage Bizzarrini cars on sale, you'll come across a lot of models from the 1950's and 1960's right up until the 1980's. However, it can often be pretty tricky to source one for a good price. The more popular models are often extremely expensive, but here at our site, we’ve done the hard work for you and sifted through the multitude of options to find some truly one-of-a-kind, low budget Bizzarrini’s. Let’s take a look at a few of them! The 1972 Bizzarrini Manta is the car of dreams for many Italian car fanatics. Offering excellent performance and really stepped up from earlier models in terms of overall styling, it’s a truly classic ride presented in classic bright red. Its not the cheapest car on the market, however if you’re passionate about cars and performance, then the Manta could be the perfect choice! If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more subtle, then why not try out the 1978 Bizzarrini Vendetta Spyder. Rich black with subtle touches of chrome make this Spyder a classical head-turner. This model has for a very long time been a favorite among speed freaks and racing fans. They truly look the part and are an ideal choice for prospective owners who wants to feel like a superstar! Next up we have the 1972 Bizzarrini Ardea. This model looks sleek and elegant while being reasonably priced too! It still looks as close to brand new as one could hope for and with its refreshed interior, it provides a real sense of luxury. Its combination of soft leather seats and wooden steering wheel provide the perfect backdrop for a thrilling, classic driving experience. Finishing off the list is the 1981 Bizzarrini Birdcage. This model was a complete break from designs of the past, containing popular features like the iconic ’B-series’ V8 engine, the 1950s Cadillac-style chassis and the innovative energy Kevlar fiberglass bodies. All in all, it is one of the most sought after vintage cars for anyone on a low budget as it combines performance and luxurious styling for an incredible six-figure sum! Nobody can deny the classic Bizzarrini cars always brought passionate moments on to the track. Those souped-up speedsters were more than just cars, they were an experience. And while it may not be as easy as it once was, it is indeed still possible to find a low budget Bizzarrini that both meets your needs and indulges your passion for vintage masterpieces.

Which Bizzarrini for a medium budget?

If you are looking to get your hands on a truly classic sports car that has stood the test of time, then you will want to take a look at the Bizzarrini, designed and built by Giotto Bizzarrini. Bizzarrini is widely-known as one of Italy's most talented automotive engineers and is credited with designing some iconic vehicles such the Ferrari 250 GT and the ATS 2500 GT. As such, his works have been greatly appreciated by many car lovers and motorsport enthusiasts. There are still some vintage Bizzarrini models available for those with a limited budget. Built between 1963 and 1969, the Bizzarrini, also known as the Iso Rivolta IR 300, attracted many drivers and demanded a high price tag. While the original models are rare and no longer in production, some replicas of the classic cars can be found on the market. The Bizzarrini is powered by a 3.5-litre, Small-Block V8 engine that produces up to 300 horsepower depending on the particular model. It is considered a strong, lightweight yet sophisticated performance machine. As this classic car has excellent road manners, the Bizzarrini is an ideal choice if you're looking for a weekend drive in the country side. For this reason, it can be enjoyed by a wide variety of age groups, from young professionals to accomplished business people, between the ages of 35 and 65. Another big advantage when it comes to the Bizzarrini is its stunning design. The body takes inspiration from the aluminium GT cars built by Bizzarrini in 1963 when he worked in Maranello for Ferrari. The coachwork is possibly one of the most retro-chic designs ever seen and is a testament to the sophisticated craftsmanship Bizzarrini was capable of. Together with a unique Italian chassis, that does not lack in reliability, and a lightweight chassis, the Bizzarrini proves to be an excellent investment. Be aware that not all of the replicas out there reflect the level of engineering and technology employed by the original designs, although there are companies who take this more seriously and produce impressive-looking cars. If you're truly after something special then it's worth taking the time to look into the models from these companies. To summarise, the Bizzarrini can be acquired with a medium budget for those passionate about vintage cars and motorsport who want to experience a mixture of Italian elegance, sophisticated craftsmanship and the unmistakable vintage sound of a V8 engine. If you're looking for a true classic car that is sure to turn heads wherever you go, then look no further – the Bizzarrini is your ideal choice.

Which Bizzarrini for a high budget?

If you're an enthusiast of vintage cars, motorsport and you have a large budget at your disposal, then the Bizzarrini is the perfect car for you. Since its conception over fifty years ago, the Bizzarrini car has evolved with the times while retaining its eye-catching design. This iconic Italian car has won multiple races world-wide and takes the automotive styling and engineering to the next level. The Bizzarrini has an impressive selection of excellent automobiles on offer. Whether you decide to opt-in for the newcomer, the P538 racing series or if you desire something more robust, the road-going 5300 GT Strada, the Bizzarrini has you covered both in race and road-going applications. Under the hood, the P538, as its name implies, produces an remarkable 538bhp, thanks to a GM derived 5-litre V8 with 290 cubic inches of capacity, not to mention badged as Stiletto II. Meanwhile, the 5300 GT Strada is fitted with a 5.4-litre Chevrolet small block, hooked to a ZF 5-speed manual transmission. The 0-62mph is achieved in 4.9 seconds in the road-going version, though a faster acceleration can be achieved than its 6.0-second 0-62mph time in the P538 racing version. Every inch of the Bizzarrini perfectly embodies the Italian craftsmanship and love for engineering. From the red leather interior to the unique round back, there's something effortlessly charming about it. Your journey will feel like a drive in paradise with a beautiful view above your head and an eye-catching design that you will be proud of. Not to mention, the cockpit culture and the feeling of driving an incredible car that has erupted massive feats during its existence. Overall, the Bizzarrini car is a perfect combination of passion, engineering and aesthetic taste. It's an exotic and sporty ride that provides great comfort and an breathtaking overall feel. Your ride will both stand out and provoke dreamy conversations among young and old alike. With such an incredible selection of automobiles, you are guaranteed to find a suitable option from the Bizzarrini for your desires. Whether it's the racecar or the road-going version, it’s ready to unscrupulously be put thorough a test of speed in your hands!

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