Vintage sports car from the 1960's - the Bitter brings style and sophistication to the modern classic car market.

Story of the Bitter creation

The Germany car manufacturer Bitter, founded in 1971 by engineer Erich Bitter, has established itself as an icon in the world of vintage European luxury cars. After a promising start, the automobile manufacturer gained fame especially among drivers, who showed their appreciation for its rare combination of impressive styling and power. During its active years, the company produced three distinctive model ranges: the small-sized, sporty SC and CD, the large, luxurious CD II and the popular, mid-range cars – Soapbox, Triumpf and Conceptmaker. With over 20,000 cars produced and sold, Bitter has won the hearts of car fanatics and motorsport enthusiasts around the globe. The Bitter vehicles fused power, speed and maneuverability into luxury racecars capable of precise handling, delivering a unique driving experience for affluent customers aged between 35 and 65. Today, vintage Bitter cars remain highly sought after in motorsport competitions and upper-class events, thanks in part to its highly attractive design and undeniable presence. Featuring plenty of advanced features, such as a stainless steel chassis and suspension, Bitter cars were truly ahead of their time. Although Erich Bitter eventually bowed out from the business in Present day, the legacy of Bitter continues to embody the unique combination of talents and innovative ideas that resulted bring this brand to worldwide fame almost 50 years ago. Nowadays, its niche collection of vintage vehicles are still extremely valued, admired and loved by all looking for an awe-inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime experience on the road.

Story of the Bitter models

The renowned German carmaker Bitter has been a staple brand in the automotive world, serving as a reliable and powerful choice for luxury vehicles since 1971. From classic sports sedans to sophisticated concepts, Bitter’s long-standing endorsement of traditional craftsmanship and high-performance engineering have earned them a well-deserved spot in the minds of motorsport and vintage car enthusiasts alike. Since their emergence on the international auto-racing scene in the mid-1970s, Bitter has steadily celebrated milestones and pioneered a variety of vehicles that have become automotive classics. Their late 1970’s model, the SC Bobco, has been lauded for its engineering breakthroughs, featuring the world’s first mid-ship powered coach design and a hybrid electric-petroleum fuel system. The much-loved CW Coupe first ignited charges of nostalgia for vintage car lovers in 1980 when it debuted for the first time. Its throwback design to classic American muscle cars and supremely streamlined finish swiftly set it apart from other Bitter vehicles available at the time, and was held in high esteem for its unmatched engineering craftsmanship and handling capabilities. Just two years later, Bitter loosened the grip of traditional styling rules with the groundbreaking concept of the Spyder. Seemingly expected to be dismissed among their more popular models, the Spyder surprisingly gained a passionate fanbase of supporters, attracted to its daring geometry, lightweight chassis and agile driving dynamics. The launch of the Clubmann in in 1992 marked a new dawn for the brand. No doubt controversial due to its cutting-edge design, Bitter was unrelenting in its pursuit of innovation. While the Clubmann was seen to be left behind among other competitor models, bar its unprecendented cabin amenities which included feature reclining seats, automated climate control and widely tunable infotainment system. Bitter’s commitment to delivering top-tier automotive peace has since earned them notoriety amongst affluent individuals and those seeking the perfect blend of luxury and performance. This sentiment still holds true today, as their 2020 models of the CW Coupe, Bobco, Spyder and Clubmann remain within the reach of classic and vintage car collectors - becoming the face of the carmaker that has paved the way for automotive passion and innovation.

Story of the Bitter in motorsport

The German car brand Bitter is a brand with a rich motorsport history filled with a range of successes and unique achievements. Founded in 1971 by previous BMW chief race engine designer Erich Bitter, the brand built classic luxury cars tailored to buyers who wanted class, style and the power to match. As the brand grew, it attracted a following of passionate motorsports fans, eventually making its way to the racetracks in 1985. Throughout its motorsport history, the brand honored the Germany's classic touring car heritage, providing excellent results on the asphalt. Since the competition was often fierce during the Golden Age of Motorsport, the engineering and craftsmanship of the Bitter brand played an important role in setting the level of performance of those days. In 1986, the car company earned second place in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft) with Manfred Winklehock as the driver and in 1987 Karl Müller and Pirro Philip finished up in the second and fourth place at the DTM. Between 1988 and 1992, Bitter competed twice at 24 Hours of Le Mans. The first time they entered in a car called the CD, which bode quite well as it finished 19th and 11th overall. In 1991, they returned to the biggest motorsport event of the world with a V8 race car whose specially designed 490 horsepower drove it to a top speed of 195 mph. Unfortunately, that engine unfortunately failed the car in the 11th hour of the competition. This though doesn’t diminish the remarkable engineering effort of a brand that puts power and style on par with artistic work of engineering. The technological, innovative and sophisticated engineering of the Bitter cars was a key factor for performance around the ‘90s raceway. Bitter cars created its unique niche within the supercar market and drew the praises of race enthusiasts and car enthusiasts looking for luxury exactly because of its unique combination of German engineering and their unrivaled performance. The passionate legacy left by the brand has made of Bitter a myth of German motorsport and automotive industry. Today, the head designer of Bitter, Erich Bitter, continues to develop special and limited edition versions of the classic european cars. This, together with a thorough ambition to build custom cars according to the exacting specifications of customers, is a big part of the brand’s reputation not only for luxury but also performance. No doubt, the motorsport history of Bitter is as impressive as any, and an invaluable part of vintage car history. There are some things that can’t be bought and this is true for the heritage that Bitter has built for itself and for car lovers around the world. Whether you’re a motorsports enthusiast, an affluent car enthusiast between 35 and 65 years old or someone who appreciates the beauty of classic design, Bitter is a brand that should be at the top of your watch list.

Anecdotes about Bitter

Aspiring vintage car enthusiasts, passionate automotive buffs, and motor-happy mid-life professionals alike should learn the story behind the Bitter car brand. Born from the ambitious vision of a former racing driver, Bitter has a rich race history full of highs and lows with enough drama to keep avid fans continuously surprised. For decades, the business of car manufacturer Bitter has captivated historians and race fans alike. Founded in 1971 by Erich Bitter, a renowned race car driver, a devoted entrepreneur, and a revolutionary racer, the brand broke barriers, pushed boundaries, and shaped an entire racing culture. Bitter was the first mass-produced sports car to break through the traditional hard-top road racing world as it quickly moved up the ranks to become one of the top contenders among drivers. Since then, the brand's unabashed racing style has garnered a following of devoted supporters. Thanks to Erich Bitter's dedication to the sport, Bitter quickly established itself as formidable force to be reckoned with. Over the years, the company faced numerous trials and tribulations, including recessions, failed partnerships, almost-certain bankruptcy, and near-death experiences. Nevertheless, the brand managed to outlast a myriad of ups and downs, and in the end, innovation and drive that deeply defined the motor industry eventually culminated with the new Bitter SC. Today, Bitter is a frequent participant at the FIA & IMSA historic events around the world and continues to break through the traditional boundaries. Every Bitter car remains a perfect pool of contemporary design enthusiasm with bespoke originality and a wealth of beautiful and practical features, such as composite construction, a detachable hood, galvanized separated tub, and an integrated locking system. All this funded from Bitter Engineering: a team of motorsport-led specialists, appreciators, and talented engineers. For over 50 years, Bitter has been a source of fascination among passionate automotive fans and professionals. Understanding the various era's of the sport and the many stories behind it are what make Bitter such a beloved and meaningful car brand. Understanding the birth, rebirth, and struggles within the Bitter car brand will definitively take you on an exciting journey, a journey that will have you proudly driving a Bitter asking, in the end, what would have become of it without the alchemy of racing, design, steel, and determination?

Which Bitter for which budget?

Which Bitter for a low budget?

If you’re looking for a car that feels classic yet doesn’t break the bank, classic cars from Bitter provide the perfect option. Bitter has been making luxury cars since 1971 and this brand stands for authenticity, power, and refinement. From classic models to sleek sports cars, there’s something for every automobile enthusiast regardless of their budget. No matter why you’re in the market for a Bitter car, you’ll be delighted to find out you can get one for a reasonable price. While they are known for their luxury, they don’t go overboard with pricetags. Sports cars with retro look and feel, such as the Bitter SC, are a great alternative to the classic expensive models from Ferrari and Maserati. For those who prefer a more substantial ride, there’s the Bitter CD. It’s a classic limousine car that was produced from 1979 until 1989 and thanks to the affordable price you can have a chauffeur to show you how it’s done. Enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport, and affluent people between 35-65 years old should keep an eye out for the Bitter Jubilee, the coupé from the 1980s. With its smooth lines, 300 HP engine, and an elegant interior, the Jubilee was created after an itch for something different within the luxury sports market. Its ability to combine speed and style makes it an admired classic car today, especially for those who are on a budget. The Bitter Roggå, on the other hand, is the brand’s flagship model and it’s perfect for those who just want something old-timey to drive around. The 1990s style inspires nostalgia, but the drive still packs a punch with its 170HP engine. It is a great compromise- car that feels like a classic, yet has luxurious modern features. The list of affordable Bitter cars truly couldn’t be complete without the Chancellor. This 4-door saloon from the mid-1980s remains one of the most affordable cars of its kind in the market, with prices starting from a very low price. Its six-cylinder engine provides an impressive amount of power and its compact size makes it ideal for city-driving and daily commute. Finally, the Avança is the sportier of the Bitter models. This two-door coupé is the embodiment of 1980s splendor with its traditional style. Powerful and comfortable ride with the full option of luxurious features is what you would expect from this model. At the same time, its reasonable rendering and decent trunk make it the perfect toy for those appreciative of something timeless and inspirational. Whether you’re an enthusiast of classic cars or you just need something practical and low-budget, Bitter can offer you an interesting range of choices. Get ready to be amazed with their traditional yet stylish and powerful cars, capable of electrifying you with a passionate driving experience!

Which Bitter for a medium budget?

Are you passionate about vintage cars, motorsport and want to buy a classic model for a medium budget? Look no further as the Bitter cars could be exactly what you seek! With roots set in Germany in 1971, Bitter rose to fame when it successfully produced different models of two-door luxury sports saloons and coupes. The distinctive styling of these cars was designed by Frenchman Erwin Komenda, renowned for his work on the iconic Porsche 356, with the iconic Deutsche Mark adorning the rear tail lights of each model. The acclaim awarded to the brand's cars soon opened doors for them to enter the realms of motorsports. Bittter entered their cars into the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1975 to great success, though the 23 year racing ban on German drivers due to World War II meant their full ability was never reached. Whilst the mechanical aspects and exterior designs were frequently evolving throughout the Bitter's lineup, all of their cars had advanced equipment and top-of-the-line features that made them suited to everyday motoring situations in the 1970s. Their frames were incredibly for the time, as was their general engineering. If you are looking to acquire a classic vintage in good condition, there are dozens of Bittter cars available on the market for those on a medium budget. Whether you to take your car out to the track or simply appreciate its classic styling, you'll find a Bitter car splendidly fulfils your objectives. Endorsed by enthusiasts, motorsport authorities and corporations alike, the Bitter stands out of its retro contemporaries. All this made all of its cars attain an exclusive and well-deserved reputation among collectors and lovers of classic vintage cars. Whether you are looking for a piece of automotive history or a presentable car to turn heads at shows and meetings, a classic Bitter car would be a unique and attractive option. With affordability, durability and popularity going hand-in-hand, you'll find that selecting a Bitter car could be delightfully liberating alternative, enabling its owner to take it to rallies, fairs and rallies with confidence. So, if you're as passionate about vintage cars, motorsports and classic as we are, take a look at the Bitter range of cars available on the market that can fit in your medium budget. With all Bitter's history and allure you'll receive a car that exceeds your expectations.

Which Bitter for a high budget?

The Bitter car brand is a German automotive marque that will send a tingle of excitement through any enthusiast's spine and will cause passionate hearts to beat a little faster. Founded by sports car racer and entrepreneur Erik Bitter way back in 1971, the company has produced some of the most meticulously engineered and prestigious cars around and will capture the imagination and hearts of even the most discerning drivers. For those looking for the ultimate in performance a vast selection of luxury second-hand Bitter cars awaits, offering unparalleled performance and driving experience. From the stunning DC and pre-facelift SC models to the rare luxury limousine, the Opel Diplomat, a wide range of cars catering to those with high budgets is available on the market in Europe. The highest models in the Bitter range were powered by elegant V8 engines boasting impressive traits such as individual throttle bodies for each cylinder, double overhead camshafts, ram intake collector box and dry-sump lubrication. Top performance was achieved due to light-alloy materials used in body panels, and also underwent extensive wind tunnel aerodynamic testing to improve stability. Thanks to its sharp and sleek design, elegance at its best and its instrument cluster in the Super Sprint dashboard, the Bitter Odysseus was well ahead of its time and a shining example of the perfect blend between luxurious elegance typically featuring on luxury cars and sports cars prerogatives. Its design also gave it a timeless, ageless aesthetic giving the will of driving clear-cut dynamic lines and sophisticated style. The quality of the Bitter cars that are still pristine today more than 50 years after their conception is a testimony to the company's high attention to detail. Thanks to the use of the finest materials available at that time mixed with advanced technology, the Bitter cars were truly made to last. Today a Bitter car exemplifies pride for those who are firmly in the 35 to 65 years old bracket, and serves as a symbol of status and wealth for the affluent. Thanks to a rarity that makes them exclusive and a fine match between beauty and powerful engineering, the Bitter car offers a sheer driving passionate experience and broad reputation for nothing short of the best.

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