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Story of the Bertone creation

For almost a century, car brand Bertone has been offering exquisite automotive designs that never fail to capture the imagination of car enthusiasts, vintage autos lovers, motorsport aficionados and affluent people worldwide. Established in 1912 in Turin, Italy by legendary coachbuilder Giovani Bertone, the brand embarked on an ambitious journey to craft some of the most refined and exquisite automobiles of all time. From the Fiat 508 Balilla, its first project with the legendary Italian car manufacturer which took the automobile world by storm to the Nuccio, presented in 1971 at the 14th Turin Motor Show, Giulietta SZ and ALFA Romero Giulia GTA, some of the most iconic cars of the '70s ,Bertone's legacy of excellence was one of a kind. During this first part of its history, Bertone developed strong relationships inside the automotive industry by becoming a driving force transforming the Italian car design excellence into recognized worldwide success. This momentum gave birth to some iconic vehicles that earned car aficionados worldwide ardent respect and admiration. Driven by passion, Bertone launched into the '80s the legendary Lancia Tuesday concept car or the DeLorean, which attracted Hollywood fans of the famous "Back to the Future" franchise. These innovative cars firmly established Bertone's place in the hearts of car enthusiasts and in the automobile by launching a new era of design perfection. In 2002, the Bertone nomenclature saw another shift. As finances for the legendary car firm got tight, furniture designer, entrepreneur, artist and competitor of design legend Zaha Hadid, Goffredo Reggiani took the helm of the company which, against all odds, delivered one of the most remarkable cars of the 20th century: the redefined Maserati Quatroporte for Maserati luxury marque. Throughout its complex journey, Bertone has distinguished itself by offering exquisite car designs and styling, establishing itself as a worldwide leader in avant garde vehicle design. Today, its blend of class, passion and innovation stands as a token of acknowledgement to the bold achievements of Giovani Bertone, which strongly transformed the concept of car design without any compromises. With impressive cars such as the Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe, or drawing inspiration from the mythic Lamborghini Miura, and the remarkable Montecarlo Savage 230SP Birdcage limited edition, Bertone has an incredible legacy enduring the test of time, and continues to offer absolute design classics.

Story of the Bertone models

Bertone is a famous Italian car brand that enthusiasts of vintage cars and motorsport admire. From Lambos to Fiats, Renaults or Alfa Romeos, Bertone’s models have been at the forefront of design since the 1970s. With striking design elements, fashionable detailing and sleek lines, Bertone automobiles have never had the same production responses as other cars, leading them to become real gems for vintage car collectors. The Lamborghini Miura is without a doubt one of the most desired Bertone sports car. First presented in 1966 as a concept car, the first few limited series called ‘P400’ were produced from 1967 to 1973. With its 8-cylinder engine, smooth design and its immediately recognizable sloping rear windscreen, the Miura became an icon that still holds its own value today. Another true wonder is the Lancia Stratos, a Bertone model that was produced between 1973 and 1980. Designed to give assent to its GT version, it proved its worth as a rally car, with its first success in the 1974 World Rally Championship. The Stratos was also manufactured in a "zero" series, which is now one of the most sought-after Bertone models of all time. But Bertone’s in-vogue make isn’t limited to rally cars: the debut of the Alfa Romeo Carabo in 1968 lit the world of prototype car design on fire. Especially popular among fans of sports cars and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old, it boasts a proper two-door coupe with a buttery smooth sedan body shape and a 2+2 featuring flying buttresses side windows. Those wanting performance but with less of a racing style, can also find a selection of Bertone's creme de la creme here: the Lancia Gamma, which first appeared in 1976; and the Volvo 262C model or "Bertone Jean" as it’s informally known, made its appearance in 1978. Whether you have an estimated taste or simply wish to own a piece of the past, one of the most special Bertone’s models, such as a Lamborghini Countach or an Alfa Romeo SZ, from its patented conformation, power and design will still be essential. A passionate way to drive and create everlasting moments, a Bertone car is surely the automobile for every vintage-lover out there.

Story of the Bertone in motorsport

Bertone is among the most iconic names in the motoring world and has a rich heritage in motorsport. From the very beginning, racing was the specialty of the house with an incredible win in the 50s with the Fiat 500. Over the decades Bertone has been involved some of the most exciting races both in Europe and worldwide, with a variety of cars from Abarth to Lamborghini, and from Ford to Triumph. Established in 1912, Carrozzeria Bertone has long been a leader in design and engineering, most notably embodied by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, which was designed in 1955 and went on to become one of the most timeless Italian designs of all time. The other significant factor in the heritage of the brand is motorsport. While Bertone was involved in many iconic race cars, they have also become famous for having produced some of the most beloved racing vehicles in the world. Over the years, from the 50s to the 70s, many of the company’s cars have found themselves at the centre of some of the most prominent races including the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and the Monte Carlo Rally. The 1954 Mille Miglia was historic as it provided the stage for a truly incredible performance by a team of Bertone cars, thousands of people gathered to cheer them on and they were celebrated through the streets of Italy for days afterwards. This car was the creation of watercraft design expert Franco Taglioni who turned his design talents to making the car even faster and worked with senior engineer Luigi Fusi to decide who would drive them. One of the most successful cars designed by Bertone for this event was the Abarth 750GT. This was a front-engined car and was incredibly fast and agile, with an impressive top speed of 110mph. Many of the later motorsport models that were designed for competition, such as the Lamborghini Miura and Countach, had their roots in the design of the early Serie A cars. The Triumph TR8 Rally was produced in limited numbers, and Bertone was one of the few companies that were able to work on these cars. Bertone was tasked by the TR8 Rally project to reduce the number of parts in each of the engines, which at the time was considered a revolutionary concept. This lightweight and faster engine style helped the car to reach speeds of up to 130mph, and its design has subsequently been featured in countless motorsport magazines and websites. The 65th edition of the legendary Targa Florio was also a notable race for the brand, and its most successful experiment in total racing domination. The team of cars had an order of six Abarths, which were loaded with Elio Zampedos' expertise and technical capabilities. The cars also had reliable engines manufactured by Fiat. For this race, the photos featured at the top clearly show all seven of the Bertone-built cars from the front of the pack, showing the tremendous success of the team. Bertone's name will always be one of the most recognisable in the historic and modern motoring world, and their incredible contribution to motorsport will be forever remembered. Over the years, they have been involved in some of the most iconic races in Europe and beyond, from the Mille Miglia to the Targa Florio, and created some of the most beloved racing vehicles ever built, thanks largely to the skill and innovation of its engineers. Today, the brand continues to innovate, challenging the boundaries of what is possible and ensuring that the future of motorsport remains an exciting and entertaining one.

Anecdotes about Bertone

As one of the oldest, most iconic carmakers in history, there's no shortage of anecdotes behind the name Bertone. Established in 1912 in Turin, Italy, Bertone quickly developed into a automobile powerhouse known in Italy and abroad. They are renowned for their booming presence among motorsport and vintage car scenes, but their heritage spans throughout the automotive industry. In the 1930s, they were one of the driving forces behind the production of the renowned Balilla, a car released in 1932 as part of Fiat's effort at producing an affordable passenger vehicle for everyone. The Balilla went down in Italian lore as one of the country's most widely-produced models during this period, with around 145,000 cars bearing the 'Balilla' badge. This was followed by their partnership with Lancia in 1951, which gave birth to the Aurelia, a car that could hit speeds of up to 95mph and which paved the way for their Grand Prix racing endeavours. It was here that Bertone set the standards for the design and engineering of Italian sports cars for years to come. In the 1950s, Bertone also created classics such as the Fiat 750 Zagato, a sports car that won four Italian Grand Prix titles and rocked the track throughout the sixties. Additionally, they established popular associations with Fiat which have continued over the years in the shape of cars like the Fiat X1/9, a two-seat coupe designed to fill the gap between a convertible and a sports car. There's no denying that Bertone also left a lasting impression on the vintage car market with illustrious models like the Stratos Zero Concept and the Porsche 989. The Stratos Zero makes a bold statement with its sharp, angular curves while the 989 has stood the test of time, paving the way for other models from the sporty carmaker in the years to come. Throughout the years, Bertone has continued to create amazing cars that are as stylish and capable as any modern top-of-the-line model. From touring cars to production cars, Agile models to all-terrain models, and family-friendly vehicles to those made for performance, their commitment to cars of all kinds never wavers. Any vehicle enthusiast - vintage car enthusiast in particular - will tell you that the stories behind Bertone are just as captivating as the automobiles they produce. The brand has a tumultuous yet passionate history and continues to excel in the industry with its attention to detail and unique style. So, no matter if you’re looking for a luxurious ride, a thrilling sports car or an economical family vehicle, Bertone is sure to provide something to suit your needs. With Bertone, automobiles are as much a passion as they are a form of art.

Which Bertone for which budget?

Which Bertone for a low budget?

The combination of affordability, design flair, production expertise and performance makes the Bertone cars something to covet for vintage car enthusiasts, those seeking an adrenaline-filled motorsport experience and affluent people of all ages. For anyone who values style, quality and classic design, Bertone cars can make a tempting proposition, especially in the low budget bracket. Bertone’s innovative designs, creative engineering and exemplary craftsmanship make their affordable cars truly distinctive – no matter your budget. Whether you’re a dogged classic car fan looking to add a cool ride to your collection, an aspiring motorsport enthusiast searching for a reliable racer for the track, or a veteran collector seeking a stylish statement piece, Bertone cars can fit the bill for a surprisingly low cost. The company’s history is also something of a draw. Founded in 1912, it has had one of the most distinguished histories in the automotive world. Automobiles produced by the Italian brand have been a regular fixture on the circuits of the Le Mans race throughout the years, and the company’s name has long been synonymous with definitive Italian sports cars. Today, the range of cars Bertone has to offer is extensive, offering a series of tempting low-budget solutions for any vintage car enthusiast. Different versions span from the ultra-streamlined open-top spiders to the angular coupes with sleek lines, letting you choose a car to fit your personality and style. Whether you’re passion lies behind the steering wheel of a sports car, or simply in admiring them in a showroom, Bertone cars offer something for everyone. From stylish designs and refined engineering to affordability and performance, this is the perfect option for any automobile aficionado looking to add something special and authentic to their repertoire. With a bit of careful shopping, you can make the dream of owning a vintage car within your reach.

Which Bertone for a medium budget?

Car enthusiasts, have you ever heard about car manufacturer Bertone? For decades, Bertone has built luxurious cars with innovative engineering, and with the artisans' passion in every detail. Nowadays, Bertone offers cars for all budgets, particularly to those who want to experience a piece of automotive history without spending an outrageous amount of money. The iconic models of Bertone include the legendary 'Ricky' GT, a classic mid-engined car with an aerodynamic body that was initially developed as an experiment back in the 1970s and is now one of the most sought after cars of its kind; the 'Junior Z', a lightweight executive sedan with an improved rear spoiler and lowered suspension; and the 'Sportiva GT', a stylish coupe that featured Bertone's early mid-engine technology. Bertone's cars are perfect for vintage car enthusiasts, automotive aficionados and those who want to invest in an appreciating classic while still keeping within a reasonable budget. If you're looking for a budgetary classic, there's no better option than the classic Bertone cars. Not only do they look stunning, they also provide you the same performance and luxury level as higher-priced cars but at a fraction of the cost. For a mid-range budget, you can purchase one of Bertone’s famed models and stay within your allocated budget, yet have the opportunity to experience powerful and reliable motorsport engineering that makes these classic cars so revered. Although buying a Bertone used to require painstaking finding and negotiations with expensive enthusiast dealers, these days you can visit online platforms for low cost Bertone options. The engineering behind the cars' designs is noteworthy: the cars range from sport cars to elegant classic sedans, from lightweight coupes to luxury saloons, all of which take great advantage of Bertone's engineering history and the associated classic model performance. No matter which Bertone car you take, be sure to capture the intense passion the artisans have put into each one of them. With it's mid-budget models, Bertone has opened its world to enthusiasts of vintage cars, motorsport, and classic admirers around the globe regardless of age. When it comes to classic cars, there are few manufacturers out there who can compete with the quality and value that Bertone offers. A slightly used car from Bertone won't just offer you immediate gratification; it will also offer you a timeless presence as well as a head-turning value! So if you're ready to join the ranks of classic car collectors, get yourself a mid-budget Bertone and enjoy the prestige, power, and quality that come with it.

Which Bertone for a high budget?

Bertone has become a household name in the world of vintage cars and motorsports. Established in Turin, Italy, in 1912, the car company has carved out an enviable reputation for innovation, technical excellence and sublime styling. For anyone looking to impress their friends and colleagues with an opulent vehicle that can turn heads everywhere it goes, few names come close to the revered Bertone marque. The classic models are sought-after among vintage car collectors and wealthy aficionados, and some of the more specialised models can fetch huge prices in auctions. However, with the right budget, some amazing vintage cars can be discovered in excellent condition. From SCs and coupes to convertibles and safety cars, romantic curiosities and refined models can be found in large or small production encased in sleek Italian bodies. One of the best models to hit the market is the coupé or cabriolet fantasy, the perfect example of Bertone's combination of technical innovation, reliability and style. Early versions are especially sought after by collectors and investors, but those produced between 1985 and 1991 remain very popular. Thanks to their luxurious profile, clean lines and elegant details, they never fail to enchant potential buyers. Another great choice is the popular Ispa, a one-off concept car designed in 1975, equipped with a futuristic interior and a powerful 3.28L seven-cylinder engine. This prototype is still the source of dreams and admiration among car lovers, and it is hard to find a Bertone car emulating such ideal aesthetical epitome. Similarly, die-hard fans of the brand may look to acquire the cultish B52, a 1982 sports car combining the Opel 2.0 engine and some exceptional bodywork adjustments. Of course, these two longlisted options may be beyond some budgets; for more affordable alternatives, why not look at the X1/9 series of small coupés and convertibles. Released from 1974 to 1988, this range of cars proved to be particularly reliable, and with its low profile, it has the perfect combination of practicality and Italian design for true motorists. The Fiat 124 Spider is also a vehicle worth considering, produced from 1968 to 1985 with the engine and chassis of the 124 saloon. It should also be noted that Bertone's post-war production came to halt in the 1980s. However, its cars remain prized possessions for savvy aficionados of classic styling, motorsport-oriented enthusiasts, and affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65, looking for an exclusive vehicle. A rare and low-mileage Bertone creation could well be the realisation of their motoring dreams.

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