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Story of the Berkeley creation

Ever since its birth, Berkeley has been a reference in the automotive industry. Founded in 1936 in England, Berkeley quickly gained popularity among vintage car enthusiasts, becoming the symbol of mid-20th century British motorsport. In its first five years, Berkeley produced a range of two-seat vehicles that were extremely popular in the United Kingdom. Known for their retro design and responsiveness, these vintage cars were favourites with drivers keen on motorsport and accelerated the birth of “club racing” in Britain during the 1930s. The company's most famous model was the Berkeley SE328, a luxurious two-seat car that could reach a top speed of nearly 90 mph and was driven by a blazing 1.5-litre engine. In 1948, the Berkeley SE328 was awarded “Car of the Year” by the British Motor magazine, which catapulted it into the spotlight. Berkeley took full-on advantage of the publicity, opting to open a state-of-the-art engineering and production plant as well as a factory showroom. The company employed the best in the industry to craft exquisite cars using advanced techniques that could compete with any special edition Ferrari in 30 years. The 1950s saw colossal changes in the company's future. Due to the rapidly updating market, Berkeley sold its share to vehicle manufacturer Loughborough Engineering Industries, and consequently underwent a stunning transformation. All the innovation, the research and development that had made the brand beloved shifted; Berkeley chose to focus on mass-produced vehicles with a modern design. This focus on stripping down cars to the basics would later change and revolutionise the auto industry. The company never stopped developing and went on to become known as “Berkeley of Bristol,” producing everything from hot rods to vehicles designed to inspire. Berkeley cars remain popular today among vintage car fanatics and younger generations. Berkeley remains a mainstay of the turbulent and thrilling history of cars.

Story of the Berkeley models

Berkeley Motor Company has been a fixture of the British motorsport and vintage car scenes since the pre-war era. Their range of cars have been associated with style, quality, and speed, and have left an indelible mark on our cultural identity. The Berkeley SE328 is a car that has become the stuff of legend. A spirited 1.3-litre engine and sharp, angular styling has made it popular among car enthusiasts and owners across Britain. It is reliable and agile, yet stately, with a luxurious feel. The Berkeley SE328 was handmade and, in total, only 841 Berkeley SE328 cars were produced. The Berkeley Sports 464 was designed as a more performance-minded successor to the SE328. It was loaded with advanced technology and modern features at the time of release, including an all new 1.7-litre engine. With an aerodynamic body design, light weight and strong power output, this vehicle embodied the spirit of Berkeley: pushing the envelope. With only 25 Berkeley Sports 464s ever produced, this motor was both exclusive and fast with a top speed at 98 mph (158 km/h). The Berkeley T60, also known as Berkeley Super, was the ideal model for any vintage car enthusiast. The Berkeley Super was the last Austin-made car to be outfitted with leather upholstery and wood trim, giving it an ageless, timeless appearance. It was famed for its performance and poise under difficult conditions and events on rough terrains. Furthermore, the Berkeley Super had "Sunchine" paint, a special paint that made it easy to clean due to a number of cleaning chemicals that could be found in the formula. Amongst all Berkeley models, the Super was the only one to have been offered in semi-automatic transmission. Previously reviled by fans of traditional Berkeleys, the manuals have since become a highly sought after item. So, the Berkeley brand of cars offer different possibilities and certainly one of the types that would suit your taste. Whether its racing pedigree, luxury feel or having a truly exclusive and special vehicle, Berkeley has always been a reliable choice for all car enthusiasts and those who seek to combine classical style and exceptional performance in their car. With the help of an experienced technician, you can customise any car of this range to your liking, enabling you to garner the attention of all other aficionados with your vintage motor. So explore the options and drive high with a Berkeley.

Story of the Berkeley in motorsport

Hundreds of people have likely heard of the Berkeley car brand, but only a few are really familiar with their impressive motorsport history. The company created cars that were direct competitors to those sported by popular firms like MG, Triumph, and Austin. With many of the Berkeley cars entered into classic car rallies and vintage racing competitions, they have a history of success that covers more than 50 years. Developed in 1956 by Laurence "Lawrence" (Laurie) Bond, the Berkeley car was an innovative three-wheeler with light alloy bodywork, a flat-four engine with a center-mounted gearbox, and a successful racing future. Designed at Bond's workshops in Kiddeminster, Berkeley's earliest cars were the SE302 Cabriolet and the SFK sports model cars. All Berkeley cars were powered by different variants of the flat four engine, which were said to flatter the driver with its engaging character. These cars were designed to be easy to maintain, robust, and well-adapted for rallying. Throughout their production, they were an immediate hit and saw tremendous success on the track. In 1961, the company found an even more successful racing formula when three Berkeley cars finished in the top four places in the 750cc class at Midsummer Madness. At the 1962 Snowball Rally, Berkeley had a significant presence on the track and outperformed its rivals in the extreme winter conditions. The Berkeley cars soon began dominating the race track, so much so that La Roche-aux-Faucons hill climb event in Belgium banned them from competing. It's during this period that Laurence placed second in the Easter Fouliscastle Race. Additionally, to maintain their edge on the competition, Berkeley often engaged in advanced engineering with aerodynamics on several of designs in the 1960s. Lawrence Bond designed a fiberglass sports car, the B95 Berkelyca, with a wind tunnel-tested body to improve handling and speed. The legacy of Berkeley in motorsports was assured with continued success in classic car rallies and other classic motor shows worldwide. To this day, their cars remain a fixture in Britain’s classic sphere and their engineering Achievements, particularly in aerodynamics, live on in other sports cars from the era. Berkeley’s tremendous motorsport history, inspirational engineering, and competitive spirit will surely continue to captivate vintage car enthusiasts, motorsport fans, and affluent people between 35 and 65 years old for generations to come.

Anecdotes about Berkeley

Berkeley cars have a long history of innovation and accomplishment in motorsport and design that continue to captivate automotive enthusiasts today. First founded and based in Biggleswade, UK in the late 1930s by designer Lance H. Derbyshire, Berkeley Motor Caravans – as the company was then known – began life as a pioneer in the manufacture of caravans and trailers. An innovative design for the era saw the bodyworks fashioned from an aircraft-grade alloy known as GP5, designed to be lightweight, durable, and easily repairable. This gave Berkeley products a polished appearance which set them apart from the competition. Thanks to an agile chassis and incredibly low weight thanks to the alloy construction, the Berkeley range of cars rapidly began to make a name for themselves on the grand prix and sports car racing circuit. The efficient combination of handling and speed quickly saw Berkeley become one of the most viable options for those looking to participate in high-quality motorsport events. The Berkeley product range expanded in 1954 to include the iconic Berkeley SE328. The name is derived from 'Sports and Elite' and, indeed, the grand tourer was born of a hybrid between the Berkeley Sports model (SB-series) and the Berkeley Grand Tourer (GE-series). Known at the time (and still today) for its signature design of grille shape, hinges, hub design, and stainless steel wheel trims, the SE328 was fitted as standard with a removable hardtop for genuine two-seater sports car appeal. The innovative and powerful range of cars to emerge from Biggleswade impressed even the most prestigious of motorsport circuits, including Silverstone, where Berkeley cars regularly raced and rarely finished without a podium place – testament to the company's commitment to efficiency and performance. As the 1950s drew to a close, Berkeley had become renowned among automotive enthusiasts for being one of the quickest and best-looking cars on any circuit. Berkeley vehicles could boast scores of first prizes, endurance awards, and championship titles, and to this day continue to be amongst the most sought-after classic cars on the market. Prepare to be swept away by unparalleled beauty and power. To each generation of motorist, the Berkeley name represents a unique blend of style, performance, and quality that still resonates today. Explore the rich heritage of Berkeley Motor Caravans, and discover for yourself the quality that has made Berkeley classic cars one of the most sought-after collectables around.

Which Berkeley for which budget?

Which Berkeley for a low budget?

Are you looking for an amazingly affordable vintage car with the perfect combination of chic and power to truly take your breath away? Then you must check out the cars from Berkeley, seamlessly blending old-world luxury with classic sport performance, every one of them offering a unique driving experience like no other! Whether you’re an avid fan of the racing track or timelessly grand motoring, Berkeley offers a diversity of aesthetic and mechanical greatness to draw from. As you narrow down your options of cars from Berkeley, it’s important to keep your personal budget and style preference in mind. If you’re someone who adores the fashionable form and grace of the ‘50s sports cars, there’s the 12/4 Zephyr Mk I or the 12/50 for a low asking price, while the 11/2 Litre Sports is an attractive pick for anyone who appreciates those charming Berkeley touches sprinkled all across its sleek frame. Berkeley cars are specific to a certain style of enthusiast; blending powerful engineering with a modest yet luxurious appearance. An even more affordable choice is the B105, a vehicle that runs smoothly and efficiently. Not only is it economically sensible, but it also has plenty of opportunities to install upgrades such as polished wire wheels or even larger engines. This car is perfect for anyone who prefers cars with unobtrusive classic design and peak power. Quality components throughout the B105 make it reliable and trustworthy with protection from weather damage, and even more importantly, it’s backed up with reasonable starting prices. Finally, there are the Early Sports and Tourers – both coveted among classic car aficionados – with such gems as the 128 Sports coveted by many vintage car faithfuls. With its aesthetic proportions and superbly engineered horizontal motor and reliable suspension, this car can help you make a statement on a budget. The Tourer’s 12/4 engine is also highly respected, while their good condition is both admired and appreciated by those who appreciate the planning put into Berkeley Classic cars. Make no mistake; why pay sky high prices for off-the-shelf cars when you can pick up an exquisitely unique car from Berkeley? They don’t just make memorable investments; their low price tags make them even more attractive as collector vehicles and as a great way to treat yourself to an incredible driving experience without breaking the bank. So, let your passion for historic classic cars direct you towards the awards-winning cars from Berkeley and enjoy your pleasure drives in style.

Which Berkeley for a medium budget?

Are you passionate about vintage cars and motorsport? Have you spent hours oogling classic style and racing power while remaining on a middle-of-the-road budget? The Berkeley is the ultimate match for you! Originally designed in the early 1950s, this motor car combines classic good looks with world-class racing power. Designed with the driver in mind, the Berkeley featured a snug two-seat cockpit, hydro-mechanical brakes, and a reliable, air-cooled VW engine beneath the rear-opening hood. Since then, the Berkeley has become an icon of classic style as a luxury sports car. Although the car itself has not been in production for more than 30 years, it has attained an avid following among passionate drivers because of its classic good looks and reliable power. The Berkeley certainly takes you back to a time of days of old, but offers a sense of refined luxury and craftsmanship. In addition, the Berkeley has an impressive 600-thousand mile track record and is built with long-lasting quality. Nowadays, the Berkeley is a highly sought item. It has grown in status to become the mark of classy vintage elegance and a representation of the 1980s motorsport culture. Due to its historical importance and outstanding performance capability, the Berkeley is known to fetch high prices among investors and enthusiasts alike. Despite this, great Berkeleys can still be acquired for a mid-budget. The Berkeley is perfect for those who are seeking a classic luxury sports car on a budget and, thanks to its modern reliability, it offers its owners many years of dependable performance. Overall, the Berkeley is a classic car fans’ dream come true, offering a truly timeless classic that draws envy from friends and family alike. Whether you are looking to add a special element to enhance your everyday drives or to savour the sensation of nostalgic British sports car rallies, the Berkeley is the perfect choice. So don’t wait any longer and come experience what it means to drive a Berkeley!

Which Berkeley for a high budget?

The Berkeley cars are the epitome of luxury and style. From the first models that this British car manufacturer produced in the 1980s, up until the very last one released two decades later, the Berkeley family of roadsters evokes a sense of nostalgia and passion in the hearts of motorsports and vintage car enthusiasts alike. Not to mention the sleek designs and unbeatable performance that Berkeley cars consistently brought to the table throughout their long and successful lifetime. The single most attractive feature of the Berkeley car range, though, lies in its unlimited budget. Whether you’re a motor enthusiast looking for something to blow your potential inheritance on, or a vintage car collector seeking an investment to pass along the generations, Berkeley cars fit into any upper-class budget. And yet, regardless of the buyer’s financial strength, Berkeley cars never cease to exceed their expectations by far. At the entry-level of financing, you can already experience the thrill of genuine leather semi-bucket seats and a powerful straight 4-cylinder engine. Make a few upgrades to your expenditure, and the adrenaline is assured when driving a Berkeley in full-on sports package loaded with duel carburetor intakes and 430 BHP roar. Not to mention that the Berkeley range also features the most modern amenities money can buy. Keyboard-assisted 6-speed manual gearboxes, sensors with GPS tags and years-long warranties top the deal. In addition, depending on the package chosen, you can find exclusive therapies adapted to the car, as well as one-to-one in-person maintenance services. All of this in a stylish console that scream for attention and facilitates the effortless control of your magnificent vehicle. If luxury, power, style and versatile budgeting features are what you have in mind, then the Berkeley family of cars should definitely mark the top of your shopping list. Not many cars have the capability to take you back in time, with a spin of their wheels, ensuring that the ride of your dreams is just within your reach.

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