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Story of the Baojun creation

The history of the car brand Baojun is a story filled with passion, designed to capture the hearts of not only vintage car aficionados, but also those who appreciate the delights of motorsport and affluent individuals between the ages of 35 and 65. Since its inception in 2010, the Chinese-owned company, General Motors, has become renowned for its sleek and sophisticated designs, as well as its commitment to quality assurance. Its inaugural model, the Baojun 730, boasted a stylish fusion of an hatchback silhouette and an executive saloon design. The early years of Baojun saw the brand rapidly expand, greatly assisted by the expansive nature of General Motors, who established a sprawling network of distributors throughout China. Furthermore, a distribution centre was established in mountainous Guizhou province. This development enabled Baojun to better equip its dealers with spare parts, essential for upholding its stringent standards of quality. The brand’s priority is to provide affordable vehicles that maintain a level of prestige. The 2010s saw an array of iconic Baojun models – from the proletarian RS-5 to the revolutionary E-Series. Each car carried with it a certain element of derring-do, embodying Baojun’s commitment to making a truly aspired driving experience accessible. It is during the mid-2010s that Baojun’s designs began to be marked by modern sensibilities, exuding refined sophistication without asserting the traditional definition of ‘luxury’. Committed to creating cars accessible to the larger market, Baojun continually made remarkable advancements in the realm of eco-friendly transport, introducing the leaderless HEV system and pioneering solar panel textured paint into everyday transportation methods by 2016. The brand remains committed to creating vehicles innovatively-designed and technologically- advanced. With a series of fuel-efficient and futuristic models currently available, Baojun is certain to maintain its reputation for offering an outstanding level of performance and power on the road. The now decade old journey of Baojun, has already seen proliferation, prestige and perpetual pioneering in the automotive industry, safely earning its place as one of the most respected car, makers in the East, one that is certain to make roads for seasoned countrywide vintage cars and motorsports enthusiasts to go beyond borders with.

Story of the Baojun models

As one of South East Asia largest automobile producers and developers of vehicles, Baojun has established itself as a powerhouse in the auto industry. Established in 2003, the car maker has an expansive range of automobiles available for a wide variety of needs and tastes, from affordable and family-friendly cars to mid-priced luxury sedans and performance-oriented sports cars. Baojun is a beloved brand amongst auto enthusiasts, and for good reason. Let's take a closer look into some of the flagship models of their line and explore how each one provides an unparalleled set of advantages and advantages. The Baojun 730 is a 7-seater MPV providing a powerful combination of space, performance and comfort. An incredibly spacious cabin that is made up of pure luxury makes the 730 not only one of Baojun's bestsellers but also is one of the most spacious cars in its class. With a spacious cabin and plentiful room for people, the 730 is perfect choice for the family that is looking for an affordable luxury ride with plenty of character to boot. The Baojun E-series is an impressive grouping of cosy and luxury cars designed to meet the needs of any modern driver. The E-Series is powered by reliable petrol engines delivering ample acceleration and efficiency. Baojun also went out of their way to add modern technology to the fold such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and blind spot alert as well as high levels of safety features. Comfort is also taken care of thanks to Baojun's sophisticated ergo-comfort seats, warming microwave technology and top-notch audio systems which add convenience and class to the interior. The Baojun 560 is one of the most popular models from the Baojun family. Powered by a strong and efficient petrol engine this midsized SUV offers ample room and power to transport the family yet still delivers a great level of safety. Baojun’s advanced Intelli-safety suite of autonomous driving technology has made this car an appealing choice for those looking to stay safe and take their car driving experience to the next level. The interior too is no slouch thanks to its premium fabrics, technology and high levels of comfort. Finally, if you're looking for a powerful and dynamic performance car the Baojun 310 is a great option. This model is one of the most sought after performance cars in the market. Featuring a turbocharged high performance engine, sleek body design, signature black & red modern styling and AWD capabilities, This car has won the hearts of many performance car fanatics. Whether you're looking for an occasional weekend drive or a regular commute for work, the 310 is the perfect choice. The Baojun range of vehicles are stylish, efficient and most importantly, budget-friendly. Whether you're looking for a car for the family, something for the track-day club or a breezy daily ride, Baojun has something for you. For the more affluent car enthusiast between the ages of 35 and 65 this is the perfect brand to fulfill their car dreams without breaking the bank. With a passionate design language and luxurious but still affordable fittings, Baojun has become a well-known name in the car world – no doubt your car will turn a few heads when you're cruising through town!

Story of the Baojun in motorsport

The roar of burning engines, the pumping adrenaline, and the stench of scorching rubber, all of these evoke the grand spectacle of motorsport. Celebrated for over a century, it is an ever-changing field of engineering mastery and finesse. Featuring heavily on the motorsport scene, the Baojun car brand is one often overlooked by the greater public, but potentially no less appreciated if you are one of the most devoted and passionate automotive aficionados. The unique vintage cars that the brand offers are a tireless testament to the engineering finesse of the brand, which has evolved over time since its establishment in 2003. It has earned its repute through its laudable reputation in the WRC and general motorsport in-country. One of the most impressive feats of motorsport engineering made by Baojun is their celebrated 535, released in 2006. In its inaugural outing, it won the Group N championship without so much as a missed beat. This exciting chapter in Baojun’s motorsport history kicked the car into public recognition with a bang. In 2008, the Baojun 730, in a 2.8-litre turbocharged form, made its racing debut and secured another victory for the brand. This triumph, in addition to racing victories in China and other events in Asia, opened the dialogue of Baojun’s technical prowess wholeheartedly, allowing its star on the world racing scene to continue to rise. Following a hiatus between 2009 and 2018, due to regulatory changes within China, Baojun made its return with the RS-3 as the spearhead variant. Conservatively rated for 273 brake horsepower, its performance exceeded this limit greatly and solidified the brands abilities within the racing circuit. A series of also highly successful, Baojun vehicles were made throughout that year which led it to win multiple championships throughout the year. Rallying is also something at which the brand excels, gaining first place at its maiden outing with the RS-3. Following this victory, many of the other successful racing chassis it had tested and modified were employed in rallying racing events all around the world to track its remarkable professional progress as a motorsport brand. Do you want to be part of the proud Baojun automotive tradition of performance and powerhouse engineering? Then you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for something new or an elderly item, Baojun has something for you that will satisfy the most passionate motorsport enthusiasts. As Baojun continues to make racing history, they are always searching for ways to push boundaries. In this quest, they strive to innovate and bring the latest racing successes to the track. Whether you are a car enthusiast, a motorsport champion, or simply a passionate individual looking for a reliable and efficient ride that can get you from A to B, there is something for everyone with the Baojun cars available today. At Baojun, it is not only about speed. It is about passion, perseverance, and a sense of devotion to the craft that creates and sustains excellence. Through its wide array of services and engagement with the public, it shows its strength as a brand through partnering with local drivers and prominent figures to showcase their advanced motorsport dynamic. Baojun’s motorsport history, with its decades of success and prowess in the competitive world of racing, has made it one of the leading brands within the motorsport industry. Thanks to the dedicated engineers and designers, and its knowledgeable drivers and staff, this brand has become world-renowned as the go-to outfit for any cutting-edge motorsport needs. Get on board today, and show your passion and enthusiasm for proudly owning and getting behind the wheel of a Baojun vehicle.

Anecdotes about Baojun

The car brand Baojun has a rich and diverse history, full of anecdotes and interesting tidbits. Perhaps mainly known in modern times for its impressive line of modern economy cars, the Baojun marque has a much longer history that warrants exploration. Its story began more than eighty years ago, in 1937, when the brand was first established as part of the original Buick-GM joint venture in China. For many years, the brand mainly focused its production output on specialty-purpose soldier transport vehicles and agricultural machinery, until 2008, when Baojun actually entered the car market – producing several bues-glass example vehicles for sale to the public. For enthusiasts of vintage cars, the real eye-catching vehicles starts with the 2010 Bawemon. Although not widely available, the brief production run of the coupe runs as a highly collectible, inspirational car – appreciated for its striking nature, solid engine and refined road manners. Its design was instantly recognisable – in true vintage style, with curved lines, cross-lady art deco grille and distinctively cat-shaped oval headlamps – setting it apart from its modern successors. Other highlights of the vintage Baojun production line include the BA 7.5 Luxury Saloon, the 2014 official WTT Supporters Vehicle, 2002 Baojun 731 and, of course, the Series 117 Land Cruiser. Passion abounds in the motorsport arena, too. In 2018 Baojun participated in the Chinese Rally Championship, and even achieved some memorable wins. The most ambitious of these was sponsored by the brand’s sub-brand, Wuling, and focused on tackling the most demanding terrain in Gansu province – taking drivers upwards of 5000-metres in elevation. It was an astonishing feat and ended in success in the hands of the team’s dedicated drivers – proudly cementing the brand’s close association with motorsport. Beyond the realm of rally and modern sports cars, Baojun is still producing highly-affluent vehicles geared towards those older than 35 and younger than 65 in the personal luxury segment. The Razeblick remains perhaps the most iconic offering, with seductive promises and superb craftsmanship, engineering excellence and cutting-edge motor tech in its SD D-Tec model. Whilst a far cry from the early Baojun models, the Razeblick still exudes the same passion that made the brand famous in the eyes of aristocrats, captains of industry and confident Entrepreneurs. It's clear from all these stories and anecdotes of the Baojun brand that passion has been engrained in the marque from the very start, and pride in providing model cars has helped the company gain nods from their most discerning drivers. From veterans of the rally scrun out racing crowds to devoted customers longing for unique experiences and luxury appeal, the Baojun marque has touched the lives of generations, embedding itself in the annals of vintage car history.

Which Baojun for which budget?

Which Baojun for a low budget?

If you are an enthusiast of vintage cars, or someone looking for an economical vehicle that stands out from the crowd, Baojun is the perfect choice for you. With its combination of modern technology, classic style, and great fuel economy, it is easy to see why Baojun has become an increasingly popular option among motorsport fans, and younger buyers alike. Unlike most cars in its price range, Baojun stands out from the crowd for its combination of classic styling and modern innovation. Its exterior has a unique appearance, differentiated by its sporty side-profile and contoured lines. This combination makes it look both bold and classy at the same time. Despite its traditional styling, however, it still remains an affordable car that stands out in its class. In terms of performance, Baojun offers excellent value. Its 1.2L turbocharged engine provides impressive power and torque, giving drivers a dynamic ride and plenty of acceleration. This engine has a good cap on fuel economy too, ensuring that drivers don’t have to break the bank just to fill the tank. As an added bonus, this engine is also extremely durable and consistently delivers reliable performance. For drivers who prioritize their safety, Baojun also comes loaded with modern safety technology. It is equipped with four-wheel disc brakes, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Traction Control System (TCS), and a host of other state-of-the-art features. The overall combination of advanced safety features gives drivers complete peace of mind. If you are a motorsport fan or an enthusiast of classic cars, but are on a budget, then Baojun is the car for you. It combines old-school style, modern features, great performance and excellent safety while remaining economical and affordable. With Baojun, you can now experience the thrill of a modern vehicle for a fraction of the cost. Discover the passionate side of motoring with the Baojun today!

Which Baojun for a medium budget?

Whether for pleasure or business: The Baojun car line-up is a great way to seize life’s simple joys while saving some of your hard-earned cash in the long run. With a semi-autonomous interior, you’ll no longer feel like you’re driving a ‘second-hand’, vintage car. Instead, you’ll truly experience the power of a modern ride, while looking effortlessly stylish. Baojun have been carefully designed with ‘ease of use’ in mind, carefully engineered to get you to your destination in safety, speed, and style. With aerodynamic exteriors which provide superior fuel efficiency, and outsized interiors fit for everything from business meetings to large family trips, Baojun’s luxury compact cars are sure to please. The line-up consists of two semi-executive models, the 313 and the 315, the 316 crossover with a raised ride height, and the trio of luxury 310 vehicles. Entry-level models have sturdy to sheet metal bodies, while the 316 offers smooth and responsive handling, owing to its three-cylinder, 1.5L turbocharged engine. All models come standard with a fair share of gizmos and gadgets, such as push-start, keyless entry, 70-degree open-view angle park view, and a lane-keep assist system. Those of us passionate about motorsport and vintage cars may love the way the 316 and 310 challenge traditional definitions of luxurious rides – all while cutting an affordable price-espial to rival any car out there. Whilst economies of scale combined with cost-saving measures mean Baojun’s manufactured in-house, resourceful materials used to construct the entire range provide an innovative spin on the old styling, certifying convenience, safety, and, of course, affordability. Drivers between the ages of 35 and 65 will not regret resorting to Baojun’s fleet, with bumper-to-bumper warranties included online. And designed to weigh on safety rather than evasiveness, Baojun has been specially crafted to stand apart from other subcompacts in terms of fuel-efficiency and sturdiness, proving to those with a medium budget that luxury can, indeed, be affordable. Yes, enthusiasts of motorsport, vintage cars, and luxury- compact cars, Baojun is here to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, efficient, affordable, and cutting-edge ride. To take control of the countryside roads by enjoying revolutionized power not requiring luxuriously steep prices! So, why wait any longer? As they say, life’s too short, so seize it with the glorious Baojun and join the large, satisfied family of customers!

Which Baojun for a high budget?

Are you ready to take a closer look at the cars of Baojun? As a car enthusiast, there's something unbeatable about the thrill of getting behind the wheel of a classic vehicle that's handled with immense care. That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide to the range of Baojun cars that are available for those with a serious budget. There's something timeless and timelessly special about the Baojun range that sets it aside from all others. Whether you're a vintage car aficionado, a motorsport enthusiast, or just someone looking for something a little out of the ordinary, these vehicles certainly provide a truly unique experience. Let's take a closer look at what makes the Baojun car so special. Firstly, there's the power of the engine under the hood. A Baojun vehicle offers a great deal of performance, with even the most powerful models providing smooth and reliable power. Add to this a beautiful design, and it's easy to understand why these vehicles have become timeless classics. The expansive interior design of the Baojun range offers something special, ocating all of the necessary controls within easy reach of the person behind the wheel. The quality of the materials used in construction are second to none – presenting a fantastic aesthetic, as well as providing enough space for everyone on board. When you're looking for an amazing piece of machinery, the selection of Baojun cars is perfect for those with serious budgets. Whether you have a classic vehicle in mind, or something newer, you'll be able to find the perfect car that fits your requirements and tastes. The choice of classic models is also something special. With the Baojun range retailing classic vehicles from the 1940s and 1950s – it's like taking a piece of history home with you. Yet all of the modern features and technologies are available, therein bringing a delightful sense of nostalgia to your drive. When you want something luxurious, there is no better choice than the Baojun range. The unwavering commitment to quality has made the brand a household name worldwide, and it's easy to see why - the levels of luxury promised are nothing short of breath-taking. As the vehicles themselves state, with 'familial heritage, unmet grace, exceptional style and refined strength - owning a Baojun is a luxury to be proud of. And there you have it! Whether you have your eye on a classic model or something a little more contemporary – Baojun offer an experience that is truly unique. With an unparalleled sense of sophistication, luxury, and sophistication to boot – your experience behind the wheel of a Baojun is sure to be one to remember.

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