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Story of the BAC creation

Since its inception in 1972, BAC (Briggs Automotive Company) has established itself as a leading UK automotive brand, creating vehicles that consistently challenge expectations of what a British car brand can offer. With a history of creating unique vehicles that bring together power, performance and class, the brand has become increasingly popular with car enthusiasts, motorsport fans, and wealthy individuals alike. BAC had its roots in the racing world, founded by brothers Neill, Ian, and Joe Briggs to create race cars for the British Touring Car Championship and Formula 2. Despite the success on the track, the brothers decided to further their ambitions and aimed to create a road car that they could produce at scale and make accessible to the masses. In 1977, the BAC Mono was revealed – a daring and bold feat of British engineering that introduced a new approach to road car design. Unlike any car seen before, the Mono was revolutionary, introducing the concept of a ‘one-seater car’, with a large central engine, designed to offer an unparalleled driving experience. Fast, lightweight and efficient, the Mono has become embedded in the fabric of British culture, with a loyal fanbase that continues to grow in the modern age. Today, BAC is still pushing the boundaries of automotive design, producing audacious and unique vehicles that offer power and performance previously not thought possible from a British car brand. As one of the few British automotive brands to become a global success, BAC has earned an enviable reputation for both performance and reliability, making them a desirable choice for individuals who are searching for an automotive experience that exudes power and passion. With a history of innovative design, passion and ambition at its core, the BAC story is one of the most iconic British success stories of the last century. Its powerful, performance led vehicles, iconic designs and implacable focus on quality make BAC a group to look up to, celebrated by car enthusiasts and affluent individuals alike.

Story of the BAC models

The British Automobile Corporation (BAC) is a giant in the world of vintage and classic car designs. Established in 1926, the company is well-known amongst classic car enthusiasts and motorsports fans, boasting some of the most sought-after models to date. From the iconic BAC Mono to the feisty BAC Lightning and the classic BAC Bulldog, there's something for everyone when it comes to BAC cars. Whether you're looking for a daily driver or a collector's item, the quality and design that BAC designs offer will make any car enthusiast's heart skip a beat. For connoisseurs of vintage cars, it's impossible to talk about BAC without mentioning the BAC Mono. This majestic two-seater supercar is straightforwardly described as a super-lightweight driving machine, with an impressive power-to-weight ratio, a unique body shape, and thrilling performance. With features such as the MonoDrive drive-by-wire system, a carbon fiber composite structure, and a technical specification to rival the likes of top-end modern supercar, the BAC Mono is a vintage gem. The BAC Lightning is a classic sports car that BAC produced extensively in the 60s and 70s. It was one of the earliest muscle cars, originally made in the UK and exported to a global market. This two-seat roadster features a neat racing design and exceptionally powerful engine, plus a manual transmission and two-valve cylinder head and four-spoke wheels. The Lightning is a true classic and one that continues to enthrall fans of vintage cars to this day. The BAC Bulldog is another classic, renowned for its iconic shape and looks. This car was produced primarily during the 70s and was immensely popular in the UK. It boasted a 1.9-liter straight-six engine and a five-speed manual transmission, as well as a sleek exterior design featuring front grills and a lightweight alloy construction. The Bulldog is also well sought-after even to this day, and its classic looks, plus the fact that it was one of the quickest cars of its era, make it an absolute classic. Classic car enthusiasts – especially those looking for quality, passion, and breathtaking designs – won't be disappointed by the likes of the Mono, Lightning, and Bulldog from the BAC brand. Each of these amazing cars has its own unique style, performance, and design, which will provide enjoyment for years to come. So for those out there who are looking for the perfect pride and joy, one of these fine specimens from British Automobile Corporation can certainly fit the bill.

Story of the BAC in motorsport

When it comes to vintage cars, few come close to the thrilling power and impressive legacy than that of the BAC. Established in the 1950s, BAC quickly developed a reputation as a leading motorsports racer that has held up to this day, producing cars that have competed in some of the most high-profile and thrilling races ever put on. Given the brand’s long and impressive legacy in motorsports, it's no wonder that die-hard automotive enthusiasts and motorsport fans have such a close tie to BAC and all the cars it produces. From its heyday at the French Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix, BAC conquered the racing track one impressive car after the other. It's no wonder that vintage BAC cars—many of which are still operational—are incredibly sought-after by collectors around the world. It all started in 1951 with the legendary B12. This car competed in the French Grand Prix, powering past others with impressive speed and agility. From there, BAC only continued to develop more and more powerful racing engines—leading up to the eventual development of the turboshaft engine that helped the BAC Climax racer gain the astonishing 4th place finish at the Ferrari 500 in the 1960s. Since then, BAC has continued to become a premier vehicle manufacturer in the racing fields—continuing to impress fans and drivers alike with cars that can reach exciting and unparalleled speed. Moving beyond traditional circuits, BAC saw itself making its mark on the Dakar Rally. With aluminum chassis and V6 engines complemented by a turbo charger, the bright yellow BAC car survived the rough African terrain to get to the finish line in Middle-East. Finally, BAC continues to dominate the markets with its Range Rover racer—showing amazing poise and intensity with a 330 HP integrated engine and a custom made suspension package. Showing a history of evolution from the 1952 racecar to the contemporary Range Rover racer, BAC continues to honor its legacy of providing high-performance vehicles optimized for speed, power, and agility—qualities that motorsport and racing fans of all ages can admire and appreciate. As a passionate fan of vintage cars, motorsport, and all things BAC, there is no denying the incredible history and legacy the brand has established in the automotive world. From the French Grand Prix to the Dakar Rally, BAC has pushed boundaries and continues to dominate in leading races—continuing to captivate and enable an affluent demographic of fans aged between 35 and 65. Blessed with a combination of technical expertise and cutting-edge engineering, BAC repeatedly astonishes and thrills automotive enthusiasts to this day.

Anecdotes about BAC

The British Automobile Company (BAC) is a household name to antique car enthusiasts and motorsport aficionados alike. In the early days of the 20th century, this British motorcar firm built some of the most iconic vehicles of its time. With their sleek design and reliably powerful performance, BAC products have made an indelible mark on the automobile landscape. From some of the earliest models such as the 12/20 Class B Low Chassis, with its unique octagonal shape and powerful six-cylinder engine, to the ever-popular Mounting Sports Light 15/1 Convertible Coupe, BAC’s fame and esteem as manufacturers has earned them a special place in the history of cars. It’s not only the cars that make them such an attractive brand, though. Mostly assembled by hand, BAC’s beginnings as a manufacturer lies in the passion of its founder, Mr W. Miles Herring. An avid petrolhead himself, Herring was driven to create high-performance vehicles that fused reliability and innovation, leading to the formation of what we know today as BAC. Still owned by the same family to this day, BAC runs a tight ship under the guidance of the Herrings and their hordes of hard-working staff. In addition to taking part in vintage exhibitions around the world, BAC also operate their own dedicated production facility in England, producing a variety of new models. All of this combines to make BAC a luxurious and affordable choice for car lovers of all ages, from the affluent 35-65 age bracket right down to playful 20-somethings. With their signature sleek aesthetic and reliable power under their hoods, BAC vehicles remain the perfect choice for contented drives across sunny English backroads and beyond. From their surprising introduction to the post-industrial modern era, BAC cars have made serious waves on the international motorsports scene. With braggadocios performance and mouth-watering looks, it’s no wonder enthusiasts around the world stand by BAC’s name: a tribute to superior automotive engineering with an impossibly unique and passionate history behind it.

Which BAC for which budget?

Which BAC for a low budget?

Are you looking for a vintage car to add to your collection, but worried about the potential costs? The BAC cars are the perfect picture-perfect choice! Enjoy a lower cost and the beauty of this classic sports car. The British Automobile Company (BAC) has been producing innovative sports cars since the 1960s, and they continue to make headway today with their latest models. Many of them can be purchased at a price range that won't break the bank. The BAC's selection of vintage cars evoke a classic image, and show off a dramatic shape, boasting an old-school look. Some models like the BAC Mono and the Bac 21 are supported by a chassis design that promises improved aerodynamics, efficient cooling, and superior handling capabilities. This ensures that new owners get the maximum performance from these cars. The BAC stock is varied, too, with the classic BAC E4 and E112 transformed into more revolutionary machines, such as the C2 Grand Tourer and even a Mini. BAC exhaust notes are loud, energetic and wonderfully inspirational - kickstarting each engine's innate power as if it were an old rock cassette tape that brought the past and the present together at the same time. The BAC is a brand that offers a great range of products for a low budget, and prospective buyers will be able to get a real-deal car for the classic sports scene, whether they are just starting their collection or adding to an existing one. Owning one of these lively pieces of history offers plenty of thrills and excitement. Best of all, it won't drain your wallet. Whether for fun races in the British countryside, or a well-deserved holiday jaunt along a coastal route, BAC cars offer the perfect combination of strength and beauty. Start your own unique vintage journey today, behind the wheel of a classic BAC.

Which BAC for a medium budget?

Searching for a car that lies somewhere at the intersection of luxury, sports car pedigree, and affordability? then the brand BAC may have what you are looking for with its amazing line of cars that offer sublime adventures and exciting experiences behind the wheel . The British-built BAC Mono is the marquee product in BAC's limited catalog, a track-focused sports car powered by a 2.3-liter Cosworth engine capable of producing 305 horsepower. This agility and power spiced up with ultra-lightweight design, a blend of 2D and 3D panels, a 'composite Resin Transfer Moulded' body having a Carbon-fiber MonoCell whose flexibility makes it suitable for everyone. Want a truly unique and special head turner for a medium budget? BAC also offer a class of machines ranging from the exclusive BAC Mono 2C upgrade Kit to the super rare BAC Mono 2E.The 2C variant comes with a stick-fit 4C engine in place of the Cosworth engine. 2E model featuring an electric motor, making it the world's first electric production race car and no emissions whatsoever. Whether you’re a passionate enthusiast (of vintage cars and motorsport) searching from the ultimate drive experience in a unique racing-style environment, or a style-minded affluent one who has a medium budget to play with, there’s a BAC to make that dream come true. BAC is not just about luxury pieces meant for collectors; it’s a range of cars that were built to fulfill the dream of luxury lifestyle enthusiasts between 35 and 65 years old, with style, performance, and a low cost to tap into. The perfect balance between smooth looks, agile handling and good control make these cars a favorite among those seeking thrilling but reliable driving experiences. Choosing a BAC also mean having an inviting car that looks and drives just as you want it, says Bramley Moore, BAC’s Car Director. He adds “The BAC mono offers an exhilarating drive experience that’s suitable for everyone from those looking for the ultimate track-car just for fun, to customers looking for the ultimate classic car that they can enjoy for years”. So if a durable, reliable and exciting car with an addictive design and luscious materials is what you’re looking for with a medium budget, then you can't go wrong with BAC. Bring on the motorway and rules of the road! It's time to convert your dreams into a reality. Get ready for an adventure!

Which BAC for a high budget?

Are you ready for a thrilling ride? Gear up for the speed as you jump behind the wheel of the prestigious and sophisticated cars of BAC! Capitalizing on over twenty years of experience with performance cars, BAC has established itself as one of the premier marques, renowned for its exhaustive attention to detail and design features. Each vehicle crafted by the British manufacturer is a mélange of powerful performance, state-of-the-art technology and exquisite design. True motorsport enthusiasts instinctively recognize the attention to detail and engineering innovations that are mirrored in each BAC vehicle. While the company understands dedication to performance, the craft of car manufacturing as an art form is also embraced. Classic BAC-manufactured vehicles not only possess vehicular performance, they are a manifestation of luxury and design. Specially formulated road enfranchisements result in a smooth yet powerful driving experience with each road travelled. Advanced aerodynamic engineering produces a remarkable interplay between the traction of the car and the road, offering an ideal combination of tight control and power. For reference, a high budget for a BAC can potentially mean choosing from any high end models like the BAC Mono, BAC Mono R and even the BAC Mono RACE - the pinnacle of BAC's lightweight, high performance craftsmanship. Each of these remarkable vehicles has enough power to transport you to over 150mph in next to no time, powered by a 2.5 litre, 285 bhp engine. Of course, when it comes to high-end models, no expense is spared to ensure maximum comfort. To achieve this, they deploy bespoke upholstery, air-conditioning, state-of-the-art sound systems and ergonomic body positioning for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. But what truly sets BAC apart from the competition and distinguishes their vehicles as a cut above the rest is their meticulous attention to detail, be that in design or engineering. From drop shafts, to optimized suspension geometry, to making cars as light as possible, we can guarantee that the sum of the parts together make up an exquisite combination of quality and precision. If you’re a passionate driver looking to own an exquisite and powerful car, a high budget BAC may just be the one you’re searching for. It is the preferred choice of many affluent people between the ages of 35 and 65 who have an eye for luxury and performance. Treat yourself to thrilling rides and an unforgettable experience when you drive home a prized BAC today!

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